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  1. April 22 might be ok. But when the borders open, it looks like stranded Australians, skilled workers and students first. Tourists appear to come last. Perhaps they need all that time to work through all the outstanding various visitor visa applications etc
  2. Wellll - the senate enquiry into parent and partner visas was supposed to report in August. It’s now been put back to November - but that could be a moveable feast as well ! The last report into parent visas in 2016 made 4 recommendations 1) reduce the quotas 2) increase the prices of the visas 3) stop 804 except for verified compassionate reasons 4) introduce a paid long term temporary parent visa They've brought in 1 and 4 - wonder if 2 & 3 are next to be brought in?? That same report estimated the lifetime costs of a parent to be up to $410k - so they consider the $50k ( in total cost) nowhere near enough !
  3. The biggest problem is the misleading website quote of 58-64 months. It should be made clear that that is only how long it’s taking for the ones they’re currently processing ie May 2016. It’s been stuck on that for well over a year ! I’ve trying for two years to tell people on social media how long the wait is - and they’ve consistently refused to believe me because the website has told them therefore it’s correct !! Yes health could be an issue but again It’s the costs of old people, as they age, to the taxpayers. Think they’ll get rid of 804 as they keep trying to do - actually easiest way to do that is to make every visitor visa have mandatory condition no further stay! Dependants will be a scarcity in future I think as they will simply be too old given the lengthy wait time. For applications after June 2018 they are starting to assess them now rather than at the end of the wait. That way they can filter out those likely to be refused so it could be advisable to include a notice that some dependants are not likely to be granted a visa and could perhaps instead work towards getting their own visa. All up in the air due to the lack of info from home affairs. First thing that’s certainly a good idea would be to warn people on the website of the true and realistic wait time
  4. You may be surprised to learn that for new applications it’s like this - 65k already in queue and cap of annual quota of 3600 - which means new applicants are looking at 18 years!!!! And because people are unaware of this (going on website prediction of 58-64 months ) still they apply - and there’s already been 8K applications this year alone ! Im June 2017 so already waiting almost 4.5 years and looks like another 4 to go!
  5. Paul don’t forget there will be some earlier applications that are perhaps more complex that are still waiting to be finalised that are still in the queue
  6. LindaH27

    Which entry visa?

    You also need to be aware that some visitor visas carry mandatory condition saying no further stay which means you can’t apply for any other visas. It will be interesting to see whether the senate enquiry report due in November recommends putting that condition on all visas!!
  7. Note you said staying on BVB - BVB ends when you return to Australia
  8. AOS isn’t paid until requested towards end of processing. Even then when all other ducks are in place (Medicals police clearances etc, it could still take a year for final grant. 864 is in the same queue as. 143 so taking a long time Also you can leave on BVB even though borders are closed but you wouldn’t get back in !
  9. Due November this year
  10. It’s individual so that means couples will show as two in the queue.The 64 months relates to those actually being processed so currently May 2016 which it’s been stuck on for well over a year now! Sadly I’ve seen a post on social Media where the poster shares a letter from their agent who has had FOI info from immi. It says June 2016 should hopefully by processed by end of this year (which implies that may be the end of this quota) but July 2016 applicants are not expected to receive grants until into next years quota
  11. You need to speak to an agent. Believe BVE is only given in certain circumstances
  12. Also saw this - good guide to potential wait times , given the current annual quota is only 3600! https://www.gm-parent-visas.com/contributory-parent-visa-application-numbers-updated/
  13. Also saw this - good guide to trying to work out potential wait times https://www.gm-parent-visas.com/contributory-parent-visa-application-numbers-updated/
  14. Which contributory visa have you applied for and when? Does the visitor visa have condition 8503 on it - No further stay? When did you arrive in Australia?