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    Thanks, was just stressing out
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    Hi congratulations on your approval,even I got approved yesterday, Did you received any email confirmation ?
  3. Hi Applied for Citizenship on 30th March 2020 test given on 27 January and passed status - Further assessment. Location Broome WA Can anyone tell how long does it take for the application to get approved after the test. As few people get it same day. Thanks
  4. Chef.pande

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi, First of all I would like to say a massive thanks to the forum “ Pomsinoz” which has been my info centre & my morale booster during the waiting time between Visa Application & Approval. Here’s my Story Chef 457 visa- 186 20 March 18. Nomination & Visa Applied. No of people- 3 Stream -TRT . Chef 23 September- Filed for change in circumstances due to Our New born Son ( on shore ) 10 October- Further Document Like - New Born’s Passport & MOJ declaration from New Zealand are asked! MOJ was provided Same day, but we haven’t had received the New Born’s Passport, So Passport application Receipt & Invoices Provided. 22 November- New Born’s Passport uploaded. 28 Nov -Newborn’s Letter from GP asked regarding his Health. 1 December- Letter from GP uploaded. 12 December Visa granted for all 4 of us. Called the immigration today morning, and they said they are fast clearing the backlog.Received the visa after an Hour. GoodLuck to all waiting, hope you get your visa soon. Thanks Pomsinoz. kind Regards Hem
  5. Chef.pande

    Skill assesment

    Hi, whats ‘General Skill migration ‘ ? Kind Regards
  6. Chef.pande

    Skill assesment

    Hi, I am a chef having 6 years of continious experience in cooking. Do I need skill assessment ? Nomination aproved Passport Country India. Kind Regards
  7. Chef.pande

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi, any idea how long does it takes to get the 186 Visa after Nomination Approved? kind Regards
  8. Chef.pande

    186 DE adding newborn

    Hi I am in the similar situation! Can you please shed some more light as what happened later. kind Regards
  9. Seems like child born in Australia does not need medical, as you are on a visa so Hospital will administer all the vaccination & update report to medicare ! Hope you added your new born to Interm Medicare. its for 186