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Found 33 results

  1. I thought I'd share my experience of PSS and our house move in order to help others in a similar place to us. In July 2017 we booked our tickets to Sydney. No jobs, no home and no schools for the kids - but somehow, I'd managed to get my 190 perm resident visa (still didn't believe it until we arrived at the end of Jan!). From that point on I was in planning overdrive. We used movehub.com to get quotes for our container, I needed to downsize a 4-bed house into a 3-bed house and do some major de-cluttering. I'd already listed in an excel spreadsheet what we wanted to take, keep, leave or new tenants, trash, sell, recycle etc. This helped when getting the quote from movehub as you need to enter in what you will be taking for them to quote. The quotes came thick and fast and I decided to see PSS and John Mason. They both organised home visits to assess our house. In the end we went with PSS, no major reason, perhaps the sales guy seemed a bit more genuine and nicer, it wasn't price, as they were very similar. My husband had also been tracking PSS on social media for the last few years and they seemed to have a good rep. We booked a 20ft container at approx. 85% capacity. We paid for them to pack and spray everything (your outdoor items will need major cleaning and disinfecting). The week before they turned up was probably one of the most stressful and emotional of my life. Saying goodbyes, packing up etc. We'd already de-cluttered loads before Christmas, but we still had sooooooo much stuff and many items (baskets, candles, rope-based items) that we couldn't take. I sold so many storage baskets on Facebook I lost track! Anyway, by the time the removal guys turned up we were just about ready, my kids were still in school the day they arrived which was good. They were like machines, one upstairs, one downstairs, packing like crazy in return for tea and biscuits They packed everything on day then, then on day 2 our container turned up - our very own container! We ended up 5% over our original capacity so paid the extra to PSS afterwards. The boxes were packed into the container by lunchtime and off it went - we're hoping to get it mid-end March once its cleared customs. Defo recommend PSS, they are obviously used to people being a bit all over the place and were a calming influence; on me at least! They even spotted a few things we couldn't take, e.g. aerosol cans or some old cough medicine I had, which I'd forgotten about. We took our vacuum, 3 bikes, some garden tools, camping stuff, kids scooters etc - I'd jet washed everything beforehand, then used vinegar and a wire brush to scrub off rust etc from tools/bikes. I put my vacuum parts in the shower / dishwasher. The PSS guy said they were some of the cleanest he'd ever seen (maybe he says that to everyone, but I really went to town on the cleaning!). Some pics attached if useful! I'm thinking of turning our little adventure into a blog, so if anyone is interested in more info on how I've got this far, and our perm 190 visa let me know. It's been a hectic first week - looking at lots of rental places and having job interviews. I'm thinking I'll do my next post on rentals.
  2. We are due to arrive in Adelaide in August. We've had quotations for shipping from PSS and John Mason. Can anyone offer testimonials/recommendations of who they would go with based on your experiences. I have read lots of forum reviews on the subject, but can't find many recent ones for UK to Adelaide. (We plan to go with an independent like Letton Percival for insurance). Many thanks for your help... much appreciated! :-)
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to be sure everyone insures their stuff adequately and read the small print. PSS lost a boix containing some of our wedding dinner set, but because it was only part lost they would not pay out! Read the small print people!
  4. Hi all I just got a quote from PSS and was wondering if there are any issues with using them. I am planning to move 20 boxes from London to Sydney. Please let me know. Thanks Meliza
  5. Just had PSS pack all our stuff. I was a bit worried as they were the cheapest. Cant recommend them enough though.I told them what was not going and it is all still here! The blokes worked hard and got it all done in 1.5 days.They were contractors but they said 90% of they work is PSS work. Keep em fed with sarnies and bikkies and loads of Tea and you will be sorted. Just one thing: My invoice turned up and a shipping increase charge of £29 and a NES fee (?) was added. I told them that was not what we agreed and wont be paying it. After a bit of argey bargey they took them off. Stick to your guns. JOHN
  6. Am currently deciding between these two as they were the two companies I found at the recent Expo in London. I am a bit concerned about all the comments on this forum about companies with hugely delayed shipments, lost containers, broken possessions.... but (understandably) no names!! Makes it very hard to separate the good guys from the bad. I'd be really grateful if people could send me feedback on both PSS or Anglo Pacific, if they have any experiences with them, if you've heard whether they are good or bad... if you have negative feedback please feel free to PM me with the info ! Thanks so much and good luck to everyone going through the same choices x
  7. Hi, we've had loads of quotes which we narrowed down to the two companies above. Both their estimators came round and gave very different estimates for volume. One of the estimators was very helpful the other just more business-like. When I followed this up one of the companies was quite helpful and has given me cost estimates on both volumes, the other wasn't quite as helpful. Has anyone had experience with these two companies? Just to help us make the final decision. They both seem to have their pros & cons at the moment when I have dealt with them, but not enough to put me off and we did shortlist them because we had heard good things. If there isn't much difference between the two then we will just go with the one that is £150 cheaper, it will go towards purchasing the two new Australian child car seats (groan!) PS - We need to make our decision and book by tomorrow as we need to pick up next week! (& yes they both say they can do this) Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm Italian and my husband is South African. We live in UK but in December we are going to emigrate to Perth for good. Our removal is booked with PSS for the 5th October as before going to Perth we are going to spend 2 months in South Africa. Here is my doubt... I was reading the conditions of the removal and they say that we MUST be in the country (Australia) before the good arrives and we are also shipping the car. Does the shipment usually takes at least 2 months or could be less? Anyone experienced with PSS? How long did they take to get to Perth from UK? And what can happen to the good if we are not there yet? Thanks
  9. Hi Just about to book our removals and PSS are coming in at about £1k cheaper than the rest. Anyone got any recent experience of their service? Thanks
  10. Hi PIO, Has anyone used PSS InternationalRemovals to move their house contents to Australia. Just I would like to know what you thought of their service. Weve had several companies around, there the cheapest so far. any information would be appreciated cheers, Troy
  11. Guest


    Hiya im building a list of removal/shipping compaines to get quotes from and ANZ put me in touch with PSS, i wondered if anyone had used them etc ? Im also looking at Crown, dorree Boner and Seven seas, so any feedback would be great. :chatterbox: h
  12. Hello Folks! Down to the final two companies regarding shipping our goods to Perth. It has come down to PSS and Doree Bonner so I wanted to ask if any one has any experience of either of these companies to help me decide which one to go with. They are really like for like on cost so it is down to personal preference and recommendations. Your help is is appreciated! :cute: My other question is on Insurance and which company people used. Did you go with the one supplied by your shipping company? Did you go with an independent company like the one listed on the PIO tab? Great to get you recommendations on this too. Thanks guys! Nicky x :hug:
  13. Guest

    Anyone used PSS?

    Hi, We are in the process of choosing a shipping company, had quotes from all of the big ones and are leaning towards PSS. Looking through previous posts it seems they are not often chosen or at least not posted about! Has anyone used them?
  14. Just trying to decide between the PSS and Crown Relocations. PSS have told us between 5-8 weeks for arrival of goods and Crown have told us between 10 - 12 weeks from Scotland. Looking to hear from anyone who has used either of these companies and the actual time it took for delivery of your goods to your property. Thanks a lot. Kendal
  15. Hi We have a relative moving back to UK next year. We would like to use PSS, so does anyone know who their counterpart is here in Australia? tia
  16. Plan ahead by moving overseas with the experts! Moving to Australia is not without its ups and downs. To make sure you stay ahead of the game, it pays to be well informed. Everyone wants to start their new life down under with as much money as possible and there are a number of things you can do to ensure you make the most of your funds. Key topics always discussed on the forum include moving your possessions and transferring your money into your new Australian bank account. Poms in Oz is hosting Live Chat sessions with leading experts in banking, currency exchange and international removals. These sessions will take place today from 12pm-2pm and 8pm-10pm (UK Time). National Australia Bank, Moneycorp and PSS International Removals will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your move. To participate in the chat sessions, select the 'chat' menu option at the top of the page., this will launch the chat software. There will different 'rooms' for each of the different companies. If you are an unregistered visitor, to take part, use this link - Chat with Industry Experts. Once the chat software has loaded, tick the 'Guest' option at the top of the chat window, then choose a username and enter the 'Moneycorp, NAB or PSS' chat rooms. National Australia Bank [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-nab.png[/img2] Rebecca Joils will talk about the Australian Banking system providing you with some insights as to what is different between the UK and Australia. She will also talk about how straight forward it is to open an Australian Bank account before you leave home and some of the services you should consider. Moneycorp [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-moneycorp.png[/img2] Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, Jonathan Griffith and John Kinghorn will bring you the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and provide insight into the key factors influencing market movements. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your funds at the right time, via the right channel, can make a big difference to the amount of money you actually end up with. PSS International Removals [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-pss.png[/img2] One of the key ingredients when you are moving overseas is the planning of your removal. Liam Witham and John Moynes will be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have regarding the packing and shipping of your household effects, including what items you can ship to Australia, Australian Customs procedures and AQIS. Whether you are importing household effects or just a vehicle, it is never too early to start researching or to start the process.
  17. Are you looking at moving to Australia? Do you want advice about what you can or can't bring with you? Do you want to know what is involved in the shipping process? If you answered YES to any of these then why not come and join in the Live Chat Session with Liam Witham from PSS International Removals - The UK's first choice in removals. Date: Wednesday 19th May - Time: 19.00 - 21.00 (UK Time)
  18. PSS packed and removed our stuff in a shared 20ft container just before Christmas. We expected it to take a while and haven't really been bothered by the long wait. Since waving them off, however, we have heard very little about our shipment. We heard it was stuck in Singapore, then about 5 weeks ago that it had arrived in Brisbane (we had to post some small padlock keys down for inspection). Since then - nothing. UNTIL TODAY...when OH had a call at work from the lorry driver saying that he was just leaving (from where????) and would be delivering our stuff this afternoon!:arghh: Ermmm - no!!! It has now been scheduled for the 29th so that we can arrange for someone to be home.:eek: Is this normal??? PSS were very good but it looks like their Aussie handlers aren't so great. Does anyone know if the fact that customs haven't contacted us about anything means that all of our stuff has got through ok? Next, the headache of unpacking it all. To be honest we can barely remember what we have in it and apart from a few things I know we are waiting for, I am dreading the rest. On the basis that we have lived without it for 4 months, so how much do we really need it? I certainly have my doubts about the boxes of winter sweaters (won't be needing them much this year - possibly next, after we have acclimatised) and the 36 pairs of socks :jiggy: Oh well. It's the last part of the transition, I guess. Once it is here, we have fully arrived!
  19. Guest

    PSS Removals.......any good??

    Has anyone used this company recently, their quote doesn't seem too bad £3,400 for a 20ft container......door to door service etc....but I would just like to see if anyone has any commnets...advice before I sign on the dotted line....Many thanks...Louise
  20. Guest

    Shipping Update

    Hi, I have spent literally the whole day reading through posts on shipping agents etc but would appreciate an update from anyone who has moved recently. We have had Simpsons, PSS, John Mason and White & Co out. All are much of a muchness price wise for a 20ft container. Just off the sales rep and feedback on here my gut feel is either Simpsons or PSS. I can find loads of comments on PSS but only a couple on Simpsons from JoHattersley and her mum Cazbeckham. Has anyone else used these recently? Could anyone who has used these recently please just reply and let me know if you were happy or not. Thank you so much - in advance for your help xxx
  21. Guest

    Any bad experiences with PSS?

    We are about to pick a shipping company, have had all the big ones around (John Mason, Dorree Bonner, Pickfords, Anglo, White) and the best quote so far is PSS which is actually over a £1000 cheaper than the next nearest quote. I have been warned to watch out for them underestimating the volume, as if they have done that the actual volume and therefore cost can turn out to be much higher than their quote. Their volume estimate is pretty much in the middle of the range we got from all the shippers so dont think that will be much of an issue, also we will be really brutal with thinning out our possessions anyway. Before I sign on the dotted line was just wondering if anyone had any major problems with breakages, delays in shipping, or indeed anything else that I should be wary of or check with them?! Tx in advance!
  22. Guest

    pss or john mason

    hi are these two shipping companys as good as each other, only taking 200 cubic feet and one priced us at 1066 pound the other at 1100 pound . both where by far the cheapest
  23. Guest

    pss, anglo pacific or simpsons

    Has anyone used Simpsons, PSS or Anglo Pacific to ship their belongings to Perth, if so your opinions and recommendations would be most grateful.
  24. Guest

    simpsons or pss shipping

    Has anyone used PSS or Simpsons International Removals to move to Perth. We are due to move in a couple of months and time is running out and I could do with some advice.
  25. Guest

    Doree Bonner or PSS?

    We have received quotes from both Doree Bonner and PSS, both are fairly similar but does anyone have any experience good or bad with these companies? we are off the Perth. Thanks Sue