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    How long is the average trip back to UK?

    Going back for first time in 10 years. Going for a month,only spending one week visiting family and friends in Scotland. Have got them all coming to my Mums to see us. The other three weeks are being spent enjoying travel to France,Belgium and Ireland. Finishing off with a few days in London,doing some shows and the proms.
  2. SWMBO63

    Land line numbers UK

    I think they can have asked BT for a new number.When we rented in the uk before coming to Australia we asked BT for a new number.Only they can tell you if they sill have your old number.Ask them or you agent.
  3. SWMBO63

    Switching from halogen downlights to LED

    We changed 20 halogens when we moved into our new house in January. Replaced whole thing for $10 .GU10 Led downlight frames 20 for $100 Stainless Steel.Bulbs cost about $5 each. ( Lighting Empire ) for frames. Also bought 10 Remote stainless steel ceiling fans great prices and willing to haggle over large orders. No rebate in South Australia so cannot help you with that.
  4. SWMBO63

    Labour Agreement

    is this a Temp Visa one or a PR visa one .There are both. We came out in 2007 on a temp one which when we arrived we applied for the Pr one.All of this was done under a labour agreement.We all came over together and were all on the visa from the start .
  5. SWMBO63

    Bitten to death...........

    Can't help with stopping the biting, but I have my Mum send me Anthisan from the UK, only thing that helps me cope with the after effects.
  6. SWMBO63

    Can I have a job please?

    How about delivering leaflets . Not much money but would get you out and about, and give you some money over your centerlink to try and save. Do WA have cash for cans? Here in SA you always see people collecting the used cans and getting extra money for these. I save all our cans and bottles, get over $100 on a regular basis which I gave to my kids.This paid for their uni books. We were at one point paying upfront uni fees for 2 sons .(before we became citizens) Not a great thing to have to do but would give you money for uni fees soon builds up. I know these are not a job but could help you get the money for uni fees.
  7. SWMBO63

    Average wages in QLD

    What visa are you coming on? If a temp 457 you would not be entitled to any family assistance. You might have to Pay school fees ( a large expense ) If on a Pr visa these things would not apply Is this wage inclusive of Super a question to ask your employer. How many children do you have that will impact on the wage being survivable.
  8. SWMBO63

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    This is the best way to manage asthma. My family very rarely need to use their Ventolin . They are all on different preventers.Ranging in cost from $25 to $39 and doses from 2 puffs twice a day to 1 puff twice a day
  9. SWMBO63

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    We have 3 asthmatics in the family.Everyone has to pay for prescriptions including children.My family are all very well controlled and take preventives twice a day.We also have Vetolin but rarely need it.
  10. SWMBO63

    ........describe yourself in 5 words.....!

    SWMBO She Who Must Be Obeyed
  11. SWMBO63

    Don't know what to do stay or risk it!

    We came out to Adelaide on a 457 years ago. But my husbands employer applied for a PR as soon as we got here . This was all in his contract of employment. We came with 2 sons 17 and 14.But our Pr Visa was an unusual one a labour agreement one. We would not have come out without the prospect of quick application for Pr. In your case I think that it would be best, to ask for a Pr visa from the beginning and not to come out on a 457. If this is not possible I would not be come.
  12. SWMBO63

    Would you help your kids financially?

    I have told my sons (24 21) that they have had all that they are going to get from us,we in tend to SKI (spend the kids Inheritance ) I received a some of money on the death of a Parent which I used to pay for my sons Uni Fees. I also paid the max amount of money into a First home savers account for the time they were at Uni. With this money they have enough for a 10% deposit on a home if they add to it them selves and save for the stamp duty.( which they are doing ) So I have helped and now it is up to them to stand on their own 2 feet. (money wise) I left home at 16 started work so think that they have had it easy. I have them both at home still, while they save but they have to pay their way and save, if they do not they know they will be turfed out. So any money hubby and I have when I can get him to retire will be spent and we are also going to use money from property as well.
  13. The 457 is a temp visa. You have to have 4 years for citizenship at the moment, with at least one year on a Pr Visa.
  14. SWMBO63

    Need advise on the 457 visa please

    We came over on a 457 with a 17 year old and a 14 year old, Please be very careful as your 17 year old must be in full time education and fully dependent on you when you apply for PR. And on a temp visa you will have to pay international Uni fees. Also although on Pr you are paying domestic fees you have to pay these each semester upfront and there are no loans until you are a citizen. We negotiated that the company would apply for Pr as soon as we arrived and this was in his contract. My husbands company applied for Pr for us as soon as we arrived so we had no problems. As I said please be careful.