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  1. Jilldesp

    Anyone let their PR lapse?

    Hi all just have a series of questions if anyone can help with answers!?! Firstly, I’m wondering if anyone has left Australia to return to UK, wanted to go back, but for some reason it never or couldn’t happen, and your PR ended? How did you feel about this? Also, how long do you have to have lived in Australia to qualify for a RRV? Do you need continuous years in OZ to qualify for uni loans, or does that not matter? Is TAFE free or not? Thankyou in advance and sorry the questions are a bit random! Xx
  2. Hi Madily, Me and my husband both worked in the City and had no problems st all, so that’s surprising. It’s very close to Applecross. My husband used to get the train in, and I drove. I can’t recall having any issues at all. Yes I know what u mean re sterile. Some of the northern suburbs are a bit soulless! X
  3. It would be Perth, as we know the area, and Sydney is just too expensive. We found we couldn’t enrol the kids at a school, until we had a permanent address. I’m not sure if that is the same for Private though. If you are looking at Applecross area, it is gorgeous. It borders the Swan river. The primary school there, is also lovely, and very good. The senior school is actually in Ardross, which isn’t too far away. Mount Pleasant is also another lovely area, behind the Canning River. All in the right area for AC senior school. There is also another high school which has excellent reviews; in fact I think it was voted one of the best public schools in Perth for years (and possibly still could be) Rossmoyne. My kids were in the catchment for that school as well, but AC had been completely revamped, and they preferred that school when we looked around. There are quite a few private schools in the area. Aquinis (not sure if correct spelling, and might be a boys college, and Corpus Christi (I think) in Bateman area. Some are more expensive than others. Please keep me posted on how you get on. Xxxx
  4. Hi Madily, i am in a very similar situation to you, but don’t have citizenship unfortunately. We moved to Sydney in 2015, but shortly after, had to relocate to Perth with my husband’s work. I really didn’t want to leave Sydney, but it turned out that we loved it in Perth and the weather is so much better. However, we had to return to the UK 12 months later, as my husband’s job ended. It was soul destroying as the kids were all settled; including ourselves. We r looking at moving back later this year, as our visas expire in January. Our children are 18 (just), 15 and 12; but will be 16 and 13 by the time we go back. Max will have finished GCSEs here, so can go into year WACE years there, and Josh I think will restart in year 7 or 8. He has lots of friends and is very happy. The eldest doesn’t want to go back.... It’s going to be a difficult decision for us. Just from my experience, Perth does not have the same vibe as Sydney, but far more affordable in terms of housing etc. I didn’t feel the isolation tbh, although lots of people go on about it. We loved the weather and freedom to plan our weekends, knowing the sun would always be shining. However, we were not there long enough for the novelty to have worn off.....if it ever would have done? My kids went to a public school; Applecross, which we were very happy with. I can’t comment on the private schools or the drama scene for kids; although one of my son’s did attend a drama group every week as an after school activity. Good look to you with your decisions. It’s never easy with older kids to think about unfortunately. Xxx
  5. Jilldesp

    Anyone left a child behind?

    Well said! xx
  6. Jilldesp

    Anyone left a child behind?

    No! We are all going with other 2 kids before visa runs out. Thomas doesn’t want to returnx
  7. Jilldesp

    Anyone left a child behind?

    Thanks for all the responses. Hopefully I might persuade him in time xxx
  8. Jilldesp

    Anyone left a child behind?

    Yes, but he doesn’t own a home or a wage yet, And being on the other side of the world from him is causing me some worry. I guess normal feelings for any parent.
  9. Jilldesp

    Anyone left a child behind?

    Hi, looking at moving back to OZ at the end of the year. However, my almost 18 year old son doesn’t want to go. He’s taking a gap year with his friend, to decide on his career choice. I feel like, although he will be travelling, I am abandoning him! My other kids, 12 and 15, are happy to return. Is it awful to leave 1 child? Has anyone done this? If so, can it work and what was the outcome? Thank you xxxx
  10. Jilldesp

    Access courses in Australia?

    Thank u xxx
  11. Jilldesp

    Access courses in Australia?

    Hi, just wondering if Australia offer access courses for students? We are looking at returning to OZ before our visa runs out in January. My son is due to take A Levels this year, but is really doing the wrong subjects. He has decided he wants to be a physio. Here, he could do an HE diploma in science as an entry to uni, but not sure how it works in Australia. Do they have a similar set up? Thank you xx
  12. Jilldesp

    Advice on moving to Australia

    Hi, we emigrated in 2015, and our visas (189 type) and for the 5 of us was £10,000. However we did use a solicitor, so extra fees for this in with that price. We had our visas in 9 months. Shipping was about £4000, and then obviously flights. You will need at least £10,000 for initial accommodation and car hire fees. I can’t remember exactly how much we took, but it was swallowed up fast! We initially lived in Sydney, but I’m sure u know, very expensive. I can’t really recommend other areas of NSW, but the coast is cheaper I think. We had to relocate to Perth for husband’s work. Good Luck xx
  13. Jilldesp

    University loans

    Hi, will be hopefully moving back to Australia next, on our PR visas. Just wondering if my eldest child will be eligible for a uni loan? I’ve got a feeling not, so is there anything else to help with this for new immigrants who want to go to University? Thanks for any advice xxx
  14. Jilldesp

    Returning on a 189 visa

    Hi thanks for reply. Do I need a rrv if I'm within the 5 years? thanku x
  15. Jilldesp

    Returning on a 189 visa

    Hi, having lived in Australia for 12 months on a 189 visa, we intend to return before it expires in 2020. Is there a certain amount of months before the expiry date that we have to return by? I.e. 6 months before or not? Thanku x