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  1. Robwilliams1983

    I've got a golden ticket

    Yey the grant email came through just after midnight, although I don't think my wife was too happy to be woken at 5am to tell her (was happy we had the grant). Now just to finish painting our property and sel it, hoping to move over in September but first entry has to be by 23rd December, so if not we will be having a xmas in OZ again. Just like to say thanks to everyone who gave their advice on this forum over the past year especially @CaptainC
  2. Robwilliams1983

    Assesment in progress - Aggghhhhh come on

    Submitted all documents and then requested to provide medical. This has been done and now the frustration of having to wait and check emails every 5 minutes begins. Assesment in progress it says on my immi account, just glad they dont need to check my previous employment history. Come on I just want the golden ticket, along with everyone else of course. When do the grant emails generally get sent out, or is it just as and when the officer approves your visa?
  3. Robwilliams1983

    How long for medical results uploaded

    We went to the bridge clinic, Maidenhead on Saturday for us to have our medicals (2x adults 1x toddler) our daughter has a fear of medical places and I have to say the staff did a great job with our daughter to put her at ease (well kind of, best they could). Doctor Wheeler was the name of the doctor we saw, and I would highly recommended him if you have young children. Anyway, how long does it usually take for a medical to be updated on immiaccount so that I can then inform them that the requested information has been provided?
  4. Robwilliams1983

    CO requesting medicals within 28 days - unable to do so

    Hi Amanda I am funnily enough also in the channel islands. You have to fly to the mainland to have medicals done, there is nowhere on the island that does them as has to be done at certain clinics. You can find the information by going on Australia immigration website and i fully understand about booking flights, hotels etc. We booked our flights when blueislands had a sale on, going to the clinic in maidenhead which is just over an hour from southampton. The medicals only take about an hour to do.
  5. Robwilliams1983

    CO requesting medicals within 28 days - unable to do so

    Thanks for your replies, I emailed Australia immigration explaining that the medicals are booked outside of the requested 28 days. They said that it has been noted and they will wait the results of the medicals. I guess that also means my visa is pretty much guaranteed subject to passing medicals??
  6. I had contact from my CO last night requesting that we have medicals carried out and the information supplied with in 28 days . Unfortunately we are having to fly to the UK to have medicals carried out as we live offshore, the earliest we could get the medicals is the 12th of February which is after the requested 28 days. can I request an extension of time to have the medicals carried out as our flights, accommodation and the medicals are all booked.?
  7. Robwilliams1983

    Vetassess negative in 5 days only and during holiday

    Hopefully it is just an error but, bare in mind that you have applied for assessment as an occupational health and safety officer, but your work experience is as an occupational health and environment officer. Therefore, unlikely to meet the required years of relevant working experience. This may be why you had a quick negative result?
  8. Do I get an email from Immiaccount to tell me I have been allocated a case officer, if not where do I look to find out?
  9. Robwilliams1983

    189 Visa Lodged December

    Nice one, you were at the LSBF doing your pearson pte on the same day as me
  10. Robwilliams1983

    Front Loading Medicals - My Health Declaration

    Hi Ferrets We are in the process of applying for a 189 visa and funnily enough my wife is also from Guernsey. Do you guys love in Guernsey still? If I remember correctly when I filled EOI you choose British Citizen and when you actually fill in the visa application form, either 189 or 190 there is the option to state it as being a Guernsey birth certificate. Good luck
  11. Well done, the PTE test is so much better than IELTS. Just have to know the scoring system and have a good English ability. Get that EOI lodged soon.
  12. I take it you are questioning the speaking parts in regards to waiting for the box to say "completed"? Once it says completed you click next, but if you click next before it says completed, it wont make a difference as it will save what you have said up to that point of time. I am sure your score will be fine, look forward to hearing your results.
  13. Just make sure you download/look at the score guide for the test. Ensure you write your answers within the word limits for maximum scores. Where are you taking the test? If it was the LBS then the test centre is fine.
  14. Robwilliams1983

    visa application form question - have you ever lived in another country

    Oh @CaptainC as you are so knowledgeable can I pick your brain and ask another question. On the visa form after entering your employment history for past 10 years it asks, how many years have you worked immediately in your nominated occupation in the past 10 years. I have worked less than 3 years in it but this was over 3 years ago. So therefore I personally wouldn't class this as immediatley? Maybe I should put zero years to be safe? on my EOI I didn't claim any points for employment, chose all my employment as not relevant
  15. Robwilliams1983

    visa application form question - have you ever lived in another country

    Ok I will do this, it means having to ask my parents for all addresses I have lived at in the UK with dates. Oh well, we would have to tell them one day that we are applying for a visa to oz. Yes thanks, already looked into the police certificates and as you say they are processed by the same organisation.