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Found 29 results

  1. Hello Forum.. This topic is mainly for 489 visa applicants, i.e. those in the process of applying or have already applied and received a grant or are / have already landed in SA. Migrating is not easy as it requires a lot of planning, courage to make things work out as desired. Moving with a family with young children is not easy and when the time eventually comes one develops cold feet and is lost in transition as there are load's of things to keep in mind. Here I would request all applicants to share their thoughts on some of the best practices, lessons learnt, tips, do's and don't's that are to be followed during: the application process after grant is received pre-landing preparations post landing experiences and lessons learnt This would definitely help a lot of migrants who have many thoughts and questions going on in their mind and it would be great to lend our moral support to who ever needs it Thank you all and I hope you all take the time to contribute as this forum has been stupendous in helping others! God bless and all the best to all those who have migrated or planning to migrate.
  2. Hi all, Thought it might be useful to those of us going for South Australia state sponsorship to compare notes and timelines. Average processing time is stated as being 9-10 weeks. Our migration agent has said applicant numbers are high so this time frame could well extend. Despite technical glitches with South Australia's online system we have lodged our application today for subclass 489 state sponsorship (75 points incl. SS). We were having problems adding in all the employment details so South Australia advised us to submit anyway and forward the remaining items separately. The demand for my nominated occupation must be quite high as it's status has already changed to "low availability" less than a week after the list was released!!! It took months last year. Fingers crossed and best of luck.
  3. Hi there, Next year we will (hopefully) be receiving our 489 visa for SA. I came to Aus on a 457 visa a few years ago and worked Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) in Queensland. Made redundant we've returned to the UK and have just receives the invitation to apply for the 489 skilled state nominated visa. My wife is the lead applicant for this. I have read the limitations for the 489 and they indicate that we will be expected/limited to working in the rural area (in this case anywhere in SA) with this visa. So here is the question. If I work for a company whose Head Quarters are based in SA, but I work in both SA and say WA and or QLD in the field, would this be acceptable do you think? My wife would not be 'bending' the visa location rules and would likely be fulfilling the intended economic invitation to work and settle in SA. Thanks for your time and input on this subject.
  4. Hi Guys, Well by God's grace things seem to be progressing well and hopefully if we clear our Health Check then we seem to inch closer in acquiring a 489 Visa and considering it would take 5 to 6 months i.e. May - June we should have our visa in our hand. If things go as per plan then we intend doing our landing in Sept - Oct 2018 but I have many queries on how to go about it? We are a family of 4 (2 children aged 9 and 4) which suburb in Adelaide do we decide to live in and what should be the criteria while choosing a suburb ? (close proximity to the city, schools, public transport etc) considering that there wont be any income when we reach, what is the monthly outgoing should we expect? We plan to rent 2 bedroom apartment / house. can my children get admissions in a government school? ( i know it wont be free as I am on a 489 visa) and what would the fee structure be like? (Grade 6 and Grade 1) what is the best way to scout for jobs? appreciate if anyone can share a template of CV's that are normally followed. are rental properties normally furnished or unfurnished? can we get a short term rental where we can be flexible to move out once we decide on the suburb we want to live in? I would also appreciate any additional info that you think can be useful, like from your own experiences, lessons learnt, do's and don'ts etc. Thank you. KPG
  5. Hello All. I hope someone can help me answer this question. While trying to apply for SS for SA, the only option I have to submit my commitment to SA statement is a 500 character limit on their form. This doesn't allow me to show the level of research I have done on why I am choosing SA. My question was whether I will be asked to submit the normally accepted 2-pager highlighting all the points why I have chosen SA? Should I expect SA to ask me for this later? In the meantime, I'm going to continue waiting with bated breath for my job code to open up on July 1st!
  6. Hi All, We have just filed for 489 Visa, South Australia On Sept 4, 2017 with 75 points. (Management Consultant Job Code) We are done with our medicals and getting PCC on coming Friday. Any idea about the existing timelines for CO to be assigned. And visa grant timeline? Thanks in advance. Also, I would like to connect with any members on the forum who are already in Adelaide for clarity on certain things like expenses, jobs etc.
  7. path2aus

    One year after in SA..

    My wife and I along with our 3 month old moved to South Australia about a year ago. I lived in the US for 14 years (Did my masters in the US as well) and my wife lived there for around 8 years. It was a decision based on the fact that I wasn't getting my Green Card (We are from India) any sooner and I had already spent 10 years waiting for one. It was scary for me as I had a stable job in the US and was making good money and I was moving here with out work and with a new born. 1 year on, I think it was a good decision. I was able to find a job within a month and a year later got hired as a permanent employee in the same govt. sector I joined as a contractor. The things I liked so far: 1. The weather obviously. We lived in Illinois and the winter was brutal there. Even here the winter is little cold for our liking during winters but not as bad as what we faced in Illinois. 2. Not worrying about the visa. I lived in the US for 14 years and there wasn't a single year I wasn't worried about my visa status. It was either appearing for an interview when going on a vacation or applying for H1B extensions every 1-3 years. 3. Less crowded and good transportation. 4. People have been largely friendly. I don't know if this is just in Adelaide but I haven't found any animosity from the locals till now. Things that could be better: 1. The cost of living is little higher but again SA is not that bad when compared to other states I guess. 2. The internet. I was shocked to learn that majority of places in SA and in Australia are still on DSL with unreliable download speeds. I still get only 5-7 MBPS and the reports of NBN hasn't been very encouraging as well. I always had 20-30 MBPS in the US and even the DSL mostly will hover around 12-20 MBPS there. I am only talking about cities and not the rural areas. Well even though there are few other niggles, I wouldn't want to harp on that as there isn't any place which is perfect. Living in an alien country for 14 years, I have learnt to adapt and so has my wife. So I don't have too many complaints about where I live. My only expectation when I moved to Australia was a simple and peaceful life for my family. We don't have major expectations and just wanted a stable life for our daughter growing up. I am happy so far here in Australia and hopefully it will stay the same. I have taken lots of help from this site and just wanted to update how we got on after our move.
  8. Hi guys, Long story short. I moved to South Oz from Cornwall in 1992 at age 11 with my parents. My parents moved back in 2005 for work. I stayed - had a girlfriend (became my wife)/was @ uni, then I started a career......I had a very traumatic experience @ work in 2014 which destroyed my mental health, career and marriage, all no fault of my own; i've been heavily depressed and anxious for the better part of 2 years. I had a little boy with my wife (currently separated) who is 3. I have 1 Bachelor of Psychology degree, a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Marketing, so i've got a wide net for employment. Right now i'm self employed, making TV commercials, graphic design - all media stuff. I live alone now and can't see myself ever being happy again, BUT, when I think about my family (mum/dad/brother/niece/cousins/friends etc etc) and Cornwall I get a strong sense of connection/hope and love; something i've been lacking for a few years now. My choice, which feels like Sophie's choice is this: 1. Stay in Oz for my son. I will have a relationship with my son but everything else will be pretty grim, especially when my wife moves onto the next guy, and i'm around to see my son living with him. 2. Move back to Cornwall and have a big family again, start afresh etc. Try and find a way of keeping my son in my life - Skype, holidays etc. So the choice is either to remain in Oz completely unhappy with the exception of my son, or move home to Cornwall where I have a sense of identity, family, a sense of community and belonging - something Australia doesn't really have. I guess i'm putting this down on virtual paper because I want to see what other's think of this - all opinions are fine. Please don't kick me while i'm down. If you knew the traumatic event that started everything you'd understand. I'm not one of those dads who wants to leave his son. I don't at all, but I also don't want to die alone in a country that isn't 'home', and continue being miserable. I've been trying to get better for 2 years now but the only light I can ever see at the end of the tunnel is Cornwall. Anybody had a similar experience?
  9. BSB

    489 visa waiting

    Hi friends Please help with ur valuable feedbacks. i applied 489 visa with 80 points to SA. timeline: vetassess approval..october 2016. state nomination recieved:January 14th 2017. filed visa application: 6th march. recieved request for Pcc and medicals:20th march. all required docs uploaded by 6th april 2017. after that just waitingggggggggg. My query is.. how do we know that CO is allocated. and how we know that employer verification is done. Actually the place u worked in is shut down due to salary disputes. please guide me.. wat shud i update to DIBP. just relueving from that institute where i worked or also reasin for leaving job. plss guide
  10. Driving in Adelaide: Transferring Your Overseas Licence So, you’re migrating to Adelaide and you are unsure of how your overseas licence will work once you arrive. Well, this article should provide you with all of the knowledge that you need before making your move! If you are planning on becoming a permanent resident in South Australia, it is vital that you get your South Australian driving licence within ninety days of arriving, and once you have been issued with this, your existing licence will become invalid and you may be required to surrender it. What are the rules and regulations? There are a couple of different rules depending on varying factors such as; your visa type, age, licence type, etc. If you are between the age of 17 and 19, or you are over 20, on a permanent visa, have an overseas full licence from one of the eligible countries, then your existing licence can be transferred to a full South Australian driving licence. Your only obligation is that need to do this within ninety days. In order to actually transfer your licence, you should first download a MR205 application form, complete this form, and take it along to any Service SA customer service centre. In order to complete your application, you will also need proof of your identity, signature, age, and address, your current drivers licence, and a medical certificate if required. Temporary Visa Holders: If you are over the age of 17, hold an open overseas licence, and you are visiting Australia on a temporary visa, then you can drive in Adelaide with your overseas licence. If you are 16 and you are a visitor on a temporary visa in South Australia, you can also drive with your overseas licence, as long as it is still valid. You must only drive a vehicle that complies with the conditions of your overseas licence. Also, when you are driving you are required to carry your valid licence as well as a current passport at all times. If you are in the country and your overseas licence expires and you are unable to renew it, you will be required to apply for a driver’s licence in South Australia. If you don’t actually have an overseas licence and you wish to drive in Adelaide, there is a process that you need to go through. First you will be required to sit a licence theory test, then obtain a learner’s permit, complete a compulsory amount of hours during the stage of learner permit, and pass the hazard perception test. You then obtain a P1 provisional licence for one year and a P2 provisional licence for two years, before graduating to a full driver’s licence. Driving Licence Fees: The general driving licence fee is $42.00, a provisional licence will cost you $143.00, whereas a learner’s permit is $59.00. The majority of countries in Europe as well as the U.S will allow you to easily transfer your licence. If your licence expired less than 5 years ago, it is still possible to transfer it to a South Australian licence, however, if it expired more than 5 years ago then you will be obliged to apply for a new South Australian Driving licence.
  11. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/jobs/premier-admits-sa-has-appalling-reputation-for-unemployment-will-double-down-on-plans-to-create-new-jobs/news-story/4e730f1a9848d2c622e401e08ba316aa Nation’s worst: SA jobless rate up again Jobs department faces huge cut Caleb Bond: Worried about your childrens’ future? You should be PREMIER Jay Weatherill has admitted South Australia has an “appalling” reputation across the country, but says he will “double down” on current strategies in the hope of creating new jobs. With the state’s jobless rate now at 7.3 per cent and leading the nation by a clear margin, Mr Weatherill on Tuesday warned even more people will “cascade” into the unemployed queue when Holden closes in October while hinting the State Budget will lift debt to fund new infrastructure. Mr Weatherill said the economy built by former premier Sir Thomas Playford was “unwinding” and would end “in a very sharp and sudden fashion” when Holden shuts in late October. “The truth is that SA’s reputation around the nation is appalling,” Mr Weatherill told an industry lunch. “You would hear it, anyone who travels interstate, that we’re the butt of jokes.......
  12. By Robert Williams 03/05/2017 Email admin[at]pomsinoz.com Immigration South Australia holds monthly information Sessions to help new arrivals settle in South Australia. The sessions cover important issues such as: Lifestyle and work opportunities in regional South Australia Employment assistance – details of service providers able to assist you to gain employment in South Australia Starting your own business Your responsibilities as a state nominated visa holder Pathways to permanency for provisional visa subclasses 495, 475, 487 and 489. Presenters from a variety of agencies are available to answer your questions after each session. Information Sessions are held monthly at the Theatrette, Ground Floor, 55 Currie Street, Adelaide from 13:30 until 15:00 The next sessions take place on the 17th May 2017 and the 14th June 2017. Registration (via the Immigration South Australia website) is required to attend.
  13. Handsome Richard

    Bit of a complecated one!

    Hi All I hope someone can offer some assistance and guidance? I have been offered the opportunity to take over an established franchise in South Australia, which I would like to do however I am not so sure how to actually get over there and start running the business. I don't have the wealth for a business visa, I am too old for a working holiday Visa, and whilst my occupation is on the CSOL I don't have the relivant degree qualification, and if I am honest I never will have. So, if I take on the franchise can I technically sponsor myself? I intend on going over again in September this year to get things rolling. I know this probably sits in the 'too difficult' box but your assistance would be appreciated. I have so far spoken to 2 migration agents and had very different advice. Thanks all
  14. hey guys Were emigrating to OZ next year on my 457 visa hopefully Ive previously worked in OZ as a nurse so hopefully AHPRA wont take long. Im a specialist HDU / recovery . surgical nurse Q - where are all the Adelaide nurse jobs though? Theres hardly any advertised and even when you go into employers main recruitment, it states NO vacabcies at present Worrying as Adelaide is where we'd like to move to:frown: PLan B is Brisbane as the Mater there do a lovely relocation assistance package Which leads to my next Q Has any nurse been successful in gaining any relocation assistance in SA? Thanks in advance
  15. kepik83

    Invitation from South Australia

    I engaged a registered migration agent to apply 190 visa. According to him, the South Australia nomination has been approved and have received an invitation to apply visa. I asked him to send me the 'approval letter' for my record. Then, he explained to me that "there isn't actually an approval letter. the approval is noted in the EOI. South Australia basically access the EOI, indicates their nomination and that generates the invitation to apply". I'm not really sure how the EOI works. Is there any invitation or letter that I could keep for my record? I'm just being paranoid with the past experience that I had about scamming.
  16. Hi, I am new in this forum and need some idea of people who have experience of skill assessment with Vetassess. My wife has applied for Skill Migration with Vetasses for the Occupation "Training and Development Professional" on 21st Dec 2011 and hard copies of the supporting documents were received by them on 6th of Jan 2012. However there has been no communication from their side after that. I have called them up a couple of times and have mailed them also regarding the estimated time required but always get a standard reply that it will take 16 weeks without getting details of the case. I am worried that if takes that long and the assessment is not done before May, I will not be able to apply for South Australia SS as they closed the same on 2nd May last year. And if we miss the deadline this year the changes in the next year will be a total different scenario. It will really help me if I get some idea of the time required for assessment from people with experience of the same. Please help!!!
  17. My application for state nomination is just approved. I certainly know, I will have to wait invitation from EOI to apply for the Visa now. So can anybody please suggest how long it will take to get EOI invitation after having state nomination ? Does it go to the same frame as the process of 189 or in different way ?
  18. Hallfamily

    State Nominated Occupation List

    Being looking at the South Australia SNOL list and wondered if anybody could tell me what (Off List Criteria applies) means?
  19. Hello everyone! I got my 176 PR on the basis of SA sponsorship. When applying for the sponsorship, I read on their official website that " Applicants must demonstrate a genuine interest in South Australia and a commitment to live and work in the state for at least two years by:". Also, in the "Sponsorship Application Cover Sheet" I have signed and posted to SA, one of the items under "Declaration" is "Sponsorship is being granted on the condition that I will migrate to and live in South Australia for at least two years." Besides, the "Visa Grant Important Information" sent to me by DIAC says: Your visa has been granted on the basis of a nomination by a State or Territory government. States and Territories providing nomination require applicants to agree to: ● remain in the State or Territory for a period of at least two (2) years; ● keep the State or Territory government informed of changes in address details before and after arrival; and ● be prepared to complete surveys and provide information as required. From the above wordings, can I take it that the 2-year commitment does not require me to stay in the sponsoring state for the very first 2 years? Or, can I go to Sydney first, and then move to South Australia after a couple of years just to fulfill the 2-year living commitment? If so, will I be taken as not performing my "moral obligation" and be sued? Thx in advance. Kagga
  20. angelofmercy186

    TRA Electrician route

    Hey all i have been told that you csn no longer go to the tra in South Australia and go the ARTC route to get an A licence.is this true? Do all sparkies now need to do the vet and 12 month gap training?
  21. Hi Guys, My wife has applied for SA sponsorship through Visa subclass 190 and our documents were received by SA immigration dept on 02 August I believe. [TABLE] [TR] [TD=colspan: 2]Online Application Completed & Submitted[/TD] [TD]03 Jul 2012[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=colspan: 2] Complete Set of Documents Received by Immigration SA Office [/TD] [TD] 02 Aug 2012 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE] [TR] [TD=colspan: 2][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Now in my case, which date they consider for processing 3rd july or 2nd Aug ? The occupation list is Analyst Programmer and we have manage to get 60 points which I believe is applicable for this visa.
  22. The Pom Queen

    Earthquake in South Australia

    People living near the epicentre of Australia's biggest earthquake in 15 years have reported being shaken, but otherwise escaping unscathed. The 6.1 earthquake struck near Ernabella, in South Australia's far north, just before 8.30pm (CDT) on Friday. Ernabella, an indigenous arts hub, is home to about 500 Aboriginal people, with more living in about six communities in the surrounding region. The remote area is just south of the border with the Northern Territory, about 317 kilometres southwest of Alice Springs, 230km southeast of Uluru and 415km northwest of Coober Pedy. Geoscience Australia seismologist David Jepsen said people in the communities around the earthquake epicentre had reported strong shaking. "An event like this, there are a number of Aboriginal communities around there and they have experienced strong shaking," Dr Jepsen told AAP. "We've heard from them, people have felt strong shaking, but we haven't heard of any damage yet, but there is that possibility." There have been several aftershocks since the earthquake. Friday's earthquake followed two quakes in the area in the past week. The first, on March 16, measured 4.3 magnitude and the second on March 20 was 3.8 magnitude. Friday's 6.1 magnitude earthquake is Australia's biggest since a quake measuring 6.3 was recorded off Collier Bay on West Australia's far north coast in 1997. "This (Ernabella) earthquake would have been felt in Yulara (near Uluru), only weakly in Alice Springs and maybe as far as Coober Pedy," Dr Jepsen said. South Australia Police said no injuries or damage had been reported. Dr Jepsen said the region's earthquakes are caused by the release of stress from the earth's crust, built up as the Indian-Australian tectonic plate moves, squeezing South Australia sideways by about 0.1 millimetre each year. He said on average there are about 200 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or more in Australia each year and one earthquake above magnitude 5.5 about every two years. The 1989 earthquake in Newcastle, NSW that killed 13 people was a 5.6 magnitude event and the 2011 Christchurch earthquake that killed 185 people in New Zealand was 6.3 magnitude. Australia's largest-ever recorded earthquake was in 1941 in Meeberrie, in central-west West Australia, with a magnitude of 7.3, but there were no fatalities.
  23. Tourism Australia is running an online campaign at the moment, promoting locations around Australia in short online videos, featuring, backpackers, tour guides etc to lure more young people Down Under to work and play. The Tourism Australia campaign, 30 days in Oz, consists of 30 online videos, each following someone different in locations around Australia, with each demonstrating in 60 seconds why "there's nothing like Australia for young travellers." Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said the campaign would promote the Working Holiday Visa and encourage young people to consider Australia as a place to work or travel, particularly those leaving school or on a Gap Year. "One of Tourism Australia's objectives is to get more young people to holiday in Australia. These travellers often become lifelong advocates, influencing friends and family of all ages to holiday in Australia and returning themselves later in life," he said. "We also know from research that many of these visitors are backpackers, who spend more time travelling and explore more of Australia than other travellers, which is one of the reasons the youth market is such an important one for us." The video's showcasing South Australia are below: 7MIvCyNUfX0 2BKHDeqZ07Y cy4OpklYrYc dIg3br2HN0E
  24. Guest

    visa - the beginning

    Hi, after about a year of thinking, we finally decided to start the process of applying for a visa to AU (South Australia). I'd be very grateful for a general overview of costs , timelines and things to do. Basically where do I start? Also would you recommend using an agent for the whole thing (approx costs?) or an agent just for the guidance part through the paperwork? Or doing it yourself? What are the things that could go wrong and we should look out for? I'm sorry if I'm asking obvious questions, but when I read PIO's posts about 175s 176, COs, Cat 2 and 3s - feel that people are way on their way in the whole application process and cannot really extract info where they all started. Thanking you all in advance! :smile:
  25. Guest

    SA to WA sponsorship

    Dear all, I applied 475 visa before July 2010, through South Australia SS. But, unfortunately my occupation is not on their SMP (today released). But my occupation is on WA - SMP. 1. Can I apply WA - SS and forward it to visa process now? 2. Roughly, How long will it take to obtain WA - SS if I apply on-line? Or can anyone suggest a better option than this..... Please someone help me.... Thanks.