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  1. Yes make the situation worse by declaring to the world that muslims are not welcome here... Another Darwin award ....
  2. Dont you just love the instant knee jerk reactions from the Islamaphobes ... still unable to delineate between terror and religion ...
  3. And some people may struggle to understand the majority of the current Islamic society in Australia is from the Middle East, not Asia.
  4. Isnt this thread about 'Terror on the streets swamped by Asians' ? Im waiting with bated popcorn breath for this prophetic vision :jiggy:
  5. Well unbeknowned to most I married a working class lass and am well aware of the climate that racist rhetoric panders too. Just because one is working class doesnt mean they subscribe to the mindset of the lower denominator. I spent a lot of my married life in the wheatbelt and have come across country folk who despise the propaganda tactics of Hanson. They are the real True Blue aussie battlers like my father in law, a now retired plumber who is smart enough to see through the smokescreens of most 'Insert Here' First or Insert Number Here' Nation parties. His father fought against the Nazis in the air force and is not afraid to make comparisons to what was happening then to now . Segregate a group or groups and try to turn the minds of a nation against these groups through lies. Didnt work then. Wont work now... There ya go Kev...
  6. Well being rather well travelled and educated in the realm of Multicuturalism and Australian sociology Yes Xenophobia was a much discussed concept at the time. Most Australians new what it meant. She didnt and reacted confusingly and finished with a contradictory answer. Does that sound familiar to you Parley?
  7. One quote to describe Hanson .. when asked about being xenophobic she could only come up with... "Please Explain .... " :laugh::laugh::laugh: https://youtu.be/dVl9XsK8aqk
  8. With a few more lightbulb switches than some...
  9. gee13

    Can you name another country apart from

    As Gby Grey Sky said Englands not won the Cricket One Day World Cup. T20 doesnt count IMO... So no team has won the Football, Cricket and Rugby World Cup
  10. gee13

    Kids ..

    Exactly....or even ask questions like ... Are British adults more polite than Aussie adults... Well... How long is a piece of string....."
  11. gee13

    Kids ..

    Have you met Aussie kids at Fitzroy crossing yet? Or perhaps in Bourke .... might change your view..
  12. gee13

    Kids ..

    If you have the time to meet every Aussie kid and Every British kid ... and survey their level of politeness... you may have your answer...
  13. It seems you still don't quite GET it...