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  1. Freckleface

    My travel thread

    The Sunshine Coast Pride festival starts in Noosa on Friday night so I imagine people have started to arrive for that.
  2. Freckleface

    Who's returned home the quickest!

    In my experience migrants who excel in their chosen field and demonstrate adaptability are normally recognised and rewarded fairly quickly. Any backwards steps are normally of short duration. Sadly not all migrants are as good in their field as they think they are.
  3. Freckleface

    Question re asking price

    Just a thought - if you aren't familiar with the market have you considered using a buyers agent. Yes it will cost you money you probably don't want to spend but it could save you from buying into a bad area or from paying more than a property is really worth.
  4. Freckleface

    Question re asking price

    It really depends on the vendors instructions to the agent. You can make any offer you like but the vendor may have instructed the agent not to present offers under a set figure. I know we have done this when selling.
  5. Freckleface

    What just bit me ?

    I was thinking paper wasps as well.
  6. Freckleface

    It's Official. Australia Hates Me!

    You could consider getting involved in volunteering as a way to become involved in the community, get out of the house and meet people. More importantly though you could use volunteering as a way to build your limited skill set and get a good reference in order to gain paid employment. There are numerous organisations in Darwin currently looking for volunteer workers across a range of different roles.
  7. Freckleface

    Places to go

    You have done FNQ at the speed of light which is a shame because you have missed a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Have you considered going into a tourist information centre and having an in depth chat with one of the staff in there? It might help you work out what you want to see and where everything is between Mission Beach and Brissy. That way you could plan the drive so you don't blow past things on the way because you didn't realise they were there.
  8. Freckleface

    Discovery Park Winnellie or Hotel closer to CBD?

    It's a long time since I lived in Darwin, and I haven't visited for a long time either, but from memory there is a bus stop outside that caravan park so he would be able to catch a bus into the CBD. It would take around 60 mins to walk in but if he isn't used to hot and humid weather I wouldn't recommend that. If I was in his shoes I would opt for the caravan park in order to save money. Preparing his own meals will save heaps of cash and he won't have to worry about leaving food in a shared fridge etc. If he doesn't like the caravan or if the aircon doesn't keep him cool enough he could always move to the more expensive accommodation. As far as meeting people goes he might actually find the caravan park more useful for meeting locals than the hotel. The only other thing is that the caravan park is fairly close to the airport. I don't know how bad the noise might be but as mentioned earlier if it doesn't suit him he could always move elsewhere after trying it out. It's all getting very real now isn't it :smile: Wishing you both the very best of luck.
  9. While I have some sympathy for individuals impacted by these fees, they are deliberately high to act as a deterrent to those over 50 being about to stay in Aust on a permanent basis if they haven't already qualified for PR. While it is sad for individuals the Govt has a responsibility to act in the best interests of Aust rather than those wishing to live here.
  10. Freckleface

    I know no one will care but...........

    Shove it up your ar5e parley
  11. Freckleface

    I know no one will care but...........

    If you can afford it you should get professional cleaners in to sort it out. Most cleaning company's offer 'once only' services. Based on what we pay to have houses cleaned after 'bad' tenants vacate and leave a terrible mess it would be around $300 - $500.
  12. Freckleface

    Anyone felt the downturn yet?

    I wasn't even thinking about Sydney Flag as it has marched to its own drum for decades and Sydney is just one city on the east coast. I agree WA has largely led the economy in the last few years but we both know that isn't the norm and not everywhere was/is reliant on the mining boom. In relation to softening auction results - this doesn't necessarily equate to a decline in sales. We sold our Sydney property just recently. It was passed in at Auction but sold the next day for well in excess of our reserve.
  13. Freckleface

    Building a custom home - Any experiences?

    I'm surprised people seem to think architects only design houses. They do a lot more than that lol
  14. Freckleface

    Adult circumcision: Medicare

    I'm no expert regarding eligibility for welfare but this seems to make it fairly clear the OP would not be eligible for a Low Income Health Care Card until he has been in Aust for 104 weeks. It is highly unlikely a new arrival would be granted an exemption. My own opinion is that if you can afford to migrate you shouldn't be looking for welfare as soon as you arrive. [h=3]Residence requirements for the Low Income Health Care Card[/h]To be eligible for a Low Income Health Care Card you must satisfy residence requirements. You must be living in Australia and: have Australian citizenship hold a permanent visa hold a special category visa, or hold a partner provisional visa subclass 309 or 820, an interdependency visa subclass 310 or 826, or a temporary protection visa You must also: be physically present in Australia on the day you lodge your claim, and continue to meet the residence requirements for as long as you hold this card Newly arrived residents generally have a 104 week waiting period, with some exemptions. http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/low-income-health-care-card
  15. Freckleface

    Christmas decorations.

    Make the most of the craziness Tink. I was embarrassed by my mums house at Christmas but I miss it now she's gone.