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Found 108 results

  1. Natasha 19

    ODP / Anaesthetic technician

    Morning, I am currently an ODP in the forces but after 13 years its time to leave, so i have signed off and have the next year to prepare for transition. From my research i can see that the equivalent is an anaesthetic technician. I am new to this whole process and really don't know where to start? My other half is a floor layer also looking for employment. Has anyone got advice on the routes we should go down? what are the must's? where best to look for employment? visa's ect .........All advice is greatly welcomed. thank you Natasha
  2. jamesharvey3

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    Firstly hello Forum, this is my first post and thanks in advance for any replies that are given, no doubt you're answering the same questions over and over. I wont go on forever, I'll keep it short and sweet. Just got back from Brisbane and Melbourne on a scouting trip to see if me and my family like Australia, we do and would idealy like to move to Brisbane, but we're prepared to move anywhere initially. I went for a job interview whilst in Brisbane, got the job on the basis i get to Australia lol, the business owner will sponsor me but ideally I'd prefer to just come on and be free to choose myself, wht are peoples thoughts on that? I've passed the points test, my job title is either construction project manager or fitter, the whole thing is way over my head hence why im looking for suggestions on a register agent, I will answer any questions, be gentle!! thanks james
  3. Hi everyone! im hoping I can get some advice and guidance! Sorry for all the questions!! We are a family of 5! I am 28 (In a June!) and my partner of 7 years is 29. I have 2 sons from a previous relationship and we have one daughter together. We are very seriously looking to emigrate to Aus as it's something we have always wanted to do, it ticks every box as far as our lifestyle is concerned. I currently work as a Health Care Assistant in a local hospital. My partner has his own motor mechanic business. He is currently the only employee (was looking to employ someone but now we want to move he has held off) it's not a huge business but he's always busy and it pays the bills. What are the chances of us being accepted? My job is not on the skills list. How does this affect us? We currently have very little savings due to an emergency where we pretty much used up all of our savings. We are currently in the process of saving back up - how much roughly should we save to fund such a move? I won't have any problems as far as my sons are concerned, father is not on birth certificate and when told of our plans, was not bothered in the slightest! Another thing to throw in (sorry!) my mother wants to come. She is 54 in a July though, she currently has a very professional job as a teacher in a college. However due to age, we are thinking that would be a problem. What visas are available for our situation? I am planning on securing a job pretty much as soon as I get out there. Same as partner. We would prefer Aus, but we are not limited to there, we have also been looking into NZ as my mother has an Uncle there and she seems to think it will be easier for her (and us) to get in. any advice is greatly appreciated! thankyou in advance!
  4. Nymeria Chauhan

    Construction Project Manager

    Hi, I was wondering if I am eligible to apply for PR under 133111 Construction Project Manager. I have a Bachelors degree in Geophysics, and currently doing Masters in Project Management in Australia. Regards
  5. More and more Brits who go to live down under end up coming back to live here (uk). Why? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/nov/02/australia-too-boring-emigrate I also find it too boring:dull::SLEEP:
  6. Ash Sewell

    At the beginning....

    Hi everybody! New to the forum. We are at our first steps of wanting to move out there. Any advice on anything would be much appreciated! Thanks ?
  7. The McAteers

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    Hi everyone, This is my very first post on here as we have just signed up with our agent to start the emigration process to NSW. Apart from the obvious huge list of questions and concerns I have, one of the biggest things (and reasons for moving) is my 2 year olds health. He has pretty sever asthma and is on 2 inhalers plus a tablet at bedtime. I was looking for advice from those that had emigrated with a child with asthma and how you found the medical care, was the therapy and treatment the same or similar to the UK. Was there a charge for prescirptions and also did you notice an improvement in their health? I'd very much apprecaite any insights or informaiton anyone can provide. Many thanks, Julia
  8. I currently have a small investment in Physical Gold and have been told by the Customs Information and Support Centre that, because it isn't coinage in current use, (gold bars) that it would be subject to Goods and Services Tax on import but, given the fineness of the metal, they would be duty free. No details were given as to the percentage of value of GST that would be applied and I'm looking for any advice on what to do with it prior to making the move to oz or indeed any personal experience anyone has. If gold prices go up before I emigrate, no problem, I'll sell but if they don't... lol Thanks
  9. I am a 26 year old male from Wolverhampton.I have been working as a technical heating engineer for British Gas for the past 4 years.I am now looking to emigrate to Australia,but need some information on finding a job.I have scoured the internet looking for Australian gas companies and gas fitter jobs,but have been unable to find many.Would it be more beneficial for me to initially apply for a 12 working holiday visa,then try to find work whilst on that?or to keep on looking for a job first here in the UK?It would be great to hear from any gas engineers who have already emigrated or found jobs.Any help would be greatly appreciated.I have listed my UK qualifications below,just incase anyone out there is looking to offer me a job lol :-) EEDH Energy efficiency (domestic heating) Installation and servicing of unvented hot water storage systems CCN1 Core domestic gas safety CEN1 Domestic boilers CKR1 Gas cooking appliances HTR1 Balanced and fan assisted gas fires/wall heaters DAH1 Ducted ait heating WAT1 Instantaneous water heating appliances NVQ Level 2-domestic natural gas maintenance NVQ Level 3-domestic natural gas maintenance All certificates to prove above qualifications are all valid. If anyone out there knows of any gas companies who might be looking for employees then please get in touch with me.Craig
  10. I think we all know what the reasons are to move to Australia, but I thought being a sterotypical pessimistic Brit, it would be funny to remind ourselves of reasons why we'd want to leave this country!! My top 5 are: The goddam awful weather (including that horrible British grey colour that makes me feel depressed!!). Year after year the anticipation and hopes for a "good summer" are repeatedly dashed!! Chavs The UK government The M25 British holidays where you end up parked up next to a beach listening to the rain pouring down, a scotch egg in one hand and a flask of tea in the other trying to convince yourself that you're having a good time and ignore the fact that you'd rather have stayed at home! :arghh: What are your top 5 reasons to leave??
  11. Paula and Jay

    Moving to Sydney tomorrow!!!

    Can't believe it's finally here but we've said our goodbyes, furniture shipped, cars sold and were flying tomorrow night via Dubai. Been a tough week, harder than what we thought and really bizarre but were still very excited and determined to give it 100% Looking forward to living in Sydney and will update on here how we found our first few weeks etc :-) thansk to everyone for all their help and advice! Paula & Jay x
  12. Guest

    Need advice on visa!!

    Hey! Me (Student ) going to uni to study CHILD NURSING - deciding to emigrate to Australia in about 3 years time!! - with my son who would be nearly 3 years old.... what visa would i apply for? and how much would i possibly need to save if i was going to rewnt out there for a while including visa etc?> THANK YOU! X
  13. Hi All, I'm new to the forum but from what I've read so far you all seem to very wise and sensible so I'm hoping you'll be able to help. OH and I have started the application process for a state sponsorship from NSW and are hoping to move to Sydney later in the year if all goes well only thing is we've never been to Australia, will be moving over there without jobs and without anywhere to live. Up until now I've been excited about the idea but today I'm having a major wobble - I'm a complete control freak and the thought of winging it (no matter how much reasearch we do beforehand) is giving me palpatations! :eek: So far most of the threads I've seen seem to be folks moving over where at least one person has a job to go to - are we crazy or am I just having a bit of a moment? (one of many no doubt!) Cat
  14. Hi, Has anyone got a comprehensive list of stuff to do before they emigrate, i.e set up bank accounts, get TRN number, etc etc ? thanks Luke
  15. Hi, I posted this originally on Poms In Adelaide and was advised I'd get more feedback here - hope that's the case! I'm due to start a new job in Flagstaff in May 2012 - had enough of working in the UK, desperate for a new start for my health and quality of life, and for my daughter. Trouble is, her bio father won't give permission for her to emigrate with me so I'm having to go down the route of applying to the courts to override this. Has anyone been through a similar process? If so, were you successful and how long did it all take? Please help! Thanks
  16. With what seems the country spiraling out of control, (which it isn't really) and you are contemplating, in the process of migrating, have recent events (riots) confirmed your decision to emigrate. Migration is a very complex issue, many reasons and emotions are involved in the decision, but one that crops up now and again is 'A Better Life', I'm not quite sure what this means, but it means different things to different people I guess. So has the decision to emigrate been validated by these events or are you of the mindset now that this country well and truly needs help. I guess we can all in our own little way make a difference to what happens around us, and maybe that is a thought that has crossed your minds. I don't want this thread to be another on the reasons why these riots took place, but in your mind does the decision to emigrate seem ever more resolute, or do you feel a little like you are 'Jumping A Sinking Ship' Cheers Tony.:wink:
  17. Afternoon, According to Eurostat which is a statistical branch of the EU Britains population is growing at more than twice the European average :shocked:, in 40 years time Britain will have the highest population on the continent overtaking both France and Germany, and considering the size of those two that in my opinion is quite worrying. Last year of all the 27 countries in the EU Britains population soared by 400,000 out of the 1.4m added across the union :unsure:. Immigration to Britain has obviously had a massive impact on those figures with one in every four babies being born to a mother who was born outside of our country, just for bringing this subject up i will probably be accused of being a raving racist :SLEEP: as i have before but i believe that this subject would be one of the reasons a lot of people choose to move abroad which seems completly two faced but again for most people on this site moving abroad and starting again is a lot harder than those moving to Britain so i do not believe you can really compare the two, however that is only my opinion. So do statistics like the above bother you and has it had any bearing on your decision to move?
  18. Hello I am a 26 year old Student Nurse from Surrey. Hoping to emigrate Down Under in late 2012, as a Nurse. However, I am unsure about where is best to emigrate to. As I said I am in my mid 20s, not married and have no kids. It seems that most people on these forums have families and children and I was just wondering if anyone could suggest or recommend places that is good for young professionals to meet people and make friends. Kind Regards Nic
  19. Hi Eveyone First post on here I am a qualified nurse/ health visitor looking to come out with husband (prison officer, but can turn his hand to anything!) and 1yr old 4 yr old. Where do I start!!?? Cant decide which state...looking for somewhere with a lot to offer for the kids ( biggest priority) schools outdoor life etc Any advice which visa to go for would be appreciated, is it possible to find employment easily as a family child health nurse? Many thanks
  20. hi i am newly married 10 months ago and living in kent, uk. nothing has really gone our way financially in uk and we are just getting by in life, carpentry work here is terrible and im just window cleaning as its more reliable then site work. we don't have much savings either but was thinking of coming over on a holiday working visa then applying for a permanent visa when i got some money from working in aus, what i want to no. is it good life in aus for familys? no children yet. is their still a lot of work in aus for carpenters? unlike uk. and does it pay well? what is cost of living compared to uk? i am really considering a move soon and appreciate any info and useful knowledge. many thanks craig :goofy:
  21. Im all for having a bit of sun and some predictability in the weather. therefore i say its perfectly valid. this summer, like so many before it, so far it has done nothing but rain, then today even though it was sunny, it rained. then i went to Dundee, where it was sunny, and while i was in B&Q it started to rain like i haven't seen since i was last in the Middle East during a monsoon! then when driving to another part of Dundee, i discovered not only had it rained, but:- That's right people, SNOW IN JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone is taking the piss!
  22. sunlover

    Would I be able to emigrate?

    Hi, New to this forum, I replied to a post about someone whose ex was emigrating with his kids, which is sad. My situation is slightly different - my ex (been divorced 10 years, he is remarried with 2 kids) has just emigrated and has a permanent resident visa - for himself and family and also our two children, who are 17 and 13. I just know that when the kids visit they will probably want to live there some day - if they do, I wondered what my chances of going to live there would be? (I'm 49!) Also I have a partner who is 57, he is less keen on the idea but I have only just thought about the possiblility. I know I am getting ahead of myself a bit here as they may not even go! But we're all feeling on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, the ex has opened a can of worms by doing this. The kids are really upset as they used to stay with him here every few days and it's very hard for them. Any advice would be gratefully received! Oh by the way neither myself or partner would come under the specialist skills list I think, I work in medical field but not as a doc or nurse. Thanks in advance.:confused:
  23. Hi all, We have been trying for some time now to find a way to Emigrate as permanent residents to Australia with no joy. My husband and I have been foster carers for 7 years and both have an NVQ3 in health & social care (children and young people) which is not enough to get us through the process. We have contacted the local authority in Queensland to try to get advice from them but so far with no more information. Has anyone else been in or know of any similar situations that might help? Thanks Lisa
  24. My 10 YO daughter has recently decided to live with her father so will not be emigrating with me, my husband and two young sons...we are currently looking to hire a migration agent to start the process to move us to Australia but first need to know if my daughter remaining in the uk will hinder us at all or would I need my ex husbands permission to leave the country? any advise would be most appreciated.
  25. Guest

    Desperate to emigrate

    Hi, I am a 45 year old Plumber / Electrician living and working in the UK. I want to emigrate to WA but can only go skilled sponsored because of my age and need to get moving before July when the rules change and I won't qualify. Can anyone give me advice on everything I need to get in place before I go so I don't stall the process please. I'm thinking that it's best for me to go over and sell myself to prospective employers, is that the best option to secure sponsorship from a company...what's involved with securing state sponsorship ? At the moment I have just completed the VETASSESS application and about to try and start the visa application. I got married in WA in 2005 and have friends and family there and I'm really, really keen to get over for a new start with my family. Any advice would be most welcome.