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  1. Hi all , We applied for a 143 visa June 2015, We have just been given a case officer and have been asked to fill out the form 40 again. how can this be. IT just said Note — the validity of the previously lodged form 40 has expired. Over 39 months waiting we had to change a few things and we sent the changes to immigration we don't understand. They also want a scanned copy of the AOS Acceptance letter from Centrelink which our sponsor wasn't given, AOS was lodged August 3rd and still awaiting the telephone interview ,When lodging your AOS are you given a acceptance letter straight away ? We don't have an agent and as its so close to Xmas places close etc and 28 days to sort things just feels so unfair. Can anyone out there give us some advice :-)Thanks
  2. Thank you so much Alan , your information on the Aos has given me hope, your a good friend on the poms site.:-)
  3. Also signed, please friends on the poms site , lets get together and all sign this petition .
  4. lesleyh

    143 timeline

    Hi jimbob, We haven't heard anything, We emailed immigration a couple of weeks ago asking for a HAP number ,told we had to wait to be contacted , so the wait continues, Good Luck with yours and ,maybe you could let us know how you go:-)
  5. lesleyh

    Assurance of Support

    Thank you for all your kind replys , , We can fully support ourselves in Australia , and we will provide the14000 ausdollars that's no problem. As far as we understand everyone who applies for a 143 visa whether you can support yourselves or not, has to have an AOS We have sold our house ,and waited in the que for along time now ,we just can't give up. We know the AOS is a massive thing to ask , but we'll keep on looking .we do have a couple more friends who could maybe help, but not sure if they earn enough. Thanks again for caring ♡
  6. lesleyh

    Assurance of Support

    Hi yes we do have a son in Australia !
  7. Hi, wonder can anyone help. We are 30months into our 143 visa and our AOS has had to drop out. So worried as we are so far along ,Does anyone know of companies or kind people who could help? With payment of course. Desperate Times. .
  8. All the very best cat lady, Enjoy your new country:-)
  9. lesleyh

    143 questions

    Hi everyone, we understand waiting time on a 143 is about 36 months or more . Just wondered when immigration would first pick up our application and ask for medical , police checks etc . We lodged our visa June 2015. Thanks for any reply. Lesley h.
  10. lesleyh

    143 timeline

    Hi, we lodged our 143 visa application in June 2015, has anyone an idea as when immi will first pick it up and make contact for police checks, medicals etc.. Thank you for any replies.