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  1. I applied got refused the next day, $300 gone in a day
  2. through IMMI logged in the followed the instructions then made the Payment, yes visa granted the next day
  3. Submitted AOS may 2018, Got the call from Centerlink 11 Nov 2018, Paid 36 Nov 2018, Got the Acceptance letter 19 Dec 2018 but with the Xmas and new year got it 08. 01.2019, Request to pay 2nd Vac 12.03.2019 143 VISA GRANTED 13 03 2019 Good luck
  4. there was one granted who applied 1 week before us, and yet we are now 5 months behind, no props with paper work! ?
  5. we have had the AOS acceptance Letter 20 Dec 2018. just waiting to pay the 2nd VAC can not update our signature ?
  6. Should be very soon, for your Acceptance letter, then the wait for the 2nd vac, good luck
  7. I know all Applicants are not on this site, I have only heard of one, who has had a 143 visa Granted from June 2015. Applied June 2015 Granted Dec 2018.
  8. Its very frustrating, not knowing, All we wont to do is to get back Start work, and enjoy life.
  9. I think they have stopped Granting 143 visas this year!
  10. So if all the Parents, returned to their there home, then their young working Tax paying children returned as well, what state would they be in. My wife and I have four working youngsters there.