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Found 41 results

  1. Hello Forum.. This topic is mainly for 489 visa applicants, i.e. those in the process of applying or have already applied and received a grant or are / have already landed in SA. Migrating is not easy as it requires a lot of planning, courage to make things work out as desired. Moving with a family with young children is not easy and when the time eventually comes one develops cold feet and is lost in transition as there are load's of things to keep in mind. Here I would request all applicants to share their thoughts on some of the best practices, lessons learnt, tips, do's and don't's that are to be followed during: the application process after grant is received pre-landing preparations post landing experiences and lessons learnt This would definitely help a lot of migrants who have many thoughts and questions going on in their mind and it would be great to lend our moral support to who ever needs it Thank you all and I hope you all take the time to contribute as this forum has been stupendous in helping others! God bless and all the best to all those who have migrated or planning to migrate.
  2. MsJulz

    My Top 10 Emigration Tips

    Here are my tips to help with a smooth transition, I hope it may be of use to some people in your Aussie adventure... Pre Move 1. Pack up your life and streamline – shut down all your hardly used bank accounts and credit cards, have a big house hold clear out - don’t bring stuff from one loft to another. Utilise Gumtree, ebay and car boot sales. Unlock your phone. Change all your addresses to a family members or friends or at least set up a years’ postal redirection. Sort your CV. Shut down or change address on sports memberships, libraries, car insurance, child benefit, doctors, dentists, gas, electricity, council tax, home and mobile phone, internet, home insurance, life insurance, pensions, banks – oh the list goes on and on but you get the idea. Much easier to do all this from the UK so try to be thorough, although I guarantee there will be some you will miss! Also, have a look at any up and coming birthdays and buy cards and presents before the move and leave with friends to post for you. One less thing to think about when you first arrive. 2. Pre plan / book ahead – there are many things you can do in advance of your move to make life easier for yourself upon arrival. Things such as book your hire car, set up your arrival accommodation, set up a money transfer agent, open a bank account and transfer some funds over, pre-order an online shopping (www.coles.com.au) to arrive on your first day. 3. Don’t over pack but do – as I said in number 1, definitely have a big clear out of clutter but it is worth bringing over all your main household items, everything costs a lot here especially when you are using £s from the UK to buy items before you start earning $s. If you are buying a full container, it’s worth filling it. Our child will be ready for a ‘big bed’ soon so we bought one at tesco and brought it with us. We also brought the kid’s birthday and Christmas presents. Get friends and family to give you birthday or Christmas presents that you can add in too. Everything costs more here so if you do have extra room, use it. We brought a large box worth of our favourite toiletries, kids nappies and wipes, makeup, kitchen sprays and razors, etc. It is great to have your familiar products as well as helping to lessen the cost over those first few months. Also, treat yourself to some new summer clothes, you’ll need them and the clothes shops here are pretty crap and expensive. 4. Don’t stress – easier said than done but really don’t stress too much before the move. Try to enjoy time with family and friends, visit your favourite restaurants and places, take advantage of friend’s hospitality for goodbye lunches and dinners. Relax – it will all work out once you are here. 4.5 The flight – It is never as bad as you imagine, especially if you have kids. The airlines are geared up to help you, they have games and books and colouring in as well as the movies and kid friendly food. At one point in our flight (Singapore Airlines) my OH and I were both sleeping as was our youngest, my older child was bored so wandered up to the back of the plane where the crew played cards with her for over an hour!! They really are great. Pre and Post Move 5. Gumtree (and Garage Sales) – mentioned in point 1 as a great way to get rid of old furniture, clothes, books, cds, dvd etc. But it is also great to use once here. Gumtree is extremely popular in Australia as are local garage sales, great for big items such as white goods that you probably had to leave in your house back in the UK. We have also bought car seats, garden equipment, lawnmower etc. Local and always cheap. We bought a washing machine and fridge freezer for $300, both in excellent working order and the guy delivered them in his van too! 6. Money & lots of it – you have probably realised by now that it is an expensive business emigrating. Even if you are lucky enough to have a sponsored company helping with the costs, the money seems to disappear and quickly. There are a number of large initial outlays – visa costs, police checks, health checks, sorting your house for selling or renting, flights, shipping, insurance and that’s before you have even arrived. Once here you’ll need a car, short term accommodation, Sat Nav, your Bond (usually 4 weeks rent) plus 4 weeks rent upfront for your longer term rental, food shopping including all the staples like herbs, oil, cling film etc that you just threw away!, mobile phones, the list goes on. Needless to say, make sure you have some savings that you can access easily from Australia. Post Move 7. Internet – sometimes I wonder how those £10 poms did it! Where would we be without the Internet! Make sure you bring a laptop and are renting somewhere that has internet access. It will be your life line in the first few weeks. From looking for work, long term accommodation, accessing PIO (!), finding a car, to locating your nearest chemist or supermarket. You will need the Internet. Also, join local Facebook groups to keep abreast of what’s happening in your local community. Make sure you and your family and friends have set up Skype and Viber accounts for free video and phone calls. 8. Sat Nav – buy one as soon as your arrive. Even if you are moving to a fairly small town, it just makes life so much easier. They are fairly inexpensive too, you can get a decent one for $100, less on Gumtree. 9. Ask Questions – the best source of information is the people around you, most have been here a lot longer than you and are familiar with the area, how things work, places of interest. Good areas to live, good schools and catchment areas, commuter distances, childcare, sports facilities and social groups, best places to buy things. People are usually more than willing to give advice and information, so ask questions. 10. Enjoy! Remember why you moved – quite often it was for a better way of life for you and your family so take advantage of the lovely weather, enjoy the parks and beaches, spend lots of time together. Make friends, socialise and explore. There will be days when you just want to be ‘home’ but look around and soak it up. If it lasts forever or you only stay for a little while, make the most of it, you’ve done it, you made it to Australia and if it turns out not to be for you, at least you tried. Remember you only live once! Julie
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a new member here, nice to know all you guys!!! I applied for 176 Visa exactly 1 year ago, and just got the Grant Notification for 3 days (high risk country). I applied for SA Sponsorship, yet still don't know where in Adelaide is the best place for me to settle down (I'm a Civil Engineer). I intend to fly there in 3 months. Anyone has experience in this matter, please give me some recommendation. Any advice would be truly appreciated :laugh:. David Nguyen
  4. we were granted our visas on Monday and we are excited about validating them next summer. I am a teacher so we will spend 5 weeks next summer looking around. My husband works in insurance and has contacts in Sydney, but we are not clued up on the best areas for young families. I am 31 and myhusband is 32 and we have 2 children, a 3 year old and 4 month old. some friends of ours suggested Terrigal but that seems too far from Sydney. Can anyone recommend areas closer? I've heard Coogee is good and Kingsford? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. From excited and aprehensive Tinkerbell
  5. Has anyone moved to Australia with Children & not really known which suburb they will settle in :wideeyed: We are doing just this & im so worried about finding 'the right area' & not taking too long, as still need to find a school for our 8 year old :eek: We have been on a reccie & although we saw some suburbs we like, we still havent found the one.... How do you even know when its the one? :confused: I feel like im going nuts! :wacko:
  6. Guest

    Where to settle ?

    OK need help... we're running out of time to decide our final destination... we are waiting for my husbands trade skills info back the we need to start the state sponsorship... but he still cant seam to decide between Perth and Melbourne :confused: He is an Electricain Special Class, fully qualified elecricain but been recently working on Hospital Nurse Call systems. He has been considering Perth and the mines (but wondering if thats easy enough to get into) Or project management on sites Anyone have any pro's or con's to help?
  7. Can you move states if one has sponsored you? i know theres no legal requirement to stay in the sponsoring state its only a moral one but what happens if you cant settle there? Thanks kelly
  8. I think I know why pingpongers go through so much upheaval and soul searching. Having moved back to England 18 months ago from Australia, I loved being home and was happy to be back in familiar surroundings. But, I could not fit back into finding a house straight away. We rented for a while, then we bought a luxury narrowboat which we have accidentally spent 8 months living on mostly due to me being unable to settle anywhere because I didn't want to commit to a house. The experience (and freedom) of touring the inland waterways has been a dream, even in winter where temperatures reached minus 19.5 degrees. We would never have known though, the boat was very warm with a multi fuel stove and central heating. We've made fantastic friends and lived a great lifestyle. However, business commitments require we live closer to work so we've been searching for the right property for months. Finally walked into a house last week where I said YES! This feels like the one. I don't think it was the house so much, I think I'd got over my wanderlust which is a painful nuisance as you just cannot settle in one place. My husband, an English born, brought up in NZ, lived in Oz 30 years Kiwi, kept reminding me that in the 6 weeks we'd been back in England, we'd driven 4,000 miles. (I was keen to show him all the best bits before he saw the not so great bits). He loved returning to his English heritage and has enjoyed his hobby of photography. Got some great photos. He developed a morbid passion for Churches and graveyards (he could not fathom how some of graves dated back to the 1800's). Seeing life through his eyes as a person revisiting his roots was often amusing but overall really rewarding. He had left London as a child at 8 years old so it was great watching him rediscover his past. Anyway, getting back to being disorientated until now, no regrets about returning to England, I felt at home as soon as I got off the plane. It's just been a strange feeling of not wanting to be tied to any one place up until now. However, 18 months on and as of last week, we did find a house and am about to sign on the dotted line. The house we've found is up for sale so we're going to rent for 6 months to make sure it's the right place, then if it is we'll probably buy it. Just thought I'd post this because I met a couple a few weeks ago who had returned from Oz for the second time and had only been back 3 months but were considering going back out there. Both weren't happy in Oz and not happy here either so pretty miserable all round really. They couldn't settle anywhere. Sounds like they pingponged so much, their heads are a mess. I think it does take at least 18 months -2 years to fully adapt and acclimatise into any new life and that's been true for me too. I'm very settled now though and looking forward to moving in 3 weeks time. I'll probably never move again after this!:wink: Hope this helps anyone currently feeling unsettled or like they might ping pong again.
  9. Hi We recently passed our medicals and have had our visas granted. We have booked a visit to Australia in April, to validate our visas (flying into Brisbane) and we hope to visit Melbourne and Adelaide too. Can anybody recommend any areas in these places to look at, with the view to settling there when we eventually emmigrate. My husband is a Plumber/Heating Engineer and we have a 10 year old son. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated as we have read loads, but personal experience/recommendation is what we are after. Many thanks Bev
  10. Guest

    Before You Settle In Oz

    Just thought I would put this out there to anyone interested. As migrants to Australia we are often in a rush to get out there and try to 'set' up home as quickly as possible. This is often a necessity, children, jobs, other halves etc, and at times the whole process can seem so daunting that all we want to do is settle as soon as possible and get down to it, BUT. I think in a way we can do ourselves a great disservice if we do this, in the blink of an eye you will soon enough be back into the rat race, shopping, paying bills, schooling etc, in fact much the same as you were doing in the UK except for being in a different country. As I said, this is often a path that we have to take, but with a little thought and imagination you may be able to do it differently, I did say 'may. Why not take some time to travel a bit, to see the real Australia before the hum drum of everyday living kicks in . There are a few ways of doing this. You could hire a camper van/caravan, (expensive I admit), buy a second hand camper, stay at caravan sites for a couple of weeks at time, there are many caravan parks around Australia that are reasonable in price and excellent value. One morning you may wake up in Carnarvon, and the next in Broome. The trip can last as long as you want, from three months to a year, (as I said, if time and finances allow). From a very personal perspective I did this on many occasions, sometimes as a family, but more often than not as a single bloke. The things I saw and did live with me to this day, and whilst I can in NO way say I have seen all of Australia I have seen enough that allows me to have many a fond memory and I can now look back at these times and realise how lucky I have been. In actual fact I get very frustrated at staying in one place too long when I am in Australia, and I crave the 'minimalist' virtues of a camper van or caravan. I stayed at many camp sites etc, and met a whole host of people and saw things that I would have NEVER have seen if I had stayed put. As I said, it is an avenue not open to everyone, but if possible before the old hard slog starts it may be worth a thought to travel a bit and get the feel of the place. Australia is VAST and to live and work in one place can seem a travesty. I'm not saying we all become travelling gypsies, but if at all possible take the time to see as much of Australia as possible, you never know, you may find your true 'home', and it may have been somewhere that you NEVER dreamt of going to. Australia is so much more than the big cities and towns, the true essence of Australia lies in the outback towns, villages, outback , etc. Big cities and towns are all well and good, but to swap your life in the UK straight away with the 'same' kind of life in Australia can seem rather unfair, to YOURSELF my friends. If at all possible get out there my friend, not everyones cup of tea I know, living from town to town, suitcase out of suitcase, but I tell you what, for a little discomfort, the rewards will far outweigh them, and make your life all the more richer for it.:wink: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  11. Hi All I am single parent- just accepted role in Perth CBD, expecting to arrive early Jan and hoping to allow 2-3 weeks to find accomodation before term starts 2nd Feb then get kids into school then start work in Perth CBD (will need to get working asap!) Have only been seriously considering for 2 months so has happened very quick (have employer 457 visa sponsorship). Not been to Oz before- initial concerns surround securing accomodation quickly- how many of you have arrived without accomodation secured? What are my chances of doing this in a couple of weeks? Looking at NOR Greenwood/ Duncraig suburbs but will need to make very quick decisions upon arrival. Schools are important but will be on very short timescales! Any feedback on suburbs gratefully accepted- key considerations will be public transport times to CBD (to reduce time away from kids 11 and 14) and obviously they would like to be as close to the beach as I'm sure most would! Next concerns surround leaving close knit family in UK and stuck in the middle of nowhere with 2 hormonal kids!!!! Any advice and settling stories gratefully received!! Thanks Jade
  12. Is it circumstances like not having close family to leave behind? Is it being well-travelled and being used to living away from 'home'? Is it an outgoing personality and independence maybe? Or is it none of these things and just a case of living it and seeing how it works out for some people? Is there such a thing as a 'type' of person who is likely to settle? Be interested to hear your views :wubclub: Sue x
  13. Coalition may direct where migrants settle - Local News - News - General - The Canberra Times Some quotes include: Although not a fan of Chris Evans, I worry about what the future holds in terms of migration should the opposition gain power.
  14. I am very worried. I have just read a post about a 5 year old English child being bullied at a state school on the sunshine coast. The other posters said it happens alot in state schools in Oz. :shocked: They said children hear comments off the parents and then its hard for English kids to fit in. Is this true? We cant afford to send our 2 boys to private school's so we have no choice but state schools. Please can anyone tell me there childrens experiences of state schools with regard to how they fitted in. Good/bad I would appreciate any comments because it has really shocked me and I feel very unsure now.:unsure: Jill xxx
  15. We have a BT Openworld account. We will obviously stop paying BT when we come to Australia. I reckon that means we will no longer be able to use our BT Openworld address OH reckons its ours to keep. Thats not true is it? thats why everyone uses Hotmail until they set up again? Who's right please ?? Many thanks :wubclub:
  16. We landed in Oz 1 week ago with our 9 month old baby. I'm wanting 'hope' stories here as we seem to be really struggling with her sleep pattern. She goes to bed at 7.30ish only to wake an hour later and be up until at least 2.30am. When she wakes she screams, we pick her up then she's wide awake and happy as Larry. I'm so sleep deprived and jet lagged too! We've tried taking out one of her two naps during the day, tried putting her to bed later, tried the controlled crying and usually as the last resort end up putting her in bed with us. It's really affecting my energy, all I want to do is sleep and feel until my fatigue dissapears I won't be able to start enjoying Australian life. Can anyone share their experiences? How long did it take for you until your baby went down at bed time and stayed down! I'm really tearing my hair out!:arghh: thanks Amy
  17. There seems to be alot of difference in the amount of time it takes individuals to settle in Australia after emigrating. Some settle immediately and others at the end of the scale never feel at home, so I thought a poll would be a good idea so that people can see "at a glance" how long it takes. Hope it's helpful, am looking forward to the results! Sue x
  18. Hi, We have been in WA for 11 weeks now and everyone except my 13 year old son loves being here. I knew it would be hard for him leaving friends etc but I had no idea it would be this bad. He is having a really hard time at school - no-one wants to be his friend he comes home and goes in his room and sobs. Last night he begged me to take him home and was hysterical to the point of vomitting. He explained some things which have happened at school and I was fighting back the tears. He has really tried to make friends to the point of being humiliated. My 9 year old son on the other hand is loving school - has made friends and we have lots of telephone numbers on the fridge for playdates. I guess primary is just so different from Secondary school. I think the problem is made worse as local children in our immediate area seem to go to the local private school (no places for my son) so I have to take him to a state school out of area, but still only 10 mins down the Marmion from where we live. Therefore he is not meeting any children who live near us for after school fun. Can any one offer any help or advice - anyone been in the same situation. I feel so helpless. He is into his 4th week at school now and I try and tell him it is not that long but he replies "it is when no-one talks to you and you spend breaks and lunches alone". I am wondering whether to try another school but in the back of my mind know it will probably be just the same for him.
  19. My family and I (2 boys aged 8 and 5) have all our visas in place and have booked a one way flight to Perth on the 16th of August this year. Although we have been to the Gold Coast and Melbourne to research the areas 3 times in the last three years, we decided on Perth due to more work opportunities for my husband who is a bricklayer. We have been researching suburbs on the internet and are totally confused about where to settle. We quite like the look of Butler NOR and Secret Harbour (SOR). What do you think about either of these areas and do you have any other suggestions?? Thanks for any kind of advice you may offer us :biggrin:
  20. Guest

    Why cant i settle?!?!

    Heya guys, OK so a bit of a back ground might help a little.... 12months ago my mum met and married an aussie guy and moved to south Brisbane. 17 at the time strong willed i said i wanted to stay, i had friends a life, i was coming into myself and i liked it the way i had it. anyway cutting along story short, after 6months of having my own place, and only seeing my family via webcam, and crying myself to sleep, my other half decided we go for it. we both knew it was a huge step so we came over in November on a working holiday visa. we gave up our house, car jobs and family. My chap is a qualified Panel beater and has had no bother finding a job, however, I dont drive and dont have qualifications. my parents were nice enough to let us stay with them on a farm in the capital of nowhere! so without Richard i cant get anywhere, I'm bored, lonely, and want some independance. i'm from leeds and being 18, i'm used to nights out with friends and just meeting up when ever i want and now its all gone. i thought this move would be the answer to everything, i'd have my family back and we'd get a fresh start! soon enough we need to start thinking about applying for our permanant visa's, we're not garunteed to get it, so is it worth the money? and i dont know for sure if this is what i want! i know ultimately its down to me, i'm a big girl now and i have to do it for myself, its just sooooo hard! i just want a job n a life... am i asking too much?!
  21. Wolla Bolla Bing Bong

    Where to settle in Queensland?

    Hey all, I hope you have all had a Great Christmas and I hope we all have a wonderful New Year. I am currently at the stage of waiting to hear back from DIAC so I can proceed with Meds and Police checks. Fingers crossed this should be some time in the near future. As I am sure all off you aware the waiting can be a pain the @rse and quite stressful, so to avoid this I have started to keep my mind occupied and start to look on where I could possibly settle in Queensland. I was hoping that you wonderful people of Poms in Oz could help me in this quest. My Ideal place: I love the water, I am currently studying to be a Dive Master (Scuba Diving) and love the independence you can have with Kayaking, so you might have guessed already that I am a outdoorsy kind of person, I also loving such things as camping, mountain biking etc. I am currently single at the moment so any suggestions would have to provide some sort of night life. I am not saying it has to be the hustle and bustle of Sydney City centre but it must have at least some entertainment. Oh and finally, close to work but I don't mind travelling to and from, 30-40 minute journey Max? So there you have it. I have tried searching some of the towns that other PIO's have mentioned on here but I just cant find any information regarding the things mentioned above. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated, so please dig deep in your experience and knowledge and see what you come up with. Thanks again Matt :hug:
  22. A few years ago, when I was in college, I decided I was going to pack everything up and move to Newzealand I was enchanted by the beauty and variety of the landscapes and the laid-back culture. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy. There were obstacles--money, paperwork, parents. I did do some research, though, to figure out what steps I would have to take in order to make the move,but finally couldn't make it. please give my some very good suggestions or links to solve my curosity. i am desperate to to move to newzealand. if i can get a job over there?how is it possible though i am an software engineer.do help me please!!!!:mask::idea:
  23. Guest

    places to settle

    Hi We hope to be out in OZ by the end of the year, if all goes well. We have a daughter (13) and son (10), can any one recommend a good area to settle?Allowing them some independence ! Also how easy is it to set up a bank account? Thanks in advance for the advice. Fingers crossed. Haria family
  24. Hi all Just a quick post to say thank you to every single one of you who have helped and supported us during the last 15 months on here.. I have made some dear friends and had some real good belly laughs on here and enjoyed every minute of it (Except when i spat my dummy out! lol) This is not the end but merely the start of our new life and i cant wait to get over.. Im not sure when i will next be on line, but once i am i look forward to picking up where i left off on here and speaking to my friends again.. A personal thank you to Gill for every thing you have done for me and my family, your professional contribution on POI really does touch the hearts of those who need help. Thank you Gill x :hug: A big thank you to Cal, Ali, Jo and Nigel for providing support also but more so for being friends.. A bloke i look forward to meeting is Yorkshireclan, Carl, I hope plenty of beers are sank between us.. A good friend who for some reason just clicked with.. On my level... As low as it is.. lol Hope to see you soon buddy.. Snow white, Andyus, Rudi, Yvonne n Andy to name a few.. Please dont be offended if i havent mentioned you... There really are to many to mention.. Top site Tim... keep up the good work! All those who are starting out or waiting, stick with... Its does happen eventually and i wish you all quick visa's and best wishes.. Thank you all for making our journey a pleasant one.. See you on the other side. Chris & Family :hug:
  25. Hi We arrived in Oz just over a month ago and slowly made our way up from sydney to the whitsundays. We've stopped here for the moment because it's just so beautiful! We are considering settling here permanently (either in Cannonvale or Jubilee Pocket) and would like to know if any other PIOs have made this area their home. If so, how long have you lived here and are you happy here? :v_SPIN: