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Found 11 results

  1. ravimodiz

    Visa 489 South Australia

    Hi Guys My spouse has applied for South Australia Visa 489, Occupation : Illustrator 232412 with 75 Points (including State Nomination) The date of submitting our EOI was 27th September 2018. Now, that Category says "Special Conditions Apply" and color coded "Red" today on 19th November 2018. (a) Will this affect our EOI response ? (b) My agent is saying no need to stress out as this is only applicable for new entries! Is this correct? Is he saying right thing ? Please advise. Thanks
  2. Ritu Kamboj

    Visa 489-July 2019

    Hey friends, i am applying for Visa 489 in July 2019 . will i get invitation ? Do anybody has idea for how much time does the window opens for Software Engineer. I have 70 +10 Points for Visa 489
  3. Hello Forum.. This topic is mainly for 489 visa applicants, i.e. those in the process of applying or have already applied and received a grant or are / have already landed in SA. Migrating is not easy as it requires a lot of planning, courage to make things work out as desired. Moving with a family with young children is not easy and when the time eventually comes one develops cold feet and is lost in transition as there are load's of things to keep in mind. Here I would request all applicants to share their thoughts on some of the best practices, lessons learnt, tips, do's and don't's that are to be followed during: the application process after grant is received pre-landing preparations post landing experiences and lessons learnt This would definitely help a lot of migrants who have many thoughts and questions going on in their mind and it would be great to lend our moral support to who ever needs it Thank you all and I hope you all take the time to contribute as this forum has been stupendous in helping others! God bless and all the best to all those who have migrated or planning to migrate.
  4. Hi Everyone, I searched enough and could not find one forum discussing the occupation of 'Retail Buyer'. I have applied for 489 SA visa and waiting for grant. I have 85 points so hoping so get visa very soon. I will be moving to Adelaide and wondering if there are good job opportunities (private or government) in this occupation. Please advise in case someone is working there or has applied visa in this occupation. I have an experience of 15 years in garment/apparel retail.
  5. CactusON

    Q on Visa 887 Work Requirements

    As a casual (albeit paid more per hour) employee at 2 jobs that make up 30-35 hours a week for 52 Weeks straight seems unfair. In comparison to a Full Time employee with the benefit of 4 weeks of paid leave out of the 52 Weeks. This not including paid sick leave and public holidays. To meet the work requirements of Visa 887: Is it strictly 52 Weeks consecutively (straight), no breaks in between? No Holidays, No Sick Days, No Public Holidays?
  6. ravimodiz

    South Australia

    Folks What's the Process after one receives "State Nomination' Approval ? Had applied for 489 Visa South Australia... Please help me with an approximate time-line also. Thanks Ravi
  7. aniram

    489 visa

    Hi, I am in perth, recently moved to australia with 489 visa. I am planning to get pregnant and give birth to a baby. but i heard as i am in 489 visa, i need to spent for medical on my own. do any one know cheap and best medical insurance provider, and what r the things do I need to check before taking an insurance? I think most of the companies give cover for the pregnancy after a year. So 1) I want to know,the cheapest and best medical insurance provider to reduce the cost for my pregnancy checkups and delivery who giver immediate coverage. Also I heard government deposit money for a new born child in Australia? is that true? and it is for whom? even this applicable for 489 visa holders? and if I give birth with 489 visa will the child get citizenship immediately? Thanks.
  8. Hi I have successfully obtained my skills assessment from the ICAA and now in the process of submitting my EOI. I have a issue I applied for the Accountant general category but my current job profile is that of a Research/Financial Analyst at a stock brokering firm. My work is relatively closely related i have attached a few lines of my job description Review financial statements and analyze key variables such as revenue, costs, expenses and tax rates, gearing/debt for all companies under my coverage and assess the risks of Changes to external variables such as monetary and fiscal policy and sector/competitive developments Conducted quantitative analysis of financial data for the Preparation of single statement and three statement forecasts based on analysis. Non-financial information was also utilized where necessary to provide the necessary levers for forecasting purposes, and to justify assumptions Prepared quarterly reports on company earnings by comparing my expectations with actual performance. All material variances were given a reasonable explanation, whilst also making changes to strengthen assumptions of forecasts My agent says this should not be a problem because you have to do these activities you have to have a accountant's background and I should not have a issue with the 489 subclass visa... I want to know if there have been successful applicants who have had a similar issue your feed back is greatly appreciated. P.S I have 65 points without the work experience requirement.
  9. Guest

    Visa 485 Help

    Hi I would like to ask the questions: Now, I am on-bridging subclass 485 visa (over 6 months). I did the 2 years study in Australia and got positive assessment from ACS. However, I expecting my visa will get refuse because the IELTS result I submitted is not 6 bands in each components. One of my friend got refused in same issues. However, my partner still under student visa and just finished her 2 years study. She just got IELTS 6 bands in each component and got positive assessment from ACS. I believe that she are eligible to apply visa subclass 485 or 489 (if get invitation). My questions are: 1) Can i join her visa when she applying the new visa (485 or 489) with my on-bridging status? 2) Can i withdrawn on-bridging subclass 485 and join her new visa (485 or 489)? Thanks..
  10. Hi All We have received our invitation to apply for the 489 visa and will be applying in November. Was just wondering who else is doing the same so we can all keep up with progress. Going to the solicitors tomorrow to get all documentation certified then we can send off with our visa application...... Exciting times Chris
  11. Hello I have a few questions that I couldn't really find answers for, not in the booklet nor the web site which is not the easiest to navigate around 1. What is really the difference between visa 489, 189 and 190? 2. If my husbands visa 489 was granted, do we have to move to AU in a specific time? do I have to join him with my baby within the timeline? 3. In skillselect, to which type of visa priority is given, in other words which type of visa timeline is shorter? 4. For my husband skill assessment, 3 Authorities are suggested, Does that mean that any of them is ok? he's an accountant. 5. My 2 uncles are already in Australia with permanent residency, Sydney and Epping (NSW), can I go under visa subclass 176? Thank you