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  1. laf

    Citizenship by Descent

    OK, I'll have to sort out a cheap calling method.
  2. laf

    Citizenship by Descent

    Thanks, is this permanent or just since Covid?
  3. laf

    Citizenship by Descent

    My daughter is awaiting Citizenship by Descent, applied for in the UK. The 90% processing time, currently 8 months, is up in a few days. She hasn't had any communication. Is she now entitled to phone the contact centre? The Global centre is now an Australian number. Is it no longer possible to speak to someone at Australian House. Their previous number no longer works. Is anyone else still waiting and in a similar position? It's concerning not receiving any updates.
  4. laf

    Citizenship by Descent - travel info.

    I haven't seen this but maybe it's further on in the form. She can't progress to check until she's completed each page. If so it would only show the most recent tourist visa.
  5. laf

    Citizenship by Descent - travel info.

    I definitely don't think it's worth using an agent for citizenship by descent. There's nothing complicated about the application just some strange idiosyncrasies such as Australia being missing from the list of "countries visited"! I can't see any reason for this other than that they presumably have access to these records. I would have thought they would state that there's no need to list any Australian trips if that's the case.
  6. laf

    Citizenship by Descent - travel info.

    Thanks for your help rammygirl. The format is extremely tedious having to add each trip individually rather than just being able to attach a list. There's also the holidays to add which at least have email confirmations.
  7. Could anyone advise on the citizenship by descent form filling that requires all travel details from the age of 18. This means my daughter would need to list 14 years' worth of trips and as she works for an airline it would involve hundreds of flights, many of which are not even recorded in her passport.
  8. laf

    Taking cats

    That's so sad about the penguins. I'd be distraught to witness that. As far as I know sadly there are no penguins in Sydney. My daughter's two cats are indoor apartment cats in Sydney. She specifically chose them for rehoming as they had never been outside. She's taken them to the park for a stroll on leads. One quite enjoyed it but the other was terrified.
  9. Fantastic news at last for you Katie. Hope the house sells fast and your arrangements work out as smoothly as possible. Enjoy the celebrations 🥳
  10. Congratulations ATE. Such good news.
  11. I'm very impressed CEP. I'm losing my pivot tables' skill since giving up work. There'll be lots of waiting time envy going on!
  12. Merry Christmas Katie. I'd hoped your post might have been to announce good news for you. The staff will all go back to work refreshed next week raring to go with your application.
  13. No Dondons1UK it wasn't me. I was here in UK when my grant came through.
  14. That's wonderful Dondons1uk, so pleased for you. Good luck with the job search and have a lovely mini break!
  15. The other day (after I'd got my grant) we had a dozen or so magpies going mad outside. I went to see what was going on and my cat was running around with one in his mouth. I chased and shouted at him and he let it go and it flew off. His mates saved their friend. I'm not sure if that was a celebration of my good news or not [emoji38].