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  1. saravanakumar

    489 Visa Gang

    Submitting pcc and medical while lodging visa is not compulsory but it's recommended to avoid any co Contacts and delay in your visa grant.
  2. saravanakumar

    Still no case officer contact after 3 months, is this normal?

    We can't estimate the co contact timings. It's depends case to case. I got co contact in 46 days. As you already passed already 3 months. I would recommend you to do the pcc and medical now and upload it. Choice is yours. All the best.
  3. saravanakumar

    Still no case officer contact after 3 months, is this normal?

    Yes. It's normal. You can avoid co contact and get direct grant by uploading pcc and medical ahead.
  4. saravanakumar

    489 Visa Gang

    October end I received a mail from Orana that they approved my nomination and send to NSW for approval. But still NSW didn't send ITA. I got invitation from SA and lodged visa already.
  5. saravanakumar

    Skill assesment

    Yes. You've to get your skill assessed if you wanna apply for general skilled migration visa
  6. saravanakumar

    Requirements for 482 as a cook

    Hi sir Migration points advice necessary for cook? One of my friend got positive skill assessment from Victoria university and he applied EOI for Victoria 190 and waiting for nominations. He's claiming 10 points for his India experience but he have only experience letter and he doesn't have any payslip or Bank statement or any other pay evidences. Please advise.
  7. no updates, Applied on 13/7/18 to orana. occupation: cook
  8. saravanakumar

    489 Visa Gang

    Happy to hear. Congratulations!
  9. saravanakumar

    489 Visa Gang

    Yes, You'll get notified through the mail and on EOI the status will be changed from submitted to Invited then you can apply for a visa.
  10. saravanakumar

    Proof needed for de facto on 190 /489??

    Dear all, I lodged my 489 nominations to SA and NSW and waiting to get invited. I'm planning to get married later this year. So, My questions are 1. what if they invite me before I get marry and I lodged visa application, Can I still include my Partner with my visa application? If yes, just a marriage certificate enough or do they required more evidence? 2. If it's too late can i apply for her subsequent 489 visas? what are the required documents for that visa? Please advice! Thank you.
  11. Y they are taking so long? they mentioned that processing time is 6 to 7 weeks.
  12. saravanakumar

    489 Visa Gang

    Thanks for your clarification Adaa!
  13. saravanakumar

    489 visa

    First, you've to complete the EOI, In the EOI you've to mention the region or state you want to get a nomination from. Then you've to go to the specific region or state site to complete the 489 nomination requirements. It's like a two-step process.