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Found 47 results

  1. Hi all My wife and I are currently on a 489 NT regional sponsored visa (signing an agreement to work 1 year & live 2 years in the NT). We have been living and working in the NT for the past 14 months but now have plans to move to Queensland (still within a regional or low-population growth area) respecting condition 8539 of our visa. Question: Will the fact that we will not have stayed in our sponsoring state for the whole 2 years as agreed, effect the outcome of a future 887 application we make? Thanks in advance for your kind advice.
  2. HoolenT

    887 visa

    Is there anyone else out there, stuck off-shore, waiting for their 887 decision? We are stuck in the UK until we can get our 887, it's tough as life is in Australia and it seems like it's going to be a very long wait!
  3. Hello everyone, Hope anyone can throw some light on my dilemma here.. May be there are few here who is facing the same issue. We are planning our long delayed move to Australia earIy next year when borders open for other visa holders. Since due to border closure which is not our fault do you think the government will provide some concessions while we lodge 887 visa. FYI, we got our 489 in Oct 2019 and was supposed to land in aus in March. Since there are visa conditions to be met for being eligible for PR. We will be falling short on those now. We are still going forward with our move but worried what will happen if government does not announce any concessions. Anyone here on the samelines? What are your thoughts and any alternate solutions we can look forward to after Oct 2023. Many thanks, Lax
  4. Hi, I entered my parents as non-accompanying members and after submitting realised they should have been "other family members". Is this a major problem? Is there any way to rectify it? Further since they are entered as non-accompanying members, they appear in my list for uploading documents. Though no documents are requested of them, do I need to provide any details? I came to know of someone who made the same mistake, but they didn't have a problem getting their visa. Just checking if anything needs to be done or if I can leave it as it is? Thank you
  5. Long story short, I’m on 489 which requires 1 year of regional working and 2 years of regional living before applying for 887. I have completed one year of working in regional. The place that I work decided to shut down last two month and now I’m jobless. Now I temporarily stay with my cousin in the city. But I’m going back to regional soon. Will the time I spend in the city affect when I apply for 887? I’m still paying rent there. I’m concerned that it has now been 6 weeks. One thing I concern is my everyday spending would show that I am in the city. I planning to go back as soo as I can and finding a new job. Will plan to go back next week though. thank you for all inputs.
  6. Hi guys, I am holding 489 since Sep 2019. I have been working full time ever since... Until Covid hits. I have been stood down for 3 weeks (but I claimed holiday pay for that period) Now I came back to work. However, the company gave Aussies first priority to work, which makes my work hours to be less than 35 hrs as per 887 work requirement. Would that affect when I submit application for 887 visa?? I know that Immigration has made some exemption for temporary visa but I do not know for how long. https://minister.homeaffairs.gov.au/davidcoleman/Pages/Coronavirus-and-Temporary-Visa-holders.aspx If I could not bring my hours back to Sep 2020 this year (Requirement for work full time is 1 year), do I need to continue working until I meet the requirement. I am so worried right now. Any one please suggest. Thank you so much.
  7. Syedalley2099

    887 Visa offshore Family

    Hi I have 489 visa right. I have almost completed 02 years stay and one year full time work. Now I have to apply for 887 visa next month. I am in Australia but my wife and kids are struck overseas due to covid 19 crises and travel restrictions. Our 489 visa will be expiring on 02 Nov 2021. Can somebody please help me regarding following queries: 1) If I submit 887 visa for myself, can I add my dependent subsequent family members for 887 visa later on, when they are able to travel to Australia? 2) what will be the effect on our application, if I submit 887 only for myself at this stage?
  8. Hi there, I am currently on my 489 visa. I am a single woman, and renting the room out of retired couple. I pay cash to them fortnightly and that includes all water, electricity, and internet. My question is, what can i use to proof my residency to immigration if I want to apply for 887 visa after I complete the requirement of working and living in the regional area? Do they need a proper lease agreement of electricity bills? Or the letter from landlord is fine. Has anyone applied to 887 with the same situation before? Appreciate every comment. Thank you.
  9. Hi guys, I am really confused and hope someone can help me. I started a new application for an 887 residency visa through my immiaccount. However, I have gotten to the end of the questions and the only option left for me to do is to submit the application. Great, I hear you say...however, at no stage whatsoever have I been prompted to add supporting documentation such as proof of address, proof of work, identity etc etc. My friend applied for her residency 4 months ago and said she was prompted throughout to add supporting documentation. She also said she had warnings before she started that she should ensure she has all her supporting documentation ready and that if it was not attached her application would face delays. I have had non of these warnings. If I click submit, will I then be prompted to attach documents?? I am worried that if I click submit, that will be it, but then there will not be evidence for my case. Thanks in advance for your help
  10. bri887

    887 partner

    looking for advice! im on my partners skilled regional 887, we applied july 26th last year, but he wants to go home! but i am going to stay here in Australia once the visa goes through... i did see people where having luck getting it around the 12 month mark? can someone please tell me this is true because we are so desperate for it!! hellppppp
  11. Quick question please, I am going to apply for 887 after 2 years of 489. I am staying in a regional area as per conditions, last year I 3 weeks in the home country for annual leave, later on, 2 weeks in Brisbane and Goldcoast with kids during school holidays. Have I broken the rule of max 4 weeks away of the designated regional area? If I spent say 2 months overseas, for family reasons or business how it could be tracked? or spent some holidays in a big city in Australia as well? thanks in advance
  12. Hello all, Currently, I am holding subclass 489 visa and, staying and working at the designated area as per the visa requirement. Due to work requirements, I went overseas for 3 months. Now, I am wondering that before applying for 887 permanent visas, should I stay back another 3 months or travel for work purpose includes in 2 years requirement. If anyone know, please help me on this issue. Thank you in advance.
  13. One in 10 skilled migrants who move to regional Australia move to a city within 18 months, according to new data from the Department of Home Affairs. The data was provided to SBS News in response to questions raised in a recent Senate Estimates hearing. It was prompted by the Turnbull government announcing in May it was working on changes to regional sponsorship visas in a bid to force skilled migrants to stay. The department’s Continuous Survey of Australian Migrants (CSAM) revealed of the six per cent of skilled migrants who settled in a regional area, 10 per cent moved to a major city between six and 18 months later. Australia brought in 4,766 skilled workers to regional areas in 2016-17 but almost half of them settled in Perth. The government removed Perth as a “regional” destination in November. Darwin, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart remain eligible for the regional visa. Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the government was “working on” options to improve retention of talented migrants in the regions. Australia has a number of visa programs designed to bring migrants to the bush, including the Skilled Regional (887) and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187). The government is trying to find ways to prevent the drain to the cities without impinging on the right to freedom of movement. In May, Nationals MP David Gillespie told SBS News many regional employers were left with a “sour taste” when migrants skipped town to pursue opportunities in the cities. Dr Gillespie would not comment on the government's legal options but raised the example of overseas doctors, who often came on visas that linked their Medicare billing to a regional centre for up to 10 years. Last week, the government released its final migration statistics for the last financial year. Permanent skilled and family migration fell by 20,000 places to its lowest level in a decade, prompting an angry response from employer groups. James Pearson, head of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the regions would suffer from the reduction. “This is a real crisis,” Mr Pearson told SBS News. “Politicians have failed to plan properly for the population growth in Sydney and Melbourne, and regional Australia is now paying the price because of this cutback in our skilled migration by stealth.”
  14. shreyask

    489 to 887

    I have few queries regarding 887 pre requisite. To apply for 887 applicant must fulfil the criteria of 2yr stay in designated area and 1 yr full employment. My question is. 1. Above rule apply only to primary applicant? 2. What if primary applicant have completed 2 yr but dependent have not cometed 2yr in designated. Can a primary applicant still apply for 887? 3. IELTS/PTE is required again if last IELTS score is more than 3yr? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. Hi guys I am applying 489 visa to 887 this August 2017. I need bit of a help from people who have applied this visa or know about this cheers guys.I'am starting to sort of prepare documents and have few question which is . I am in 489 skilled visa as a social worker but I have been working as a bar manager full time now it doesn't specify in Immi website I need to work in my own field I am pretty sure we don't have to can you plz let me know.( I do casual work in disability just in case ) . With functional elsgilsh I have IELTS test which will expire on 29th Aug I am thinking about applying 27th will it be ok? I also have 2 years full time Diplima certificate I am pretty sure I can sue this am I right? . I got my 489 on 27 Aug 2015 and I am planning to apply 887 on 28th Aug 2017. However, I have travelled overseas for about 6 weeks in my annual leave will this be a problem ? Will it be deducted from my 2 years Reginal stay requirement and need to stay 6 weeks more? .My Health examination I should only do after they ask me ? Same with the police cert is this true? Thanks in advance ?
  16. Hi there. Need a bit of advice please. My daughter is on a 475 state sponsored skilled visa and is about to apply for the 887 permanent visa. The issue is she is going back to the UK for a holiday once she has applied. Does she need a bridging visa to allow her back in? Her 475 will not have expired but does it cancel out as soon as she applies? The website is so confusing! Thanks any help appreciated.
  17. Samantha

    Evidence required for 887

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on here. I have a bit of a head scratcher which I am hoping someone may be able to answer. I have a 489 visa. I have just moved to Darwin and secured some work and a nice little house share. I plan to work towards applying for my 887 as soon as possible. My problem is I do not have any utility bills in my name and the Head Tenant has stated they are not prepared to put any in my name so I am a little worried about evidencing me living here for my 887 application. Does anyone know if I have Foxtel TV or a mobile phone bill sent to the address I am living, whether that would count as sufficient evidence? I thought about getting the internet but one of my flat mates already has internet and I am not sure whether I can get a second line put in? Thanks in advance for everyones help. It's much appreciated.
  18. Hi all, Im hoping someone can help me. I have lodged my application for the 887 visa after I contacted the department of immigration about a question, but im not sure they have given me the correct info. And now im thinking I need to alter my application. I am currently on the 475 visa, sponsored by a relative which means I need to live and work in a designated area, which for me is Victoria. If you are sponsored by the state you need to live and work in a specified area which is typically low population areas. For the past two years I have lived and worked in Melbourne which falls under the designated area criteria. On the application for the 887 it asks the question have you lived and worked in a specified area for 2 years and it provide a link to a definition of a specified area. The link brings you to a page that is the definition of a specified area if you are sponsored by a state, which does not include Melbourne. No mention of designated area at all. When I rang the department they told me to answer no as I have not worked in this area as it was not a condition of my relative sponsored visa. Is this correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi There Our Baby was born on 25/8/12(spent 7 weeks abroad with us), and soon we would like to aplly for 887 (from 475) , do our son also have to live in Oz for two years like us , or not? thx in advance
  20. Hi All My partner is eligible to apply for an 887 Visa (regional permanent residency) now. We are just wondering as it is exempt from the time scales on the immi website what does this mean? Has anyone applied recently and what were the time scales like? Thanks
  21. Dear all, I am the main visa holder on a 475 visa which we hope to convert to an 887 visa in 2 years. Can anyone recommend a good migration agent that is experienced in this type of visa please? Also, our UK agent advised that although I am the main visa holder, it could be either myself or partner who fulfils the work requirement. I am hearing advice to the contrary but the application form for the 887 visa does seem to indicate that my partner could be the main applicant for that visa. I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has been in a similar situation. I have consulted immigration and am waiting to hear back from them. Many thanks, Vickie
  22. Hi Everyone, Anyone applied for 887 this Year ? If so, please update your timeline
  23. mdmx33

    condition 8539

    Hi Guys Just looking for some information on my moral obligations under WA state sponsorship. I was granted a 489 end of May while onshore. I've been trying to get work in regional WA for 6 months now with no luck at all. I want to live in WA however working here at the moment outside of Perth is proving impossible. I've been offered many jobs but they are all in Perth which is no good to me. I took the 489 under the advice of the dept. of migration WA as my occupation was being taken off the list in a the next few weeks of the phone call. I've read many posts which say different things and quite often refer to the PR visas. My visa is a provisional and don't want to prevent myself from being able to convert it to after working in regional for two years. In terms of my visa condition 8539 it does not specify any region or state in particular. Can I move to NT, SA or Tas for example where any area is classed as regional. What information will the DIAC request when I try to gain PR in regards to my obligations. I am very lucky to receive a visa and I am totally grateful, please don't beat me up as my intention was to stay in WA where I have all my friends and some family. Moving to another state was never really even considered until a week ago. I would move back to WA at the earliest opportunity if it was right to do so. Thanks Guys I really do appreciate any serious advice anyone can give.
  24. Hi Everyone, I have Applied for 887 visa in the month of Feb 2013. Previously on 487 Visa CO - Not Yet Want to know if anyone else have applied for 887 in this forum ... ​Cheers
  25. Guest

    Applying for PR with ABN

    Hi Experts, I have two questions of which I didn't get much info in official website of Australian Immigration. Currently me and my wife are in 475 regional sponsored visa. My wife is doing a job with her ABN number. That employer provides her payslip. My wife is a secondary applicant for our 475 visa. 1. Can she apply for PR after two years as a main applicant (for 887 visa so far I guess)? If yes what docs she will require to submit? 2. To do so if ABN number is any obstacle? Cause I heard from someone to apply for PR only job with TFN number will be accepted only not the ABN? Is it true? Thanks in advanced.