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  1. jdiane

    Job Ready Program for CHEF

    No, just need to work full time and achieve a certain number of hours.
  2. If I imported my application to my immi account, would this cause any access problems for my agent? Just wanted to have some control with my application.
  3. Hi all If I import my application to my account so I can also be updated, would this be a problem with the agent? Like access on his side?
  4. jdiane

    Any offshore 190 been granted recently?

    Same situation. The processing time has been dropped to 5-6 months, hoping this includes offshore visas and newly lodged applications. Fingers crossed!
  5. jdiane

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    Unfortunately, Chef is under review for WA. And I'm loosing 10pts bec. of age in October. So my chances are getting slim. I think my best option is to take this invite now and exit. I have applied for BVB and hoping they'd grant it for a year. My friend in the same situation got her BVB approved for a year, so my hopes are up. Thank you everyone for the information. It sucks to be in this situation after working so hard to be invited but nobody ever expected the virus to happen. Just have to hope all of this would be over soon.
  6. jdiane

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    I was sponsored by WA. I emailed WA Migration services of the possibility of extending the validity but was told there was nothing they could do as it has already been passed on to DoHA. I hope WA can decide soon as my invite expires on 18th May and flights are getting cancelled. This means I have to book 10 days before if anything happens to booked flights.
  7. jdiane

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    Well, that sums it up then. It's how another agent explained to me, didn't bother looking it up because the end game is the same. Thanks for clarifying. Go home it is
  8. jdiane

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    Thanks, spent almost two months looking and reading around but it is the same response. The only way could have been for the sponsoring state to extend the validity of the invite, but was told once it goes thru skill select, it is all through DoHA now. Rang DoHA about it and was told there was no procedure in place to do so. It would have been great if they raised this to higher authority but I doubt they'd care. Question though, is the validity of an invite stated in the Migration Laws? Just wondering if this is a policy (like 8503) which can be waived?
  9. jdiane

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    Thanks, unfortunately most have said there's nothing that can be done and you have to exit. Because this is a legislation and can only be changed thru passing of new legislation to counter it. Unless anyone from our good MAs can say something otherwise. Tasmania and Qld are processing things as is and nothing can be done, besides letting the invite go and wait to be invited again. I can't let this invite go as Chef is under review for WA plus age too. Time can only tell when they're removing the occupation from the list. It's suicide to go home, but I guess the only hope is they process the visa soon.
  10. jdiane

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    Yes, I will hold off as long as I can. but I only have 50 days left to decide. If i let this go, i do not know if I will ever be invited again. =(
  11. jdiane

    Borders closed/ Section 48

    So I have gotten my final invite for 190. Problem is, borders are closed and I'm on appeal from a previous visa refusal and qualify for Section 48. Anyone on the same boat? If I go out now, won't be able to come back till this blows over. I'd loose my job, and just moved to a rental home with 1 year contract. I still have less than two months to figure things out, hoping some miracle will happen. How do I try convince DHA to waive section 48 as this virus was never expected to happen? I feel like I'd put myself more in danger by forcing myself out of the country. Tough times.
  12. jdiane

    Pearson’s English test overall score

    E2 Language also helped me a lot with PTE. Try doing a mock exam too.
  13. jdiane

    Job Ready Program for CHEF

    I work with a Chef who works on a casual basis and has been doing his JRP. He is just waiting to do step 3 now. I believe as long as you are able to perform the job description then you may do it on a casual job. Just make sure you get the hours continuously atleast.
  14. Has anyone who has been invited took this test? Any insights would be very helpful. tia
  15. jdiane

    Chef Job Ready Program

    As long as you have other equipments that's fine. Every restaurant is different as is every menu.