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  1. They have just started on July 2016. 143 is solely a paper application therefore won’t show in immi account Applications made before June 2018 have their lodgement date as their queue date. It’s only those made after June 2018 that are contacted a few years later and subsequently given a queue date You will always be contacted via email once your application reaches the top of the queue You can get an idea of of how many people are in front of you here https://www.gm-parent-visas.com/contributory-parent-visa-application-numbers-updated/ The same agent has a calculator you can use to give an approximate date for grant of visa. @Alan Collett of Go Matilda also posts on here Currently there’s 4500 grants per year split between 3600 for contributory visas (173, , 143, 884 & 864) and 900 for non contributory (103 & 804). It’s going up to 6000 from July but we don’t yet know how it will be split. I’m afraid you probably still have a couple of years to wait
  2. Ahhh!! So very pleased for you - on the home stretch now !!
  3. LindaH27

    835 onshore visa

    I was under the impression last remaining relative is exactly that - only one left with no body else. As your parent is applying, that means they are not the last remaining relative as they have have you. I believe if the applicant has siblings they’re not eligible so would assume same in your position?
  4. LindaH27

    143 parent visa

    You can certainly apply for 870 but 3 years will be nowhere near long enough!! You can only have a maximum of 10 years on 870 You can get an idea of how long you will wait here https://www.gm-parent-visas.com/visa-processing-time-calculator/
  5. LindaH27

    Bridging visa

    Most agents will recommend you have substantial funds if you relying on a bridging visa for many years -projected to take between 30-40 years on the non contributory! You have to pass a medical 3 years after applying just to be put into the official queue. Aged care is extremely expensive and there have been occasions when applicants have been asked to leave Australia because immi have become aware they are costing Medicare ( or rather the reciprocal health care ) too much. Even if applying now for the contributory that will have same conditions and will take around 18 years. Even after that is granted you’re not eligible for any benefits for 10 years
  6. If you don’t get it by end June you’ll get it pretty quickly after they move into July. Their financial year runs from 1st July to end June so it should be sometime this year. Probably quicker than 143 as 173 don’t pay the big AOS charge I think.
  7. Then you know more than the rest of us
  8. Applications pre June 2018 as follows :-Lodgement date is the date you put the application in and paid and it then becomes your “queue date”; acknowledgement is just the date when they say they’ve received it and have debited the application fee so your place in the queue will be the date you actually lodged it. Applications post June 2018; they will only acknowledge your application and debit the fee. Around three years later they will write to you if it’s a valid application (ie all documents present and correct) and give you a “queue date” at the time of writing that letter. Eg July 2018 applications are likely to have July 2021 as their “queue date”. All this changed in 2018. Other changes were November 2016. This was for dependants and made it known that the upper limit was 23 years of age at the time of decision of grant which in effect will mean a lot of dependants who applied after November 2016 will not get the visa as they will be too old because of the length of processing time.
  9. I think in reading it that there are only 2 recommendations from the senate - mostly about improving the IT. Recommendations 1-9 which come later are solely recommendation by Nick McKim from the Greens not the senate so won’t carry weight Also if non contributory and contributory are merged and dealt with by date then vast majority in early dates will be the Non contributory (only dealing with 2012 now) which will push every other visa further down and extend the processing time
  10. They actually increased the quota in the recent budget. It’s going up from 4500 to 6000. No idea of how it’s split between contributory and non contributory yet. They obviously have to check that 870 applicants are still paying their private health insurance as it’s a mandatory condition on that visa.
  11. So would I - and I suspect quite a lot of retired applicants feel the same way. But I guess not everybody is in that good position.
  12. Perhaps the answer is to make it compulsory for all migrant parents to have private health insurance?
  13. You only pay the big money at the end. If you put it in now at least you’re already in the Queue should there be any changes in the next few years. The website isn’t actually incorrect but it doesn’t show the correct waiting time. What it shows is how long it has roughly taken to process the ones they’re actually doing now. So they’re into June 2016 now but also Covid got in the way a bit as well ! Don’t forget there’s also the long term temporary visas as well whereby they could come over for up to a maximum of 10 years
  14. You can see how many were in the queue up to end August 2021 here https://www.gm-parent-visas.com/contributory-parent-visa-application-numbers-updated/ There will obviously be a lot more now Its been 4500 grants per year for last couple of years but it’s split as 3600 for contributory visas and 900 for non contributory. Apparently it’s been increased to 6000 in the budget but we don’t yet know the split. However new applications are going to take many, many years however many are allowed now.
  15. LindaH27

    Parent report is in!

    Just did a very quick read through so could have missed some things It still says processing time for contributory parent visas is 58 months ???? So basically it recommends setting up a new IT system so people can see where the true visa process is at, and to try to clear the backlog. Not much else. The Greens gave further recommendations ( not the report recommendation) the ones that stood out for me were Get rid of balance of family test (will add more parents to the queue?) Get rid of contributory visas and all non contributory to be dealt with in order of application. That one confuses me somewhat! If contributory no longer need to pay and are all merged into one queue which is dealt with in order of application, then all the 103 and 804 applications dating from 2012 onwards currently waiting will be dealt with before they reach the outstanding contributory ones which currently start from July 2016??? @Alan Collett am I reading this wrong - it was a very quick read through !