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  1. mgreaves

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    Sorry I can't remember exactly how I filled things in now, but I know when asking for qualification to be assessed I listed my degree and didn't really mention CIMA, both for the skills assessment for CPA and the actual visa application. On the paperwork CPA send with a checklist, degree certificate and transcript are required, professional certificate is listed as if applicable. I did send the CIMA certificate, but I just didn't list it in the application (can't remember if I listed it as a secondary qualification, or if I just ignored it). We travelled for 8 months before coming over to Australia so have only been here a couple of months. I managed to get the first job I applied for which was good and I start work next week, so life in Oz/reality is just about to start really.
  2. mgreaves

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    As SNS said, work experience will be post qualification. However I used my accounting degree as my qualification, I only obtained CIMA in 2015 but they gave me 5 years post degree experience from 2010. Therefore if the degree is finance related you would get this assessed. I did have pre degree management accounting work experience, but they would not consider this. As to points required, I've not kept up with what is needed, just make sure you maximise English points. I had to wait while but that was over a year ago and I assume things have changed.
  3. mgreaves

    AHPRA In Person...

    My quote from Money Corp using the account I opened from here was a worse quote than TransferWise, others on here said ring up and they will improve it...but I simply went to TransferWise and used the better quote without having to speak to anyone and simply clicked a few times.
  4. mgreaves

    AHPRA In Person...

    Off topic: I opened a NAB simply because it was fee free and convienet through this forum. I will change accounts once I've started work, ING seems to offer the best bet with free withdrawals everywhere, but they are online only so couldn't open in advance. For transfering money I used TransferWise, they give better rates and charge much much lower fees.
  5. mgreaves

    AHPRA In Person...

    The branch they link you to is not guarenteed to help, you could be unlucky like us, we were sent to the thier choice of branch, we got there and the guy who does migrant banking was at a different branch that day even though we had booked an apointment so we had to walk to another branch, one next to AHPRA which was actually helpful but a bit of a walk. In Sydney there are a lot of branches in the CBD and all are fairly close.
  6. mgreaves

    AHPRA In Person...

    I opened my partners NAB account completly online. When you turn up you show passport and give them a local address (AirBNB) and then they hand you your card, ask them for a statement print out and take this to AHPRA. I actually did my NAB when we arrived without doing anything in advance and it was just as quick, the only difference was my card arrived in branch a couple of days later.
  7. mgreaves

    AHPRA In Person...

    I did the exact same as this, but I put the temporary address as the AirBNB we were staying in for a few days. You can tell AHPRA to post to a different address when you log in (you receive the email a few days after showing up) which I left as my parents.
  8. I don't think you can extend further, they were picky with me due to the NMC statement being over 6 months old. We were in a similar scenario though, we are currently travelling Asia but had to be at Ahpra by September, our plans were not until December though. To get around this we started our travels with a week in Australia, we opened a NAB bank account which let's you provide a temporary address (hotel or Airbnb), we then got a statement print out with this address showing a balance of zero and used this for Ahpra registration. Ahpra send you a certificate, but you can set your postal address's to the UK until you actually move over.
  9. mgreaves

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    I simply put the company logo and address in to word and made my own letterheads paper. I did this for all 5 of my testimonials as I wrote them all myself and simply sent to my managers for signing.
  10. mgreaves

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    I'm native English and couldn't get over 7.5 on the writing with IELTS, I got more or less maximum marks on second attempt at pte-a. Messed the first up due to my computer usage on the speaking!
  11. mgreaves

    Glimmer of hope for accountants

    Yes it arrives after. Mine wad only a few hours later but I had emailed as the skills assessment had no date on so needed to correct that.
  12. mgreaves


    Yes that is me. That is the first time I've heard of that rule, I can't see any mention of it in the paperwork.
  13. mgreaves

    ACCA member,MBA, CPA skill assessment

    I used my degree and not my CIMA qualification for the skills assessment, so can't help on if you will tick all the boxes. As to uploads, I got a colleague who is CIMA qualified to certify all my uploads, it states on the CPA website what they have to write on each document.
  14. mgreaves

    Ahpra registration

    We are doing our validation trip in a few weeks I have opened an account with NAB for my partner (the nurse) and arranged to pick up her debit card the day we arrive, the NAB paperwork says a temporary address is ok, she can then ask for a printed statement with address which can be used by AHPRA to complete registration there.
  15. mgreaves


    Great read, glad all going well for you so far! A ittle under 4 weeks for us, although we're just doing an activation trip, plan is to open bank and sort Ahpra now, then travel Asia for a few months before coming back to Aus in December.