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Found 13 results

  1. talesofatwinmum

    Packaging for shipping

    Hi, We're aiming to move over to Brisbane next year and I want to be as organised as possible because we've got a lot of stuff to sort through in our house, some of which we intend to sell and some we want to take. I'd like to begin clearing our loft first and sorting piles out for car boot sales/eBay etc. My questions is, does each shipping company have their own specific boxes you need to pack your things into and if so do you buy them direct from the shipping company or are they standard packagin boxes you can buy online? I'm thinking that if there are things we won't be needing before we go I could get started putting stuff to keep in boxes so it won't get mixed up with the sale stuff. This will also give us a better idea of how much stuff we want to take to get a quote for shipping. Any advice you could give about where to begin with shipping would be really appreciated as at the moment it looks like a really daunting task! Thanks.
  2. Hi I am a packaging designer, and currently working in the UK for ASG , I am coming to Melbourne in September, I don't even require a visa as I am already coming with my partner as a de facto, I just need a packaging job, I have over 10 years experience and have used Artios CAD, I am great at making 3D mock ups, and also have graphic design skills, if anybody knows of work or a contract that will get me started I would love to hear from you, also as this is a very specialised area I would also love to hear from anybody who has tried looking for similar work. Kind regards Babbel (this is one of my favourite places to eat in Phrahran). I would be more than happy to pass on my details on.
  3. Hi All, We are arriving in Melboure on the 20th December. I'm an IT contractor in the Uk (have been for many years) and will be doing the same in Australia. I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the Australian equiv. to UK Limited Companies. I operate a LTD here now and am trying to guage the pros and cons of doing the same in Aus and if this is the normal route and if so how to setup ltd (pty), find a good accoutant etc. and also if agents are happy with the pty approach as oppose to service company (salary packaging) route ? I suspect many have been down this route an opted for the for the service company route as not wanting to upset the Aussie hector (tax man!). Any help most welcome and thank you in advance. David
  4. Help someone please !!!!!!!!!!!:confused: I'm trying to fill in my centrelink application and am stuck on the section for payments :- Reportable fringe benefits. Is fringe benefits different to my salary packaging. Nothing is very clear and I have got myself all in a muddle. Is being allowed so much toward my uniforms a fringe benefit or is this just used when it comes to tax forms at the end of the year. I dont have a company car or anything like this. Any help would be much appreciated x Helen
  5. We are looking for Packaging Operators in a Parma company, Perth NOR. Packaging of pharmaceutical products and working on a poduction line. Please contact me if you are interested.
  6. Hello I've been offered a job in Sydney with a not-for-profit employer (government and charity funded). I would love to accept but the salary is too low ($50,800), but they offer salary packaging ("It simply involves using your pre-tax income to pay for your day to day expenses thereby reducing your income tax which increases your disposable income.'') My brain is the size of a pea and I'm struggling to understand. I'm trying to work out what difference this would make to my take home pay should I claim the max amount possible, in the hope that'll it'll be enough for me to accept the job. I'm informed that, "You can package up to a maximum grossed-up amount of $30,000 which is $16,050 net. This is the maximum fringe benefit exemption limit. The remainder of your salary will be paid as cash on the usual fortnightly basis...An employee must not exceed the $30,000 ($16,050) cap within the packaging year (1st April – 31st March). If an employee does exceed the capped amount they will be required to pay back the difference to the employer...The number and range of items available varies according to your personal circumstances but examples of expense items that can be packaged include: · Credit card payments · Mortgage Repayments · Motor vehicle leases and expenses · Health Insurance · Income protection insurance · Household Expenses · Entertainment...Employees who have cars as part of their package will have a reduced amount to package due to the FBT liability on their cars. FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) is payable on your vehicle. This tax is calculated using an ATO formula based on the cost of your vehicle and the number of kilometres you travel in a year. HR will calculate how much tax is payable based on your car information and deduct this from your $16,050 salary packaging amount. You will be provided with information detailing your FBT liability on an annual basis or as frequently as you change your vehicle." I'll need to rent accomodation (with my partner) and buy a car. Can anyone advise? Much appreciated. (I'm meant to be interviewing for a much better paid job on Thursday, but I'm not sure I can stall my decision on this job that long, as I don't think I'd know the outcome of Thursday's interview for a while). Dilemma! :unsure:
  7. Can someone explain in simple terms how salary packaging works for an employee of a Public Benevolent Institution. It is a new concept to me. :goofy:
  8. jenpen87

    Salary Packaging??

    Hi all, I'll be working in the public sector as a midwife once I move to WA. I've heard I'll be entitled to salary packaging, in which the costs for financial products such as your mortgage or super an can be taken off your pay before you are taxed. Say if I wanted my mortgage, lease car payments and pension to be salary packaged could this be possible? Would love to here from others who are using salary packaging or know a bit more than me about it and just what kind of savings you can make from it. Thanks:cute:
  9. Albertzshot

    Salary Packaging and Tax

    Hi everyone, Can anyone advise if there is a % limit of the amount of your basic salary which can be "packaged"? I currently use the scheme for LAFHA and currently exceed 50%. Would this be an issue for the ATO? If so I think I best place LAFHA on hold until the end of the tax year. Thanks in advance
  10. hi, my hubby just had an interview for hollywood hospital in Perth. They offer both permanent and temp. sponsorship....i have a question concerning salary packaging: they told him that you can only do this on a temp. visa that it isnt possible on a permanent 121 visa. I have never heard this before....any thoughts???? sharon.x
  11. emmaroo

    Packaging Question- Help!

    We are starting the packing up of the house at the weekend in order to move in to in- laws in a few weeks. I have got bubble wrap and stuff to wrap up pics and breakables, but my question is when the removal company come to collect boxes to ship will they re-pack things? Thanks Emma
  12. Guest

    Salary packaging

    I am on a 457 visa working at WA University in Perth and have been offered the chance of salary packaging. I can get a laptop which I will need to keep in touch with family back home and also its possible to hire a car through it. Is it a worthwhile perk or does it not work out much cheaper? Any advice welcome
  13. Guest

    Salary Packaging

    I have had some information forwarded to me regarding salary packaging which if i have read it correctly is you can offset some of your income against rent etc. Is this worth doing ?? Thanks:unsure: