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  1. So still showing processing times as 46 months! So does that mean July 2015 applications which they are supposedly processing now should hopefully be finalised May 2019? ?
  2. Immi have only asked people in August 2015 to start providing documents. For October 2015 applications it will probably be another few months before you hear anything. But as the end of their financial year is end June it’s possible all visas have already been allocated and no new ones issued till July.
  3. @Marilyn Mine is saved in my Drive app as I thought it would be safer (obviously not) and it actually does show who and when it was edited - I don’t know whether that shows in just the google doc ? Such a shame as I’m sure @Peter2 worked so hard to set it up! Hopefully if everybody can check the dates and maybe re insert their names - having said that I’m not too sure I would know exactly how to do it !!
  4. Oh you’re right! I just checked and it says it was edited yesterday. Perhaps it should be locked to prevent people editing it?
  5. I wonder if it’s because you are already in Oz on 173 and too long a delay would put you on a bridging visa maybe? They would already have most of what they need from your previous application etc.
  6. The chart didn’t align properly when loaded. The Sept 2016 date refers to 804 visa
  7. @Kathss56 are you nearly at the end of your 12 months stay? Have you got somewhere to stay in UK for 6 months?? Shocking how the wait has stretched out!
  8. Yes medical results are only valid for 12 months so likely you will be asked to do them again - always best to wait until requested! Not sure but think the date they are done is aligned with date 12 months later which is needed for validation of visa by entering Australia??
  9. Yes we are - although wait times keep stretching ahead ! Im also guessing that the bulk of the cuts may come from work visas unless you are prepared to go to the rural areas where there will be two new visa types I believe. Have a look here - they do a newsletter and they seem to have the news before most ! http://www.iscah.com They had the figures quoted in the budget online before end of March - I did post earlier about them see post on page 790 dated March 21st
  10. Going by previous years I’m guessing approx 1300 for non contributory (103 and 804) and 5946 for contributory (173,143, 864 ) and 125 for some previous 405/410 visa holders Just a guess!
  11. Marilyn I hope you keep checking in the forum over the next few years as I’m hopefully also settling in Sydney - and may need a bit of hand holding at first!!
  12. Mum would have to be 66 for applications after 30 June and will have to pay another application charge and lose the existing 143 charge and her place/date in the queue. Yes that’s an option but it’s one that many people think is likely to be stopped in the future as Australia considers there are too many people (especially expensive older parents) on bridging visas and is looking closely at this and other visas. You are not considered as having PR , just as visitors, which may impact in other areas like buying houses etc. They’ve made a start by reducing the number of parent visas they will now grant - approx 6000 contributory visas a year which will also include 173,143, 864 and a few 405/410 pathways. They haven’t made a decision yet but from a report I read a few months ago I believe that the consultation period has now closed. The Australian government can and has in the past made retrospective changes to visas. There was one in the past which I think was related to student visas where people on bridging visas had them revoked and they had to leave. I seem to remember @ramot (I think) talking about it The 864 visa also comes with a few restrictions - no Medicare unless there’s a very basic reciprocal agreement with certain countries so private health insurance is a must. The medical must still be passed at the time they finally get around to processing the visa - if that’s quite a few years in the future your health could deteriorate (none of us knows how healthy we will be in the future) and you would have to leave if you failed the medical and have nothing to return to in your home country if you’ve sold up. In UK you may find NHS is also restricted if you return home. For couples, only one has to fail the medical to be refused the visa. Im also of the opinion that Australia is extremely aware of the possibility of parents changing to the 864 visa because of the increasingly longer waiting times for the other parent visas and may be looking into this “loophole” for want of a better word! All just my opinion for what it’s worth . Guess its a gamble you take! I wish you well whatever you decide.
  13. Depends what the existing 600 visa says. If it’s valid for 3 years and allows 12 months in any 18 then she has to leave for 6 months before re entry If it was just for one year and she left she could reapply. But it’s likely to have that condition attached to any new visa and some posters have reported being told they had to wait 6 months to reapply and/ or were only given 3 months subsequent visit. Feb 16 application is now likely to take about 5 years I think as Aug 15 applications are taking approx 4 years to date and the queue only seems to be moving about four months every year. Im not sure how many were in the queue at end June 2016 but at end June 2017 there were nearly 45000 and only 6000 a year now likely to be granted and that figure includes 173,143 and 864 applications too.
  14. LindaH27

    143 Parents Visa - dependent child

    Thank you very much for this info!