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  1. Keith and Linda

    Donald Trump acts on Gun Control

    Except for all the red flag men which can't walk at 5mph!
  2. Keith and Linda

    Visiting the motherland

    It's not basic insurance Captain R, but as you say one does need covering for when in transit, we had cause to use ours once in Zurich had to turn the plane around and emergency surgery a few hours later, all those and associated hotel travel costs covered by credit card insurance. Any pre-existing conditions need to be declared and may be covered but extra payment may also be required for this too.
  3. Keith and Linda

    what are you doing right now?

    You've tasted all three?
  4. Keith and Linda

    I know no one will care but...........

    I think you will change your way of thinking when the time gets nearer for you simmo. Though nice of you to believe that I will be going up and not down simmo!
  5. Keith and Linda

    Quality of life for kids

    If your rafts were anything like ours then you had to swim in the canal...............fishing with your little wire hooped net on a piece of bamboo, jam jar with string handle throw in a piece of water weed, 4 hours later you have three stickle back in the jar, declare yourself the best fisherman and throw stones in next to your mates fishing spot.
  6. Keith and Linda

    Quality of life for kids

    I did that too (as well as many other things) on the Leeds Liverpool canal, the Kirkstall and Burley section in Leeds, where was your section?
  7. Keith and Linda

    I know no one will care but...........

    Super should be OK Bob, financially though I would obviously better off to stay working, but I no longer enjoy working (the health and safety thing has taken away most of the enjoyment), so I need to get my enjoyment of life back. Plus my UK gov pension will kick-in in 3 years time which should top up the super pension. Let the good times roll (again).
  8. Keith and Linda

    Visiting the motherland

    Do you have travel insurance included with your credit card? that's all we use for world wide travel.
  9. Keith and Linda

    I know no one will care but...........

    Drinks and a steak on the company tonight as it is my last day at work tomorrow over 15yrs with the company - a record for me - it will be a little bit sad but exciting too for what the next phase of my life brings. Fly out on Tuesday for 4 months so effectively signing out of this forum for that time, so I wish all (friends and foes alike) a safe and happy life, also sending get well and stay well wishes to Kate. Regards Keith. PS I will be experiencing brexit first hand so will give an account of my observations and experiences in a few months time!
  10. Keith and Linda

    Post a random picture of your day

    Mine would, of course, when the time comes have several such ladies!
  11. Keith and Linda

    Post a random picture of your day

    Mmmmmmmmmmm this is a brewery!
  12. Keith and Linda

    Photos from your garden

    Our first Bird of paradise at our new (to us) home
  13. Keith and Linda

    The all new Joke Thread! ? ?

    Three old ladies sat on a park bench when a man wearing a raincoat stands in front of them whips open the raincoat and flashes at them, well two of the old ladies had a stroke the other could not quite reach.
  14. Keith and Linda

    Brain games

    how should the last picture in the sequence look when completed ?
  15. Keith and Linda

    Brain games

    Sydney should be the capital fair and square!