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Found 547 results

  1. laf

    House sale proceeds

    We are in the process of selling our house ready to move to Sydney. Can anyone advise where we can deposit a one-off lump sum for the best interest rate. I'm not finding it very easy to compare savings rates. We'll need to rent for as long as it takes to buy a property.
  2. Belle_tamara85

    Help! Gift for a pom in Oz

    A few months ago (somewhere on social media) I saw these beutiful wooden frames with the uk and Australian map on them and a heart in both places (home and away). Does anyone remember seeing something similiar? I'm looking to buy for a friends birthday (might treat myself too!). many thanks x
  3. If anyone needs advice from an ex pat (Bromley,Kent) real estate agent working the northern Gold Coast specifically Pacific Pines, Oxenford Maudsland Helensvale then I'm more than happy to answer questions Andrew www.andrewcolleyproperties.com.au
  4. Guest

    Poms Going Home to UK (register)

    There seems to be more and more Poms returning to the UK so I thought it may help to have a register of us so others know who we are and who to talk to if they need to talk.
  5. Free to good home - a rescued pup 18 months old - pugalier (pug x Cavalier), very friendly, well behaved toilet trained and in need of a good home, free delivery to anywhere in Victoria to loving home. He has had an op on his eye but will get better soon. Leave a message for me if you like the idea on private messages. Ta Olly
  6. perthlewis

    Fitting in and making friends

    Hello, my family and I have been living in Perth for just over 4 years..we moved from Scotland in the middle of the worst winter I can remember!! I moved with work and fortunately this has kept me really busy. My youngest son was born here and my OH has stayed at home to look after him and ferry the older two in and out of school. We don’t have family out here, so my wife needed something to keep herself busy...help her make friends and earn some money while looking after our boys. The absolute best thing in the world for her has been party planning / direct selling. Every day she’s chatting to new people or folk she’s either organised parties for or has recruited. I’m not going to quit my job this minute..but she’s earning enough to keep herself and Kmart happy and its growing. I’m really pleased for her, it ticks alot of boxes for our family, giving her friends, flexibility, a fun (low stress) income and the ability to work towards some really attractive goals. I’ve read a number of posts from people that are struggling to settle and make friends. It could be stepping outside your comfort zone a bit..but that’s often the best path to take! Don’t go and make yourself another coffee or check to see if the postie has been Go online and google direct selling / multi level marketing / party planning…find something you’re interested in and connect with their consultants. Even if you do have another job...we could all do with more friends and a bit of a stretch target. It may not suit everyone..this is just something that's made it easier for us to settle.
  7. Hi all I hope you don't mind but I just wanted to get in touch and create this thread as think this might interest a few of your british family members out there. Just to give you a bit of background, I am a british TV producer living and working in Sydney and I have a fab opportunity for three british families living out here. This is a project with a household multinational brand of which would like to fly 1 set of grandparents over from the UK in a surprise to the grandchildren. We are casting for British families based in Sydney that have children between the ages of 5-18 years of age that are schooled here. In conjunction with this, we will highlight in the film that it’s time to forget about technology distractions and bring the family together around the dinner table. This will be produced as short online film of uniting families together. If you wish to hear more or would like to suggest this to friends of yours in Sydney then please do get back in touch with me: annabel.jewers@clemenger.com.au Filming will be across 1 day. We are flexible to film any day on either w/c 22nd February or w/c 2nd March 2015. Annabel Jewers Producer, Clemenger BBDO
  8. melaniecharlton

    Home Schooling in Sydney?

    Our family will hopefully be moving to Sydney in April on a 457 visa. We hope to live in the Hornsby area. My husband will be earning $90k per year. We will have to pay the higher rate of tax and full school fees on the 457 visa so there is no way we could afford this as we have 3 children. I think the only option we will have is to homeschool our kids until we gain permanent residency. Has anyone done this before? Is it difficult? Are their complications? Its not ideal as I believe kids should socialize but we have no other option and it is our dream to live in OZ. I think it may be possible to have the school fees waived if one applies however I have read that this is near impossible. Any comments or thoughts will be much appreciated. Thank you kindly
  9. plazze

    thinking of going home to uk

    my wife and i have being here 5 months now we are thinking of going home .we live in rockingham she is a nurse am a paint sprayer took me three months to find work we miss home and dont know if we like it here and ever will, everone says they move for the lifestyle what lifestyle , get home and do nothing maybe coz its winter i dont know i cant speak for everone but i dont find australia people freindly i think there rude bellive me am trying they ,where strugling to make freinds wife shifts are crap ,hey i might be a big straping scotsman but am almost crying writing this knowing what i gave up to come here .anyone thinking the same or anyone at home who went back gary
  10. xxlornaxx

    home internet in nsw..need help..

    We really want internet at home now but cant find any good deals...everything seems so expensive for what u get n then I just get all confused and dont know what the providers are talking about! (Doesnt take much!) I used sky in uk n they were great £23 a month for unlimited wireless n phoneline too with free calls off peak.. anything like that here? We dont need a home phone or any package like that as we dont call anyone regularly n get enough from our mobile contracts. ..would like unlimited broadband or ay least alot..not 5gb or sumthin..we're in sydney n think we would get good signal wth most providers...but which one? ? Anybody any recommendations or advice would be much appreciated.. i will research the rest myself if someone can give me bit of starting point or their own experience. Telstra advised us not to use them as they wouldnt be value for money for us..which I thought was nice n honest of them. Thanks xx
  11. Guest

    Building My Home

    Thought this may interest those who are thinking of building a home in Qld. Once the mortgage is secured the house is then built in stages and at the end of each stage, the cost of that stage is drawn down by the builder from your mortgage company/bank. At each stage you sign that it is completed satisfactorily before the builder can be paid. We had plans drawn up so that this house was built to our own specifications. It's a nice size plot of 900sq but is very narrow which didn't bother us as we knew our neighbour on one side and it was bushland that couldn't be developed to the other side and rear. (we were told). As you will see..........the moment we started building the land was released for development so make sure that you have things on a legal document from the council if real estate angents say that ther will be no further development. First the plot is levelled and the plumbing inserted Then the slab is laid, allowed to dry for about 2 wweks and the frame starts to go up
  12. terriokane

    Is it worth it?

    Hey, Myself(Terri-25) and my boyfriend(Conan-27) are from Ireland and have been in Australia two months now on a working holiday visa. We started in Brisbane, hired a campervan and travelled up the east coast and are now in Cairns. We've been here three weeks and are still looking for work! We have applied to hotels, cafes, cleaners..all the usual backpacker jobs cause we know thats all we will get but most employers are now responding with "Not accepting working holiday visa, must be cairns local due to the economic downturn". Australia is so expensive and the recession is hitting here now too! We have enough funds to last us another while but would prefer the security of an income. When I first arrived here I was so homesick and now don't want to leave! I love it here but i'm scared with the not finding a job and don't know whether to do regional work to get our second year..is it worth it. We have 10 months left on our visa (cant believe how fast time is going) and although we still have loads of time we are keeping an eye for regional work but most want volunteers to work and we want paid work cause it is for three months after all. My head is fried with over thinking everything, although I don't regret coming to Australia, maybe we should have came here for a holiday and went to Canada? I'm panicking about not finding work yet, and paying for rent, food etc. Everyone seems to be doing trips etc and don't want to spend the money on that (not until we find work). I'm the kind of person that over thinks everything were as my boyfriend just takes it as it comes (wish I was like him). I don't know whether we should go home- I don't want to cause my friends think I won't last here due to being a home bird (which I'm not) but with a recession here and a recession at home-at least at home we would have a bit more security but I don't want to go home. My boyfriend doesn't mind if we go home but I don't want to live with my parents again and will have to if we go back cause we won't be able to afford our own place. I've heard too that Australia is tighting up on sponsorship-which we would never get cause we aren't lucky! Just don't know anymore if Australia is worth it! Please help or provide some encouragement (I NEED it at this stage of the game) Thanks Terri
  13. DO YOU KNOW OF ANY BRITS WHO ARE CONSIDERING RETURNING TO THE UK? ITV1 are making a new documentary series about British Ex-Pats who are considering moving back to the UK. We’re keen to hear from Brits who have lived abroad for years without (or very rarely) visiting home, but who are now thinking about returning permanently to Britain. Perhaps you miss your family and friends, maybe schooling is a problem for your kids, or you simply yearn to step back into British culture. We'll help you explore the reality of coming home, and prepare you for deciding whether to stay abroad or return to your roots. If this sounds like you, or if you know anyone who might be interested, please contact Amy Robbins as soon as possible by email: amy.robbins@fevermedia.com Or call (+44) 020 7697 1425.
  14. Hi all.... Been in Caloundra for 16 months and for the last few months had an itch to go home. Its not home sickness at all, Blackpool is a dump and Caloundra is fabulous i just cannot shake the feeling that life is carrying on in the Uk and i am in some kinda limbo out here missing everything, plus the night life is tragic....thought i would not care, turns out i do......A lot. Bored.com Colette x
  15. Hi Everyone I work for a bingo company who runs bingo in the UK but we are looking for Bingo Chat Hosts locally here in QLD. You can spend most of the time working from home - you just need a PC and a very good connection. But we need people to be able to pop into our Brisbane office from time-to-time for training. We're looking for people who love bingo, who love to have a bit of fun, and who are computer savvy. Previous experience as a Bingo Chat Host is not mandatory, but will be considered favourably. There's a few roles going and we do offer training so don't worry if you haven't done it before. Just contact me through this pomsinoz site if you're interested. Regards Chris
  16. Hi, I am wondering how soon (time frame and conditions) i can get a mortgage and what that entails i.e. building relationship with bank, employment contract, visa conditions, if any?? ets., etc., I am leaving Ireland this Xmas, have employment arranged as a nurse with 4 year 457 business class visa, my partner who is a carpenter of 19 years and our daughter are travelling under this visa. I have enough to put a depoist on a house. We bought and sold a house here in Ireland. Hopefully with the two of us working in the near future we can get a mortgage. Would be truly greatful of any advise!! Much appreicated
  17. Please help. You are the best people to help me because you know what Australia is like and most of you know what Europe is like. We live in Holland (Dutch husband, 2 young sons both born in Australia but lived most of their live in the Netherlands). In the Netherlands we have a beautiful old farm house with 4000 sqm land. We are 30 minutes drive to Dusseldorf (we are on the German border). The kids (5 and 6 years old) can ride their bikes to school, to football and to tennis. They have many friends. There is no violence anywhere around. The local village (10 minute walk) is cute and quiet. the local town (5 minute drive, 25 minute bike ride) is busy enough with nice restaurants AND (I know you understand this) proper bars where we can go with the whole family. We have heaps of festivals, bonfire nights, beer-vat rolling. you know don't you?. We can ski in Austria every year, we go to Lake Como for Spring holidays, Paris sometimes for lunch. The only negatives are 1) I am not fully "integrated", this is mainly because we are in the clichey South where friendships date back to pre-school; 2) the weather (it's the same as London) and 3) some people will see this as a positive but I think Holland inspires you to be average - competitive is definetly frowned upon. in Australia we have a house in Broadbeach Waters that we bought in February, on the canels, nice house, great pool. Australia wins for 1) the friendliness and 2) the weather - including the outdoor lifestyle. Should we move back? I have been gone 9 years (excluding the time back in Australia to give birth - no home birth for me). I used to live in Balmain, Sydney. Should we move back to our house on the Gold Coast, will I like it? (we have spent a bit of time there on holidays - I love Byron, the Hinterland, Currumbin, but we picked Broadbeach Waters because I really like being able to walk to things) Please help, it's really a hard decision. I think my husband would prefer the Netherlands but he is ok with Australia if that is what I want (he fits in anywhere easily). We are going primarily for me because while I love Holland on one hand I am not fully settled. I am so scared of ruining the great life that the boys have.
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15799571 I found this really interesting article on the bbc website and just thought it would be interesting to see what other people make of it??
  19. Guest

    Longing to go home

    I will have been here for 5 years in January, and have spent the last 18mths wanting to go home. I cam ewith my husband and daughter who is now 13yrs old and is just about to start high school here. I am very close to my family and have 2 older children from my first marriage still in the UK, who didnt want to come. I have been home several times since being here and had family out. We went home in August for 2 weeks and my OH saw how much myself, daughter and family enjoyed our time together, and he told me that we could move back, and he wouldnt change his mind, which he has done previously as well as me. We have had ur house for sale for 3 months, it is so quiet out there, we are not having a lot of luck. My OH has since telling me he was coming has now, after much messing me around, told me he has no intentions of going back to the UK to live, ever. I have become so depressed about the whole situation that am now on anti depressants to stabilise me. He doesnt understand why I want to go back, as I have a great job, earn good money, have lovely home. My daughter has never stopped wishing to go home since we arrived. There is guilt from him, her, family even my best friend I cant talk to as she just gets drunk everytime I see her and has a go at me for wanting to go home. I understand things are not good in the UK, but it doesnt mean anything to me. I do worry about how my daughter would cope going back into high school over there, they may have to put her back a couple of years We have our citizenship. So could come back, but if I move I wont be coming back. Have now booked to come home for a month in January, with my daughter to try and make decision, and the OH has told me now, that he will never go back, not even if our daughter did later or to retire!! That if I decide to stay I can never bring up again about returning home. Is that unreasonable?? This is driving me nuts. Sorry to all just wanted to write and rant!:arghh:
  20. Guest

    Home swaps - Short term visits

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a family home swap? The problem we have is wanting to visit parents in the UK and Paris but ideally need our own space while we are there. As such I have created a home swapping system for families who want to swap with other families who have kids of similar ages so you don't have to take all the prams, porta cots etc etc. Trying to build up a database ( no costs attached) please let me know... Thanks Sarah
  21. Guest

    Home Builders in Perth

    Hi, We are planning to build a home in Perth. Has anyone got any builders they recommend or any to avoid? Any experiences that you would like to pass on? We are at the very initial planning stage and just trying to narrow it down a little. Thanks in advance for all replies to our question. Rache and Matt
  22. We are looking to do a house exchange long term from August this year. We prefer the South East of England but are open to offers. Our house is in East Victoria Park and very convenient for the city and river. We have 2 bedrooms and a study and an underground pool. We would love to hear from any people wanting to migrate to Perth who are unable to sell their house and are interested in a long term home exchange. Regards
  23. Just trying to make a list of what to ship. Planning on moving to Sydney so I guess we will still need duvets for winter. Are the duvets , mattresses and beds the same sizes as in the uk? For e.g do they have the standard 4'6" double bed etc? Also are duvets the same sizes? Oh please help.
  24. Fully furnished 3 bed + study house in North Ryde, Sydney, Australia available for SWAP from January 2012 - January 2013. Professional couple in 30s with 2yo daughter looking to live in London for 12 months (ideally close to Guys Hospital but flexible) in 2+ bedroom home. Please reply to this thread if interested.
  25. emmaroo

    Booked flight home!

    Yes I did it, booked flight home for March 2012!:jiggy: Can't wait! Emma x