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Found 149 results

  1. Peach

    State of the NHS

    I was shocked to see the experiences of two friends at NHS hospitals 50 miles apart this week. What has happened since I left to make things this bad? (Realise not everyone will share the same experiences).
  2. Hello everyone,I lodged my visa application on 22 May and a week later CO asked for medical and police check.I did my medical check on 14 June.But There is no news from CO yet.And I still waiting .My visa type is 190 and I have victoria state sponsorship and I applied as human resource manager,anyone here has same experience as me????
  3. Hi all, I need to apply for my Australian citizenship. However, it appears I've lost my British passport. I seriously don't have the money to pay for both a citizenship ($230) and a new British passport ($270) what with being a poor uni student and all. Does anyone know if passports are absolutely required? If so, I'm in a spot of bother.
  4. n1amh

    13,moving to VIC

    i am 13 and moving to Melbourne. it is more than likely i will be moving to berwick areas. Firstly,i would like to know what year i will be in for school. If i move in the UK's summer i will be 14,so i dont know if i will be in year 9 or year 10. Secondly,i would just like to talk to some aged 12-15 who has experiences moving to Australia, so that it will help make me feel more confident and comfortable about making new friends and starting a new school etc. PLEASE reply!! thanks x
  5. cartertucker

    Help from Tradies please ~ Worried

    We have validated our visas & are due to be moving to WA (Nor) toward the end of this year (Sep+) However, after our validation trip (In Feb this year) my Husband, who is a roofer, has serious concerns about working outside on a roof in the blistering heat :shocked: We knew that Australia gets hot.....But actually experiencing high 30's was a real reality check :wacko: Would be great to hear from anyone that emigrated & now works outside....As the concerns are really making us have a good think :idea: Many thanks :wubclub:
  6. brettjordan22


    just about to start my application for a 176 visa but im worried i might not be able to get one! i was charged with common assault about 4 years ago and last year i was given a caution for possesion of a class A substance but never had to go to court. could anyone give me any information?
  7. raveenasultan

    Question about RSMS visa

    Hi everyone, I'm a little confused on the whole Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa issue at the moment? are the Oz immigration completely getting rid of this option permanently or are they just stopping new applications being lodged temporarily? :err:
  8. As I'm 16, and we have medicals up'n'coming on Monday... what do I need to expect? Chest x-rays probably right but that's ok I'm cool with a bit of radiation 'n all that but does it require any of the following for a 16 year old "young man" such as myself? (if either are the case it'll be the worst day of my week for sure!!): - undressing - blood tests (MORE concerned bout that I HATE HATE HATE NEEDLES but if it gets me into Aus I MIGHT be a little more willing but STILL I hope it doesn't!!) Bare in mind: 175 skilled independent migrant (permanent residency) :unsure:
  9. The Expat Explorer Survey focuses on expats’ experiences when bringing up children abroad. The report looks at which focuses on six key global locations the best opportunities and experiences for their children. Expats rated childcare, education, ease of integration, costs of raising children, time spent outside, and time spent taking part in outdoor activities. In addition, they also rated the relative ease in which they were able to do the following in their new country of residence. Read The Full Report Here Expat Survey Full Report Key findings One in three of the expats surveyed (31%) have dependent children (children under the age of 18) living with them abroad in a total of 26 different countries around the world. Of the top six countries (UAE, US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia), expats in Singapore are the most likely to have children who currently live with them (46%), while just a quarter (24%) of expats in the UK have dependent children. Generally, 37% of expats have experienced an increase in the quality of family life since moving abroad. Of the top six countries, Australia had the largest proportion of expat parents (55%) who reported an improvement in the quality of family life compared with where they used to live. Some expats reported that moving to the UK can have a negative effect on their family life – 45% reported a decline in quality compared with only 16% who reported an improvement. Australia Takes Best Overall for Children Of those countries surveyed as part of the Offshore Offspring report, expats living in Australia feel the country provides the best environment for healthy and active children. For example, parents report that these children are the most likely to spend more time outdoors than in their previous country. Children in Australia are more likely to have increased the amount of time spent playing sports (68% vs. 44% globally) and are also the most likely to spend less time watching TV and to eat healthily when compared with their home country; making Australia the best place for children to adopt a healthy way of living. Read The Full Report Here Expat Survey Full Report
  10. Guest

    Very worried

    Hi All, Havent posted on here for quite some time as have been settling in. Long story short we havent settled in and we are considering, actually we are not considering, we ARE moving from Tasmania and onto the mainland (long story for another thread). Dilemma is, work for me is looking like Sydney prob over towards Randwick/Coogee/Bondi direction so we are obviously looking at rentals. Shock, horror at the prices and the system (having read all the threads on here). We could not afford a house in those areas and no agent would consider us anyway... we have 3 dogs. That is a huge issue and the thought of trying to find somewhere is making me very panicky. We live in a beautiful beachside location here and our dogs have fabulous freedom. But cant base my future entirely on my dogs happiness here. Need to find a good "dog friendly" suburb thats a do-able commute and we will be looking for a private landlord I think, we wouldnt even get a look-in with the agents. They are mostly an unscrupulous breed that I would rather avoid, much better to deal directly with landlord. Any thoughts, help, guidance... wisdom? Thank you all :wink:
  11. doing a geographical

    457 to 856 or Perth SS? worried :-/

  12. Has anyone got an idea of how common it is that customs might refuse you? My second Working holiday Visa is nearly running out, I applied for the 676 onshore but got refused, and now I'm considering to take a trip to NZ for a few days. I know about the fact that you need to have an ongoing flight. I really like to spend christmas here with my friends and I have got enough funds to support myself and fly back home (Holland) after christmas. I'm about to make the decision to get rid of my rental apartment or take the risk of keeping it till I'm back in the country. I would really like to have a place to come home to if customs do let me cross the boarder. Any ideas? And what would you do in my situation? Move out of the apartment or take the risk? Thanks in advance!
  13. Guest


    I have my medical next month and am really worried about being overweight, i feel i am quite fit go to the gym twice a week but am probably 3/4 stone overweight. my blood pressure is normal. Will this stop me passing my medical. Please HELP !
  14. hi im 13 and moving to melborne. im really exited but woried about settling in because i dont know anyone :unsure:
  15. Guest

    Worried about my cat!

    Hi, I am moving to Perth and the start of November with my girlfriend and our cat. I was initially worried that my cat wouldn’t handle the heat but the vets seems to think that she will adapt to the heat fine. But now I’m worried about the game she like to play...she likes to hunt moths and spiders then brings then into the house and flicks them all over the place until either they escape our I save them! Obviously this game is not so harmless in oz and I was wondering if anyone else has cat liked to play similar games and what did you do to protect them? Thanks in advance! Tosh (on behalf of kike)
  16. ........ What an idiot I've been, all these years and decades wasted at the end of the world when I could still have been working as a clerk with Hampshire County Council, - in my 36th year now, just imagine! Almost 40 years and still just turned 60! Think of all the holidays to Benidorm, Salou, Magaluf & Torremolinos I've missed out on. Why didn't I pay attention to important things like the cost of living, the exchange rate, the distance, warm beer, thatched cottages, blackbirds, bluebells & ASDA? I could have saved myself such pain. Why didn't some kind soul back in 1978 give me the 100 good reasons not to go to Australia! Now I am Damned, in Purgatory, with nothing but the pit to look forward to!
  17. Hi All, I'm starting to get a little concerned about the cost of living in Oz and just wanting some advice and someone to ease my mind! I have looked at all the bills we pay here in the UK and then all the bills we would have to pay in Oz. Apart from the odd one or two things (for example fuel) everything else seems to be more expensive in Oz! I know there are some things we would save on (do not have to have MOT each year) but this is give and take as there are also extra bills (for example health insurance) that we would have to pay down under. I have looked at wages and if I work in the same sort of job and the same hours in Oz as I do here in the UK then I would earn double what I earn now so I guess this evens everything out... But i'm still worried! Advice and reassurance needed please. Sue :confused: Ps: This is what I have estimated that we would pay in Oz per year for some bills (in £'s not $) - Gas & Elec: £1700, Rent: £12000, Council Rates: £1000, Home Ins: £600, Car Tax (for 2 cars) £250, Health Insurance: £2000, Equivalent of Sky TV: £850, Water Rates: £450. Do you think I have budgeted enough or too much??? Also, does anyone know if you have to have a TV licence in Oz - Can't seem to find this info on the internet.
  18. dinkydoo

    Worried now :(

    My husbands medicals were referred and he has been asked to go "for further medicals checks" we have just recieved the email describing what he has to do... He had issues with alcohol a few years back and we wanted to be honest and declared them on the medical forms, he now abstains from alcohol altogether, but they want him to attend another medical with a psychiatrist. This is an extra cost but they main worry is that we may not get our visa because of this. Feeling very frustrated this morning.....................................:arghh:
  19. Hiya, Just wondering If I can get some solution to this query from this wonderful forum. just to brief you all, My Friend & her OH have 176 granted in Nov 2009. However, the main applicant ( my frd) moved along with her hubby to UK in Aug 2009 ( after resigning her job). However, she updated the DIAC with change in Address ( new address in the UK) via email to her CO & their visa is granted in nov 2009 & they both have validated the visa as well. Now, they have a baby born in the UK and recently applied for Child visa for their baby & presently she is not working. Having said this my friend is extremly worried that she missed/ forgot mentioning to DIAC that she resigned the job in August 2009 ( before the visa was approved). can comeone suggest what needs to be her next step? Does she has to mention now? doe this effect the Child visa for her baby? :confused: Cheers! Ash
  20. yumimumi

    ? visa revoked. very worried

    hi just want a bit of advice we have been granted a 175 visa and are flying to Sydney on 9 October. My OH is a boilermaker by trade and is hopefully wanting to get a job on a FIFO in WA. The other day he had a text message from a bloke claiming to be from a well known company offering a possible position on a FIFO. My OH had an apparant phone interview last week, where a "scottish bloke" interviewed him, one of the first questions asked were "DO YOU TAKE DRUGS", my OH admitted to smoking cannabis ten years ago, which we didnt think would be a problem, but now the supposed employer have text him stating that due to this admission the application for the job has failed, this information would be passed on to the australian embassy and may jeopardise our visa application. My OH was jubious about the initial job offer due to the fact, it seemed to good to be true, money wise $72. I didnt think employers could access information from the australian embassy about tradesmen coming into oz, but when my OH asked where the company had obtained his telephone number from and details, he was told by the Embassy. We are concerned now that this will affect us getting to OZ. Any advise would be great please. Regards Nicola x
  21. Hi, i have just qualified as a registerd Nurse, i am going to perth on a graduate program. I sent all documents to the nmbwa and i recieved an email today, stating they could not process my application untill they had recieved a letter from an employer, stating when i started work as a registered nurse. However i have no employer as i have just qualified and wont have one untill i get to perth. I have already sent them a reference from my university but i guess this is not enough. has anyone had this problem. I will ring them on monday but i am very worried as we are all ready to go (house sold etc). Thanx for any reply.
  22. Hi everyone, Myself and my partner are currently compiling our De Facto Partner Visa. I am looking for advice and ANY opinions anyone has on our situation. Details are as follows: I am from Scotland and i immigrated to Australia in 2006 with my family, so i hold a permanent resident visa. I comeback to the UK in April 2007. Then i met my partner and it all changed to today's situation. Met my partner in my home town - April 2009 Moved in together - January 2010 - I moved in with my partner but i was not on the lease Decided we wanted to live together in Australia - September 2010 I moved back to Australia - April 2011 - Partner is still in the UK and hoping to come out with the visa whilst she finishes completing her college course and saves money. I am working away and now have the money to pay for our visa. Evidence: I have various letters with my name at her address, car insurance, hospital, bank statements, holiday itineries etc wide selection of photos with friends together lots of stat decs from friends and family very detailed statutory declarations from when we met joint bank account opened in April 2011 Looking at the above, the application looks very weak but our statutory declaration is a fantastic love story that makes all of the above make so much sense! I don't want to be here in Australia if i can't have my girl here with me :unsure:
  23. Hi all, I'm reading an article online in the age at the moment "immigration numbers plummet by half". Anyway, the article is taking about immigration being down, the skills shortage etc....it's the comments section at the bottom that worries me. Most people that have commented say there isn't a skills shortage and are in favour of immigration being cut, that they don't want the country growing anymore, lack of space, resources and immigrants taking jobs that should be for their children. Have any of you in Oz experienced negativity at being an immigrant or is it something you worry about? We were there from 2004 to 2006 and we got the backpacker tag in Sydney so left and went to Melbourne, but that was it. I know things have changed since then, but do you think it's something to be concerned about? Also, do you think there is geniune skills shortage?
  24. Guest


    Hi, i'm Zoe 14 my sister Alana 10 and my brother Jake 9. My sister and i are getting really worried about our move to Adelaide and would really like to talk to other kids our age that are moving or have already made the move.Alana is worried about making friends and settling into a new school.:unsure:
  25. Hi Just wondered if anyone in there forties is worried about getting a mortgage etc in Oz? If for example you are 45/6 now surely the MOST would be a 15year mortgage. Anyone a bit worried about starting from scratch at this age? Love to hear thoughts from someone who has done it in their 40's and how it is going? worried grainne