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Found 168 results

  1. Hi, SC804 (non-contributory) was granted last year for my parents. Now that they have lived for an year in Australia and feel more settled they plan to switch to SC864(contributory). I order to do so need few clarifications - 1. Do we need to fill any form to surrender SC804? 2. As it will be a new application for SC864 is there a way some fee can be adjusted from what was paid for SC804 last year ? thanks in advance!
  2. What happens if one one of the two parents in a joint application dies before the visa is granted?
  3. Hi everyone, I’ll try and keep a long story short here. But it roughly goes. Visa Application in uk/ moved to Australia 7 months ago on tourist visa/ diagnosis of cancer/ likely refusal of visa My Parents applied for the contributory parent visa in feb 2015 in the UK, my sister and I, who are their only children,have both been living in au for 8 years as permanent residents. Mum and dad decided, after the announcement of their 4th grandchild’s arrival, that they would move to be with us from the UK our husbands and the children on a years tourist visa in April 2019 knowing that they would have to go offshore for the result. 3 months after their arrival in Australia my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and has under gone one radiation treatment round and some hormone therapy here in Australia. Yesterday, after a 3 years and 10 months a case officer is assigned. And we have been told by our agent that if his doctor estimates that he will cost the Australian health service more than $49k over the next 5 years he will not be entitled to the grant of the visa. Initial correspondence from the doctors office are indicating that this price tag will be exceeded. Assurance of support, police checks are all sorted but now we are facing a huge problem. My parents were initially told 24 months processing time, it has been nearly 4 years I guess I’m just after some desperate advice and to see if anyone else has gone through the same or similar situation. Or to contact anyone that can give us some information on this particular situation It seems so unjust that my dad, who is only 64 years young my be refused this visa. my sister and I our partners and our children love my mum and dad dearly,they have sold their house in the uk and shipped everything to Australia. I’m just at a loss.....
  4. Hi All, I posted a question in the partner visa forum but it might be relevant to others: My wife is Australian (by birth) with Kiwi parents who have been living in Australia since the 70s - question is what to put for the Kiwi parents Aus immigration status.. Because they entered prior to Feb 2001 they never had to obtain permanent residency - I understand they automatically get a protected Special category visa (SCV) which gives them all of the benefits of permanent residency (eg healthcare, unemployment benefit etc) without having to go through the official process. When filling out the sponsor section of my application (for 309/100) we have to put in the visa status of family members but none seem an obvious fit for the circumstances. Options below - Temporary Resident seems to be closest fit based on info I can find: - Australian Citizen - clearly does not apply to them - Permanent Resident - strictly speaking no but they have quasi PR by virtue of their protected SCV - Temporary Resident - they've been in Aus for 40+ years but are they considered temporary whilst living on kiwi passports without formal PR? - Student (no) - Other - maybe but this seems to be the status for people without any Aussie status
  5. immigrant589

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Hi, I am living in Brisbane as PR with my wife and kids, for around 5 months. I am working as full-time permanent employee for the last 5 months. I am planning to apply for 12 month visitor visa for my parents. My parents never came to Australia, however then have been to USA for 3 times to see my elder brother. My parents are 72 years old. I have few questions regarding the application and will appreciate a response. Should I apply for Tourist Stream or Family Sponsored Stream? What have better options for 12 month visa grant? If apply tourist visa, How much funds will work, my father has term deposit and rental income? Basis of invitation to be mentioned in the letter or application? Any example or idea ?? Do a invitation / cover letter is required?? What I should write in covering letter / invitation letter to make my case strong enough for 12 month stay visitor visa?? Do I need to pay a bond?? If insurance is required, shall I purchase it now or just attach a quote?? Waiting for advice.
  6. Hi, I am an only child with parents who are 62 and 67. My fiancé is Australian and we’ve decided we would like to relocate to Australia with our little girl who is 10 months old. Initially, my parents took it ok. We asked them to join us on a CPV which they were up for and also very excited about. After a couple of months, they decided they didn’t want to leave the uk. They are a very anxious pair and decided it was too much for them to cope with. Fair enough, I totally understand and empathise with them. Since deciding they won’t be coming, it has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. They’ve been so upset and very vocal about it and I feel horrifically guilty. They said they don’t want to come and visit after coming for the first and only visit and they aren’t sure they want to FaceTime as it will be too painful (we are very close now and live in the same town). As time has gone on, it has become more awkward when I see them. Today I got lots of angry messages from my dad saying we had been selfish and not thought of them at all (we did though as I wanted them to come with us and when they said they couldn’t, I tried to work out a plan with them to make it work). My dad says he’s glad our relationship seems to have changed as it will make it easier when we leave. I 100% empathise with how they must be feeling, I feel dreadful, but I also feel that it’s unfair to call me selfish for thinking of my fiancé and my daughter’s future. Has anyone else been in this position? Please tell me it gets easier! I love my parents to bits, but at the moment I just can’t be around them. We are all too sad and that sadness is slowly turning into anger and resentment which breaks my heart. I’m crying as I write this as I feel so awful and so guilty for making them feel this way, but I feel like we can’t go back on this now. I really want to make the move and if we cancelled the move, we would always wonder ‘what if?’ And I would also feel awful for putting my fiancé and child in second place.
  7. I am a single mom with a 7 year old daughter and I am trying to organise a secondment to Sydney for a couple of years. I'm worried about moving away from my support network as I will have to do the school run every day as well as work full time. Has anyone already been through this? How common are after school clubs and how easy is it to organise childcare? I really want to experience the Australian lifestyle but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by going it alone.:wacko:
  8. Faced with very difficult choice Our PR visa was granted in 03/2013 and at the time my husband didn't want to move to OZ. Two years fast forward and my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has been battling the disease for almost 3 years now and we wanted to care for her but she refused to move in with us. She says she will only do so when she is incapacitated. We live 2 1/2 hours flight away from her and only see her twice a year. She has 2 other children that don't live in the same city as hers but her brother does and he has been a big help. Our 5 year visa expires in 03/2018. I still want to move to oz and my husband says that if his mother passes before the visa expires he will move. Part of me feels that our live has been on a hold for a while and I've been trying to let go of the tought of moving but can't get over it and if we did go I'm afraid that her and the whole family would resent us forever and I would probably regret being so selfish.
  9. Beachbum

    Biggest Mistake of my Life!

    Hi Everyone. Not even sure how to begin this as I'm so confused right now, and so desperately unhappy. I've been in Oz since September, following my Australian husband out from the UK. It was traumatic, but the excitement and anticipation kind of eclipsed the bad stuff, and I felt pretty settled as we enjoyed our first 6 weeks or so in Sydney. Things started to go bad for me when the tenants vacated our house and we made the move to the Blue Mountains (aka the Blues Mountains!). I've always HATED being cold and damp, so the climate here in the upper mountains has been my worst nightmare, with temperatures sinking below 12 degrees and ghastly, freezing fog that is worse than any English winter - and this was in the summer! I feel horribly isolated, and as time has gone on, starting to wonder why the hell I moved here. It rains nearly every day, everything is constantly dripping water, my arthritis is giving me hell, and my dog and I were both recently covered in leeches from the quagmire that is our back yard. I have to say I'm not that impressed with Sydney either as every time I go there it's either p*ssing down with rain, or struggling with pathetic, insipid temperatures. My parents were good about me going, all things considered, but this is where the nightmare is really kicking in. My Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before I left the UK, and although it is benign and has now been treated, my Dad keeps having seizures and ended up in hospital (first of a number of admissions) on Xmas day. I feel so desperately, utterly guilty for leaving my parents, and the images of our goodbyes are haunting me to the point where I feel as though I'm losing my mind. I can't stop crying - I burst into tears for no apparent reason, and anything can set me off. Music, a film, even words in a book. Tears are pouring down my face right now. My doctor wants me to see a psychiatrist but I can't afford to -my financial situation is absolutely dire, and another reason for me being so depressed. I have nobody to talk to as I'm frightened of upsetting people. I don't want my husband to start hating me as I pushed so hard for this move, and if I mention any of this to my parents, I'm scared I'll give them false hope that I might come back. I just don't know what to do - I was desperate to leave the UK, but now I'm desperate to return. But I don't know if returning really would make me feel better as I've wanted out for years. I just wish to God that we'd moved to Spain or France - somewhere easily accessible to the UK. I'm really hating Australia right now. Overpriced, overrated! I'm so sick of being ripped off every time I go shopping to feed us - the prices here are beyond a joke. The weather is utter cr*p - you certainly can't rely on it, and I honestly think it's WORSE than the UK! I hate the way drivers crawl all over your bumper the minute you get on the road - but the police will have you if you go 1km over the speed limit. (My husband got an $800 fine recently on a trap). I hate being so poor, but most of all I HATE being so far from my loved ones. I just don't know what the hell to do. Either way, someone's going to end up being really badly hurt, whether it's my husband because I've walked out and headed home to the UK, or my family, if I decide to stay here. The price of my "dream" lifestyle is proving way too high - the dream wasn't anything like I thought it would be and has turned into a nightmare. All I can see is the pain in my parents' eyes as they waved goodbye to me and my dog. Knowing they'll probably never see my dog again - who they loved dearly. That our two dogs will never run together again. That it could even be the last time they saw me... I feel as though I'm going crazy with grief. I honestly believe I have made the biggest mistake of my life!
  10. Are there any parents out there of children emigrating???? How did you feel when your child/children emigrated???? We get many threads commenting on parents/inlaws behaviours when they are told and I wanted to get the parents opinions out there so that they can see the other side of the coin.
  11. Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice from those who have experienced a similar situation. My parents are waiting for their visas subclass 143. I am their sponsor and only assurer. The AOS process has been successfully completed a couple of months ago. I have recently been made redundant from my job and now I'm trying to work out a couple of things: 1. Do I need to inform the Department of my change of circumstances as a Sponsor and/or an Assurer? There is a form to inform of the Applicant's changes, but what about Sponsors/Assurers? 2. Am I in trouble in regards to the AOS? I initially got really stressed thinking that because I'd lost my job I couldn't be the Assurer any more. However, after I've done some reading I now believe that once the AOS has been approved, I am finalised as the Assurer for the next 10 years whatever my circumstances are. This would work perfectly for me; I'm still willing and able to be the Assurer as I've got savings and don't think it'll be too hard for me to find a new job (however I wasn't planning to start looking until after the school holidays as I've got young kids and wanted to spend the holidays with them). Could anyone help answering my questions? That would be highly appreciated.
  12. Hello, My fiance and I are looking to apply for the prospective marriage visa. I am Australian and an Australian citizen living in the UK with my fiance. I am not working here in the UK as I'm wanting to go back to Aus to work, but I wanted to know if my parents are able to sponsor my fiance on the application. We will living with them when we go back. They are able to provide evidence of accommodation and financial support, but would that be allowed? On the visa website, it only mentions the partner as being eligible to be the sponsor and doesn't mention any alternatives. Thanks.
  13. xlornax

    move back for parents? ??

    Im looking for a bit of advice and opinions. Myself and my husband came to aus in july 2013 on a 457..with intention of staying a year and then returning to uk. However we have traveled around aus quite a bit, had a few jobs, got PR now and fallen in love with the Brisbane area. We would like to stay here. The worry is that we would build a life for ourselves here and then my mum or dad would become ill or one would die and I would want to be there to care for them...then what would I do? My life and possibly family/work would be here..I couldnt just leave. If we returned to the uk (which we also like) I would be around for them. Right now they are healthy-ish..although 65 and 70 and have been very good to me. The option of them moving here isnt there. But I could set up home and settle in uk and they could both get hit by a bus and not need me! Should I plan my life around what my parents may need one day or not? They would tell me to do what I want and what makes me happy...but in a few years..if they are ill or widowed being there for them is what i will want..I think! But right now I want to stay where the sun shines! can I settle here long term? How do other ppl do this? Anyone been in that situation? Would I regret being so far away? Thanks for any thoughts Xx
  14. Hi everyone. I am coming up to my fifth year living in Adelaide. I came here when I was nineteen and am now 24. I have recently gone home for a visit and as usual, the goodbyes are heartbreaking. I come from Northern Ireland, which currently has no opportunities for me right now, and as much as I would move back to be with my parents and family, I have come to love Australia and it is my home now. My parents have mentioned that they would move to Australia, sell up and leave in a heartbeat. I have tried to look at different visas but it is confusing and difficult to see what the appropriate measures to take are. Could anyone give me some advice please? I am a permanent resident and will be hopefully going through the process to become an Australian citizen within the next three months. I do have an agent through which I lodged my application to become a resident, but before I go to speak with him I would like to have a little bit of information and know my options.
  15. Guest

    Aged Parents and Bridging Visas

    My partner of 20 years and I are considering migrating to Australia to be with my daughter and her family. We have looked at the Contributory Parental Visa and its (at the current rate) almost £50,000 cost for both. We don't really want to wait for the Non-Contributory visa to come through and have been looking at the Onshore Aged Parental Visa and Bridging Visa as an option. It is not that £50,000 is out of the question, but it is the balance between a reasonably secure settlement in Oz and a perhaps worrisome one. I am 65, my partner 55, my daughter is my only child. He has none of his own. Can any tell me if this might be a reasonable strategy, if I have missed anything, and any opinion on the pros and cons as it were. We sell up, house and all, and take steps to transfer monies to Australia. We 'go on holiday; to stay with family for a projected two months (lets say). While onshore in Oz we lodge an application for an Aged Parent 804 (?). Upon doing this we would then get an automatic bridging Visa to tide us over for the years until the 804 is granted. Is that right? Is is that simple? Save the vast majority of the £50,000? Any flaws or things to consider? My partner is is quite good health, as am I. But I am on regular medication for arthritis and I believe the drugs are quite expensive. What might the costs might be like for my medication and health? Would I qualify for the reciprocal care programme and would that include my drugs? Any other pros/cons anyone can think of? Has anyone here done this at all? Thank you in anticipation.
  16. BoonTobais

    Contributory Parent Visa question

    Hi all, I moved to Sydney last year on a 457 (August) and got my PR soon after (December). My parents are considering moving over once I'm able to apply for a Contributory Parent Visa for them, which I understand will require me to be 'settled' (ie, 2 years here). My question is regarding my sister, who is 16 and in school, very much dependant on my parents. I see that if she is added to the application and turns 18 prior to the CPV grant, she would have to pay as much as my parents for her move here. Also, if she does move, she would still have to pay international tuition rates if she goes to university here even though she's on a PR (?) Would it be wise to apply for the visa only for my parents (and sister as non-migrating dependant on their visa) and wait to get a Child 101 visa for her sometime later? Is bringing her over with my parents and paying the full amount the only option? Finally, how long has the CPV been taking in general? Thank you!
  17. Hi All, first post on here so please bear with me.....I’m actually looking for some advice regarding my parents, Quick overview...my sister and I are both Oz Permanent residency visa holders, my sister emigrated to Perth in October, I will emigrate also to Perth in April this year (cant wait). My parents would like to emigrate with me, but we believe the rules have changed re CPV ‘settlement period’ times and the Oz immigration are holding fast on the 2 year rule….we were intitially told (about 3 years ago..) by our migration agent that this 2 year rule was open to interpretation. Anyway, my sister emigrated in October 2012 to Perth (there is only me and my sister in the family) therefore it looks like we’d need to wait until October 2014 before my parents could apply for their CPV, would I be correct in my assumption there? In the meantime we’d like to have our parents with us in Oz for the maximum period allowed, we have been told that the 676 visa was the way to go but that they are now based on a 2/3 in 1/3 out rule…so… (apologies for the long windedness of this…)…..could my parents go in April this year with me on a 6 month long stay tourist visa, come home for 3 months, then go back out in January 2014 on a 12 month long stay tourist visa? The 12 month visa would take them to January 2015, and we’re hoping they could apply for their CPV in October 2014, and bridge their visa so they could stay with us in Oz for good? Is all that possible? Any advice is much appreciated Cheers
  18. Hello All, First of all I'd like to express my gratefulness for this forum for helping throught my visa processing. Now, as I am in Australia as a PR, I wonder if I can bring my parents to live here in Australia, and I have an unmarried 22 years old sister, are they gonna let her come with my parents ? ... I've checked the immi website, and found three types of visas and couldn't really get the difference between them. Obviousely one of them has an extreemly expensive 2nd installment (what is the 2nd installment anyway :mad: ? I didnt' have to pay any for my GSM visa). I also noticed that there was a Queue calculator ?? it seems complicated to me ... I would be grateful if anyone can shed some light or give a brief about this matter. Regards Roky
  19. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/news-chat-dilemmas/128087-have-visas-but-16yr-old-son-refuses-come-so-despondent.html O.k, my Mum, who likes this site, showed me the above post and told me that I was being selfish, just like the kid in that thread. Why is it that the kid is being selfish ? Is it not possible that it’s the parents that are in fact being selfish by trying to drag their child away from a place where he is happy ? I’m 17 and my parents are trying to drag me to Dullsville W.A, when I don’t want to go. I’m very happy at home in London. I go to a performing arts college which I love, I have a girlfriend who I love, I play in a football team and a band, I have lots of friends. I have just started to get my independence ! I have a part time job. I have recently been to Ibiza with my pals, we go clubbing and drinking and to gigs and I’m having fun. QPR are finally in the premiership and I have a season ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!! My parents (My Mum really) want me to give all that up to go and live in PERTH !!!!!!!! PERTH, JESUS…………………..ARE YOU S*****G me? My Mum wants to go there because she misses her sister ( Who lives there) and is willing to make my little brother and I unhappy because of it. She talks about a better future for us. That’s bullsh^t and she knows it ! If I wanted to work in a mine like my uncle does, then sure, we will have a better future in Perth. I have my own plans for my future, my own ambitions and dreams and they do not involve Perth. My dad tries to fob me off by saying that it will just be for a couple of years (He hopes) but that doesn’t wash. The next few years will have a huge effect on my future and I’m not going to mess that up just because my Mum is suffering a midlife crisis and misses my Aunt. It’s the double standards that get me ! When I mention my girlfriend they smirk and raise their eyes up to heaven. I point out that they got together when they were 18 and were married by 20………… It’s not the same they say !!!!!!!!! Why ??????????? My Dad always boasts about how he came to London when he was younger than I am now and that he had a job and supported himself and wasn’t spoilt like us………. So I want to do the same, any chance of his support ? No, not a chance. It’s not the same he says ! My Mums emotional blackmail really gets to me, and it nearly works. My brother is nine, he doesn’t want to go either, but the poor kid has no choice. We are really close, and he is starting to realise that I wont be going and I swear my Mum gets him in a state just so she can say “Look at what you are doing to your brother.” So he starts crying at me saying I have to go with him. I love my parents and I will really miss them, but I will miss my brother more and they know this and it’s not fair of them to try and use this to force me to go. If he comes back in a few years and he’s turned into an Aussie I swear I will call childline. Turning a little boy Australian just isn’t right. My Aunt knows I don’t like it and that I’m worried about my brother. She says it’s better for little kids there. I call bulls**t ! This is something parents tell themselves to justify taking their kids away from their lives. My brother loves school, he has all his friends there, he has his after school clubs and his football team and when he comes home he goes out and plays with all his pals where we live. He also has me to play with. Where do people in Perth hide their kids, because they don’t seem to be out playing, not where my aunt lives anyway. He’s the coolest little kid but hes shy around people he doesn’t know and my Mum wants to put him through the ordeal of starting at a new school at the ar*ehole end of the world. Selfish ! We used to go to cool places on holiday, but the last two years we have had to go to Perth instead. We went for 4 weeks in the summer, it felt like four months. I cant begin to describe how much I hate it. To go from a cool place like London to Perth is very hard for someone my age. If you’re a member of the elderly community you may just be able to settle into the daily boredom of a place where nothing happens. Has anything ever happened in Perth, good or bad ? I could go on and list what I don’t like about it, but whats the point, I don’t have to go do I. What bothers me is my brother does. If you come from some grim northern town like Manchester (Sorry Dad) where youth unemployment is at 98% then, fairplay, emigrate if you must, but for your kids sake……………..go to Sydney, it’s not London, but it’s a thousand times better than Perth. PEERRRTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHH, are you parents on dope. So, Mum you might read this, and be a bit p***** off so……………… I love you, but you never listen to us.
  20. Hi All, I hope this is not a repetition in the forum, i searched for this to make sure ... but human error exists .. I am on 175 application, waiting for the visa grant.... form 80 etc loaded .... everything done. Now my father got retired from his job and my mom is a housewife, and i am their only son. I am willing to include them in my visa application as dependants to get their visas with me, then i will call them over later when i will arrange a house etc. What you guys advice me to do? Option1: .. Include my parents to my currently processing application as dependents, right now. Option2: .. Get my visa first, then goto australia, and then ask your parents apply for visa on my sponsorship etc.. According to my current research the OPTION 2 takes time (years) we are from HR country .... did anyone try this before?... any sincere advice?.. Thanks to you All..
  21. Guest

    uh-oh telling the parents!!

    Hi folks, Hubby and I have started the process of moving to Oz (NSW SS) and since we've sent off the docs to ACS and OH has his Ielts in a couple of weeks I figure I'd better get round to telling my parents what we're planning! I've lived in Scotland for the last 8 years and my family are down near Liverpool. As far as my mum is concerned even this is too far away and I know she misses me badly (dad's not the greatest conversationalist to keep her company!) I started broaching the subject before Christmas but she started to cry :cry: and said she didn't know what she'd do if we moved abroad (I hadn't even mentioned Australia or permanent move at this point)!! I'm driving down this weekend to break the news. :eek: Am stressed out thinking about it coz I know she's going to be devastated and I was wondering if any of you clever people had any uplifting tales of the "it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" type to give me courage, either that or some ideas on how best to go about it! :biggrin: Cat
  22. Hello Everybody, I read through the various threads here, and these are so informative! I am very keen on bringing my Mum and Dad over to Australia on a permanent basis. I am a permanent resident here in Adelaide, and am working full time as a Mechanical Engineer. I went through DIAC's website quite thoroughly ( My eyes were actually hurting after all that time staring at the computer screen!) , and I know that there are basically two visas that allow parents to come here on a permanent basis. The first one is the less expensive option (The parent visa), but this takes a ridiculously long time for processing (I think it is 15 years). So I am looking at the Contributory Parent Visa. I understand that this is very expensive, but I am prepared to do whatever it takes. That is the least I could do. I am just wondering if there is anyone who has been through this process for their parents? Just curious about how long it took, anything to look out for, some handy tips to keep in mind etc? Also, I spent a lot of time on the Centrelink website reading about the Assurance of Support. Does anyone know what the "threshold income" for the previous financial year is? I rang Centreink a couple of times, but they gave me different information both times, and said that they could only give me proper information when the visa application has been lodged. I would rather know all the information before I start the process. I have seen so many posts here, and it is my wish that one day very soon, I will be able post right here in this forum that my parents permanent visas have been granted! Thanks to everyone in advance for taking the time to read this and for providing your input. Thanks, Josh.
  23. I'm Canadian, my wife is Russian and my parents in-law are also Russian. They live with us in Canada, they have their Canadian pr and are on their way to Canadian citizenship The parents-inlaw are dependent on me for their survival. I was trying to figure out how the language requirements work. It says "How well does the dependent communicate in English?" Better than functional Functional Limited Not at all Is there some clarification outline some where on how you determine this ? Are there language tests needed for depend ants on 121/856 visas ? Does this question kick off some additional documents if you don't mark better than functional ? I haven't been able to find anything so far so your help is greatly appreciated!!!! Does them being married have any impact on us sponsoring them ? Is it better for them to be Canadian Citizens or Permanent residents and just pay the language training ? Alan
  24. Guest

    Parents Visa

    Hiya, I applied for my Parents Visa last year and was told there is a 15 year waiting list. I am 62 and the balance of my family is in Australasia (son, brother, nephew & niece vs two sisters in UK). My brother was born in Oz in 1959. Does anyone know if there is any way to speed up the visa process and shorten the 15 year wait ? Anyone know anyone I could talk to ? Many TIA, Best wishes, Annie
  25. Hi I am looking for some advice please. I am a permanent resident here in Australia and have been for 2 years. My parents are looking to come and visit us and help with my family for a long stay. My mother is going to give up her job to come and help us, so I want to be able to guarantee her that she will be able to come and go. They really want to stay around 3 -4 years !!! Obviously I know visa's are not granted for this long stay. They really want to stay for 12 months then go home for 2 months then return for another 12 months etc... My worry is that they won't keep getting granted a 12 month visa. I have heard that 12 month visas are not that easy to get granted. Should they come on a 3 month visa and keep extending it until the first 12 months is over? Is this a hard process to go through? Does anyone know how much problem it will be to get another visa granted after that? Any advice or knowledge would be gratefully received.