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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. I've recently moved permanently to Australia under my Permanent Resident 100 visa. It was issued in November 2018 meaning if I want to leave the country (for holidays) after this time I will need to apply for a Resident Return Visa 155. Could anyone let me know what wording and documents to provide for "evidence of substantial ties to Australia". My husband and two adult children are citizens so I presume mention them and attach their birth certificates and citizen by descent certificates. Is there anything else they're looking for other than saying they are the reason I want to live here. I presume property purchase and employment is relevant? The "help" states "you have indicated that you do not meet the residence requirement for this visa". Help - I do not know why!
  2. Dear All, Appreciate your inputs on my case that basically has 2 parts: Part 1: My PR 175 grant - May 2012 Expired - May 2017 Been in Australia for - 1 month 7 days total. Last visited Australia in - Feb 2017 (just before expiry). Why I didn't migrate yet? I went to Oz in June 2012 (immediately after getting PR) stayed there for a month and searched for jobs. Didn't get any good response. In the mean time, got a very good offer from Oman, which had opportunity to learn new skills required in Oz. So moved there. Got married the next year, 2013. Blessed with 3 kids. Last one born in 2020. 2 of the kids go to school. All these commitments held me back from relocating. Most essentially because my family does not have PR. And getting their PR is a different ball game altogether, which I have covered in Part 2 below. So anyhow, I'm planning to apply for my RRV by Nov this year. I don't satisfy 2 years requirement, but I have bought land there (paying installments since 2017. Finishing this year) and bank accounts transacting every month for the same property’s payments. Part 2: Once I get RRV (hopefully), I want to take my family along, because otherwise kids schooling would be affected and there are a few other personal reasons. So want to know what options I have so that my family can relocate with me? Can I apply for Partner Visa now (before my RRV application and being abroad)? That way if their visa is received until my RRV is granted, we can travel together. Or is it a must for me to be in Australia to sponsor my family? That is a cumbersome process of waiting for around 18 to 24 months, being away from family. What do you suggest please? Thanks and Cheers!
  3. Hi there, I’d appreciate some advice regarding applying for a future RRV. Is the 2 in 5 year condition from the date of the most recent RRV application or can they count any time that precedes it (that formed the initial part of the original PR visa)? We arrived in Aus for second time (we left initially as partner’s father suddenly passed away) in Sept 2017. My PR was due to run out in April 2018 so applied and was granted a 5 year RRV. We then had a baby and returned to Uk for what was meant to be 9 months in March 2020 but now we’re a bit unsure what to do and feel in limbo with Covid. We definitely want to return to Oz at some stage but in current times, just not sure when it’s possible. So I just want to know what my options are and would be grateful if any help and advice. My RRV runs out April 2023. If immigration only count the 2 in 5 years from the time prior RRV granted, I don’t have 2 years and will need to get back by 2023. However, if they count the time prior to it (so for me from Sept 2017) and I can apply for a new RRV at start of 2022 (no idea if I’d even be able to do this as still a year left on RRV) i will qualify for the 2 year period and it will enable us to stay put for a bit but have a window to return all the way up to 2027. Thanks everyone. Lau
  4. Tom Brody

    Resident Return Visa

    Applying for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) appears to me to have become a tad more difficult, or maybe it's my imagination. The time schedule for the RRV has just changed to 5 - 10 days, from 5 - 8 days. Not a big difference there so no worries. However the part that I find a worry is "Applications that do not meet the residence requirement will take longer to finalise than the published processing times advertised above. Processing timeframes for these applications can be up to 12 weeks." I applied for a RRV 6 weeks ago. I was in Australia and advised to just apply online via my IMMI account. I did this, and I had immediate acknowledgement and receipt of payment for $365. I don't qualify for a 155, but have mitigating circumstances which I think are applicable and permit me to apply for a 157 (3 month entry) I won't bore people with the details of the mitigating circumstances, safe to say these prevented me from returning to Australia as planned last year. I certainly fall into this category of not having been in Australia for enough days. I really do!! My days had been non existent since 2015 when I had to return home to UK. I went back to Australia in May as my current RRV at the time was due to expire and fearing the worse or being guilty of not activating a RRV granted to me, I made the trip down under and wanted to speak to an Immigration official to try to explain the situation. I was worried about the situation I was in. But I was told "not necesary just apply online through your IMMI account" I am now free of all matters which prevented me from returning, but I fear it is a year too late. In all fairness the Australian Immigration people have been extremely accommodating, sympathetic and kind with my previous RRV applcations. However I feel maybe their patience has been exhausted now by my own failure to return and settle as planned. It may just be a case of tough luck, bad luck and hard luck, but maybe my visa for Australia is shot. I take full responsibility for this and it is through no fault of the Australian immigration or anyone else. It's not really my fault, it is just the way fate has dealt my cards, which sometimes we have no choice but to accept. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and had to wait 12 weeks to see if they are granted a RRV or not? I am doubtful now that my visa will be granted, and I may have to just accept that fate has worked against me, and it is not to be. The next few weeks waiting for an E-mail and checking my IMMI account will be quite tense. For the record when I flew out of Australia back to London, as is the normal practice, a Border Official at the airport kindly spoke with me in private and pointed out that my RRV was about to expire and handed me a leaflet. I explained that I had already applied for a RRV and showed her my acknowledgement and receipt. The lady was really helpful. She then told me that I could actually return without a RRV but that I would need to go to the departure airport very early and the airline then have to telephone Canberra for a Code to permit me entry. I was surpried by this as I had never heard of this before. I thanked her for this advice but explained to her that I would never do that, as I don't think that's a very good thing to do. Knowing the way the airline staff are in Heathrow, I wolldn't trust them to assist me, and I would be too worried about causing a problem, breaking the rules and the law and ending up with a ban.. It is however a contradiction in terms of practice, a genuine RRV application taking 12 weeks to process, yet a way in to the Country through a telephone call and a code from Canberra ? That's not for me as I have never abused the Visa system, or my status as a Permanent Resident and with my luck, I would probably get thrown into jail and never heard of again. ?? Regards, best wishes and good luck to all.
  5. Hi all, I have not been here for a while. My 190 visa expired and I got 155 resident return visa. I still plan to move to AUS, I just had some bumps on the road to make it happen in the last 5 years. First question Now, I want to activate my 155 visa soon. Am I still obliged to visit the sponsor state of my 190 visa? / or I can activate my visa by landing anywhere in Australia? Second question Do I have any obligation regarding my 190 visa anymore (it expired)? Over the last 5 years, I think I changed my mind about the state where I want to live. Do I still have to permanently move to the sponsor state (for 2 initial years)? THANK YOU!
  6. Lostbuthappy

    Residents return visa

    Can anyone please tell me how long a residents return visa takes to process also if a 're entry visa has elapsed is it difficult to get back?
  7. Welshsaznlevi

    Cap and que visa resident return

    Does anyone have much knowledge on the cap and que process? I submitted an application for a resident return visa subclass 155 157 on 25/11/17. I've called and have been told it's in process, I was told this 2 5 months ago and still nothing. I've recently seen a document about capping and queing once the magic number has been reached for that program year, I have seen that there is a special eligibility cap for former residents, but from what I can tell that's for the subclass 151. Does anyone have more info please? I'm going mad searching and searching and not finding much. I'm currently living in my parents sofa with my 6 year old as my landlord sold our house and I don't think it's worth starting a tenancy yet. Thanks in advance ?
  8. Hi, My Dad has lived in Australia all his life. He was born in the UK, but moved out to Australia when he was a child and has lived there ever since. He has only ever had a British passport (still sticking to the Queen or something) Now he has come to visit me in the UK and meet my newborn son, but as it happens his Resident Return Visa has expired last year. He has previously had one and the sticker is still in his passport today however it is not current. When he left the UK nobody stopped him from leaving Australia and entering the UK, but now I have the sneaking suspicion that he will be refused entry to Australia without a current RRV. He is now potentially faced with being refused entry to the place he has lived all his life. Any suggestions on how this could be fixed? Should he just turn up at the airport and try to get on the plane back to Australia? Should he just get a tourist visa, just so that he can get back into Australia? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  9. Hello Everyone, Im not sure how common this question is but here you go…. A friend of mines parents come over to Western Australia around 38 years ago and had their PR visas,After a few years they returned back to the UK without being made citizens. They are still there in the UK but my friend their son has lived here for over 8 years and has been a citizen for a good few years too. His parents are getting older and come over at least twice a year and they are desperate to come back and live near to their son. With them already having PR in the past is there a way they can return without putting in thousands and thousands and thousands. Ive done a bit of research and thought the 155 visa maybe an avenue they could go down but im not sure? Can anyone advise me? Thank You
  10. zidden

    155 Visa

    Hi, I used to live in NSW when I was 2-4years old. Unfortunately my parents never settled and decided to return back home to the UK. I believe they had resident visa at that time (early 1980's). I do not have any direct family in Australia however my partner does. I do have the skills that are on the SOL. i would be grateful for some advice if any