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  1. Unfortunately as 173 is classed as a temporary visa you cannot enter Australia until the borders are reopened. But if you have been granted 173 you can apply now to transfer it to 143 which usually gets done fairly quickly. Once 143 is granted you are classed as PR and can enter even whilst borders are closed - although getting a flight will be very difficult!
  2. Going on the response I would think it got shelved. Greens were requesting the non contributory visas 103 and 804 were also cleared quickly and capped at 12 months wait! Budget response made a very valid point - Everybody would cancel their 143/864 and go for the very much cheaper version and flood into Australia and welfare budget would greatly increase too!! So unless they only change it for contributory it would never happen.
  3. Thats really good news for a lot of people! However even the Guardian got something wrong when they wrote at the end of the article Parent visas are the next most popular visa type that have such a rule although the numbers of those applying for parent visas are relatively small. I don’t think many parent applicants think the numbers are small!!
  4. You need to contact admin. Alan Collett is an agent who kindly pops on here to help out occasionally
  5. Alan Tudge has recently been replaced by Alex Hawke I think
  6. I’m not saying it’s “invalid” - your acknowledgment itself says it’s valid! I’m saying that if for any reason they require further information that could impact on how quick it is to get a queue date. It’s only my viewpoint as we haven’t even got to that stage yet where people have been given a queue date as up to 1 June 2018 they’re using the lodgement date as queue date and they are are nowhere near that date yet - they’re still processing May2016! Unfortunately due to the numbers in the queue you probably still have around 8-9 years to wait if not more In May/June 2017 nearly 9000 applied just in those two months alone. At 4500 a year that’s nearly a two year wait just for those two months! @Alan Collett posted a list of visa applications by month late last year and I’ve attached it here for you and you can work out how many are roughly in front of you - around 40,000 depending when in April you lodged
  7. I think it’s something to do with having everything correct and “ready to go” on the application when it’s assessed. If they have to ask for further info later that would impact on the time obviously.
  8. Recent changes from last October. Applications made before June 2018 have their lodgement date as queue date. But after June 2018 applications will be assessed and if valid will then be given a queue date - which will be later than the lodgement date. Similar to that of 103 and 804. These commonly have a queue date 2 years late than application date ! Whether this will be the case with post June 2018 isn’t clear yet as it only started last October Ive attached a screenshot of a post by Alan Collett
  9. What a shocker for Queensland !! https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jan/13/hundreds-ordered-to-repeat-quarantine-as-queensland-struggles-to-contain-uk-covid-variant
  10. Sadly you will end up paying more this way !
  11. 174 is classed as a temporary visa as its only valid for 2 years and no temporary visas are being allowed in - only those with PR which you get with 143
  12. This one is for timelines the other is more general enquiries Applications made before 1 July 2018 have the application date as their “queue date” Applications after that will be assessed before being given a queue date which could then be a later date still! Im June 2017 and before the queue calculator crashed and never reappeared it said there were 22900 in front of me and the govt have reduced the annual grants allowance to just 4500 a year - so I’ve waited 3.5 years already and doing the maths (22900 divided by 4500) seems to imply another 5 years - which I sincerely hope isn’t the case!!! Your case may possibly be much longer as in May/June 2017 nearly 9000 applied - that nearly two years of applications at a annual grants of 4500 One of the agents (Alan Collett) who kindly pops in to help on here posted this - and you need to scroll down to where it says Download - this will open up a chart showing application numbers by month. But be warned it’s a bit of a shocker https://www.gm-parent-visas.com/contributory-parent-visa-application-numbers/
  13. Read that MP Julian Hill is introducing a Bill to Parliament to stop Government forcing people to leave Australia and fly back in during Global Pandemic, to get there Visa granted! 🤞🙏

  14. Is this something new ? I can’t see anything online? However as I’m in UK I was aware there was cover under reciprocal health care. On the immi website for 804 it doesn’t say you need health insurance although it does for 103 but then I always assumed 103 was an offshore visa except for retiree applicants