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Found 10 results

  1. Hi There Guys and Gals, New member and First post, Thanks for the great forum , found a fair bit of useful info here searching... I had some questions here and I thought some of you might be able to help / answer based on past experiences From What I have been able to find so far from the Immi website and in this very well written document about parent visas http://www.iarc.asn.au/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=40056 1) If we apply under the Parent (subclass 103) visa and are waiting for the visa, can I then change my application to the Contributory Parent (Migrant) (subclass 143) visa category by paying 2nd instalment - 40015 Australian Dollars (AUD40015) ? or do I have to start a new application from the start and pay 1st instalment - 1995 Australian Dollars (AUD1995) + 2nd instalment - 40015 Australian Dollars (AUD40015) ? 2) In the Contributory Parent Visa (Migrant) (subclass 143) visa category is the Assurance of Support Bond 2nd instalment - 40015 Australian Dollars (AUD40015) refundable ? If the Govt has not been required to pay anything over ten years for this person, is the bond refunded in full ? 3) Under what circumstances / conditions is the bond held back ? 4) While either of these visa applications are in progress can she continue to visit Australia as frequently as she does currently ( About 6 months in every year) ? Would applying for the parent visa have any bearing on her future applications for Family sponsored visitor visa? 5) Once she gets a Parent Visa and comes to Australia what benefits is she eligible for and when can she become a complete citizen? On Application 4 years later or after the ten years are completed? Many thanks in advance and I look froward to receiving your responses to the same,
  2. In new legislation released today, link here www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2018L00425/Download it was announced that the Assurance of Support for Contributory Parent visa applications will increase by 50% from 1 April 2019. This will take the AOS payment for a main applicant to AUD 15,000 and the secondary applicant's payment to AUD 6,000. There are also increases to the income requirement for assurers, effective immediately.
  3. Hi, wonder can anyone help. We are 30months into our 143 visa and our AOS has had to drop out. So worried as we are so far along ,Does anyone know of companies or kind people who could help? With payment of course. Desperate Times. .
  4. The Australian government will scrap its controversial changes to parent visa sponsorship rules. The climbdown follows weeks of backlash from migrant communities and will completely reverse the changes, less than a month after they were introduced by Social Services Minister Dan Tehan. Mr Tehan sent a letter to Greens senator Nick McKim on Wednesday, confirming the government would undo the regulation rather than face a narrow defeat on the floor of the upper house. Labor and a group of key crossbenchers had agreed to back a Greens disallowance motion to torpedo the change. The changes, which took effect in April, meant residents needed much higher salaries to bring their parents to Australia on a visa. An individual trying to sponsor their two parents would need to prove they earn an annual income of $86,607, up from $35,793 under the previous rules. The government will revert to the old rules and will “reassess” any migrants who applied since the April change. Mr Tehan plans to rewrite the legislative instrument before May 23, the letter confirms, and will “replicate the circumstances as they were prior to April 1”. “Any individual that has had an assessment under the new provisions will be reassessed,” Mr Tehan writes. The backflip represents a substantial departure from Mr Tehan’s previous argument. Last month, the minister said changes were needed to ensure migrant parents did not become a drain on the welfare system. “The Australian Government wants to ensure newly-arrived migrants have the financial capacity to support themselves, while also ensuring the social security system remains sustainable,” Mr Tehan said at the time. The change would have impacted thousands of migrants on Australia’s long waiting list for visas, who were yet to have their sponsors in Australia submit their proof-of-income documents to Centrelink. Discuss Parent Visas at https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/50481-the-brand-new-pio-parents-visa-thread/
  5. I've just seen this news report which may be of interest to some: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/apr/13/australia-doubles-financial-requirement-for-families-of-new-migrants
  6. Hi all, I'm new to this forum so please help me. I have submitted and currently waiting for the decision on Assurance of Support for my mom. In my understanding, Centerlink will later write me a letter to request a bank guarantee, then I will need to open a bond account with Commonwealth Bank with a $10,000 deposit, which the bank will then write me a confirmation letter In the ASO form, it states "You must not arrange the bank guarantee until requested to do so in writing by the Department of Human Services." The problem is I will be going overseas for 2 and a half week starting next week. If the letter arrived after I left, I wonder what would happen. My questions are: 1. Is there a deadline to open a bond account with 10 k deposit once receive the request from Centerlink? If there is no deadline and if the letter arrive while I was away, I suppose I can do this when I come back at the beginning of June 2.a.Can I open a bond account first without the centerlink's request letter? I can ask my family member to check my mail box when I was away, and I suppose if the letter arrived, I can do a 10k deposit through the internet transfer, then hopefully the Commonwealth Bank can email me the Acknowledgement of Deposit letter, which again hopefully I can submit online OR 2.b Can I open a bond account with 10k deposit first without the Centerlink's request letter as stated in the form? If there is a deadline to it, I'd prefer to open the bond account now and have the deposit and the letter from the bank ready if they requested it. 3. Once I obtain the Bank Guarantee and Acknowledgement of Deposit documents from Commonwealth Bank, can I submitted it online? I will visit the centerlink center tomorrow to ask, but last time I visited, the officer doesn't seem to understand my concern. Please help. Thank you in advance everyone.
  7. Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice from those who have experienced a similar situation. My parents are waiting for their visas subclass 143. I am their sponsor and only assurer. The AOS process has been successfully completed a couple of months ago. I have recently been made redundant from my job and now I'm trying to work out a couple of things: 1. Do I need to inform the Department of my change of circumstances as a Sponsor and/or an Assurer? There is a form to inform of the Applicant's changes, but what about Sponsors/Assurers? 2. Am I in trouble in regards to the AOS? I initially got really stressed thinking that because I'd lost my job I couldn't be the Assurer any more. However, after I've done some reading I now believe that once the AOS has been approved, I am finalised as the Assurer for the next 10 years whatever my circumstances are. This would work perfectly for me; I'm still willing and able to be the Assurer as I've got savings and don't think it'll be too hard for me to find a new job (however I wasn't planning to start looking until after the school holidays as I've got young kids and wanted to spend the holidays with them). Could anyone help answering my questions? That would be highly appreciated.
  8. richardcoull

    Assurance of Support Query

    Hey guys I just lodged aos for my father and brother.According to aos form, the bond is 10k$ for main applicant which covers dependent as well.My question is- Will it cover "over 18 dependent"(My brother is 19yrs old)? if no, how much do i have to depost for his part? Cheers mandy
  9. Hi there, I have already received the letter from IMMI that request for the Assurance of Support for the aged parents 864 Visa, that is an onshore application. The applicantion included 2 applicants, all aboved 70s. They live in Sydney now. Would any company or persons can provide this Assuarance of Support service? The applicants would like to pay for the service and their family in Sydney would like to provide personal guarantee to the assurer. Please pm if you can help: Stephen
  10. Im new to the site n was hoping somebody can help me. Basically im applyin for a partner visa (offshore)amy husband is an ausi citizen but cant prove his earnings because hes been in n out of work. I was told about the fact they mite ask for an assurance of support n then someone else said they dont do that anymore n now im like arrrgh!! Wtf!! So ppl any help would be much appreciated.