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  1. PickledRic

    491 visa processing time

    It doesn’t clarify unfortunately but I imagine it probably is.
  2. PickledRic

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Just thought I’d do another update! We lodged our visa on the 12th February and had our medicals on the 19th which were uploaded the day after with no issues or further actions (thankfully! Was actually quite nerve wracking having a medical haha) We’re all paid up etc. And our immi account is now showing a processing time of 38-41 days so we should have a grant by end of March/beginning of April all being well! They really do seem to be prioritising the 491 based on how quick everything has been so far. Will keep updating as things progress, hopefully it’s useful to anyone going through the process currently
  3. PickledRic

    491 visa processing time

    Hi, just thought I’d let you know that on my immi account it says the processing time is 38-41 days.
  4. PickledRic

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Thought I’d keep the thread updated; our QLD 491 nomination got approved yesterday so we’re just starting to lodge it officially now! Very exciting and it’s all been so quick up to press. The nomination has been approved three days before the two weeks to lodge was up! Here’s hoping the next process is as quick!
  5. PickledRic

    494 Visa help

    Basically it's an employer sponsored visa so you'll need to find an employer in Oz to sponsor you, see the link for more info: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-employer-sponsored-regional-494
  6. PickledRic

    Subclass 491- Skilled work regional visa

    Hi, Well you need to know whether your skill is on the skills list first of all; each state has different criteria and different skills list for the 491 so you need to decide which state you want to live in and check you’re on their list and meet their criteria. Your skill needs to be assessed before you can apply and if you need registration for example teaching registration you ideally need that beforehand. Skills assessment can take a long time so don’t put an EOI in before you have this as it will just get refused when you can’t provide the positive assessment. When you put your EOI in you need to specify one state, if you choose ‘any’ you’ll likely never be picked but just take a look at each states migration pages and go from there.
  7. PickledRic

    Subclass 491- Skilled work regional visa

    Hi Elle_Lu, I’ve just received a state invitation for the 491 for QLD so still very early on in the process but so far it’s all pretty much what I expected. I think the most important thing is to be patient, the waiting is torture but in the long run when I think about it I didn’t even wait that long, think it was only about 9 weeks. Also don’t be afraid to contact people and ask what’s happening and for updates etc. It doesn’t affect your application negatively and it can help sometimes just having contact with someone who knows what they’re doing. I’m not using an agent and I think it’s something for each individual to decide; we felt we’d rather save the money for when we got there and actually the process hasn’t been *that* difficult, all the info is online nowadays anyway you just have to dedicate a lot of time to piece it together.
  8. PickledRic

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Thank you, yes we're ecstatic about it, we've wanted to live in Australia since we were kids so as cheesy as it is this really is a dream come true for us I'm surprised about the 491, especially as for most states you can live pretty much anywhere like you said and the earnings things doesn't make much difference to us (hopefully) as the average salaries for both of our jobs is quite a bit higher so fingers crossed we find something. We're planning on living in the Caloundra area but honestly it's so hard to choose considering all of QLD looks stunning, we both have jobs that will be pretty much anywhere and we're just happy to be out there! Any tips or suggestions on good areas for two young people who like outdoorsy stuff, not too bothered about night life etc. and prefer quieter spaces rather than bigger cosmopolitan areas would be much appreciated!
  9. PickledRic

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Just thought I’d update; two days ago I put in a separate EOI for the 491 for Queensland as I wasn’t wholly convinced that if you’d applied for the 190 and 491 together they would consider you and I must be right because we got an invite this morning for the 491 that I submitted two days ago! So super happy, we really didn’t think we’d get an invite with the competition being so fierce but yey!!
  10. PickledRic

    491 grant

    Ahhh that’s amazing! Huge congrats! 🥳 That’s so quick, you must be so chuffed to have it all done and dusted
  11. PickledRic

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Hi guys, just thought I'd do a little update on things! Still haven't heard back from QCT about teacher registration, they've accepted all the documents so hopefully this should come through in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we also decided to apply for the 491 visa for South Australia. Secondary School Teacher is on the supplementary skills list and is available if you have high points - we are classed as high pointers with 95 so could apply under this criteria. No idea if we'll get nominated by SA but we paid up and applied anyway. Our reasons for applying for SA alongside QLD are that the release of the allocated visas to each state indicates that QLD only have 1000 491's to give out compared to SA which has about 3,500 - we figured more opportunity potentially with SA and we really aren't fussy about states, sounds cheesy but honestly all of Australia is beautiful and we'd just be happy to be there. Hopefully we get one of the two but I'll keep everyone updated!
  12. PickledRic

    QCT Teacher registration.

    Hi Eddie, I got it certified and sent off the copy, it didn’t request an original and I figured it would be good to keep hold of for the visa application etc.
  13. PickledRic

    QCT Teacher registration.

    Yeah we’re fine with the 491, it’s a good option and they have more spaces available meaning more chances of us getting one! Hows your application going for the 190? Has it continued to go quite quick for you? I read on a different site that all the 190s have been issued but obviously have no idea whether this is true. I also read that 491s have been issued to onshore people which leads me to think the 190s are all done maybe? The 491 is still open for QLD
  14. PickledRic

    QCT Teacher registration.

    This is what I’ve seen too. i think they are definitely prioritising onshore first which does seem to make sense to be fair. We’ve got our EOI in for the 189 but obviously have no chance with that, and then put our EOI’s in for QLD when it opened for both the 190 and 491. I’m thinking it’s likely to be the 491 for us if any but we’re not fussy, we can easily meet the criteria to then go for the following visa to get PR. Just have no idea when they’ll start inviting offshore and what this will look like!
  15. PickledRic

    QCT Teacher registration.

    Ah gosh that's so frustrating, at least it's almost done now thought. I'm hoping once the reg comes through we'll get an invite but as you said, we have no idea what's going on. I know some people have received 190 and even 491 invites from QLD but it does seem they are prioritising onshore at the moment; fingers crossed the new year will mean lots of invites!!