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Found 28 results

  1. Hi All, Never a time we donot miss our parents being with us. Seeking assistance regarding the Aged Parent Visa subclass 804. Queries: 1. Would like to confirm if the main applicant is 71 and the spouse is 62 they are still eligible for the aged parent? 2. Balance of family test - how do we actually prove this? i dont have a sibling, however even if i had one, nd wasn't staying with parents and we donot put their name on the form 47pa, how would that matter? 3. AOS - i believe the current threshold income for sponsoring 2 parents is around $48k. i have sponsored my wife last year? will this matter? Have an annual income over 70k for the last two years however a tax debt on a payment plan. will this be an issue? 4. Health Assessment - 71 with 2 heart surgeries and 62 with knee problem. How likely do they reject considering this? I Agree Aged parent queue is a long wait. Personally, i do see this as a benefit as after 20 years even if the visa is denied, i myself would be 60 and would like to go back and retire in my home town. Appreciate all advise.
  2. In new legislation released today, link here www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2018L00425/Download it was announced that the Assurance of Support for Contributory Parent visa applications will increase by 50% from 1 April 2019. This will take the AOS payment for a main applicant to AUD 15,000 and the secondary applicant's payment to AUD 6,000. There are also increases to the income requirement for assurers, effective immediately.
  3. Cosevo

    Assurance of Support

    Been trying to find out about our existing Assurance of Support. My Daughter sponsored us ten years ago but as she did not have the money we paid it $14,000 This was set up in the Commonwealth Bank as instructed. In the past ten years she has had to declare this money for tax reasons and was paying tax on the interest and I believe at one point it was about $600. Surely this is not right? I also read somewhere (too late for us now) that a couples child could not put the bond money up so they paid it (like we did) but they had the interest from this bond paid into their own bank account. My Daughter said Commonwealth will not do that? who is right please.
  4. Hi, wonder can anyone help. We are 30months into our 143 visa and our AOS has had to drop out. So worried as we are so far along ,Does anyone know of companies or kind people who could help? With payment of course. Desperate Times. .
  5. Lisa De Leon

    Changes to AoS Overturned

    In breaking news tonight, the changes to the Assurance of Support scheme will be scrapped in the face of an impending loss in the Senate. Here is a link to the story: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/exclusive-coalition-backflips-on-parent-visa-crackdown?cid=newsapp:socialshare:whatsapp
  6. The Australian government will scrap its controversial changes to parent visa sponsorship rules. The climbdown follows weeks of backlash from migrant communities and will completely reverse the changes, less than a month after they were introduced by Social Services Minister Dan Tehan. Mr Tehan sent a letter to Greens senator Nick McKim on Wednesday, confirming the government would undo the regulation rather than face a narrow defeat on the floor of the upper house. Labor and a group of key crossbenchers had agreed to back a Greens disallowance motion to torpedo the change. The changes, which took effect in April, meant residents needed much higher salaries to bring their parents to Australia on a visa. An individual trying to sponsor their two parents would need to prove they earn an annual income of $86,607, up from $35,793 under the previous rules. The government will revert to the old rules and will “reassess” any migrants who applied since the April change. Mr Tehan plans to rewrite the legislative instrument before May 23, the letter confirms, and will “replicate the circumstances as they were prior to April 1”. “Any individual that has had an assessment under the new provisions will be reassessed,” Mr Tehan writes. The backflip represents a substantial departure from Mr Tehan’s previous argument. Last month, the minister said changes were needed to ensure migrant parents did not become a drain on the welfare system. “The Australian Government wants to ensure newly-arrived migrants have the financial capacity to support themselves, while also ensuring the social security system remains sustainable,” Mr Tehan said at the time. The change would have impacted thousands of migrants on Australia’s long waiting list for visas, who were yet to have their sponsors in Australia submit their proof-of-income documents to Centrelink. Discuss Parent Visas at https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/50481-the-brand-new-pio-parents-visa-thread/
  7. I've just seen this news report which may be of interest to some: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/apr/13/australia-doubles-financial-requirement-for-families-of-new-migrants
  8. samemiki

    Assurance of Support timeline?

    Hello all, Just wondering about your experience on getting Assurance of Support (AoS). How long does it take from the time you submit (after immigration request) until the AoS is approved? And where did you submit your AoS? I have submitted my AoS application for more than 2 months now, but have not heard anything about it. Thanks so much and have a wonderful holiday season. Miki
  9. richardcoull

    Assurance of Support Query

    Hey guys I just lodged aos for my father and brother.According to aos form, the bond is 10k$ for main applicant which covers dependent as well.My question is- Will it cover "over 18 dependent"(My brother is 19yrs old)? if no, how much do i have to depost for his part? Cheers mandy
  10. Hi all. I am new here-). Thanks in advance for answering my question. I am a PR here in AUS and wish to sponsor my parents to come here. I plan on lodging subclass 103 and understand the DIAC/Centerlink will ask me to provide AOS (Assurance of Support) at some point during the processing of my parents' visa. My question is, how long does it take for the DIAC to issue me a letter stating I need to go to the Centerlink to get AOS sorted out? Considering 103 visa takes 10+ years, I would assume the DIAC would not initiate AOS at an early stage of the visa application. Anyone with prior experience dealing with this, please shed some light. Thank you. Kind regards, Jay
  11. So I am filing my visa in two weeks from the US for a prospective marriage visa to live with my Fiance in Perth. She has had a homeswest house for years. Unfortunately and very untimely has not been working for the past two years. She has been getting parenting payments from centrelink. We all can agree this is not ideal for what we are trying to do. Has anyone had experience with this type of situation? What are we going to come up against when they process the visa? I reckon there will not be an outright denial but a definite request for the AoS. Other than that I have a medical check this coming Tuesday for the application. Have all other forms together, and have filed a NOIM with a celebrant who is providing a letter for the application as well. I have every single thing the want and more. Going to also enter my CV, college transcripts, letters of support. When they note an AoS may be requested they say age, education, and the like may be a factor. i want to hit them hard early. Also off hand what are the normal wait times people have been experiencing.
  12. whats jointly income required for 3 assurer for aos for parent visa sub class 143? if income critria not meet as per centrelink how than what to do?
  13. Guest

    De-factor Visa - AoS Sponser?

    Hi, My boyfriend currently on Working Holiday Visa and we were going to apply for 2nd Holiday Visa but don't know whether he can and then apply for de-facto after 2nd year? Does anyone know if you can apply for 2nd Holiday Visa if you are in a de-facto relationship? If we did apply now for defacto visa, i would obviously be his sponser but since getting back from England in Jan have been claiming off Centrelink (dole) for 3 months. As a sponser you need to have to prove you are financially able to support and currently I cannot prove that as I am unemployed. I want to know , as I am currently waiting for some enheritence whether that would be proof enough and how much in my account would be sufficent? Or whether anyone has had to have an AOS Sponser and they got their visa? Or should we just get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help am starting to worry he might not be able to stay! we have been together 4 years with a few months separation here and there to visit our familes!
  14. Guest


    hi there, i was just wondering if i need an Aos for a defacto visa or is it not nessacary? also in the check list it asks for a family tree, but is this needed only for children in the application or everyone who is applying? many thanks Smeeta
  15. Hi there again guys. I just wanted to start another ( smaller ) thread. lol I'm trying trying to gather all the infomation i can get for the 820 onshore partner migration. Ive been on centrelink payments as a single parent, so i know that for this reason i will be asked for a AOS simply because i do have a dependent child, and i would be considered "a high user of the social security system" I have friends/family that are willing to do the AOS for my partner migrating here. My question is - can i submit this infomation with my origional application, instead of leaving it until the CO contacts me about it? Thanks for taking the time to read this, Sarah.
  16. Guest

    Centrelink aos

    Hello everyone,my parents lodged an AOS application on the 17th of March,they have been told it can take up to 28 days,and the guy at centrelink said they should hear something by the 14th of april My question is what happens if they dont hear anything from centrelink by the 14th of april ? Thanks for your time..........
  17. Guest

    AOS application lodged

    Well my partners AOS application has been lodged with centrelink,so know all we have to do is wait.Has anyone else gone through the aos process.My parents have kindly applied to be my partners Assurance of support,they both work full time,they earn around $80,000 a yr between them,does anyone knw if that is enough to be over the minium income level,also they own their own house,dont have any kids under 18, they dont pay rent.Should this be enough for centrelink to approve.Am hoping this is the last stage of the visa application.thanks for your time............
  18. Guest

    Aos letter

    Hello,my bf needs an ASO,my parents are going to be his assurance of support.my mum went to centrelink,and was told that they need an official letter,stating that my partner needs an AOS.Our caseofficer is currently away till the 15th of march,and her assistant and has told us to wait until she gets back.We dont have an official letter,all we have is an email from our case officer,saying that my partner needs an AOS.Can anyone suggest what we can do,as waiting for over a week just to spk to someone about a letter,is just wasting more time.can anyone help us out.thanks for your time
  19. I am an Australian citizen and married my Nepali girlfriend who is residing in Nepal. We got married and gave birth of a child. Just to let you know I've just got the citizenship 1 month after her birth. Now I want to bring them in Australia. Unfortunately I am unemployed for about 14 months. I can arrange assurance of support from my friends here in Australia. I've several questions regarding these 1. Though I am unemployed for 14 months,I did not apply for centrelink support. Does it have any effect on the visa application? Is it okay to apply for centrelink support for being unemployed? 2. Regarding the child. She is only 1 month old. Do I need to apply for her separately paying visa application fee (about $1700 if applied overseas) or one application fee for my spouse covers her as well? 3. What will be the precise amount of money do I need to submit as security deposit . Is It about ($2500 + $650 ) for a spouse and a child?
  20. Guest

    2nd VAC and AOS

    Hi, I just wanted to say that my assurer had an appointment yesterday morning with Centrleink was trold to lodge the bond straight away and then MY CO emailed me the 2nd Vac email that afternoon , CVant beleive it happened so fast but I am not complaining !! So i have emailed my CO my credit card details , does anyone know how long then it takes to grant the visa after this ? So excited !! Thanks
  21. andromeda9

    AOS with private agents

    just found ourselves in a bit of a worrying situation,does anyone know of anyone who does private asos and what sort of charger do they have
  22. Ok, so I'm an Australian Citizen and my boyfriend isn't but wants to move here, marriage is looking like the only option, without going into too much detail every other option has been exhausted. I've been hesitant only because I have a child from a previous relationship who I didn't want to drag through complications if they were not neccessary. Now my boyfriend is due to go back in Feb, 2 days before my birthday and without sounding maniacally pathetic I think my heart would shrivel into a solid mass never to love again if that were to happen. Positives toward Visa: His work history, evidence of being self sufficient and long term employed, well trained, highly skilled, seriously good looking, funny, polite, doesn't make me pay for everything, looks after me, likes my son, my son likes him (that does help Visa applications right?) Negatives toward Visa: My life history. Homelessness, Single parent government support, emergency housing/ food/ furniture services, domestic violence/mental health issues and on and on... How much is taken into account? How far back do they look? I have held down a stable well paying job for over 12 months and not had any problems with housing or anything else for at least 3 years but on occassion had to receive government benefits due to things like long illness (my son had scarlet fever) and not being able to work. I know they look for an AoS if they think someone will end up on government benefits, it seems my history may guarantee them asking for this and I don't see how we could find one. Is my past history that is no longer at all relevant to how my life is now going to be the thing that stops this Visa? Is there anyway to argue the fact he has work here now and as a married couple I will be eligible for less benefits, tax offsets and government payments? My costs get lower, food, rent and bills, therefore beneficial to being able to save up for those times of illness and such. I'm lost, I don't know what to do. I'm thinking it almost better to walk away now instead of going through all this just to end in losing him anyway, if we marry but he isn't allowed to stay because of me, how would he ever get back?
  23. Guest

    Anyone been asked for AOS?

    hey has anyone been asked to get an AOS (assurance of support )for their applications, any visa, and why? any advice info would be greattt :biggrin:
  24. Selah

    AOS & Capital Investment

    Probably as stupid question but....do you always need an AOS when you are putting in the $100,000 capital investment? Even if they kept it for two years instead of the one, it seems it would save some paperwork (as they already have the money or at least know you do) and it would certainly save us some hassle. Just a thought.
  25. Hi all, Has anyone had to make a second appointment with Centrelink regarding providing an Assurance of Support? If you need to attend a second time to clarify or provide further evidence/additional assurors/amended forms etc is there a dead-line? Or should I just take it that I can attend an interiew at Centrelink at any time as long as the DIMIA deadline is met? The lady from Centrelink at my interview told me to make another appointment but I forgot to ask about a timeframe. I can't find any info on the net or in Centrelinks literature about this. Being able to get through on the phone might help :roll: . I might even resort to using parchment and quill with a carrier pigeon soon. Thanks guys Louise