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  1. SteveandKirsty

    The Adelaide vibe

    I did apply to the University of Adelaide, in such a role yes which was advertised on their website and in the Advertiser. I did not hear anything though. But it is an avenue I will continue to look at.
  2. SteveandKirsty

    The Adelaide vibe

    Yes, of course - plus other states have now tightened up considerably. The question was initially asked by a guy from Iran at the seminar, he said he had been searching for work (in, I think, IT) for eight months and had found little and said he had a job offer in Sydney. I then counter asked the question, to cross check the reply. I do not doubt that they hear it all the time, yes. Other than perhaps WA, we would not be interested in moving interstate anyway. Onwards and upwards.
  3. SteveandKirsty

    The Adelaide vibe

    Agree with that and over the past three weeks I changed my strategy towards this and have applied for various roles in various industries.
  4. SteveandKirsty

    The Adelaide vibe

    We are newbies to Adelaide having been here three months now, and I (Steve) have been to every capital city of Australia and every state including Canberra, where a distant relative of Kirsty's was actually one of the original settlers of. Adelaide is certainly worth a visit and yes, in a number of ways it does have an English/British feel to it but that is deliberate given it was planned by Colonel Light as a British colony.... The English style cathedral and bells in the city centre can make it feel a home from home. Yes there is a strong contribution from other countries and cultures too, notably more German than anywhere else in Australia but it has that feel about it and even Bill Bryson described it as "forever Sussex" in his book. The thing with Australia is that every State and capital city is different. All the rest of the comments on Adelaide above I pretty much agree with. I have lived and worked in Melbourne and Cairns, albeit 20 years ago and whether it is that I am in my 40's now rather than 20's making a difference, but I met people far easier there than I have here, so far at least anyway and the job situation is now starting to worry me. I have done and continue to do everything I can - applying for jobs I see, contacting agencies - who so far have bluffed me off or simply given me an honest "no", putting my CV through doors, trying word of mouth through the limited number of people I/we do know here but all to little avail so far. What I have learnt is that many places in different industries are looking to decrease their staff rather than increase which doesn't bode well. We cannot move to another state as we are on SN PR and the SA Immigration have already shut me down when I asked the question they didn't want to hear, largely owing to Kirsty being the named applicant and she has a job. When I attended the jobs seminar the state government put on they as good as admitted that the job situation for newcomers is hardly great, and there were others there from countries such as India, Iran and Egypt who have been unemployed since their arrival over 8 or 9 months ago. Not good. Kirsty on the other hand settled into the job she got soon after we arrived very well, and is making friends and contacts, albeit slowly and she has noted how inefficient South Australia appears to be in many ways. Note SA rather than the country itself as we are both convinced that there are some things (will not bore with details) that are not the case in places like Sydney or states such as Victoria. And yes, 12'c in winter feels every bit of it given that the houses in SA are geared up for the 40'c heat of summer, almost forgetting that a third of the year can get quite chilly...
  5. SteveandKirsty

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Sometimes too it is worthwhile looking a bit beyond as it is a bit cheaper, more space. We have ended up living in Seaford (well, Seaford Meadows to be precise) right in the far south of Adelaide. But, we live a 3 minute walk from the train station (which can get us into the CBD within 35 minutes, depending on the train but tops is 50) We have a good size shopping centre here and also a smaller one. Both have a Woolworths and the larger one has a Drakes. There is also a new-ish Aldi. A few kms up the road, 5 mins by train or 10 by car is the Collonades Shopping Mall which has a lot, including three supermarkets and the usual chain stores and the Nourlunga Centre itself has everything from a cinema, theatre, Centrelink, Hospital and so on. And that's before getting to the glorious beaches... Interesting note from rammygirl above about aircraft noise, we do get that down here, some days more than others - but, we lived right on the Gatwick flight path and stacking route (something which doesn't exist here!) in the UK and so are used to it. It really is not an issue, even if it appears to be a relatively new thing going by some comments on the local Facebook community forum.
  6. SteveandKirsty


    I/we joined one, a local dining club but with over 150 members most restaurant visits are limited to 20 and by the time they are posted there is already a reserve list... However, that said, we are a member of the British and Irish group and joining them for a "Christmas in July" event in a few weeks. Like anything it is what you make it - anyone could start their own if they are confident that they could maintain it.
  7. SteveandKirsty

    Two weeks in...

    Not great.... But remaining positive.
  8. SteveandKirsty

    Two weeks in...

    When we traveled from SA to ACT last year I got chatting to a lady at the airport who was flying from Adelaide to Canberra. Said she "hated Canberra" but had lived there 11 years, so yes... Members of Kirsty's family were actually among the early settlers in the Canberra area. Blundell's cottage was where they lived and Ginns Gap was named after them.
  9. SteveandKirsty

    Two weeks in...

    I would say it is the same for all.
  10. SteveandKirsty

    Two weeks in...

    Something that I did overlook, slightly - but shouldn't have. When I was on my WHV 20 years ago the one place, and state that I visited where I couldn't find temporary work..... Adelaide/SA. What did lull me into a what was ultimately a false sense is that I very ran close to securing a job back at the end of last year. I went to the final two in the interviews (via Skype) and appeared to lose out because the other person made a pitch to base themselves in their home state of WA rather than relocate to SA coupled with the fact I found out later he was already contacts with one of the interviewing board and they went with that. What this person is actually doing over there (it should be a visible role) I do not know, but that is beside the point. The SA side of things was suggested would be left open to discuss in the coming months, which have now passed but, despite me attempting to make contact with them since I have been here, I am now getting the silent treatment. They had a forum weekend at the Convention Centre over the weekend just gone and if they were interested in hiring me at some point in the future, I think I am not being too arrogant in thinking that they would have invited me along, even as an observer. That is life, but never the less disappointing we all live and learn. But, I will keep pressing on. Kirsty's boss has passed my CV on to a couple of his own contacts and I am using my own path such as linked-in and instagram to put my own route down as much as the "job search', and HR departments who are more looking to see whether a candidate has a Certificate IV in something rather than proper experience, be it life or work. I am also looking at some volunteering roles that may or may not lead somewhere with regard contacts too and if that fails, pondering on whether to invest in a franchise but that is a gamble on a gamble and I/we are not quite at that stage yet. Much the same as with your neighbour, the saving grace is that Kirsty has managed to find a decently paid job - but one wage is not sustainable long term, obviously.
  11. SteveandKirsty

    Been here a while.

    Yes, but, the world - and especially Australia - is a different place now than it was in 1963. My great Aunt and Uncle did just that in 1959. They initially arrived from England to Albany in WA, but could find little or no work so would have faced the conundrum of whether to stay or go but instead they moved to Melbourne and made a go of it. Kirsty's great-great Uncle and Aunt were amongst the founding settlers of Canberra (Blundell's Cottage on Lake Burley Griffin was their actual house and is now a museum) They came on an assisted farming package. Australia is built on migrants from around the globe making it work and many more will do the same. But it is a huge gamble, more so now than it has been for a while and even for Kirsty and I just as the two of us with no children, we sold up everything in the UK (including our furniture for a cheap price or given away) moving to another part of Australia unlikely to be a viable option, simply on the costs alone.
  12. SteveandKirsty

    Weather Extremes

    I will admit, I didn't expect to see actual frost and ice living in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. If we had moved to the hills (as we were once thinking of doing) yes But Sunday and yesterday we did just that. It reminded me of being at my grandparents farmhouse as a kid in winter with no heating, single glazing and.....cold !
  13. SteveandKirsty

    Two weeks in...

    Yes and no - one of the most popular job search sites here seek.com.au, do not actually show salaries, just a guide graph. Newspaper Ads - which are mostly limited to government jobs these days, do generally show a salary. Also many employers/recruiters appear to talk salary at the interview stage.
  14. SteveandKirsty

    Two weeks in...

    I would agree with that last comment. We did four recce's, one was actually to Perth and the fourth was combined as a validation trip and sourced lots of things at each of them. Jobs, salaries, who and where the recruiters are/were and so on. However, we attended an event soon after our third recce trip. There were speakers from each State government and to be honest, yes, they were talking up their product, giving it the sales pitch (as that was obviously their brief) but in doing so giving out false and misleading information. Kirsty and I turned to each other and concluded that we knew more than they did ! What is a bit of a blessing of course is that a migrant does not have to do the job that their skills have been assessed on. It would appear from us both talking to people here that some employers do actually think that it is the case. Kirsty almost had an interview terminated when she said that her skills were assessed as a laboratory manager rather than the position she was being interviewed for. So, confusion reigns, even with some of those doing the recruiting here. But, for this reason - anyone looking to move to Adelaide or any state/city in Australia really should do at least one thorough recce first.
  15. SteveandKirsty

    Been here a while.

    Many actually can't - or believe they can't. We are are State Nominated to South Australia and thus by the letter of it, restricted to residing here until at least 2021. I know that many do ignore that (and get away with it) but it is something that is now being enforced a lot more. When I attended the Immigration SA jobs workshop last week, this very question was asked and the answer was basically no - unless there were circumstances or a good reason. With Kirsty having a job in SA, it is unlikely that this would now be granted - particularly if we were looking to move to Victoria as an example. I have visited every State of Australia (Kirsty only has Tas & Qld missing) at least once over the past 20 years, starting as a backpacker where I worked in both Queensland and Victoria. And indeed yes, Australia differs greatly state to state which indeed many newcomers to the country do not realise. As I noted above, Kirsty dealt with a native Queenslander who simply doesn't feel "at home" in South Australia this week. Tasmania is a lot more like New Zealand than the rest of Oz in a number of ways etc. It is all a way off yet, the only other State that we would look at would be WA but all a very big IF for now.