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  1. OMG the stress if that was done to me, I'd be paranoid an email might go to junk and I'd miss out on my visa! I hope the shock doesn't finish us off when that date changes.
  2. Yes mhaffie I'm enjoying the sun while it lasts and hope you are too. Heavy gardening followed by glasses of wine as a reward. The Ozzie shorts came out today, just for the garden . I'm cutting down on looking at my account although it remains the same today!!
  3. Hi Jon the hat. I remember I applied just a day or two before you - 17th! Thanks for your help re the police certificate. My husband hasn't applied for an Australian one as he hasn't lived there for 37 years but maybe they'll ask.
  4. It definitely gives people more of an incentive to reply if they know they're not going to be waiting a year! I haven't seen any new reports of one month processing times, just lots about delays but they're not UK applications.
  5. Envious of your coastal walk, have a lovely time. Just the park or a pub lunch for me! As you say the weather teases you, it's returning to chilly next week.
  6. Congrats!! It's reassuring you see the application is being dealt with. Trouble is I thought the progress would continue at a similar speed! Being given a case officer would be wonderful.
  7. Hi Mhaffie I was just being paranoid, I think I did it correctly. It does say they will contact you if they need further information rather than just cancelling the application! I also received the acknowledgement and reference no. As you say it's easy to upload the report to the application, it just made me think there was some advantage in waiting for the case officer to send it to them direct. I checked how to attach it and can see it needs to be uploaded under Character evidence of, Overseas police clearance - national. I've read they may ask the sponsor for an Australian police check. It's a lovely day and going to be hot tomorrow but we don't have your lovely beaches to enjoy.
  8. My application's sent. Glad it's done as I found it a bit stressful wondering if I'd done everything properly. When you attach the docs you can't view them. Did you say your partner has submitted a sponsor certificate too?
  9. I'm applying now but it asks if I have been appointed a case officer, which I haven't. Do you think this means it's better to wait?
  10. Good idea mhaffie and thanks for the update. If everyone has to have one I might as well apply now too. Jon the hat kindly informed me that the endorsement is no big deal, the reason it was putting me off. I thought it was something similar to the sponsorship and couldn't think who to get involved in lots of paperwork. At least the sun's appeared, 26 deg on Thursday , make the most of it.
  11. I always feel so much healthier in the sunshine! Not too much of it here at the moment. At the first sign of any change I'll be on here in seconds to let you know! I've already gone past the record processing time of 23 days!
  12. That was good. My doctor just said everything she'd checked was fine. I did have a medical about ten years ago when GPs were calling everyone in for a general health check. It wasn't very useful as it was mostly asking questions, weighing, measuring etc. It was more for people that never visit the doctor, lack insight into general health problems or neglect themselves.
  13. She did get the needle in straight away but it hurt more than usual and she said there would probably be a bruise! Pleased my arms have been covered for winter. No idea why I remember school medicals. Nothing awful ever happened other than being singled out because I didn't have a reaction to the BCG injection which showed I was immune and I didn't like being different!
  14. I had all of those things checked and had the worst blood test bruise which lasted over a week. I had a historical medical episode that wasn't asked on the questionnaire but I took a consultant letter stating everything was fine ongoing so she was pleased I showed it to her. Lucky you escaped the breast examination as considering you've been married for more than 30 years you must be over 40 ! I also felt a bit stressed, maybe it was being in a different venue to a hospital and it reminded me of school medicals!
  15. That's a relief it's over. Lucky that you avoided the full examination, can't imagine it was because you had a male doctor and I had a female. She did offer a chaperone but I declined. Mine said results were received and passed to BUPA after a few days but took a week to say it was finalised.