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  1. SkippyChick11

    100 Visa Evidence

    Yes, sorry - I should have specified. We've been in Aus for 12 months with OH on his 309 visa, and are now getting the paperwork together for the PR (100) visa. At the moment I've got a couple of utilities, marriage cert (married since 309 was granted), lease, bank statements etc. Does our evidence need to be as robust this time as it was for the 309? Cheers, A
  2. SkippyChick11

    100 Visa Evidence

    Hi guys, What evidence (ie how much evidence) have you provided for 100 visa? Cheers
  3. SkippyChick11

    Manila Airport is the Worlds Worst

    This made me laugh, thanks Pom Queen! Philippine Airways will be flying out of Heathrow again, starting from November. Guess who we're flying with in mid-Nov? Yup. :embarrassed: Although at approx £200 cheaper than Malaysian, we figure it's only going to be 23 hours of our life. Although I have a feeling that the 4.5 hour stopover in Manila waiting for the Darwin flight, will draaaaaag!!
  4. Excellent. Thanks for your advice WF123. :biggrin:
  5. Hi there! We're just going to buy a padded bike bag for each (have a look on ebay) and just check them into over-size luggage at the airport. I've looked up "sporting equipment" on our airline's website and it gives you the acceptable dimensions and requirements. Whereabouts are you on this miserable Cornish day?
  6. Hi all, We're flying out in Nov and we're now intending on taking our two mountain bikes on the flight with us rather than putting in our movecube (as we're going to have more baggage allowance than first anticipated). We were just after some advice re hydraulic brake fluid in the bikes - ie do you have to drain it etc? Any assistance is appreciated. Ta!
  7. SkippyChick11

    Who's moving where in QLD and when?

    Moving back to Brissy with my Pommy OH at the end 2013/early 2014 after 8 years in the UK. Hoping to rent Manly-ish. I've always known that I'd move back to Brissy, but can't quite get my head around the fact that it's going to happen soon! Eeek! Am getting nervous about the job situation too... :rolleyes:
  8. SkippyChick11

    De Facto, Relationship Registration & 12 Month Requirement

    Perhaps you could send in the application prior to 1st Sep, with a note saying that you are awaiting the relationship certificate to come through and you will forward it on upon receipt...? Good luck
  9. SkippyChick11

    Partner visa application

    Hi Hana, When you say "defacto" do you mean living together? ie you've been in a relationship for 20 months, but only living together for 3 months. If you've got your relationship registered, this should negate having to show that you've lived together for 12 months, but I would definitely include evidence of a relationship for the past 20 months. Include the pieces of evidence that you have listed in your original post, plus evidence of holidays together, money going in between your accounts, car insurance details if you're listed as named drivers etc. Furthermore, get your partner's flatmates to fill in a stat dec each, saying that you've been living there for 3 months, but you have been in a relationship with your OH for 20 months and you would stay ** nights per week when you had your own place. Perhaps you've contributed while you weren't living there as well? Did you put money in a kitty or buy milk/bread etc for the flat? Little things like this can help to paint a bigger picture via the stat decs. You also mention that you are not currently listed on the lease. I know when I was a property manager in Qld (about 9 years ago - so may be out-dated advice), you could fill out a form to be an "approved occupant". Perhaps you could look into that. It just lets the agency/landlord know that you're staying there, even if you're not named on the lease. That could be provided as visa evidence as well. Hope some of this advice helps! Good luck
  10. SkippyChick11

    Trying to send money to Oz

    We use CurrencyFair peer 2 peer currency exchange. All you need is your BSB/Account number to transfer to Aus. Have found it really good as you can transfer money into your currencyfair account , set an exchange rate that you'd like to achieve and if you've got time, your money will sit there until the exchange rate reaches that point, then it is transferred to Aus. Alternatively, you can just transfer it at whatever the current rate is. Anyway, just thought I'd share in case it's of any use in future!
  11. Hi Stuart, My OH and I were asked for more evidence at the start of our application (which freaked me out a little, to be honest). I went back to the CO and said something along the lines of: "if we go and get wills, etc and submit them, will that satisfy your requirements?" To which our case office replied "I am only concerned with evidence pertaining to the 12 months directly preceding the date of receipt of application" ie from Oct 2011 - Oct 2012. So that put the kibosh on that. Luckily, within his response, KP also put in a roundabout way (I had the feeling that he was not able to just come out and say directly what he was after, and that it was up to us to figure it out) that he was more interested in us submitting extra evidence which supported that we did not live "separately on a permanent basis". At this point I was working in London (and had a flat in London) and commuted weekly between there and my OH in Cornwall. I ended up putting all of my travel dates (backed up from train itineraries) into a table which showed the number of days we spent apart each time. This was presented to the CO with a supporting statement which pointed out that even though I paid for everything in London and OH paid for everything in Cornwall (and we didn't have the usual joint utilities), we actually spent nearly 50:50 together and apart, and the train tix came out of our joint account. We also included future travel itineraries where we were going away at Xmas time etc (which showed an ongoing commitment). I know that this stuff is particular to our case, but just thought I'd share in case any of it was relevant to you. Wish you all the best of luck
  12. SkippyChick11

    Need as much help as possible!

    No probs! It must be a nightmare trying to get your head around it in such a short period of time! Any more queries, just shout!
  13. SkippyChick11

    Need as much help as possible!

    Hi Lou! 1) It's difficult to just pick an area out of a hat, but at least you know that your OH will be working in central brisbane. To narrow things down a bit, you could have a look at the best schools in Brisbane (I know there's a link that's been floating around that rates the best schools etc, I'm sure someone will be on here shortly with it), as well as suburbs with train stations (if OH will be catching the train into the city) and how long of a commute he wants. 2) there's a shipping section of the forum that might give you some pointers. Once again, you need to narrow down if you need to ship a 20ft container, a movecube box (approx 2.5m x 1.5m x 2m - sevenseas), or just a few boxes. 3) short term lettings - as the OP has mentioned, realestate.com.au is a good place to start for short-term and longer-term rentals, also http://www.airbnb.co.uk and brisbaneholidayvillage.com.au 4) all of the usual international car hire companies are available. Perhaps just look at a comparison site - or leave it a while, see where you're staying and ask the locals who they recommend? 5) There's no reason not to, although if you're on a temp visa, I don't think it's compulsary (could be wrong). Once you get an address (temp or perm), you just need to go into Department of Transport and swap it over (and pay a fee) 6) Once you get the visa number, you can open one online. It won't be activated until you show up at the bank and show your ID etc. http://www.BOQ.com.au is a good one 7) Qld has prep school. Not sure on what age they start at, but if you google "education queensland" I'm sure it'll come up. Hope some of this helps! Best of luck
  14. Ancestry visa is easy. That's what I came over on originally. He just needs 3 birth certificates (his birth certificate, his mother or father's birth certificate -depending on which side the english ancestry comes from- and his grandparent's birth certificate) and the form. Other than no recourse to public funds, there are no restrictions. It's a 5 year visa and after that he could apply for indefinite leave to remain. One of my friends just renewed her ancestry visa though, so it can be done (and is much cheaper than settlement).