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Found 7 results

  1. Peach

    State of the NHS

    I was shocked to see the experiences of two friends at NHS hospitals 50 miles apart this week. What has happened since I left to make things this bad? (Realise not everyone will share the same experiences).
  2. Sitting in a room full of brown paper and boxes containing what is allegedly the contents of my house! I know everyone always try to prepare you for how fast the packers are but jeeze they were like a tornado!! :wideeyed: So, day 2 done. We still have bits to finish off before the container arrives tomorrow. 5 years of waiting nearly over:jiggy:
  3. Well it wasn't predicted, so i suppose in a way it was on the cards, they always get it wrong, but it has shocked me to the core ................ after 2 months of miserable cool weather ............ we have had ............ 2 days of sunny nice weather in a row. No i'm not lying .............. its true ............ it was nice yesterday, we went for a lovely long walk around my sons golf course and today we are going for another long walk along the cycle track that goes past the back of our house for miles, its just across the fields that my house backs onto and .............. We might have a barbie later, or Sit out in the garden and have a meal, We will definately be out sunbathing and For 2 or 3 days we will live as though we are actually living in ............... Australia ........... makes me want to emigrate even more .............. Anyone feel the same?:wink::yes:
  4. Guest

    Shocked! Visa Granted

    Hi everyone, well did not expect a visa grant in our e mails this morning,didnt even know we had a co.Heres our story, Feb 2008 made the decision to go to oz. Waited and waited for new MAP from TRA. Sep 2008 MAP delayed indefinately. November 2008 decided to give TRA a go anyway. Jan 2009 TRA failed. March 2009 gained AQF 3 reapplied TRA. May 2009 TRA successful.Applied WA state sponsorship. Sep 2009 State sponsorship granted. Dec 2009 meds and pcc done. 25/1/2011 Visa Granted! What a rollercoaster no more limbo land for us thank goodness,PIO has been a massive help throughout many thanks to everyone and good luck to everyone still waiting.:biggrin:
  5. Just moved to Melbourne this week and am totally bewildered at how ridiculously expensive everything is, even is rubbish places that should be cheap! A can of coke for $2.50 or a fish and chips for $15 and a pint for $8!! what the hell, these prices are worse than London. I thought it might be a little more, but these prices are for food at the 7/11 or just some tatty cafe, they are not in nice cute places. The 'nice' places are even worse!! I understand wages are a bit better, but this is shocking!! Not sure, it has made by arrival here quite underwhelming and just think everything is a complete rip off. Hmmm. What does anyone else think about this?
  6. Following an earlier thread on PIO thought I would add this link in. Schoolboy Elliott Fletcher Facebook tribute page defaced by sick racists | News.com.au Just when I have once again regained my faith in humanity something like this happens. I know, I know, it's not the vast majority of us, I honestly know that, BUT. I cannot possibly put into words how I feel at this time, no sorry I will give it a go. Please don't anyone tell me that the SCUM who defiled this web page didn't know right from wrong. There may have been one or two morons who (allegedly) knew no better. But the vast majority of them would have known exactly what they were doing. In this day and age there must be a way of finding out who did this. I am not technically minded but there must be a way, surely. I am normally one to forgive if at all possible, but not on this occasion. I would love to have five minutes with this SCUM in a quiet, darkened room. I don't normally agree with torture, but by God I would do all I could to make this SCUM feel the pain that those left behind must be feeling. I would WILLINGLY serve time to wreak some kind of pain and punishment on these people. I have no doubt that many will say that it is innocent messing about, that this SCUM is misunderstood, that they need to be shown the error of their ways in an intelligent and educated way. Lets face it, torture can also be metered out in an intelligent and educated way. One that will put the SCUM through unknown pain and suffering. And when I had finished I would take great satisfaction in doing it the next day, and the next day, and the next day, anyone want to join me, so we could take shift breaks? Forgiveness, understanding and compassion at times have NO place in this world, never thought I would say that. But it is true nonetheless. Rant over.
  7. Guest

    Shocked - re agents in oz

    I emailed a number of agents in the Mermaid Beach area (about 60 to be precise!), i got 45 replies, and out of those that replied about 8 of them didn't know the following: What a WHV was - i thought this acrenum (spelling) was pretty standard knowledge in this industry! The didn't know about the working 12 months out of 24 for the 176 visa! I'm starting to think i'm better off on here! Just thought i'd share this S