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  1. Ah I’m sorry ! I really have no idea why this condition is not always imposed. Hope your present stay is going well anyway!
  2. I’m wondering whether the 12 in 18 months only applies to those whose application date is way after the dates they are currently assessing ? ie those whose dates are in 2015 do not get that condition as maybe immi think they will get their permanent visa within the first year?? Lord knows!!
  3. Might have had something to do with the 12 months in any 18 requirement if you’ve had a few previous visits?? The earlier poster has an application date in July 15 just a month after the current assessing date - maybe that helped? But then again immi are a law unto themselves!
  4. I’m not sure that’s entirely correct. As long as you don’t have the no further stay on your visa you can apply online in Australia to extend your visa. This information is on the home affairs website. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/visa-about-to-expire/stay-longer
  5. Think you can apply on line for visa extension. Home affairs site is down at moment but found this http://www.visasolutions.com.au/news-blog/posts/how-do-you-get-a-tourist-visa-extension-in-australia double check whether still valid advice though on home affairs website. !!
  6. Would it be a bit quicker for 103 do you think? The amount is less ($5000) and the bond is only for 2 years rather than 10 I believe and just wondered whether AOS might therefore be quicker for you ? I have no idea as 103 applicants don’t tend to post much on this forum so I don’t learn as much as I do from other applicants for 143 - I really find this forum helpful and am always eager to learn new facts - it helps pass the time during an ever lengthening wait!!
  7. I wonder whether there’s a “go slow” happening at Centrelink/immi as the govt idea of processing all visas online is obviously going to mean a loss of jobs?
  8. I think @Pertenhall had a big problem with the AOS. Best to ring immi.
  9. Many congratulations! i believe that yes you would still need an RRV to re enter after 5 years even with 143 visa unless you had become a citizen by then ( which apparently now takes longer) - or so I was told by a friend!
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/oct/07/plans-to-outsource-visa-processing-are-scary-says-former-immigration-official?utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Guardian+Today+AU+-+collection&utm_term=287226&subid=25730370&CMP=GTAU_collection
  11. It was only meant as one of possible reasons for the delay. In fact I remember alerting you to it when it was announced and you thanked me . I was only aiming to present possible reasons and do not have any axe to grind. Alan Collet who presumably knows more about applicants has a very good blog on this which explains more - is which is freely available online quote.... Subclass 410 and 405 Visa Holders to be Offered Permanent Visas from the Parent Visa Program 08/05/2018UncategorizedAlan Collett The Australian Federal Budget has been handed down today. Hidden away on page 14 of the revenue measures(pdf reader required) is the following narrative: The Government will introduce a pathway to permanent residency for holders of Retirement (subclass 410) and Investor Retirement (subclass 405) visas. From 2018-19, a portion of the planned parent permanent migration places will be quarantined for retirement visa holders each year. Retirement visa holders in Australia will be eligible to apply onshore for a permanent visa through the Parent (subclass 103) or Contributory Parent (subclass 143) visa streams. Retirement visa holders will be exempted from some parent visa requirements that they would typically be unable to meet, such as having family in Australia. The pathway will remain open until all retirement visa holders who wish to transition to permanent residency have done so. As part of the establishment of the pathway, the Government will close the subclass 405 visa to new applicants. The subclass 410 visa is already closed to new applicants. This measure continues Minister Dutton’s pattern of displacing visa applicants who are already awaiting the progression of an application: he has already undertaken a similar measure when introducing a skilled visa pathway for New Zealand citizens, displacing intending subclass 189 Skilled Independent visa applicants. While this will be good news for the 405 and 410 visa holders in Australia who have been lobbying for permanent residency for many years the consequence for existing parent visa applicants is likely to be increased delays in the granting of their visas. Indeed, we think it is surprising that parents of children in Australia – where the balance of family test is satisfied – will apparently be lower in the visa processing pecking order than those who will often have no other family in Australia. End quote
  12. Ha! I decluttered and downsized from my large house of 33 years to a smart apartment 2 years ago so I’m ready!! Possibly like yourself I may have operation next year then I’m good for eventual medical. But yes it’s a bit soul destroying so I try not to think about it constantly.
  13. Difficult to say as there is no queue date given for 143 applicants only 103 so 143 applicants do not know where they are in the queue. But yes 103 applicants can use the original lodgement date to change to 143 but I believe there are some results somewhere that show the drop per year in 103 queue and it’s not a lot. The surge in numbers in 2015 onwards also coincided with larger number of applications from Asian countries which are now first and second in the list of number of applicants by country per year (the UK is third) so that could also be a reason as well as people changing from 103. In the coming year there may also be places lost, as people on 405 and 410 investor visa (which do not give PR) will become eligible for 143 visas without having to meet the balance of family test, although a start date for this has not yet been announced. Also I believe that immi are making more stringent checks on applications as there has apparently been an increase in fraudulent activity. So there are many reasons why things are taking so long - also don’t forget Australia is trying to reduce the level of immigration - it’s a very topical subject amongst Australians. All any of us can do is get in with our lives whilst waiting for the eventual call up.
  14. I’m not sure but I think they come out around November. I’m taking the information I provided from Senator McKim dialogue in Australian Parliament querying delays in visa processing.