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  1. Hi Susie, Don't worry about being a 173. Though there are only a few 173s , we were all called for additional documents before the 143s and visas granted before or around the 143s of similar dates. My Parents also applied on 2nd Oct to convert their 173 to 143, and the application was taken up in 2 months. Yesterday I was asked to get the Bank Guarantee for Assurance of Support.
  2. Hi CEJ, Once you get the 173, the conversion to 143 is very quick. My parents were asked to submit AOS around 2.5 months after lodgement Of the 143. You can see details in my Time Line.
  3. Hi Samvaz, Thanks for responding. The problem is, I can't even go to the Centrelink drop menu. I'm assuming AOS is placed under "payments and claims? or is it on another menu? Judy
  4. Hi, Is Anyone else having trouble applying for AOS online? Since Last Friday I keep getting an error message : " Service currently not Available". I have read on the forum that the most efficient way to do the AOS is thru myGov, but I wonder if only I am having this error message on all my devices.
  5. Hi 5000/1, Yes, you can go on holiday to activate the 173. It says no travel restrictions. My parents got 1 year to activate the visa. The old rule where you should be in Australia before the police report or Medicals approach 1 year didn’t apply to them.
  6. Hi Kath, Last year my father was in your same situation. He was advised to take both old and new passport and also his email informing Immi. He explained the situation at the gates And there was no problem as Immi staff said they will update it.( it was still showing the old passport number). However after a couple of days he got an email confirming that the records were updated. Hope this helps. Judy.
  7. Rosiejaq, I can remember some time ago, a parent on the forum had a similar problem with the AOS, and finally the child got in touch with the local member who intervened and the process was expedited. If anyone can remember that post pls give Rosie some help.
  8. Finally, Visa Granted. Received the 2nd Vac request yesterday, And at around 3PM Perth time today we received the grant notification.... SOOOOO HAPPY...... The other 173s got their Visas granted much earlier but we had a bit of an issue : End of July we were contacted by Immi , since our CO decided to go that extra mile and request Police checks again; this time from Birth . This took another 3 weeks. Anyway, at last after such a long wait , I can finally have my parents to stay forever. Good luck to all of you for speedy Visa Grants.
  9. What's worse is that some members are eager to find out other people's progress/time lines but are so reluctant to share their own application progress. I Wish everyone updates their signature line and make it a 'Give and take" type Forum. This is such an important forum and the only way to find out what is really going on at Immi.
  10. @pmindia Can you pls share your lodgement date?
  11. Dear Sh aron, Can you pls let me know when you were contacted by Immi to pay the 2nd vac? Or Approximately how many weeks after submitting the documents? Judy.
  12. Hi @surfersj Any news from Immi? And also I would like to know if you were given 28 days or 70 days to submit documents. My parents were given 70 days from 6th Feb 2019. Thanks & Good luck
  13. That was quick! Which Centrelink office is this? Hope it’s in WA.
  14. Hi Freedy50, I’m assuming you also applied for a 173? If so, after your wife’s operation, how long did it take up to visa grant?