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    What happens now ? 457 visa holder been layed off !

    Firstly, very sorry to hear that. Essentially, your visa cannot be cancelled by your employer, even if you are redundant or dismissed for other reasons. Only immigration can terminate your visa. As a general rule you have 28 days to apply for another substantive visa (i.e. a work permit or perm visa) or find another employer who is prepared to honour your 457 conditions. If they do, and the role is successfully nominated, you can transfer your existing visa to that employer without reapplying. It may take some time but I would imagine immigration will not cancel your 457 if the process has formally started. If you apply for another visa type you will likely be given a bridging visa, which allows you to remain legally until a decision is made about your new application. It's not easy - but it is possible. Good luck!
  2. I have a question regarding the 12 month relationship requirement in a situation where the couple have a relationship registered with the state of NSW. Quick run down of our situation: My details: British Born Migrated to Australia 2008 Citizen of Australia since 2012 My Partners Details: European 457 Visa Lived in Australia since 2005 Pending application for 175 skilled independent visa, pending for 5 years We met in July 2012, and formed an exclusive relationship in August 2012. We have not been apart since that time and stayed at each others homes every night until December. We moved in together at one property in December, and formalised this on the lease once my partners lease had expired (we were subletting in the meantime to avoid termination fees). In the time we have been together, we have met each others families (travelling to Europe to do so), have formed friendships with each others social group and have travelled together to Dubai, London, Warsaw, New Zealand (twice) as well as various domestic trips. We have also planned overseas holidays for next year. We have also registered our relationship under the Relationship Registration Act 2010 (NSW) That leaves us in the following situation: In a mutually exclusive relationship for 13 months Close family and friend ties Lived together (across both homes) for 12 months (hard to evidence though) Shared home lease for 6 months (easy to evidence) Multiple travel together over 8 months Planned future travel together taking us to 21 months Registered Relationship (Currently cooling off for 28 days as per NSW legislation) We can provide the following: Joint bank account statement Joint Lease Superannuation beneficiary given to each other Life Insurance policy naming partner as beneficiary Travel itineraries and forward bookings Photographs (with friends, travelling, with each others family) Christmas and Easter cards Relationship Registration Certificate (NSW) Stat Dec from a friend who was with us the night we met Stat Dec from a friend we stayed with in Dubai Stat Dec from family member Stat Dec from close friend we socialise with regularly Do you think we have covered enough to satisfy immigrations relationship requirement? My only real worry is that we didn't really think to write all of our movements down in the early months (who would?! It's not like immigration is the first thing on your mind). I really wanted to get the application in before 1 Sept as the fees are going up, but we won't have the Relationship Registration Certificate until about 5 Sept. As usual! I appreciate any tips, hints or insights you might have. all I can say is this... visas were a lot easier and cheaper when I migrated here! Nobody can argue that the government aren't trying to make it as hard as possible.

    <p>Hi Carl,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I just went through my notes to check dates ect. The dates were as follows:</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Date lodged: 17th Feb</p>

    <p>Date Acknowledged: 21 Feb</p>

    <p>Case Officer Assigned: 10 March</p>

    <p>Application Approved: 14 March</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I'm assuming your DRC has gone through a migration lawyer/agent? In which case, you should have a case officer assigned within 10 business days (2 weeks) which it seems you have. From then on, if your DRC has been filled out correctly and has all the right info attached, it's normally quick. </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>My letter says (copy n paste) " Processing times</p>

    <p> The published service standards for ENS/RSMS cases is 5 months (ETA</p>

    <p> countries) and 7 months (non-ETA countries)."</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>They just use the same text for all applications - the 5-7 months is for non-DRC applications.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Once you're assigned a case officer, they will turn it around in 2 days. Give it 2 weeks and you should be approved! Fingers crossed... let me know if you get it <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>good luck!</p>


  4. drewmck

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    PR Approved using a migration lawyer and Decision Ready Checklist. Nomination Submitted: 3rd Dec '10 Nomination Approved: 11th Feb '11 (Not bad considering Christmas & NY Holidays) Visa Application Submitted: 21st February Case Officer Assigned: 11th March (15 working days) PR Approved: 15th March All paper work submitted with the application. Migration Lawyer said it's the quickest application he's ever done! So relieved. No calls or questions from Immigration either! Went from 417 Working Holiday to 457 and now 856. Basically, I think if you have a reputable employer and no character or health issues it's all fairly straight forward. Good luck everybody!
  5. drewmck

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Things seem to be moving along quite quickly on my 856 with a DRC. All paper work submitted with the application (essential with DRC) Nomination Submitted: 3rd Dec '10 Nomination Approved: 11th Feb '11 (Not bad considering Christmas & NY Holidays) Visa Application Submitted: 21st February Case Officer Assigned: 11th March (15 working days) Immigration email quotes the following: "You will be contacted by a case officer within 2 working days of the visa application being allocated, with either an outcome for decision-ready cases or a request for additional information or documents." and therefore I hope/expect to have a final outcome this week!
  6. drewmck

    Visa Approved!!

    Thanks very much Tinks, I hope things work out for you and you get your approval quickly. I'm heading to Brisbane for Christmas so I'll be sure to report back on it. I think perhaps I was lucky, but I also have a friend who's 457 was approved in 4 days, again onshore - seems that onshore applications are dealt with quicker perhaps? Your best bet as I said, is to contact the DIAC hotline and ask them for a status update -they have loads more details than the website.
  7. drewmck

    Visa Approved!!

    I'm in Sydney - I had the x-rays at the HSA centre near central station, DIAC office is in West Sydney.
  8. drewmck

    Visa Approved!!

    Hi Tinks, It's slightly different with the x-rays because I'm already in Australia. I had to go to a government centre for the x-rays and they posted the results to me in a sealed envelope which I couldn't open. I forwarded this to the immigration centre in Sydney and didn't hear anything. So in the end I called the 'general' hotline and the nice lady their gave me the name, and number of my case officer. I called the case officer and was told she was off on a course from the 20th Nov to the 2nd December, and to call on the 3rd. I called her this morning and she was very nice, she told me that she had all the information she needed and would be making a decision today. It's worth noting, that my online status said 'processing further' until 10pm tonight! My case officer says that they don't really keep it up to date as it's all paper based. Your best bet is to contact the centre processing your application - do you know which centre it is? As for the name of your case officer and they will give it to you. If you're lucky enough to get through the engaged tones, you'll find them very helpful and keen to get your visa approved. Final note is that approval ratings are very high for British Passport holders... it will come, and you will get what you're looking for! I was going out of my mind until today - people would ask what I was doing for the day and I'd reply 'hitting refresh on my visa status page!'... Good luck!! You'll get there, and you'll love it here... it's an amazing place to live.
  9. drewmck

    Visa Approved!!

    Can't believe it! 457 Visa approved in 2 weeks!! and my case officer was on a training course for one week of it! The service was great, application in on the 17th November and submitted all information with the application such as degree, police certificates, x-rays and so on. Case Officer assigned 18th! 21st confirmed all information received she then went on training. She called today to say she was back and was 'so sorry for the wait', and then by the end of the day it was approved! No migration agent, lawyers or anything... so thrilled!!! I can finally get some sleep!
  10. drewmck

    The E111 form or travel insurance?

    To confirm, E111 is a reciprocal agreement for the EU only (allowing EU countries to bill the NHS for your care). If you are on a substantive visa (Working Holiday or better) then you can get a medicare card on arrival in Australia - this is the same as an E111 and allows Australia's Medicare (NHS system) to bill your care to the NHS - be warned however, Medicare is NOT the NHS - it's 'subsidized' private care whereby you pay your bill, and then claim it back from the health service. Best to get annual insurance, although remember that it'll likely only cover you for up to 3 months single trip... you can buy private medical insurance here in Oz, but it's expensive and won't cover you for many things until you have 12 months of custom. Good luck, and enjoy Australia
  11. drewmck

    E457 Status Page Query

    Hey Fiona, I'm guessing you're sponsored on a 457 employer visa? It means that the company who is nominating the position have had authorization to sponsor an oversees working for the role and it meets the skills in demand requirement... if you're got that far, you should see things move quickly!!! but it can take time, just be patient
  12. drewmck

    E457 Status Page Query

    Hi Tinks Application Processed Further means that the application is deemed 'valid', that does not mean approved... it means that given the information you have supplied, you are a valid applicant, and the application is for a valid nomination. what happens next is anybodies guess - I have a friend who's 457 was approved in 4 days from application to stamp in passport last month (although he had to shout for a stamp, they don't do that anymore)... GOOD LUCK!
  13. drewmck

    e457 Timelines...

    Hi Posting my timelines, wondering if anybody knows what's next - so far, it seems to be very very quick! 17/11/2008 Pre-Loaded all documents, Birth Certificates, Passport, Police Checks, Degree Certificate etc... 17/11/2008 Application received - processing commenced 17/11/2008 Application fee received 18/11/2008 Application being processed further 19/11/2008 X-Rays Taken 21/11/2008 Case Office Contacted and Confirmed 24/11/2008 Medical Clearance Confirmed What next... ??? Any guesses or suggestions?
  14. drewmck

    Visa update

    Hey, In reply to the 'Newbies wrote here' post, here you go Names: Drew & Graham What Visa: 457 & Interdependent How far along are you: Not very, nomination approved, 457 currently “Application being processed further” which frankly couldn’t be more cryptic! Originally on a 417 working holiday visa, 6 month limit reached today, so I now cannot work for my employer until either the 457 is approved, or my WHV 6 month limit is extended – turns out the WHV centre in Tasmania currently has delays! So no work, no money. X-Rays are done and were all clear… waiting to hear… any idea’s on time scales from here? Where you going to be living: Eastern Suburbs, Sydney Lived here for 9 months. Love Australia with a passion! It’s simply our favorite place with fantastic people, weather (although wetter than expected) and general ethic. Customer Services could do with a bit of work, but overall – Australia Rocks! Bring it own! Our fate is in the hands of a faceless somebody or automated system in the world of Immigration… will keep you posted! Anybody got any advise, or tips I’d be VERY happy to hear from you…