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  1. bristolman

    The weather ?

  2. bristolman

    Winter Paralympic coverage

    Yeah a bit of a myth really, there seems to be lots that like to watch sport but not so much participating, much like here really.
  3. bristolman

    Quality of life for kids

    Yes I agree entirely, certainly in the 80s it was pretty much guaranteed that winter would be winter.
  4. bristolman

    Quality of life for kids

    Yes exactly right, recent winters have been ridiculously mild, I had shorts on into December which would have been unheard of in years gone by. Even this winter overall hasn't been bad as you know, apart from the recent snow It's been another mild one.
  5. bristolman

    Winter Paralympic coverage

    Very true, can't argue with that.
  6. As I say we van only speak about our own èxperiences, my GP in Brisbane took a year almost go the day to diagnose a herniated disc. Our GP here has been brilliant. It' our experience and the only one we can comment on.
  7. bristolman

    Chunky children.

    Haha, my wife keeps saying where are all these fat kids we keep hearing about ?
  8. bristolman

    Chunky children.

    Why don't we have the choice of using an ANGRY reaction to a post ?
  9. Of course, I can only comment on my own experiences. Our experiences in a large city (Brisbane) was very different and probably 50% positive at best. When someone says 'in the UK you have to wait months for this' or similar comments nothing is said, it's just accepted as applying to the whole country but because we have had good experiences it is questioned. Many of our recent experiences have been in Cheltenham so not really rural.
  10. bristolman

    Chunky children.

    Thanks Doc, what would we do without your sage advice ?
  11. bristolman

    Quality of life for kids

    Yes absolutely. Years ago winters were guaranteed to be cold and icy for months and months, now it seems if you get a cold month it's unusual. This recent snow and cold is just not what we have become used to.
  12. bristolman

    Quality of life for kids

    As I keep saying people can only comment on where they live. You can expect people to say it's a lovely day here but 80 miles North apparently it's raining.
  13. bristolman

    Chunky children.

    Are you in the medical profession Parley ? I only ask as you seem to know all about medical conditions and are able to diagnose issues via a forum. You were afterall able to tell me I was obese without even seeing me ?
  14. bristolman

    Winter Paralympic coverage

    Seems to be hugely popular here and the coverage is very comprehensive, we have watched quite a bit. Perhaps Australia isn't expected to do very well so no need to cover it ?
  15. bristolman

    UK plug removal??

    Bloody hell I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday lol