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  1. @Quoll I plan to move in Sept - Oct 2018 and then after a month my family will follow, so i guess its summer break for schools during that period, correct? Hence we thought on starting a new academic year in Jan 2019. Please let me know if that makes sense?
  2. Thank you @snifter received it, will read it at leisure and revert.
  3. Thank you @snifter just a bit confused and lost.. so my daughter is 9 years and 9 months old (DOB 08 June 2008) and she is in Grade 5 at the moment and will be completing the academic year in June 2018, now my plan is to enroll her in school in Adelaide at the beginning of the academic year i.e. in Jan 2019, so accordingly which grade should she fit in?
  4. Yes @Quoll absolutely and more over I wont have a choice
  5. Absolutely @snifter makes so much sense. Thank you for your usual valuable input.
  6. Hi @Gogi happy to know that you are also also moving to Oz and both of us are sailing in the same boat. Can you please share with me the age criteria? I hope my daughter does not have to go a level down as she is competent enough to be in a higher grade compared to where she is now. We launched our application on the 24th of Dec and did our health check on the 31st of Dec, fingers crossed. Which agent did you use? Lets be in touch so we can exchange thoughts and not only that have each other for company and shoulder to lend for moral support . Lets catch up on whats app, i will PM you my number. I wish you and your family all the best and hope things work out for you guys as planned. take care.. and yes a big Insha-allaha!
  7. 489 Processing time?

    @JetBlast My timeline is below, still waiting fro grant: VETASSESS - Screening 17-Oct-17 VETASSESS - Positive Outcome 6-Nov-17 EOI & State Nomination Lodged 7-Nov-17 ITA Received 23-Nov-17 Visa Application Lodged 24-Dec-17 Health Check Done & PCC 31-Dec-17 Awaiting grant. tic toc tic toc tic toc... I requested for a priority VETASSESS assessment by paying an extra fee, this cuts down the time as a normal assessment can take a month or two (not sure) where as a priority assessment takes 10 days. I hope this gives you a fair idea of the timeline..
  8. Living in Australia - What you need to know

    @Bulya I see.. I live in Dubai where temperatures in peak summer can soar up to 50 degrees C and yes you guessed it, i drive a black car :-)
  9. Suggestions please from what you have experienced what would the best option be, i.e. shipping home appliances and furniture or buying new one from Adelaide? I am more concerned about the appliances and wonder what the custom fee would be to import used furniture, home appliances etc. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Migrating in a child's perspective

    @ali kudos! Good thinking.
  11. 489 processing time for South Australia

    @varun410 no harm in trying as 5 months are already up but remember 75% of the applications take 5 months processing time where as 90% applications take uo tp 8 to 9 months processing time, since your documents were delayed there could be changes your files was on hold, so please check with them.
  12. As far as my knowledge goes the VETASSESS can at times take up to 2 to 3 months unless you choose for a priority assessment that takes 10 days.