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  1. Thanks mhaffie. I had my medical today. The site has acknowledged it and says the system will be updated when they have the results. The possibly out-of-date information booklet says the office will advise when police checks are required so I think I'll wait to see when they ask then enquire about the endorsement procedure. I've realised going to my GP is an option, I have a feeling they don't have time to sign such things nowadays. Can't remember if you've applied for yours?
  2. Sorry to ask possibly a silly question but how does the police check endorsement work? I don't have any friends who have known me for two years on their list of occupations. Do I have to go in person to e.g. my GP with documentation?
  3. The three of us might hear around the same time so can celebrate or commiserate together!!
  4. Yes agree on the lack of split between the compulsory and recommended. Did they ask you for the police certificate? I only arranged the medical because they asked for it straight away. If I know for sure everyone has to provide a police check I will request it.
  5. Oh that's good if other people have found the same problem with where to attach things. I just read not to duplicate attachments and as you say hope if they don't see what they want in the correct place they realise it's under a different heading. Although I had a list of all the documents and pics to upload it was still a bit confusing. A printed list to tick them off as I uploaded them helped seeing as you can't see them all on one screen when you add them. I became paranoid checking and rechecking the information! The sponsor form still says "submitted", I imagine this should change to "received" soon. The only useful part of the paper form to use was the statement to insert in the "how the relationship developed" box. My medical is on Wednesday! I hope they don't use the Easter break to carry out maintenance .
  6. Hi Mhaffie Do you mean how long to complete the online sponsor form? We took a few hours going through the passport, emails etc. checking dates etc. then adding them to the form, probably a few more hours transferring the details across from the paper form and inputting the evidence from my husband's point of view and adding his statement and double-checking everything. It sounds like you've completed the application so just need to send it off then start adding all the attachments. This also took me a few hours and that was when I already had them clearly named, the correct size and format. I tried to be methodical and ticked them off as I went to avoid missing or duplicating any. It was quite fiddly as there's more than one location to add the key documents. I wanted to move some around but once they're attached you can't remove them. I hope as long as they're all there it's not critical they're under the correct headings. You too enjoy your weekend and let me know how you get on.
  7. Finally finished and submitted in full when the website maintenance finished at 2 pm. Inputting the travel details took a while as husbands' were slightly different to mine. I feel reasonably confident everything's in order. I'll arrange the medical when they open on Monday. Luckily I'm close to the London medical centre. Some people must have to travel quite a distance. I'll arrange the medical when they reopen on Monday. Luckily I'm close to the London medical centre. Some people must have to travel quite a distance. I must try not to think too much about it but it'll be hard when they quote 11 - 15 months but some are processed in only a month. I hope you don't have to wait much longer. Good luck! The snow's melted here.
  8. My payment went through the same day and I sent the application. The online sponsor form generates a new reference number and we weren't asked to quote the existing applicant reference. I presume they link them up regardless. The form was different to the PDF version. It asks all the same questions they asked in the residency application about finances, household, relationship etc. We used all the same information except for adding my husband's statement about our relationship. There is an option to attach a 40SP paper copy in the residency application attachments list, which seems strange as it doesn't include some of the questions asked in the online version such as listing all travel dates for the last 10 years. It has already requested I arrange the medical.
  9. Yes it was a great relief to send the application, just feel a bit in the dark about how and when I can progress. I really hope my application has everything they need and it goes through smoothly so I can plan ahead. Best of luck with yours. I'm going out for the day to take my mind off it!
  10. We started the sponsorship and as you say it gave me an error message on the confirmation of details page. I imagine when we get the TRN we can go back in the same form, change it from the ref. no. to the TRN and it will then let us progress. Any idea how I'll know when the BPay has been matched to my application and I can start uploading the attachments. Will I receive an email or do I have to keep logging in and checking the site?
  11. I've received my 888s and just submitted my application. I can't do anything until the BPay payment is matched to it. A bit frustrating as I'm raring to go with all the downloading and the system is down tomorrow. I will certainly keep you updated about how I get on. It's been quite a feat!
  12. Even more reason to update their Partner Migration booklet. While this exists many applicants will take this as read and not research further. People who are not so familiar with the internet will never discover these wonderful forums. It helps keep the migration agents in business though. Thank you so much mhaffie. I'll provide updates as it progresses.
  13. Thank you. I've checked your detailed posts on what to submit. It seems you can either print, scan and upload the 40SP or wait until submitting the application then fill it out online. As typing into the form was problematic I think my sponsor will redo it when it becomes available online. As you say visas have been granted to applicants using different methods.
  14. Thank you very much. I knew the process of submitting my application, and then my sponsor completing the sponsorship, I just couldn't find anything to indicate the sponsor form would become available electronically. It would be good if the guidelines or the form could provide this information.
  15. My husband has attempted to type into the 40SP which he's downloaded and was going to print, sign and upload into my Immi account when my application is submitted. Is this the way to go or will an electronic form become available when I start submitting the attachments? - so confusing!