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  1. Dazspy

    FIFO interstate work on a 489visa (partner)

    Thank you for giving me the facts and some direct links to the resources, it is much appreciated. Incidentally, I must thank you for the responses and this community, it really does help to reduce the burden of responsibility on me, knowing I can have access to this great group of people.
  2. Hi there, Next year we will (hopefully) be receiving our 489 visa for SA. I came to Aus on a 457 visa a few years ago and worked Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) in Queensland. Made redundant we've returned to the UK and have just receives the invitation to apply for the 489 skilled state nominated visa. My wife is the lead applicant for this. I have read the limitations for the 489 and they indicate that we will be expected/limited to working in the rural area (in this case anywhere in SA) with this visa. So here is the question. If I work for a company whose Head Quarters are based in SA, but I work in both SA and say WA and or QLD in the field, would this be acceptable do you think? My wife would not be 'bending' the visa location rules and would likely be fulfilling the intended economic invitation to work and settle in SA. Thanks for your time and input on this subject.
  3. Dazspy

    189 CO Requested Medicals & Police Checks

    Hi, I have just received the invitation to apply for the 489 visa, I know this is a different visa but my question is related to the medicals in particular. First of all, where are people going to get their Medicals? [UK] Second, what is the process for organising the medicals, I have read about the 'Health Declarations' process, but this seems to be for those that want to organise Medicals BEFORE an invitation? I have read on this thread 'Front Loading' which I assume means uploading the Medicals, before they are requested? Our situation is that we are expecting a baby March next year and I would like to leave the 'window' for arrival into Aus as wide as possible, which means not rushing the medical [and police checks]. I suppose this means.. wait for the CO to request our medicals? I also don't want to fall foul of the '60 days' visa submission window. lots of questions, thanks for you time! Darren
  4. This may come off as a stupid sounding question, forgive me. I am assuming you mean a case officer that represents the immigration dept ?(we are not using an agent) I have heard the term 'application ready' (or it may have been 'submission ready'?? I can't quite recall) which I took to mean having all of our documents ready BEFORE even being invited to apply. Is your advice to not get medicals until after even submitting a visa application ?(once invited)
  5. Well that has clarified the process (and that it applies across many/all visa types) I have already applied for and received our police checks, but not medical. Based on the information here, it seems the smartest thing to do is not to get the medical 'early'(before invitation) and to reapply for police certs, extending our window for arrival/activation. I have read that there is almost no circumstance where extensions are granted (on this forum) My interest in this aspect of the process is borne of the situation that we are expecting a baby to arrive in March next year... in reality the visa timeline shouldn't be affected by a baby's arrival and ability to travel. It's just the proposition of making the journey there and back with a new born and a 4yr old!
  6. I think by reading this forum thread I have my answer, however.. I am applying for a 190 via SA, we have only just submitted our EOIs, so are a fair way off any result. Does the 190(PR) follow the general rules I have read here? Namely that you must 'activate' the visa/s before 12 months after your earliest medical/police check? Up until now I had assumed there would be no activation required and that the visa would be 'active' upon issue.
  7. Dazspy

    EOI to invite to apply-how long?

    I'm assuming there is no access to a resource that shows any numbers for regional 190 visas? Even historical data?