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  1. Afrochic+61

    MARA agent question

    A question to the helpful MARA agents here or anyone who is knowledgeable. When using an agent to lodge an EOI and eventually the visa application, as a client, is one able to view what has been submitted right from the EOI? Is this something that agents offer their clients or are meant to offer? How does the client stay on top of their application process - it is their life so a bit invested in the process as you’d imagine. Thanks
  2. Afrochic+61

    Teachers: AITSL and SES

    Skilled Employment Statement that you can apply for after obtaining a skills assessment https://www.aitsl.edu.au/migrate-to-australia/skilled-employment-statement
  3. Afrochic+61

    491 Visa rights

    From my understanding, as long as you steer clear of cities, I think you can work in any area classified as a regional area.
  4. @UdeMStudent, see if this might help. List of 190 occupation invites including points. https://www.iscah.com/state-190-invitations-20192020/
  5. Afrochic+61

    Thinking about the future, any advise

    @Coshay91, I have a few uni mates who moved to London as teachers through agencies and as @cheese n pickle says, there are a few agencies around in the big cities. Off the top of my head I can think of Anzuk and TES who have ads out often about teaching abroad. There are a couple more but you might need to google. Possibly check on their employment section to see what they offer and ask a few questions to test the waters. I would seriously consider what @wrusselland @paulhand have said. Get a migration agent to look at your situation and devise a strategy. With a family you don’t want to go for a temporary dead end visa as @Marisawright says while you might qualify for something better. Best to get it right the first time and save yourself a headache down the line.
  6. Afrochic+61

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

  7. Afrochic+61

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Which state? If QLD, get on to BSMQ site. They have all the information you need for a 491. Onshore you just need to have lived and worked in a regional area for 3 months in a full time capacity. May I ask, if you are on a student visa, are you not applying for the Graduate Visa? I don’t know your circumstances but you would qualify for the post study work visa 485 if you studied in Australia. It will give you 2 years full work rights which you can then use to buy you time to get your paperwork in order for a 491.
  8. Afrochic+61

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    If you haven’t yet, I would contact a MARA agent ASAP to help you navigate this so you do not lose the invite unnecessarily. I am not sure about a 190 but I know for the 491 both Queensland (BSMQ) and Tasmania have issued word on the s48 condition. Check with @wrussell @Raul Senise or @paulhand. I am sure there are other migration agents on the forum but these guys are the ones I see provide information often and are quite knowledgeable.
  9. Afrochic+61

    AITSL accreditation for ECT

    @Mel1995, I am not sure how many ECTs are on this forum. If there’s many, I’d love to know where they’ve been hiding To your question, first have you checked if your diploma is ACECQA approved? I am sure there’s a way that’s AITSL can honour an approved one. https://www.acecqa.gov.au/qualifications/nqf-approved Also, have you looked at AITSL’s ‘Assessment for Migration Applicant Checklist’ and ‘Assessment for Migration Guide to applying for a skills assessment’ downloads? It talks about proof of supervised teaching prac statement from affiliated colleges, schools or training providers not being accepted. Not sure how this affects you with your college amongst other things. If it were me I’d skip TAFE and go straight for the degree as it’s less paperwork for them to pick at and your chances are better (in my opinion) of getting a positive skills assessment. Personally after researching what it took to get a skills assessment, I chose to redo my qualifications with a 4 year degree as opposed to attempting to get my previous diploma recognised. It turned out much easier for me this way. Not sure if this is helpful but have a dig around their website.
  10. Afrochic+61

    Visa processing

    My apologies if this is not the info you are after. Maybe edit your question to include the subclass you are asking about. I was only giving you the information that I know about. Also, even after a state has nominated you, doesn’t your application still end up with Department of Home Affairs? (Correct me if I am wrong on this). State nomination would then still be covered by your general question regarding processing of applications for offshore applicants. I can also see Green above responded in general terms. If you had already applied for a visa and are awaiting a response from DHA it’s a different scenario to waiting for an invite. People might have different pointers for you. That said, editing your original question or clarifying it might get you the responses closer to what you are after. Cheers
  11. Afrochic+61

    Visa processing

    Here is news from Queensland as of 25/03/2020. It is a tough time for everyone with so much up in the air. https://migration.qld.gov.au/
  12. Afrochic+61

    Secondary school teacher

    Good luck Let us know how it goes
  13. Afrochic+61

    Impact of Covid-19 on Points

    Oh how we would hope for this. Or at least an intake for those who are onshore, with points in the 80s (maybe?) and who currently have jobs to keep the wheels of the economy moving. Migration will also bring money into their hands as we pay the fees. I know it’s speculation but would be interesting to hear opinions from the RMAs on the ground.
  14. Afrochic+61

    Working as an English Teacher as a non-native speaker

    Hi @AusDream, I think you could tackle this in a few different ways - from the teacher front and from an immigration side. I’d first join an Australian teacher forum - there’s a couple on FB that you could put into the search terms e.g. Beginning teachers, Australian Secondary teachers [I’m assuming there’s one like this as there’s Australian Prep teachers, Australian Grade 1, Early Years etc.] I’m sure you catch my drift. On these forums you can ask your professional questions and get on the ground feedback. I think also look on the different State education websites and see what sorts of adverts they have for teachers and the requirements expected. Once you’ve established what the requirements are, you can then check that against your qualifications and see where you sit. Next, choose the state you’d like to teach in and see what their teacher registration requirements are. On the immigration front, you can also google AITSL and click on their migration tab. See their requirements for a positive skills assessment. You’ll need this to migrate. Depending on which State you’ve chosen, check what their requirements are for offshore applications for teachers in terms of work experience post qualification. You could also look into a working holiday visa that you can use to come over if you qualify, try and get a teaching job to gain Australian work experience and as a way to scout the industry to see if it’s what you want. As much as your concerns on teaching native English speakers are valid, I really wouldn’t stress too much about this. If you are passionate about your role, relationships with your students will overcome any language issues that may arise. Most times students want to be valued and heard to breakdown these barriers. I am sure I have left out other relevant information but others will chip in as well. Good luck
  15. Afrochic+61

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    I’m also an ECT. Good to finally find another one as haven’t seen too many around I think secondary is more popular.