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  1. @Tulip1 https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/qcalc/#
  2. @Taswegians2B the reason for the spike in 2017 is probably the Productivity review in 2016 where they were looking at all the visas. There were recommendations apparently of reducing the current 99 different visas to just 10, getting rid of non contributory parent visas and greatly increasing the charge for the contributory visas. This led to a rush to get the applications in before all that happened! To date no major changes have been made as far as I’m aware. They have changed the processing priority slightly as they found they had been processing onshore 864 parent visas well in advance of the contributory off shore parent visas. The 864 have now been placed on hold until 173 and 143 reach the same date of applications made up to January 2017. This is certainly going to mean a much longer wait for any 864 applicants with a lodgement date after January 2017 and perhaps a quicker wait for 173/143 with a date before that but after that they will all be dealt with in strict date order. Again there is the chance that any changes brought in the future “Could” be retrospective as I believe the govt have done something similar before - something to do with student visas I think. but it’s obviously worth checking every month just to see how quickly(or slowly!) the queue is moving as all sorts of things could affect the queue.
  3. I wonder these are applications rather than applicants??
  4. Yes I’ve been taking the view for a while now that it’s best to just get on with your normal life as otherwise you wish your life away!! And obviously this pandemic has slowed the whole world down sadly.
  5. Hi Biggsy Well I have to say none of the info on immi ever really seems accurate!! But .... I guess they’re trying and some rough indication is better than none!! I’ve also read other posts saying the 103/804 calculator is wrong as well! Think @Alan Collett has written to them re this??
  6. Yes in May/June 2017 alone there were approx 9000 applications!
  7. Strange yes that comes up but others I tried didn’t. There does seem to be an anomaly. I’ve waited 2years 11 months already and using the numbers in front of me and a cap of 6000 I have a Further potential wait time of 3 years 8 months making a total wait of 6 years 7 months yet a date of February this year would imply a three month wait now and a further 5 years 8 months so 5 years 11 months which is a shorter time than earlier applications ?? it’s possible that after they process the spike that happened in June 2017 the queue will move a little quicker?
  8. Looks like it! Immi have said that applications up to June 2018 (I think!) will have their queue date as the date of lodgement. After that they will be assessed and then given a queue date. I’ve just tried using my lodgement date of 21 June 2017 and it says 22900 in front. But if you try after 30/6/2018 it says there are no visas in the queue presumably because those applications will be assessed then given a queue date So for my date with 22900 in front at today’s cap of 6000 It means I have a further wait of 3.81years ! But at least they are going to update every month and there may be some dropouts etc but at last it gives people with contributory parent visa applications an idea of their eventual processing date - this has been sadly lacking in the past and should now bring clarity to the situation
  9. LindaH27

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Yes I also understand what you are saying but..... all of us here want to be with our families and in the parent queue alone there are over 50,000 and the cap each year has been gradually reducing and now only around 6000 are granted per year so the wait times keep increasing. People on the onshore Parent 804 visa are living on bridging visas for up to 30 years and offshore parent visa applicants made now are therefore likely to wait around 8-9. I’ve waited nearly three years and am expecting to wait another 3. Because of the increasing length of wait times there are parents on here with dependants who by the time they get to processing the visa find their child is now too old and therefore cannot be given a visa! Until I hear from the government itself I’m afraid I won’t be expecting anything sooner - I don’t want to raise false hope I do understand that like all of us here you just want to find a way to keep all the family together - but so many of us were told by govt that the wait was around 18- 24 months - and the wait just keeps getting longer and people’s hopes get dashed.
  10. LindaH27

    Remaining Relative Visa

    My reading of that article is that they are only looking at very talented people capable of earning over $149000 per year so they would have to have very good skills and not sure a WHV would be sufficient! In general Australia at the moment is rather anti- immigration unless it’s for the people they really do need - and there are plenty of Australians without jobs now who could possibly fill those vacancies.
  11. LindaH27

    Remaining Relative Visa

    It’s difficult to see what other visa could be introduced, as for close family they already have partner, child, parent and last remaining relative. Could you give a link to the source please?
  12. Would love to think so but sadly I rather think they mean young working immigrants rather than parents !
  13. LindaH27

    Remaining Relative Visa

    I’m sorry but I believe there’s a very long wait for Remaining relative visa. Possibly up to 50 years!! I hope someone can come along with a better answer
  14. It’s a matter of doing the maths!! There’s around 50000 in the queue and only around 6000 are granted every year. The queue spiked in both 2016 and 2017 Eg in May /June 2017 alone over 9000 applied for just those two months so those alone will take at least 18 months to two years to be dealt with. We are all waiting a long time !!