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  1. That's great news, thank you. I guess I will need to phone. I am over 60 so is the Over 60 Citizenship Visa of any advantage to me over the standard citizenship visa (other than not having to take the test)? I will still need to apply for RRVs until then.
  2. Thank you Paul and Marisa. Does this mean that unless I stay put in Australia for five years I'll have to apply for RRVs annually for five years until I can apply to become a citizen? I didn't realise an annual holiday was going to involve so much hassle and expense.
  3. Thank you but what about the "help" stating "you have indicated that you do not meet the residence requirement for this visa". Is this only because I haven't yet attached the documents?
  4. Hi. I've recently moved permanently to Australia under my Permanent Resident 100 visa. It was issued in November 2018 meaning if I want to leave the country (for holidays) after this time I will need to apply for a Resident Return Visa 155. Could anyone let me know what wording and documents to provide for "evidence of substantial ties to Australia". My husband and two adult children are citizens so I presume mention them and attach their birth certificates and citizen by descent certificates. Is there anything else they're looking for other than saying they are the reason I want to live here. I presume property purchase and employment is relevant? The "help" states "you have indicated that you do not meet the residence requirement for this visa". Help - I do not know why!
  5. Hi We've started the move with PSS. We've declined the wooden boxes for our TVs. The inventory states "antique wrap" next to them. Does anyone know what this is. I'm planning on purchasing TV removal boxes from eBay but do you think they're providing some kind of protection? They're closed till Tuesday otherwise I'd have phoned them.
  6. laf

    House sale proceeds

    Thanks so much for the tips. Rate moved from the low of 1.70 last week to 1.74 today. At least the stock market is improving and our investments are now out of the red. Australia's problems seem to be mirroring ours albeit maybe not as serious. As you say hurry up new PM whoever it is as Ukraine doesn't look like it'll be ending any time soon.
  7. laf

    House sale proceeds

    I think my sleepless nights have already begun before we even have to make these decisions, apart from the stress of the physical move. We definitely have the option to wait and rent while house prices aren't increasing. If they take off again in the spring we'll have to weigh up the exchange rate compared to the price rises.
  8. laf

    House sale proceeds

    This appears to be only for balances up to $250k. At least rates are moving upwards. Not good for mortgage holders of course.
  9. laf

    House sale proceeds

    Thanks for your reply. Yes I am in the UK, moving from the London area. Thanks for confirming the interest rates are similar to the UK and it looks like many institutions only pay the advertised rates up to a certain balance, lower than the amount we will be depositing. Unfortunately the exchange rate is out of our control. I'm constantly monitoring it and the outlook looks bleak. It will be the biggest gamble ever deciding whether to move it straight away. We can only hope for a further downturn in property prices to offset our exchange rate loss.
  10. laf

    House sale proceeds

    We are in the process of selling our house ready to move to Sydney. Can anyone advise where we can deposit a one-off lump sum for the best interest rate. I'm not finding it very easy to compare savings rates. We'll need to rent for as long as it takes to buy a property.
  11. Thanks Iron Chef, I only just spotted your reply too. I did receive the quote. As you suggest I think we will sell it. Unless we can be sure it will definitely be beneficial it's one less hassle. Our exact "special" model isn't available in Aus to get an exact match. We'll really miss it as we're German brand fans and not so keen on the Nissans, Mazdas, Toyotas, Kias and it's only 18 months old. Still another thing we'll have to be flexible with.
  12. laf

    Sending funds from UK with Globalreach

    I have always used Wise to transfer between UK and Aus. and found their rate to be the best. I always compare beforehand. However I read (somewhere) that Wise are less advantageous when transferring large amounts such as the proceeds from our forthcoming property sale. A comparison shows TorFx are better. I agree it's a pain having to request a quote from Global Reach as when I did this (and from various other companies) in the past I was bombarded by salesmen but will need to compare as they're not included in comparison websites and the difference in receipt amounts is enormous on large sums.
  13. laf

    Can I take ......

    I've just started researching what looks to be a nightmare on how and what to take. One company said our TVs need to have wooden boxes to transport them at a cost of £250 each! Is this the same with all companies?
  14. Hi Iron Chef Please advise: - year of manufacture 2021 - make, model & variant Volkswagen T-Roc Black Edition Tsi Evo Sa, Grey metallic body type (coupe, convertible, etc) SUV - engine size & fuel type 1498cc petrol - transmission Auto dual clutch - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) Front wheel drive - mileage 12,000 - any special features, options or modification Black edition, wheels, trim, logos - does it have aircon Yes - realistic current UK market value £26,000 - Australian RedBook value (www.redbook.com.au - click through to the page with 'Private Price Guide', 'Trade In Price Guide' and 'Price When New' listed, then tell us the 'Private Price Guide' range) $34,000? Couldn’t find a match - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) $41,000 - which Australian state/city Sydney, NSW