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  1. louisella

    Family sponsored 489 queries

    HI – could someone please help with some queries regarding the 489 family sponsored visa I’m worried as I’ve read that solicitors are on the flagged list for possible removal so if we don’t apply soon (well once my husband has a positive skills assessment) we could to lose the opportunity. However at it stands, points wise, the above visa looks to be our only option (not ideal at all I know). I’m just trying to get an idea of timescales as we’re not in a position to move for a couple of years yet. 1. If we submitted an EOI before the new SOL is published in July and solicitor is removed, does that mean we’re automatically excluded or would they still consider applications submitted before? 2. Does anyone know how long family sponsored applications take (if it makes a difference it would be for WA)? I know there is a lengthy wait but that’s ok for us 3. If, for example, the visa was granted on 1st Jan 2017, does that mean we can live and work in Australia for 4 years from that date? So if we only moved over on say 1st Jan 2018, we’d only be able to stay for 3 years? I know with permanent visas you can validate your visa first (I think within the first 12 months?) but then you have 5 years in which to make the actual move. Am I right in thinking none of this applies for the 489 family sponsored?
  2. louisella


    I wish! Sadly I'll have to make do with watching it on BT Sport - as if that's not bad enough, my subscription only applies to my phone so can only watch it on a rubbish tiny screen. I did go to Silverstone this year though so can't complain too much :cute:
  3. grrr eBay buyers - why buy something if you have no intention of actually following through with the sale. I've been trying to get hold of someone for a few days now to arrange payment and collection and they're ignoring my messages. I can see they've been active since as they've left feedback etc for others - so annoying
  4. louisella


    I've been riding pillion for about 5 years on hubby's numerous bikes but last month finally got round to getting my own license. Now I'm out and about I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. This is my girl, we're hoping for some sunny days in Devon
  5. louisella

    what are you doing right now?

    Diva sounds just like mine (Huey) - he's pepper white with the black bonnet stripes...and a Union Jack rear view mirror
  6. louisella

    what are you doing right now?

    Ah probably not I'd really love an old VW Beetle but think I need to hold fire on that one for now
  7. Before I got my license, I had it in my head that I'd go up in smaller stages but I did the DAS training and test on a 600cc and found it a lot better to handle than I thought I would so it made sense to keep to something similar. Just had a look at the tours and they're not currently doing them which is a shame
  8. louisella

    what are you doing right now?

    It's a new one (2014) - I love the old ones but I need the space the new ones have for work
  9. I must admit as a first bike I couldn't have asked for better - I haven't done the tour, will have to look into that, I love watching how things are made (geek alert but I don't care :biglaugh:)
  10. louisella

    what are you doing right now?

    I love my Mini too - brilliant cars
  11. Thanks Dom - couldn't believe it when the examiner told me I'd passed :jiggy:She's a 675 Street Triple RX, still don't have a name for her yet though! xx
  12. Been a busy couple of weeks so haven't been on here much- the good news is I passed my bike test last week so now have a fully fledged license :jiggy: ..the bad news, it's been a very expensive few days because of this little baby... :cute: I just need a name for her now
  13. 1. Does anyone know whether all states will mark the same i.e. if we applied to NSW for an assessment, are they likely to come back with the same results? 2. Say husband studies the units specified by WA, is admitted and gains a positive skills assessment, if we then opt for the 190 state sponsored visa, are we restricted to only being able to apply to WA or can we use that positive skills assement for other states (e.g. NSW). I think previously it used to be that in order to practice in other states you had to be admitted to them individually (in addition to the state you were currently practising in) however I'm sure I read somewhere that this had been abolished.
  14. louisella

    what are you doing right now?

    ah hope you're on the mend soon xx
  15. louisella

    what are you doing right now?

    That's so sad Tink, some people just seem to get a kick out of playing horrible power games. Hope you're ok x
  16. Oh how frustrating and what a tool for not taking everything with him, it's pretty important! Hope you manage to get it sorted out pretty quickly xx
  17. louisella

    looking for a quality radio station ( in the u.k ) ?

    If you can download the app for Tune In Radio you can listen to it through that (and Radio X)
  18. louisella

    looking for a quality radio station ( in the u.k ) ?

    I love Absolute – really good music. Radio X play some brilliant music too however it’s now sadly tarnished with Chris Moyles and Vernon Kay being on there although Johnny Vaughan on the way home is a good listen. I've come across some really good new bands through that station
  19. louisella

    what are you doing right now?

    I'd love to watch the motogp there one day
  20. Any news? Keeping fingers crossed for you! x
  21. louisella

    Choosing Not To Have Children

    I can definitely relate to that! At least when my cats wake me up at 5am I know I can give them their breakfast and happily go back to sleep :laugh: We're perfectly (purrfectly?...groan!) happy being pet parents
  22. That's fair enough - hope work picks up for you soon hon xx
  23. Thanks @Libbyella , it seems like the solicitor route is one of the hardest (and most expensive) to go down. Re appealing I’m not sure whether that was directed more for Peachy as she seems to have more post qualified experience than my husband however I think it’s worth looking into for him. He's on 1PQE so it may not make any difference but he’s due to complete his civil higher rights in the next few weeks so whether that will have any consideration over the Civil Procedure unit I don’t know. We had included it in the paperwork but as he hadn’t actually sat the exam at that time they may have felt they needed to included the unit (this is just me hazarding a guess!) I've read that too about issues re submitting the EOI prior to admission (it may well have been your post or perhaps on a different forum) When are you due to complete your modules?
  24. @Dom Churchill - how did your laser thing go?? well i hope xx