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  1. Not sure how that would work as airport staff always ask “has anyone given you something to carry? ! “ You could lie I guess but what if something was found that shouldn’t be in there? ?
  2. Would be interested to know this as well. I briefly looked a couple of years ago but it was very expensive - around £130 per case then so didn’t bother. !
  3. Is it acceptable to scan everything in and email to family in Australia to print out and post by courier - might be bit quicker and safer?
  4. @Marilynapparently someone (freedy?) on here applied for 143 as soon as grant of 173 came through - before even validating the 173 and apparently it’s been accepted. So if that’s right you could do the same? Always thought you had to validate first but apparently not!
  5. Sept 2015 application possibly granted April 2019.?? . I think it's going to be longer than that. August 2015 143 applicants have only just been asked to supply documents . Given that AOS alone is taking 6 months that would means that August /September 2019 for visa grant so I doubt an application dated a month later (Sept 2015) would be granted two months from now in April 2019! Current applications are taking approx 49 months!
  6. Are they really asking Feb 2016 applicants for 173 for docs and medical? That’s a huge jump forward !
  7. So very happy for you!! Enjoy your beers and have one on me!!
  8. @Pertenhall so nice to hear that things are going so well for you after your awful experience.! Unfortunately for the rest of us time is spiralling out, now it appears that processing of 143 has really slowed down in comparison to 173 - buts that’s good news for 173 applicants i guess at the end of the day it’s probably best not to stress too much, get on with life and say Que sera, sera!!
  9. Regarding the bond please see my earlier post on the previous page towards the end of the page
  10. No but I'm beginning to have a sneaky suspicion that 143s are on hold at the moment because of the backlog of AOS applications held at Centrelink , whereas 173 are quicker to process as there's no AOS! So there's still work to be done at immi whilst waiting for the AOS backlog to reduce - if ever!! It will be interesting to see if this is right - we may find out if the processing dates shown on immi website move quicker for 173 than 143!!
  11. It’s more to do with domestic violence apparently.! They passed a new bill last year and sponsors will be checked even for partners and the new temporary parent visa If you look under peoples signatures at the bottom of their posts you will see their timelines which include when they applied for AOS so that will also give you an idea of how long people are waiting. You may need to go back a few pages though ! The whole parent visa saga is stretching out more and more!
  12. It’s still early days for you! People are generally waiting 4-6 months after applying for AOS. In some cases it’s longer if they’re looking closely at the application as there are more checks on Sponsors these days. Keep an eye on it as there was a post earlier in the forum saying that Centrelink had actually rejected some without notifying applicants. I know @Pertenhall actually had that problem last year. I believe he only found out after asking an MP to look into it but my memory could be a bit hazy there
  13. Are you sure about that? I thought it all got scrapped when the changes to AOS last year were overturned in parliament? Taken from https://www.dss.gov.au/living-in-australia-and-overseas/updates updated 1st January 2019 Changes to Assurance of Support (AoS) from 1 April 2018 An amended Determination was registered on the Federal Register of Legislation on 23 May 2018 that returns the Assurance of Support requirements, including the income threshold for assurers, to the settings that were in place prior to 1 April 2018. The changes will apply from 1 April 2018, so as not to disadvantage a person or body who has given an Assurance of Support since this date. To be eligible to be an AoS assurer, an individual must be an Australian resident, aged over 18, and meet the following income requirements: The income threshold for the assurer is based on the maximum basic rate of Newstart Allowance (NSA, single with dependent children rate) as at 1 July in each financial year ($15,061.80 per annum as at 1 July 2017) for each adult involved in the AoS, and the base rate of Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A and FTB Part A supplement ($2,266.65 per annum as at 1 July 2017) for each dependent child of the assurer. The income requirement for the assurer depends on the number of assurers, assurees and assurer’s dependent children involved in an AoS arrangement. The income requirement applies to the current and previous financial year, or if not available the current year and financial year before the last. In some cases, an Assurance of Support will include a requirement to provide a financial security via a bond. For example, visas under the parent migration program. For an individual assurer, the bond amounts are: for contributory parent visas (10-year AoS): $10,000 for the primary visa applicant and $4,000 for any adult secondary visa applicant for other visas such as non-contributory parent visas (2-year AoS): $5,000 for the primary visa applicant and $2,000 for any adult secondary visa applicant.
  14. Sounds like you think we pay then wait but you don't pay until just before visa is granted ! We then ( hopefully) get full PR and full Medicare and other rights.
  15. @ramot although it’s not a nice experience I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one with the entry problem with no apparent visa! I don't know if regular visits attract more more concern, I usually go over most years for 3 months during aUK winter - In this case I think that because it’s a digital visa attached to your passport number rather than a paper visa and for whatever reason it obviously didn’t come up when they scanned my passport at passport control. More worrying, there was another older lady on my flight too who also got pulled over. On talking to her afterwards as we left she said she did have a visa but wondered whether the problem was that she had an Irish passport. Or was it simply that we were both older and on our own and they were double checking - who knows?? Yes I also think Australia is considering increasing VAC at some unknown point in the future and making it conditional on having private health insurance - that would slow the rate of applications eventually but make no impression on current lodgements as unless they make a retrospective legal change the 2nd VAC stays at the rate it was when you apply. They could change it legally and retrospectively if they wanted to I guess! The reason the queue first jumped up around 2104/15 is because the govt of the day ended the 804. This caused a surge into the contributory visa as agents were warning of this and also of potential big increases in VAC. Following protests the 804 was eventually brought back but that and the attempted changes to AOS last year and the review being carried out now on reducing 99 visas to just 10, well, to my mind that just proves how spooked they are by the increasing numbers of would be immigrants and are definitely looking to curtail them - and I also think they would target bridging visas as well, as it’s costly for them, and make people wait offshore. They’re going to do something like this with the partner visas from June. Partners are the biggest numbers in the family stream - and they are obviously starting to curtail them both applying and waiting onshore - are parent visas next? Also the new temporary parent visa is far more expensive than the original Lobbyists expected - and more restrictive in its insistence on time limitations and private health insurance Only my opinion though!