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  1. Me again, leaving in a week and wondering about insurance for our belongings we are taking on the plane. Google searches are bringing up trips with return dates so guessing we would need to be back in uk to make a claim. we have a lot of electrical devices plus expensive golf clubs so just need cover incase they go missing rather than full holiday insurance. Anyone bought similar?
  2. emmajane0429

    Netflix, Prime, Disney channel info

    Thanks everyone, great info
  3. emmajane0429

    Netflix, Prime, Disney channel info

    Moving to Perth in September. So currently we pay a monthly fee for Netflix and prime and have free Disney channel for a year that we got when signing up to a mobile provider. This may seem like a stupid question but will any of this work in Perth? Or do we need to sign up to new accounts when we get there?
  4. emmajane0429

    Sending funds from UK with Globalreach

    Ok great, I hadn’t heard of them but will take a look, thanks for your replies
  5. Hi, has anyone used this company to send a large amount of funds abroad https://www.globalreachgroup.com/ they have contacted me through a removal firm I’m using and I just want to check they are legit which I’m sure they are but you never know these days!
  6. emmajane0429

    What month is best to move?

    We are going September. The way we look at it is we can either keep the kids of school until February as they have already completed their year and will start fresh or we can enroll them in maybe October so they can get to know the school and the kids before the summer hols and start of next year. The later will prob be best for us but we will wait and see when we get there. Good luck
  7. emmajane0429

    Telling young children you are all moving to Australia

    I think the handover file is essential for us as we have special needs to consider for 1 child so I guess it depends on your own personal situation. However I have also been told that UK schooling is far ahead of Australia which is good to know and also they are not bothered if you enrol them or not when you first move so it’s nice to know we have a bit of le-way. Personally I know routine is best for kids so the sooner they get to school the better even if it is just for 6 weeks. I will too be letting them have a holiday and seeing some sights and then hopefully get them into school before Xmas so they can see what it’s all about. I think if it’s left too long they may get really anxious about it.
  8. emmajane0429

    Telling young children you are all moving to Australia

    We are going September/October I told them a few months ago as they kept over hearing conversations which was getting a bit confusing. I also don’t want mine to go back to school in September as that may make it more upsetting for them but unsure how I go about not sending them to school, I mean I guess I don’t need to worry about getting into trouble for not sending them if we are leaving the country anyway but I presume our local council will probably have something to say about it. Are you planning on getting your daughter to start school straight away when you get there? I know it will mean repeating the end of year 1 for them but I think it’s a good way to get them to settle in quickly and make friends.
  9. emmajane0429

    Telling young children you are all moving to Australia

    My kids are 6 and 9. My 9 year old totally understands whats going on and is excited but my 6 year old, although knows we are going, doesn't quite grasp how far it is etc... So Ive focused on the positives that he will get excited about, main thing for him is having sunny days everyday where he can be in the pool with lots of blow up toys and the fact that he will get a double summer holiday off school this year. I try and mention it every few days so it stays in his mind but not too much so that he doesn't think of that and nothing else. He has now noticed that he wont see his friends again which he says makes him sad but I've said he will make tons of new friends as everyone loves the new kid in school and he can have more play dates as the weather is better so we can be in the park more. As long as they are with you they will adapt probably easier than you will
  10. emmajane0429

    Extra shipping costs UK - Perth

    Thanks for the tip, I actually marked down the move cube space on my floor over the weekend and realised it was going to cost me approx £160 to send over a box of the kids toys, totally not worth it seeing as they rarely get played with. The American fridge would also cost more than its now worth so i think we have decided to just be brutal and take the bare minimum. So I'm busy ebaying everything in site. Have you decided on a company yourself? Im wondering if there is anyone else like move cube that may be cheaper
  11. emmajane0429

    Extra shipping costs UK - Perth

    I just think once you go for the large cube at £3500 its getting towards using a container anyway. We have somewhere fully equipped to stay when we get there for as long as we want so have the time to start collecting what we need so just bringing out kitchen equipment and personal items like ornaments, pictures etc means we can just keep an eye out for any furniture bargains, I know in Perth people are constantly getting rid of furniture. Thanks for the Harvey Norman tip, i totally forgot bout that shop
  12. Hi, I am trying to decide between decluttering and taking a move cube with just my decent belongings or taking everything with a removal company. The removal company have quoted me between £5000 (708cubic feet which would be to get rid of some bits of large furniture I'm not that bothered about) and £7000 (full 20ft container, take everything) . They told me that i would have to pay approx $500 clearance fee in Australia My Move cube quote for a medium cube which would mean really getting rid of most my furniture (my furniture is not great anyway!) is £1132.00 which i thought was great but on closer inspections i have to pay a further $1512.00 for clearance and transfer in Australia. Can anyone tell me if these clearance costs seem correct, if move cube is so much why is the removal company only $500? Maybe $500 is not accurite. Has anyone moved recently and can advise what they paid once in Australia Thanks
  13. Yes we are still in the UK and in paid employment. This is a option but the first thing they will ask if we applied for a buy to let is where are we moving to, we would need to show we were buying a property in the UK so i dont think we would be approved. Maybe its easier just to sell!
  14. Well ive contacted another company who deal with expat mortgages and they cant help me either! Seems i cant apply for a buy to let in the UK if im planning on going overseas and I cant apply for an expat mortgage until overseas with a fixed address and employment urggh
  15. He said he could arrange us a normal UK buy to let mortgage but then they will ask questions about where we live and we would be rejected if living overseas or planning on going overseas. He said expat mortgage would be the other only option and its just not something he deals with. To be honest I get the impression he just cant be bothered! And if thats the case then i would rather not deal with him. I guess ive just always dealt with mortgage advisors, i did once try and deal with a bank direct and found they just were not willing to offer any actual advice on our best options and if i gave an answer that they didnt like to a question it was just a cross against our names where as a mortgage advisor will advise us what to actually reveal and not reveal!