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Found 17 results

  1. The McAteers

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    Hi everyone, This is my very first post on here as we have just signed up with our agent to start the emigration process to NSW. Apart from the obvious huge list of questions and concerns I have, one of the biggest things (and reasons for moving) is my 2 year olds health. He has pretty sever asthma and is on 2 inhalers plus a tablet at bedtime. I was looking for advice from those that had emigrated with a child with asthma and how you found the medical care, was the therapy and treatment the same or similar to the UK. Was there a charge for prescirptions and also did you notice an improvement in their health? I'd very much apprecaite any insights or informaiton anyone can provide. Many thanks, Julia
  2. Hello,this is my first post and hoping for some guidance please. I am applying for a 176 family sponsored visa and were almost there Medicals booked for Monday and Police checks in the post. My worry is that my wife has quite severe Asthma and although well enough now it has been Very bad in the past. The drug that controls her Asthma (very well) looks to be on the borders of what australia would class as significant expense. approx $4500 per year. We are confident that my wife will not need this once in Oz and I am prepared to pay for this myself if she did. Will this still prevent my wife from passing and is there anything I can do or say to diac to help our case. We always new this would b an issue but now were close I am flapping! Also what can the family who are sponsoring us do to help?
  3. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/inhaler.jpg[/WRAP]According to new figures, Asthma cases in children and young people are on the way down but the poor are still more likely to suffer. A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare compared figures from 2001 with 2007-08 and found the prevalence of asthma in people aged between 5 and 34 years old had dropped by 25%. The study also found a drop in the number of new cases among young people and a fall in hospitalisations and deaths linked to asthma. The director of the Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring, Professor Guy Marks, says during the 1980s and 1990s the number of cases were increasing, but the long-term trend is now down. "Our report today shows that over the last 10 years there's been a decline in the number of children and young adults who have asthma by around about one quarter compared to what it was in 2000," he said. "The same has been seen for the number of people who have been hospitalised from asthma. There has been a decline probably since the mid-1990s again that seems to have plateaued in recent years." The report also found those from disadvantaged areas were more likely to be hospitalised than people from high socio-economic areas, with the gap widening in recent years. Professor Marks says Australia's asthma rates are "relatively high" compared to the rest of the world, but says the recent decline in cases remains something of a mystery. "We don't know what causes asthma. We do know that it's likely to be something related to environment or lifestyle factors, but exactly which ones of those factors it is we can't say at the moment." He says while the drop in the disease is good news, asthma remains a significant health challenge in Australia. "We have to be careful about being complacent because the prevalence rates and the outcomes of asthma are still high in Australia compared to other countries," he said. "One of the other things that our report shows is there's increasing evidence of a difference between people living in poorer areas and people living in more well off areas of Australia. "The prevalence of asthma is higher in people living in more disadvantaged areas and also the outcomes of the disease are worse in people living in those areas."
  4. Guest

    Asthma Medication Costs

    Just out of interest, does anyone know how much it costs for Asthma medication in Australia. Do you have to pay for each perscription, or is it covered by health insurance? Both myself and my daughter have bad asthma and my son has mild asthma. We use four different inhalers, 2 for me, 2 each for the children. Any clues?
  5. Guest

    Asthma on a 457 visa

    Hi all, I am new to this forum but hope that you can help. I have been offered a job on a 457 visa in Brisbane. I have asthma and eczema and am looking into private health insurance. What I needed to know was what will it cost me to go to the doctor and have a prescription for inhailers, steroid cream etc. I ask this as the health insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions for about 12 months and I will need to fork out the whole cost. Unless someone knows differently! I hope someone out there can help advise me as the whole health insurance issue is scaring me a bit at the moment :arghh:
  6. Our son has asthma and growth hormones deficit and I'm wondering if it's going to be a problem. His asthma is mild (he has inhalers daily during winter time) and he need to see a endocrynologist once every 6 months to get his prescription then he gets his daily shot which cost is about 800 $ per months. Is it going to be a problem. Did anyone have to face this ?
  7. We are considering moving to Australia (end of 2010 beginning of 2011). It looks as though dh's job will take us to Brisbane-very happy just waiting to find out where!! Anyway, my eldest (8yrs) suffers from severe food allergies, asthma and hayfever and was wondering if anyone has any info about living with similar conditions in Australia. My main concern is the food available there as he cannot eat any egg, milk or nut food items. In the UK the scope for good quality dairy, egg and nut free (marg)spread, chocolates, ice cream cakes and biscuits have increased so much over the last 3 yrs and are lots are available in local supermarket Sainsburys /Tesco/Waitrose. Are allergy friendly foods readily available at local supermarkets and is the range good? Our main concern is that he may be reduced to a very restricted diet again. Also how are the schools with allergies and epi-pen meds and what happens re: lunches. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Lisa.
  8. For a start hello this is my first post! :biggrin: Ok I will be beginning the process of a possible move to Oz (WA) starting Monday with an interview with ARG (Australia Railroad Group). Now they will be providing myself with a 457 visa and a 2 year contract. I understand I have to purchase Private Medicare insurance. I myself am fully fit but my partner and my youngest boy have complaints... My partner has suffered with bad Asthma throughout her life and is permanently on inhalers to keep this at bay but, very occationaly she needs to be placed on a nebuliser as it can become very bad. My youngest boy (22months) had Talipes (club feet), and has had operations to help correct this and is currently in corrective boots. This means he may need medical assistance until he is possibly 12 years old. Leading me to a question. What sort of cost extra would be placed on us for these conditions? Any help, any `ball park` figures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony :cool:
  9. Hi there, new to this forum but hoping someone can help. Husband is awaiting his job offer and we will be completing our visa application but think there might be a problem. We have twins who are 15 months old and have something called obstructive bronchitis - they can't call it anything else because they are too young to test for asthma but take the usual inhalers that asthma sufferers take. It could also be that they will grow out of this by the time they are 3 years old. Do you think their condition will affect our application. Is there anyone out there who has had their visa application accepted under similar circumstances. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, I want people to know that Asthma here is rife. I have hardly spent any time home due to it recently always in hospital. Please be aware that if you come here you need to get a proper asthma plan because it is really bad here for some reason. regards
  11. AnxiousMum

    taking asthma inhalers on plane?

    Hi All, As its nearing our Aussie Reckie in just over 2 months!!!!!!!! gonna start asking questions again. So here is my first of probably many (lol) Can you take Asthma Inhalers on the plane with you in hand luggage, or do you have to put them in the suitcase. Slightly worried if we have to put them in the suitcase what happens if my son has an attack on the plane!! Second question still suitcase and meds related. My other son has really bad travel sickness, we are not sure how bad if at all he will be on a plane as never experienced it before, but in a car its horrendous. Anyway I am hoping to get some strong travel pills from the doctors and again am not sure are we allowed to take this tablets on the plane with us in handluggage or does it have to go in the suitcase again.? Many thanks in advance and hope you all had a great xmas:tongue:
  12. Guest

    3 yr old and Asthma

    My daughter who's only 3 has asthma caused primarily by being allergic to the house dust mite. We're hoping it'll be better in Oz where you don't have to have carpets and curtains. Hs anyone who's got asthma moved to Oz and is it better/worse than it was in the UK? What happens with regard to child medical support/supplies?
  13. Guest

    asthma meds in oz?

    does anyone know how you go about getting asthma medication in oz? do you have to have a prescription from a doctor or can you buy direct at chemist? thanks lee.
  14. Guest

    asthma question

    just a quick question to ask if any one has moved over to aus with kids who suffer from the ever increasing illness of asthma just wanted to know how it fairs over in aus with the heat and also on getting the medications required ie costs my son is now 13 and i am hoping people will be able to offer advise
  15. Guest


    hi everyone, my husband suffers with asthma, i shouldn't say suffer really because he is not as bad as some people. do many people have asthma in australia especially in the brisbane area and how easy is it to get inhalers?? when we are in england he has to use his inhalers quite regularly, but when we have been on holidays to spain, france and america he doesn't need to use them!! also, will they use it against us when it comes to do the medicals?? thanks for any info shellie:wubclub:
  16. Guest

    Costs of Asthma inhalers??

    Hi there, would anyone know the cost in what i would pay for regular asthma inhalers? also the cost of prescription tablets?? any help would be grateful Cheers
  17. I have posted this question in another forum so sorry to those of you that are reading it twice! Hi All, hope someone can give me some advice. Our daughter has severe asthma but its controlled really well with drugs. Her symptoms are more season induced - a winter cold goes to her chest and makes her ill etc, she also suffers a bit of anxiety induced asthma when she is upset. Has anyone got any experience of a child with asthma and how their condition has been controlled in Oz. We hope the dry conditions won't make it worse and assume the trade off for the cold weather will help if it does. The next question is whether the medication she requires is covered by medical/full insurance. Its a price we are more than willing to meet but just wondered what the siutation was. Thanks very much Sarah, Matt, Niamh and Charlie.