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  1. No I don’t think so.
  2. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    Good luck @nesma ewaida i hope u make it.
  3. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    @nesma ewaida did you manage to lodge your EOI?
  4. as far as i know is that once the application is lodged its locked and any changes in rules dont apply. The application will be treated with the rules that were applicable at the time you applied, so if you meet the requirements at the time of applying then you are safe.
  5. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    Thank you @AucklandBill
  6. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    Welcome @nesma ewaida all the best to you and please do keep me posted.
  7. Had some great news today about my 489

    Congrats @SUPERSTARDJ01 happy for you Good luck
  8. Please advise on EOI and ITA

    @rammygirl the additional requirements have kicked in after the 10th of November i.e. is when it moved to RED, i was told by my agen that my application will be locked on submission so when we applied it was under LOW bracket so the additional requirements are not needed.
  9. Useful document attached showing the language competency table, this is applicable for certain job codes. EnglishLanguageComparisonTable.pdf
  10. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    Attached is the language competency table in case anyone wants to refer to it. This is applicable for certain Occupation Codes and 511112 is one of them. @nesma ewaida @SUPERSTARDJ01 EnglishLanguageComparisonTable.pdf
  11. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    Here you go @SUPERSTARDJ01 http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/lists-of-state-nominated-occupations
  12. Please advise on EOI and ITA

    Thank you @Nemesis for the heads up, i have done that part myself and provided it to the agent.
  13. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    @nesma ewaida did you manage to apply for the EOI and state nomination? I hope you did so before the 10th of Nov as now the requirements for 511112 have changed and have moved from Low Availability to Special Conditions which means you need: I am an international graduate of South Australia. I have worked in a skilled occupation in South Australia for the last 12 months. I have an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia for 12 months or more. I have high points. (80 and above including 10 points from the state) http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/lists-of-state-nominated-occupations
  14. Visa 489 - Way Forward

    511112 - Program or Project Administrator This occupation moved from "Low Availability" to "Special Conditions Apply" at some point on 10 November 2017. Thank you @AucklandBill, where can i check this status? My application was lodged before that date so I guess that wont change my application status?
  15. Please advise on EOI and ITA

    Thank you @Raul Senise I believe that all has been taken care of by my agent before formally lodging my application for state nomination. So presuming I meet the requirements, then my selection would be certain? Irrespective of the number of points I have or if my occupation is in low demand at present? Thank you once again.