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  1. britgirl

    Aus law degree in UK

    Hey there, Thinking more Bristol/Bournemouth/Poole/Southampton/Salisbury. So quite big cities in that South region. Good to know about Bristol though
  2. britgirl

    Aus law degree in UK

    Hello! Unfortunately have found myself halfway through a degree in Australia, planning to move to UK within next 3 years for family reasons. Studying Law (Honours) and Arts (International Relations and French) at the Australian National University. 2.5 years in, 2.5 to go. Options: 1) Quit and waste all this work/money, move to UK September, start Uni fresh there - would have to pay international fees... 2) Finish degree, move immediately to UK a) do post grad b) try and find graduate position 3) Finish degree, work in Aus 1-2 years, transfer to UK I think 3 is easiest (1 is just unreasonable), 2 is my preference with the post grad because then I still get a bit of UK Uni experience. What are your guys thoughts? And does anyone have any experience transferring Law degrees from Aus-UK - is it hard? Expensive? Lengthy process? Job prospects (probably grim?) in UK - based in South West - London, Hampshire, Dorset, Bristol... ? Thanks in advance.
  3. britgirl

    Moving back to UK after 30 years..

    Hi all, I'm a lurker on here but figured I should finally post! Bit of history: I was born in Singapore, went to the British School, lived there 7 years. Moved to Australia. Been here 13 years. Mother is British - she left the UK after Uni and Dad is from New Zealand who left NZ after school. Parents have split up and now Mum, brother and I are stuck here: no family at all, no good family friends, etc. Mum is close to her mum and brother who live 15 minutes apart in South of England. Also quite a few family friends, old school friends and other family in the region. I feel really lonely and out of place. I personally, have always wanted to live in UK, I have felt like I don't belong in Australia but I also don't really belong in UK. Except thankfully, we visit the UK and my grandparents and cousins twice a year! And thus it wouldn't really be a culture shock as we know what to expect. I would like Mum to retire to South of England, and I could hopefully work in London. I'm just scared that Mum will regret it, and my brother won't want to come, and we will live far from my dad etc. I just always feel like we are missing out on so much living near grandparents etc. And worried we are running out of time to spend with them. Considerations: 2 dogs, brother about to start University next year, me 2 years of degree to go, quality of life in South of England. Advice? Thoughts? Similar experiences?