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  1. I received an e mail recently with the following information which would explain why so little has been happening until now. I’m Visa processing times slow down for almost any visa category Is your visa taking a lot longer than expected to be granted? You are not alone. We have seen almost all types of visa processing time increase dramatically since the end of last year. Apparently overspending by immigration has resulted in case officers not being allowed to do overtime. As this is the busiest time of year for immigration, traditionally case officers would log overtime to ensure visas are processed at a much quicker time frame. Since case officers can't work overtime, the processing times has increased significantly.
  2. I applied for a 143 in August 2015 and last August had a hip replacement and may well have the other one in April. I'm using my private health insurance and self top up for both. At least I'm getting that out of the way before the next stage of the application. When I first mentioned to my son in Australia that I would need the operations, his ironic comment re the visa amused me..'I can't understand why they don't snap you up!'
  3. Yes, also increases when you have a hip replacement op! At present watching Jane Macdonal Cruising Down Under
  4. £800 per year for private health insurance in Australia? I pay twice that here in UK.
  5. I used form 1022 to advise my son's change of address, change of job and that he now has a child. Printed and posted the form 7 weeks ago to the Perth address I used for the initial application and have not had a response. With my son's changes and responsibilities he's now concerning himself with exactly what the AoS involves as we age. Sensible but makes me feel decrepit already and with the stress the long wait for a visa is causing everyone I'm beginning to think 'blow it, I'll spend the cost on flights instead'. Must admit that despite its problems I am grateful for the NHS and free prescriptions and there is much of UK that I would miss. However we shall see what damage Brexit does!!
  6. From an article I read about Centrelinks diabolical unanswered call rate.... There’s good news and bad news from Centrelink. The good news is that unanswered calls have dropped; the bad news is that in the past year they still numbered nearly 48 million. Needless to say the agency failed – again – to meet customer satisfaction targets and complaints increased rather than dropped. You may be pleased to know that Human Services Department secretary Renée Leon has acknowledged she does not consider the latest numbers as “mission accomplished”, Fairfax Media reports. “I don't know that we're going to solve it this year, but I hope that we will continue to drive it down,” she said. This is despite the Government approving the employment of 1500 extra labour hire staff in August. Greens senator Rachel Siewert said: “We thought it was high when we were getting to 22 million, and that was [in] 2014-15, so we've still got a significant way to go. It's good to see it's come down, but sorry if I'm not popping any party poppers yet.” Complaints about Centrelink hit 237,000 last year, an increase of 68,000, with most relating to long waits and lack of updates on claims.
  7. Depressing isn't it. My plans while waiting are to have my arthritic hips replaced - first done 4 weeks ago and maybe the other one around Easter. Can't fly for three months after the op but my son and wife and new grandson are due to visit in June so that helps. Decluttering the house ready for the eventual move is the next task and maybe it's just as well that there will be a long wait for a visa as having lived in the same house for 42 years there is an enormous amount to sort out.
  8. As Marilyn kindly advised me when I asked the same question... ‘Form 1022 - and I emailed it and posted it and they acknowledged receipt via email and said my details had been updated.’
  9. To give a change of address and employment of my assurer, do I use form 1022 or 929?
  10. Hmm...maybe that he/she is the one and only someone in the department ...that would account for delays!?
  11. Oh for another referendum now we all know the difficulties involved!
  12. Probably a drop in the exchange rate too!! It's all so depressing.
  13. It is a very difficult decision when your home country is in your soul. I just love the British countryside, birdsong, history and it would be so much to leave behind but is seeing family just maybe once a year enough, especially as we age and travelling may become more difficult. As my son says, it would be ridiculous to pay the cost of the CPV if we're not definite about using it, but if we're still uncertain at the time it's eventually granted I feel it wouldn't be wise to abandon the opportunity. If we did then find we definitely needed to be in Australia for some reason it would be awful to have to start the lengthy process all over again. I expect as it takes so long for visa granting now, when the time eventually arrives there'll be no more indecision and we'll be going but I don't enjoy the turmoil in my mind at present.