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Found 31 results

  1. Hi guys, Long story short. I moved to South Oz from Cornwall in 1992 at age 11 with my parents. My parents moved back in 2005 for work. I stayed - had a girlfriend (became my wife)/was @ uni, then I started a career......I had a very traumatic experience @ work in 2014 which destroyed my mental health, career and marriage, all no fault of my own; i've been heavily depressed and anxious for the better part of 2 years. I had a little boy with my wife (currently separated) who is 3. I have 1 Bachelor of Psychology degree, a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Marketing, so i've got a wide net for employment. Right now i'm self employed, making TV commercials, graphic design - all media stuff. I live alone now and can't see myself ever being happy again, BUT, when I think about my family (mum/dad/brother/niece/cousins/friends etc etc) and Cornwall I get a strong sense of connection/hope and love; something i've been lacking for a few years now. My choice, which feels like Sophie's choice is this: 1. Stay in Oz for my son. I will have a relationship with my son but everything else will be pretty grim, especially when my wife moves onto the next guy, and i'm around to see my son living with him. 2. Move back to Cornwall and have a big family again, start afresh etc. Try and find a way of keeping my son in my life - Skype, holidays etc. So the choice is either to remain in Oz completely unhappy with the exception of my son, or move home to Cornwall where I have a sense of identity, family, a sense of community and belonging - something Australia doesn't really have. I guess i'm putting this down on virtual paper because I want to see what other's think of this - all opinions are fine. Please don't kick me while i'm down. If you knew the traumatic event that started everything you'd understand. I'm not one of those dads who wants to leave his son. I don't at all, but I also don't want to die alone in a country that isn't 'home', and continue being miserable. I've been trying to get better for 2 years now but the only light I can ever see at the end of the tunnel is Cornwall. Anybody had a similar experience?
  2. Hello! We are a couple with a 14 month old toddler who have recently moved to Melbourne (Oz). Currently we are residents of Docklands but are looking to relocate and need the following points to be considered. We do not have a car or a driving lisence so the new accomodation has to be walkable or easily manageable in trams that dont take too long in taking us to grocerystores, shopping malls etc. 1. A Playgroup/Community Center/Parks for activities for toddler within walking distance or easily accessible via tram 2. My baby is learning how to swim, currently we are going to citybaths but a sub urb that would offer this as well would be a plus 3. Walking distance to the Library due to the activities organized for babies 4. My husband's workplace is in Docklands, so a suburb that is not too far away and takes about 20 minutes of tram/train to commute to work. 5. Walking distance or short distance accessible by tram for groceries 6. a good Kindergarten so I can register my baby enabling him to attend 2 years from now 7. Preferably well reputed Daycares if possible 8. Ideally looking for 350 to 450 pw fully furnished (1 Bedroom, 1 Parking) or 300 to 350 pw unfurnished (1 Bedroom, 1 Parking) ----(as we need to keep a car provision for future) Apologies for the long list but the endless list of good suburbs has got me so confused. I love where I live - Docklands - and would not have considered relocating had it not been for the very high rental rates here We are looking to move to an inner sub-urb for now, until my baby is of a school going age. Many Thanks in advance for all your help! cheers!
  3. The McAteers

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    Hi everyone, This is my very first post on here as we have just signed up with our agent to start the emigration process to NSW. Apart from the obvious huge list of questions and concerns I have, one of the biggest things (and reasons for moving) is my 2 year olds health. He has pretty sever asthma and is on 2 inhalers plus a tablet at bedtime. I was looking for advice from those that had emigrated with a child with asthma and how you found the medical care, was the therapy and treatment the same or similar to the UK. Was there a charge for prescirptions and also did you notice an improvement in their health? I'd very much apprecaite any insights or informaiton anyone can provide. Many thanks, Julia
  4. Hello, we are a family of 3, looking for friendly English people to socialize with. I'm Australian, but my partner is from the UK and is getting quite homesick (and subsequently, on my nerves). We have a 1.5 year old son, who is adorable and very social. We happened to be the first ones in our circle to have a child, so feeling a bit left out from the bondi party scene, and in need of meeting new people, with children or without. I'm your typical girly girl, 29 yo, shopping, heels and wine; partner's into his fishing, tennis, boats and cars, he's 30. Hit us up if you fancy a coffee or a wine/beer. :wubclub:
  5. woodsy16

    direct flights with toddler

    Hi all I am in the process of looking for flights to Canberra in Jan. I am trying to decide if it is better to go with Emirates with a stopover in Dubai or pay less and fly direct with Qantas. My son is 2 1/2yrs he has managed 3 hrs to Menorca before but I am not sure he would manage 22hrs in one go! Has anyone done either of these options with toddlers or babies, how did they handle the flights? Thanks Kate
  6. Hi, My partner and I are moving to Darwin on the 1st dec from Cambridge UK and will be bring our 2 year old little boy. I was wondering if anyone could advised me about toddler groups/ toddler activities. Many Thanks Kaylee
  7. Hello, We are just planning our emigration, leaving UK in February 2012. Before we arrive in Melbourne we want to travel around a bit and we will also be with two friends for a couple of weeks. So we thought of getting a campervan but I don't know if that is insane as we have a daughter who will be about 22 months old with us! Has anyone done a similar kind of road trip with a toddler in tow? Would love any advice, experiences, recommendations etc. In particular what kind of vehicle to go for Many thanks! Leah x
  8. HI Everyone We have been here 2 months and are renting in box hill, its about 30 by train to the city (express). Takes about 10 mins on the bus to get to the train too and we drop our toddler off in creche on the way. (we both work in the city) We are thinking we are too far away from her when we finish work as its a mad dash to catch the train to pick her up before 6. Do you have kids in creche and work in the city? Which suburb do you live in? Having her in creche in the city isn't an option as the costs are way too expensive and we don't get help on the 475 visa. Plus I wouldn't like her having to travel on the commuter train either.
  9. We moved from the UK a month ago and have just found a place in Collaroy we will be moving in to next week. We'd love to meet anyone else in the area....with our without children though we do have a 20 month old. Here's to the fab weather! Sally. x
  10. A Chinese toddler was run over twice and ignored by nearly 20 passers-by in Guangdong Province in a case that has caused outrage around the world.:eek: It is a story that has deeply unsettled millions in China, posing troubling questions about whether three decades of headlong economic development has left nothing but a moral vacuum in its wake. It begins last Thursday when a two-year-old girl totters into a narrow lane in a wholesale market in the thriving industrial city of Foshan in Guangdong Province and is hit by a small, white van. The driver pauses, and then pulls away, crushing the child for a second time under his rear wheels. It is not the accident itself, but what happens next — or rather doesn’t happen – that has left millions of ordinary Chinese wondering where their country is heading. One by one, no fewer than 18 passers-by are seen on closed circuit television ignoring the girl as she lies, clearly visible in the road, haemorrhaging into the gutter. Not a single one of them stops to help. The first is a young man in a white T-shirt and trainers. He walks on past the prone form of girl who is by now bleeding profusely, without a second glance. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/8830790/Chinese-toddler-run-over-twice-after-being-left-on-street.html Is this the price of living and being brought up in such an Evil dictatorship....sad.:dull:
  11. Hi everyone, I've just discovered this forum and wanted to say hi! Hubby and I first planned to migrate to Melbourne (from Greenwich, UK) a few years back and got our permanent residency in 2009. Exactly 5 days after the visas were granted, I found out I was pregnant!! Talk about timing :laugh: So we postponed our move, again and again... but finally decided we have to do it 'now or never'. We're planning to make the move in Jan '12, though we haven't even started sorting anything out yet... like moving agents / what to do with our flat etc... it's going to be a bit mad over the next few months! We don't know where in Melbourne we want to live yet. It has to be family friendly and green, but we're torn between central areas / beach / bush. Choices choices. We currently live near to Greenwich Park which is just beautiful and so wherever we choose in Melbourne has a lot to live up to. :tongue: Also very important to us is access to good education, I'm currently quite interested in finding out more about alternative education systems like Steiner etc. So overall, we still have lots of research to do! Eep!!
  12. This is absolutely disgusting, I'm sorry but kids are kids, how on earth do you keep a child quiet when they are playing out. No wonder parents are happy to let their children sit in front of computer games all day. THE parents of British four-year-old Alfie Lansdell have been threatened with a $7720 council fine after receiving complaints that the youngster is too noisy when playing in his family's yard. Simon and Pippa Lansdell received a letter from Hull City Council warning that they could be issued with a noise abatement notice and fined and that, unless Alfie quietened down, he may have to be "monitored with digital equipment", London's Daily Express newspaper reported. "When I first opened the letter I was shocked, then fuming. Alfie can be noisy and boisterous, but he is just a normal four-year-old," Mr Lansdell, 35, told the Express. When outside, Alfie plays with football and spends time with the family dog, his dad said. The council letter outlines an allegation of "noise nuisance" relating to a "child screaming/playing in garden". "Legally, we have to investigate any noise complaints we receive, regardless of the source of the noise," a council spokeswoman told the newspaper.
  13. Guest

    Flying with a toddler

    We are due to emigrate from the UK in January and are wondering how we will survive the flight with a 2 year old, very active boy! We are flying heathrow to singapore then onto adelaide. Just wondering if anyone has had this experience and how it was? Only part of emigrating that we are not looking forward to!!!
  14. Hi all, my names rachel and i have just moved from adelaide to toowoomba last week, was just wondering if anyone knows any mother and toddler groups i can join. I have tried google to no avail and my little ones going out of her mind not whacking whoops i mean playing with other children.:biglaugh::biglaugh: thanks.
  15. Hi, We are going over to Darwin in a few weeks to see family and do some ground work ready for our hopeful relocation in December (fingers crossed) and I want to take my son who is 2.5 years old to a couple of groups. Can anyone recommend a couple? We will be in Tiwi for our stay. Thanks.
  16. Hey all, we moved into Geelong about 4 weeks ago and are on the whole enjoying it, a few up and down days but mainly up. However we have a 3 year old who's starting to miss his playgroup and nursery. So can anyone recommend any playgroups etc. We don't have a car at the moment but can get the bus easily enough. We are based near Eastern Beach for now. Thanks
  17. Hi we're moving to Melbourne in March (Wifey, Baby and Me) and we're trying to get an idea of which areas we would like to live in before we get there and we quite like the look of Berwick and anywhere along the coast from St Kilda to Patterson Lakes. We've found lots of information on properties but not really that much regarding which areas are the best for families. I've not found much information on playgroups, baby classes and mum and baby groups and other things like that so could anybody offer a bit of advice regarding which are the best areas to live in for families in terms of there being other young families and lots of things to do nearby. Darren
  18. Hi all, My husband and I are moving to Sydney in January 2010 when I will be 8 months pregnant and our daughter will be 20 months. He will be working in Northbridge so we are looking for a nice area that isn’t too expensive around the Lower North Shore or even further away if easily commutable. I am a little puzzled to which areas offer the best in activities for babies and toddlers. Currently we live in Greenwich, London which has loads of classes and activities for little ones, like baby swimming, sensory classes, soft play etc. and we’d like to find somewhere similar in Sydney with lots for the little ones to do close by, as my husband will have the car for work, so I will be relying on public transport/walking. If anyone can recommend a fun area with nice places to live I’d be super grateful. We are looking to spend a maximum of £800 per week rent and we would love some outside space (!). Any pointers or general help for a young family welcome, as our baby #2 will be arriving about 5 weeks after we do, so we won’t have too much time to find things out for ourselves! Thanks so much in advance. All best wishes Helen
  19. I am sure this has probably already been done a thousand times so sorry in advance. We are looking at booking our one way flights to Melbourne for april may time next year, and i was really looking for your recommendations for the best airline that you have flown with a toddler or young child. i;e Good food, entertainment and good service. Many Thanks
  20. Hi all don't want to sound like i'm moaning but looking at the forecast and looks like rain again this week. Having only moved here a month ago and still awaiting shipping we have a distinct lack of things to do in the house when its raining. I've tried one indoor play place in victoria point which was okish although expensive and small. Any other ideas to do with a 2 1/2 year old. Can't find many playgroups except on a tuesday so we've got quite a few other days to fill. In england we would have gone to groups or round friends houses so not quite sure what to do with ourselves here thanks em
  21. Guest

    New to Darwin

    Hi I moved to Darwin last week with hubby and toddler from UK. Looking to meet up with other mums in Darwin. Can anyone recommend things to do for toddler and me. :biggrin:
  22. my hubby and i moved from the UK (Isle of Man) 4 weeks ago, we have a 21 month old son and need to make friends! im finding it very hard finding any mum and toddler groups in the area and hubby is at Tafe 3 days a week. Anyone in a similiar situation message me!
  23. Hi there arrived on 21 may and staying in temp accom in CBD whilst sorting out rented place. My toddler and I are going out of our minds with boredom and loneliness as we know noone and city attractions are expensive. Not sure which suburb we will end up in yet so can't join toddler groups and things. I'm not used to spending all my time with my toddler as had to give up my uk FT job to come out with my husband! And with big bump, no chance of job here for a while. So please help us keep sane... We love hot chocs and babycinos if any other families would like some new playmates thanks jenny and isobel
  24. Hi Fingers crossed we should be flying out on the 26th August to perth. We are staying in the Quinns Rocks area. I have a daughter of 2 years old. I want to start making friends as soon as I land and I think by taking her to any groups etc will be the way for us to settle in. Just finished my job here and will be a a stay at home in perth - so woried I will get lonely!!! Aay ideas/suggestions/anyone that wants to meet up??? please help........this is all v.scary:unsure:
  25. Hi there I have just moved to Edithvale with my husband and 2yr old daughter from the UK and am keen to meet up with any other mums in the area for coffee etc. Look forward to meeting up soon! Thanks! Claire