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  1. PickledRic

    SIM card

    We quarantined in Sydney and they actually gave us a couple of free SIM cards on arrival at the airport which was really handy! Not sure if all the states do this though.
  2. PickledRic

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    Thank you quarantine has been relatively easy so far, we’re on day 7 now! we’ve been really lucky and got a spot in a hotel with beautiful views over the harbour and the opera house! We arrived and checked in the very early hours of Wednesday morning; I believe we will be allowed to leave on the Wednesday in the morning, technically we will have done 14 sleeps as we went to bed as soon as we got here. I hope everything goes well for you
  3. PickledRic

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    We initially had flights booked a couple of months in advance with virgin but they were to fly via Hong Kong and got cancelled. We booked our flights with Etihad about two weeks in advance. They cost about £6.5k for the two of us flying economy but we felt that the cheaper ones with other companies were probably not going to happen and we were more likely to get bumped off. Plus we basically flew business class because we had so much space!
  4. PickledRic

    Flights to Australia - reliability?

    We booked direct via Etihad Airways and our flights went ahead on Monday 22nd Feb into Sydney. We’re currently in quarantine and will be heading over to QLD when we can. The flights were great; we had a whole row of seats to ourselves so we could sleep. We flew via Abu Dhabi. No issues at all. Would definitely recommend. Etihad also offer full refunds/free changes to tickets and you have COVID insurance so if you test positive prior to your flight you can rearrange free of charge.
  5. PickledRic

    Best airline to use

    I am flying out with Etihad on the 22nd Feb - From London transit via Abu Dhabi and land in Sydney. Hopefully should be on the flight considering the cost but who knows if we'll get bumped!
  6. PickledRic

    Travel Exemption HELP!

    Hi everyone, I’m just looking for a bit of advice on a travel exemption application I currently have open, I’ll give some background info first: 491 visa granted March 2020 based on partners skills - secondary school teacher. Obviously corona is here and our plans to travel to Oz in September were scuppered but I’m not one to give up! Ive secured a job in Australia as a mental health practitioner so have applied for a travel exemption for me and my partner on the basis of critical skills. I supplied as much evidence as I had available at the time (it all happened quite quick). They have since come back and asked for some more evidence, one being the contract which is no problem but the other is a supporting letter from the employer about why my partner should be exempt. I have no idea what they are expecting an employer to say about that, does anyone have any idea what they’re looking for? I have provided financial evidence as well which suggests we have more than enough money for a year unemployed in Australia but they still want the employer one for him? Thanks in advance!
  7. I get the impression the refunds won’t apply to the 489/491 visas as these aren’t technically temporary visas. I find it hard to believe they will refund the £3500 I paid for the visa. I also don’t think I would be able to apply for a further skilled visa as it’s likely the skills list is going to change and I won’t be eligible. It’s all a bit of a shit show in my opinion.
  8. I’m with you on this. I have a 491 visa which replaced the 489. Was sold as a provisional visa, grants basically save rights as a permanent resident and is a pathway to PR. Same process as applying for a 190 or 189 and same price. I obviously understand the current situation and the restrictions and that citizens are struggling to return home. However, my concern is that time is ticking on my visa and I don’t trust that Australia won’t just turn around and tell us it’s a bit tough luck when we can’t fill the criteria and that’s thousands of pounds and a whole lot of time down wasted. I feel really disgusted to be honest at how migrants have been treated with no inclination of when things might resume. It’s almost like they don’t give a crap that this is people’s whole lives. It’s really upsetting So yes. Power in numbers. Although budget is being announced tomorrow, maybe we’ll get a mention then but I’m not holding my breath.
  9. PickledRic

    491 visa and coronavirus

    I agree with you. I feel like we’ve been completely forgotten about! I just wish we could get a mention at some point and say ‘yep, we know you exist, here’s what we’re thinking of next year or whenever for you guys to be able to come in.’
  10. PickledRic

    491 visa and coronavirus

    It’s enough to make me want to challenge it but I doubt I’d get anywhere and I doubt many people would have any sympathy at the moment with everything going on I just feel very frustrated that the visa we fought so hard to get isn’t worth anything. The fact that people can still travel to Australia because they have a PR visa feels very unfair especially when for many, it’s their first visit. But I guess that’s life!
  11. PickledRic

    491 visa and coronavirus

    Oh dear Surely they can’t keep existing visa holders out though? I understand not granting any new ones but I really feel like the people who have a visa that’s not PR at the moment are being totally shafted. The 491 especially was sold as basically an equivalent but with a pathway to PR. I can’t believe I paid so much money and spent so much time on a visa that’s not worth anything at all and we’re being treated so differently even though the application process was literally the same. I hope that things change over the coming months and the government allows some visa holders in!
  12. PickledRic

    491 visa and coronavirus

    Thanks both for your responses! Its very disappointing that our visa means we can’t enter, especially as time is of the essence in a way with it only being a 5 year visa. If the borders don’t open until next year we will only have 3.5 years and the criteria to be eligible for PR is already quite tough. Feeling very deflated
  13. PickledRic

    491 visa and coronavirus

    Hi everyone just checking in! Just wondered what people’s thoughts are on the 491 visa and chances of getting to Australia this year? I know Qantas have said no real travel Until next year and Scott Morrison has said no international travel until July 2021. With the same token though there’s been talk about allowing international students and ‘long term visitors’. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is likely to come to fruition? We know QLD are charging for quarantine and are happy to pay for it, we absolutely expect to have this cost given the situation and we’re pleased they’ve done this as maybe it means it will open up to other people? Any thoughts appreciated!
  14. PickledRic

    Secondary Teacher Help

    Just with AITSL, the states don’t assess your teaching qualification, but they require you to have the certificate from AITSL. But before you lodge an EOI, provided you’re successful with AITSL, you need to check you meet the other specified criteria given by whichever state you’re applying to otherwise there’s no point lodging the EOI.
  15. PickledRic

    Secondary Teacher Help

    No, for the 491 Queensland you didn’t need a job offer they just wanted you to be registered with the QLD teaching board and have 3+ years of experience. I think the starting point is getting your skills assessed and then consider your options from there as like others have said; each state has its own criteria so you’ll have to pick which ones you’re eligible for.