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  1. Laxmi ammu

    Effects on permanent residency. Advise?

    This is exactly what i have in my mind. As a safe bet we have booked our tickets to travel in February. Hoping by then borders open for us. Thanks for your positive insight. Hope everyone gets in soon. Thanks again..
  2. Laxmi ammu

    Effects on permanent residency. Advise?

    Indeed, considering it's the same visa fees and procedures. My be once we land onshore we need to consider legal route to persue PR. Anyways keeping some hope till then.. Thanks a ton marisa for your reply..
  3. Hello everyone, Hope anyone can throw some light on my dilemma here.. May be there are few here who is facing the same issue. We are planning our long delayed move to Australia earIy next year when borders open for other visa holders. Since due to border closure which is not our fault do you think the government will provide some concessions while we lodge 887 visa. FYI, we got our 489 in Oct 2019 and was supposed to land in aus in March. Since there are visa conditions to be met for being eligible for PR. We will be falling short on those now. We are still going forward with our move but worried what will happen if government does not announce any concessions. Anyone here on the samelines? What are your thoughts and any alternate solutions we can look forward to after Oct 2023. Many thanks, Lax
  4. Hi, Same boat here. Visa granted Oct 2019. Had planned to move by June 2020. Now one year on the visa is expired with this month. Frustrated that the govt has not mentioned anything about 489 / 491 visa holders yet.
  5. Hi Lynney45, We are also in the same situation, expires in Oct 2023. I think if we can enter australia before our visa expires. Then we could be able to apply for some visa concessions on shore. Hope the gov bring in some sort of visa extensions and more covid-19 concessions in coming months. The link above is something similar in the same direction but it is for people who have already made their entry to Australia and have worked and lived for some time. But now stuck outside and will lose on their application to PR. Regards
  6. Thanks for your reply quoll. More at ease now..
  7. Many many thanks quoll for your reply. Sure I will concentrate on the house first ..and yes regarding shipping will do exactly that .. also what do u suggest, having a used car or using public transport ?? Is public transport well connected in Adelaide? I think with a small kid around having a car makes things more comfortable but same time i am not sure of the cost side to maintaining a car ? For instance in Dubai public transportation is a headache. Having a car is a necessity and it's maintenance is so cheap.
  8. Hello Everyone, Every exited to have received our visas and looking forward to call Adelaide our new home and meet new people. I know these queries would have been addressed here before many times. But i am still unclear after a lot of digging. But any additional advises on the below queries will help me greatly to clear my doubt clouds. I am planning to move with my 5 year old son in August 2020 from Dubai. At the moment just us as my husband will stay back, so he can finance us till i get a job and settle. So i am all the more nervous but thats the safer option. My queries:- Q 1- my son turned 5 yrs old this October 2019 and is currently in third term of his KG 1 here. looks like we have to break his schooling here. the SA education website says this -- If your child turns 5 on or after 1 May, they can start primary school (reception) the first day of term 1 of the following year. Which means my son can join primary school only in january 2020 rite ?? plz correct me if i am wrong. My question is does schools in south australia take kids in between their term. ? Because he will have to do a full reception again from jan 2021 till dec. and he will complete 6 yrs by then. Also can a kid join grade 1 straight if they reach the age criteria. Even if their preschool is incomplete from the place where they are coming ? Q 2- I am confused whether I should get our stuffs like kitchen utensils , tv , music system, books and few personal items collected over period of time. No furniture's or heavy home appliances though. Is it worth shipping them or should I just sell them and buy everything from scratch. Which is a big pain in the **s and also expensive I guess compared to Dubai. Q 3 - I have read in many places that getting the first house is a big deal. bcz many landlords dont give without job or fund proof. in our case my husband will still be working in dubai. So is that proof enough. his bank statements, Our dubai home electricity bills or tenancy papers. Will that help ??? Finally anyone here who have migrated from Dubai or planning to mig soon..!!? Looking forward to all your valuable comments from ur experiences. Thank you ....