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Found 72 results

  1. Peach

    State of the NHS

    I was shocked to see the experiences of two friends at NHS hospitals 50 miles apart this week. What has happened since I left to make things this bad? (Realise not everyone will share the same experiences).
  2. whoiam

    Really gutted.

    I had an email yesterday from a lady I had contacted about a job back in march. She wondered if I was still interested and if I'd like to send my CV in as they were very interested. Back then I had expected to be in Sydney by july. They are interviewing from this friday. I just had a chat with her this morning and feel really gutted. They had hoped I would have already been in Sydney by now and hence the invite.They need someone to start within the next two weeks!. :cry::cry::cry:
  3. stevie ellis

    getting sad

    ma 2 lads are both oot and a thought mrs e wud be up for a bit o :Randy-git:kane fit like its nae often we get a couple o oors tae oor sels in the hoose but nah its nae happening:arghh:so a thought al come on here an hae a bleather:cute:
  4. There's two outside my flat over by the restaurant El Bulli - dressed 'up to the nines', hair, makeup, everything is perfect, yet they want to smell like ashtrays?
  5. bensdad

    I might be sad

    I might be sad but I've just realised this is my 600th post on this forum! How time flies when your having fun.:biggrin:
  6. ......the country that's driving me mad, won't let me get away? I want a ticket to Ryde (NSW) and I want it today!
  7. Hubby is growing a beard to shape into a goatee :eek: he does look a bit like Brad Pitt to be honest who has got one, I am not sure as I have never really liked beards on a man. Do you like goatees? or do you think they look carp.
  8. http://www.chicagotribune.com/health/wpix-man-robs-bank-health-care,0,4161298.story
  9. Guest

    Happy but also so sad

    Hi everyone, I am due to return to Australia at the end of July, this being the third (and hopefully last) time I have ventured down this road. The difference this time, is that I have to leave my beloved 17 year old son here in the UK to complete his A levels before he can join us at Uni in Perth. By which time he will be 18 in a position to make his own choices re universities so could well choose one in the UK if he isn't successful in Perth. I would love to hear from any fellow poms who have gone through this dilemma and somehow got through it. My husband is already in Perth and has been since the end of March so I am torn between missing him badly but having to leave our son. It is a feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone and I often wonder why on earth I allowed myself to end up in this position. Any helpful and encouraging advice would be very welcome, as I feel torn and very lonely right now, especially as my husband just wants us to be out there with him. He is worried about leaving our son here too, but I don't think there is anything so strong as a mothers bond. jackie xxxx :no::sad:
  10. 163ALLOUT

    Sad sad news

    Tom Daly's (diving champion) father has died aged 40 from brain cancer. Watched a programme in the UK last year about Tom and his Dad Rob and it was truely inspirational what that man did for his son. If you get chance to ever see the programme please do so. Desperataly sad news.
  11. whichway

    Isn't it sad, or not?

    As I look through this site and the different forums so many people are sad and lost and lonely. Yea there are others who are happy and celebrating where they live and their choices. Others still who are excited and waiting for a change that will mean the beginning of new experiences and a new life down under or back home. I haven't been a member of this site for very long but since I have I feel like I have a bit of a place to go (which might sound a bit sad I don't know). A place to go when there is no one to talk to and my partner doesn't understand, a place where most people do want to be kind and helpful to one another. It's also a place where I laugh too when I look at some of the posts. I love that through this website i have seen support for each other as fellow Britons. In this site we can be friends. But yet still when I am out and about, living my non computer life I still have few people to talk to. If I see a Briton on my travels and admit that I am not happy here I often end up feeling stupid or inferior for not grasping this wonderful experience that is Oz (i'm not denying that is partly my fault for being jealous that they have embraced this life), but are those people really that happy? Anyway, for the people who are in pain, I feel for you and I'm glad you have a place to come to and I sincerely hope it gets better. For the people who help them I thank you very much. For the people who make me laugh I thank you too.:smile:
  12. drive across the nullarbor and wa border today forgot too turn my ipod and radio tuner off last night so hoping the radio tuner still has plenty of battery power left for the drive boooooo
  13. Hi All This is completely off-topic, hence its location. Please click on the link: The Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators, (ILCA) The Solicitors Accounts Rules are extremely complex, potentially. Hence the Legal Cashier. The good ones often know far more about the SAR than the firm's retained Chartered Accountant does (who claims to know The Lot, but who knows?) I had a call from a solicitor friend earlier today, asking if I know the answer to his question. No I don't. Its is a complex SAR situation because of the facts, Ethics etc. I said, "No worries. Ask Louise Dodd. She's a million times better on this sort of question than anyone else I know and if she doesnt know, she will find out and get it right for you." "Who is Louise?" "Sit tight. I'll get the details up and bung 'em over by e-mail." I last saw Louise 2.5 or so years ago at a meeting. I didn't have another query for her till now. I have NEVER seen anybody look more healthy than Louise looked that day. Irridescently healthy - positively glowing with health, vibrance and she really was one of the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met. How can this happen 18 months later? Louise was only 38. Feel sad Gill
  14. Guest

    Toowoomba floods - so sad

    4 now confirmed dead and 3 more likely. What a catastrophe! Toowoomba swamped by deadly 'inland tsunami' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  15. Guest

    Sad day

    With 6 weeks to go before our beloved dog Milo flies to Perth he has become so ill that we will end his suffering today. I am usually the strongest one in our family but I am absolutely devastated so is hubby but I have been in tears since we found out yesterday exactly how ill he was. We think he has been ill for a while but was very good a hiding it as he has always been his usual placid and happy boy. The kids have been really good. My 7 year old knows what is going to happen but maybe doesnt fully understand however my 12 year old has been SO strong and doesnt want him to suffer. Emotions are running high with the move so this probably hitting us even harder. RIP Milo Thanks for listening Mandy
  16. Woke up at 4am this morning with a huge sense of sadness. It's a month ago that I went through a very upsetting experience (my posts relating to that have been removed from PIO as they caused me further problems) - basically, one of my closest friends has told another dear friend that I had been talking behind her back and they are now longer friends with me (thats the very shortened version). At the time it caused me a huge amount of upset and distress and I had hoped with time that it would get easier. I have some wonderful other friends who have helped carry me through the worst and I am truly grateful for them all. However, I woke this morning just suddenly realising the fact that I will never have my dear friend in my life again. It's not the girl that spread the rumours I miss; I think I am still so confused and angry by her actions that I am happy to not have her in my life again. It's my other friend, the girl who was taken in by her words, who I had known for a few years now and in whom I thought I had found a lifelong pal. I know people evolve and times change but I never thought I would not have her in my life anymore. I know I should try to forget it, and most days I am fine, its just this morning really hit me like a ton of bricks. I've been thinking of writing it all down, never sending the letter, but just to help my mind be clearer. I guess I am just devastated that she has believed what she has heard, without looking at the real person behind the lies. It's human nature to want to be liked and for people to think the best of us, you just never expect that a friend would be so quick to think the worst of you. I am sure that, with time, I will learn to accept this and, with the help of my other good friends who DO believe in me for the real person I am, shape a new future for myself (and my family). I am determined to try not to let this experience make me bitter and "closed-off" to new friendships that come my way.
  17. So here we are in the UK - me, four year old and baby. Ex-fiance and children's father has emigrated to Australia without us. Reason we didn't go with him is the Hague Convention (the law that stops you leaving the country you reside in with your kids in tow unless you have your partner's agreement). I'd like to say what I really think about that law but will refrain from doing so or my thread will get kicked off. It's a real struggle to cope but somehow I am managing (even though I am completely exhausted and very upset). The worst thing is watching the children suffer (I hate hearing one of them crying when I am helping the other), although they and I are getting more into a routine. Evenings and weekends are the worst because that's when their Dad would have been around to help. Because it's only me, they have less fun because I have a lot less time now. I take my hat off to single parents everywhere! If I had known about that law before, we would never have applied for a visa and hence would still be a family. We had a tough couple of years with not a lot of luck, and we thought Australia would be a great new start for a few years. But we did not know, and having started the application, my fiance was determined to see it through. Sometimes I can barely believe the situation in which I find myself and keep wishing it was all a bad dream. Having recently had his baby, this is the time I need his help the most, plus I thought we would all be a family together forever......so we are all dealing with the emotions from that too. Btw he is settled in Oz already, has job, house and car and is loving it! Lots of time on his hands without the children so plenty of time to relax and have fun! I have had to move to a much smaller house and am surrounded by boxes, but very little time to unpack. I note there is a sticky thread about this on the 'Returning to the UK' forum. Perhaps someone could put the same sticky on the 'Migration' forum as that is where I spent most of my time just before applying for the visa. I wouldn't wish the situation we are in on anyone, and hope no-one else ever has to go through it. Thanks PS And whilst I'm having a moan, why does 'Wanted Down Under' have to be on every time I sit down to breastfeed, with all the glorious beaches and lovely lifestyle?!!!!
  18. We have been back in oz around 12 months, my aussie husband and our 4 yr old son. We have been living in a country town in nsw, my husbands home town. Since I moved over I have thought we have made a mistake as I missed home, my friends etc.e have fallen on our feet here, I have a great job here (better than I left in the UK) and a lovely big house but always felt like it wasn't enough and the pull of home would always be there. My husband has not been happy being back, he lived in the uk with me for 5 years and has said that he wants to return to the UK. We booked our flights back a week ago, as I said that I could no longer live in limbo with our life on hold, not getting attached to anyone or anything because I would have to leave it, and if my hubby doesn't want to be here what is the point, its him i moved for. Our boy is due to start school in september and i dont want him to have to join late which has brought our decision forward. The night we booked our flights I was so over the moon, it felt like a huge relief, however a couple of days later reality hit, and i just feel so sad about it. I am looking round at everything that i am going to miss, and am in tears all the time. I just dont know whether we are doing the right thing. I have handed my resignation in at work, which I am gutted about as I love my job here. I am so lucky, I have a job to go back to in the UK and our house as we rented it, but can't help thinking did we give up too soon???
  19. Hi, We have been in WA for 11 weeks now and everyone except my 13 year old son loves being here. I knew it would be hard for him leaving friends etc but I had no idea it would be this bad. He is having a really hard time at school - no-one wants to be his friend he comes home and goes in his room and sobs. Last night he begged me to take him home and was hysterical to the point of vomitting. He explained some things which have happened at school and I was fighting back the tears. He has really tried to make friends to the point of being humiliated. My 9 year old son on the other hand is loving school - has made friends and we have lots of telephone numbers on the fridge for playdates. I guess primary is just so different from Secondary school. I think the problem is made worse as local children in our immediate area seem to go to the local private school (no places for my son) so I have to take him to a state school out of area, but still only 10 mins down the Marmion from where we live. Therefore he is not meeting any children who live near us for after school fun. Can any one offer any help or advice - anyone been in the same situation. I feel so helpless. He is into his 4th week at school now and I try and tell him it is not that long but he replies "it is when no-one talks to you and you spend breaks and lunches alone". I am wondering whether to try another school but in the back of my mind know it will probably be just the same for him.
  20. Guest

    Stressed and very very sad !

    :shocked so any of you experts out there got a hint of a clue how i can get my daughter who is 18 on our 457 visa we are in wa and my daughter came over on a 3 month holiday visa and has had her 457 refused due to the fact they dont believe she is a dependant ...so they are sending her home in 2 weeks alone as myself my husband and our other 3 daughters are in wa !!! anyone know of any loopholes or ways she can stay she is currently on a bridging visa A that expires on 31/05/2010 !! help i cant send my daughter back alone !!!!
  21. Guest

    De Facto Visa - I feel so sad!!

    Hi, I sponsored my ex partner for a De Facto Visa. We were living in OZ together until Dec 2008 when he returned to the UK (with my support) to spend Christmas with his mother who has liver cancer. He was to return in 2 months. It never happened as we broke up. However for the majority of last year we made attempts to work it out. I visited the UK & when I returned to Oz he said he wanted to come to OZ so he organised a work transfer for Nov. At the end of Oct 2009, my father passed away suddenly, I was offered work in Bris & I explained to him I wanted to be home and not go to Sydney as originally planned. He said we could not work out with that distance, he still wanted to come to Oz to fulfil his work, would I help. Not long after this I found out he had been unfaithful and I refused to help. I am a fool and did not cancel the visa and found out he came to Sydney in Jan despite what I had said and the fact his mother's cancer is worse and she can no longer receive chemo. Clearly the actions of a selfish man who neither loved or respected me. I feel betrayed, I feel stupid. The temporary visa ends in July/Aug, I am writing to inform Immig today. What happens now? How long will they give him. What are his options to extend his visa. His work contract ends at end of May. I know he can appeal or apply for another visa but to be honest (and yes I know its beyond my control) but I don't want him to stay in Oz. I feel humiliated that I was used like that, especially given what has happened in the past 6 months. I am a strong person with a good heart, I loved this man very much and believed our future was together. This "ideal" has been torn apart in a very painful, heart breaking way. That pain is compounded by the fact I know he is here, living and enjoying a new life because of a connection with me. Please know I accept my blame, I should have cancelled it..... but we had worked so hard (I spent ages on this site in 2008) and I thought it could just end in July when PR came up and I wouldn't have to act. It was a very stupid and irresponsible mistake. Any advice or experiences would be appreciated.
  22. My mother in laws flight has been cancelled for tonight (UK time) and they have to wait a further 3 weeks. This will mean we will be forced to have a romantic weekend in the Hunter Valley without them (kids staying with a mate) and that I will have to go down the pub on Friday arvo for St Georges day Dunno about mums going to Iceland, I think it's pretty terrific too
  23. Sue (Yuills) informed me this afternoon that her newly born baby Jake has passed away at home a few days ago. Sue has asked me to convey this message to you all. I am sure fellow members will be able to give Sue and her family over in Perth a lot of comfort and support during something that no parent should go through. Sue I know you are watching and I feel absolute desolate for you and the family:hug: I wish you the strength and fortitude in the following weeks and months to come ... love Susie xx Bereavement Support | Sids and Kids
  24. :sad:Hi, It seems that my poor old twin sister is going to have to be prepared to possibly let me and her 4 nieces/nephews leave her behind in the UK if we get our visas as now the MODL list is abolished she does not have enough points. Queensland don't sponsor (state or regional ) hairdressers:unsure: so other than finding an employer willing to sponsor her, we don't know what to do.... really upset. Don't even know how to go about this either?!:err:Any advise welcome. Prawny4.
  25. It is my stepchildrens birthday today! Matthew and Charlotte (twins) are 22 today. I miss them more than ever. I`d love for them to surprise their Dad and come out here. You never know! Happy birthday guys x We miss you x