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  1. Hi looking for advice, my parents have been refused an aged parent visa today on the grounds of my dad not meeting the health requirement. My parents are 81 and 82 and have been in Australia since March 2019. A few months after applying for their visa, my dad was diagnosed with dementia and failed his medical in October 2020. My mum is OK and has passed her medical. I am an only child and am a citizen. As I knew with my dad's diagnosis, it was highly likely their visa would be refused, I have been researching appealing a visa refusal and was ready to go down that route. However, Home Affairs have called me today say they cannot advise us what to do, but suggested applying for a Sub Class 602 Medical Treatment Visa. I was shocked to get a call from Home Affairs, but the lady explained she knew I was an only child and wanted to express that they were sorry that this decision had been made. My dad will need treatment and support as his condition worsens until his death. My question is if I apply for the 802, and my dad were to die before my mum, where does this leave my mum? Would we then need to apply for another visa for my mum again? We have been given 35 days to apply for a 602 medical treatment visa or appeal within 35 days of today's date. Has anyone been in this situation? If so, what has been your experience of a 602 medical treatment visa? Thanks in advance.
  2. Well Done on getting your rental. It can be tough in this area as the schools are supposed to be top notch and this time of year, it can turn fierce, or so we have been told. We have been here in Willetton nearly four weeks and we just love it. It is a perfect location for us. 6 shopping centres 10 mins in each way. Spud Shed at Jandakot, 7 mins drive. Lovely dog beach at Attadale, 10 mins. Freo 20 mins. Cinema on the doorstep at Southlands. Good train service to the CBD and excellent links to major freeways.
  3. Candygirl

    Moving to W.A

    There seems to be a big divide here in Perth as in Brissy between which side of the river to live and it always seems to divide opinions. You will soon realise that Perth is vast. We spent 3 weeks all day, every day just driving round and looking at houses. We went NOR, SOR, East & West. Each area is completely different. We have settled SOR in Willetton which is 10 miles to the CBD and is well served by shopping centres and several highways too for easy access. As traffic is not going to be an issue, you are very lucky not to have to worry about this. We have Iinet internet and have 125GB pm and I have also been told that we are in an NBN area. I agree with the comments about Freo. It is quite bohemian and has a good feel about it and good if you want to live in a town with a good vide and a bit more to do. We found that there are some lovely areas SOR on the coast, but not much else going on. We are 10 mins to the nearest river beach at Attadale and were there last night. If we want a proper beach then the nearest will be Leighton Beach slightly north of Freo. We can drive or take public transport into the city in the evenings without any fuss too. We liked NOR and preferred the beaches up there, but just could not find a suitable home in an area that we liked within our budget. The Hills are stunning and really beautiful, but we are not ready to live there at the moment. We rented a short term unit in Yokine. Yokine gets a bit of a bad rep, but to be fair, we never saw anything untoward and felt perfectly safe there and would have rented there, again if there was something suitable within our budget. Yokine is 4 miles to the city. What we found was that there is a lot of hoons over here (boy racers) and you may well see the tyre marks all over the roads and this put us off as we did not envisage the thought of being woken up in the early hours each night. If you are single and want a bit of nightlife then I would say stay nearer to the city. East Vic Park has a lot of good restaurants and bars etc. Not far from Crown Casino (we were there on Sat night and it was heaving). Mount Lawley, Subi, Leederville, Como are really good areas and have lots of units. We have also been told that Maylands is good for singles too. If you check out www.streetadviser.com.au, it really helps to narrow down areas and read other people's comments.
  4. Candygirl

    Rental Agent Advice

    Thanks for the advice. Not sure why the inspection is taking place so soon. They have also said in their letter apt between 1.30-5pm and cannot say what time and that our dogs are to be restrained. Yeah right, of course I am going to restrain them for 4 hours on the off chance. Also, how do they expect people to hold down jobs. In normal circumstances, I would have questioned why so soon, but in view of the situation we are in, I am quite looking forward to it. They can see for themselves without relying on pictures etc. I might speak to the Tenancy people and ask their advice in the meantime.
  5. Candygirl

    Rental Agent Advice

    I wonder if you guys could offer some advice or point us in the right direction? When we signed our lease for our current rental, it was agreed at the time with the owners that a couple of jobs would be dealt with asap. It is now three weeks and nothing has been done. One of the problems poses a security risk and the other could create a pest control problem. We have now been in the property three weeks and our container is due to be delivered on Thursday. I have been telephoning the agent and have been quite friendly and they have said they will see to it, but nothing has been done. Today, I have written quite a formal email to the agent today saying that the current situation is unacceptable and they need to get it sorted PDQ. We also have our first inspection booked for 6/12. What else can we do? TIA
  6. Candygirl


    I would not wash the carrots, but I do understand why Deb is doing it. That is her way of caring for them. Nothing wrong with that, everyone seems happy with it, so why change it. OH has always said the dogs are treated better than him at times. His mate used to say if he died he wanted to come back as one of my dogs. I have been sneaking in fillet steak to my two in quarantine. In answer to your question, do you think they appreciate it, I don't think they do. I have noticed whilst they are in quarantine that they immediately go to the kennel maid if she comes in even though I am sat on the floor with them. I think their natural instinct is to go to who is feeding and looking after them.
  7. Candygirl

    Two Weeks In and Two Weeks Left

    We cannot wait. Will post pics of them on the beach for everyone to see and also on your FB page for Catherine and the team.
  8. Candygirl


    Thanks Nick. I think I know where you mean. Just had another neighbour come and introduce themselves from across the road. I am loving this area and the people are so nice and friendly. I think we may be a bit of a novelty at the moment. Everyone around us are Aussies and have lived here years, so I suspect we are the first POMs for a little while.
  9. Candygirl

    Two Weeks In and Two Weeks Left

    Thanks. Been to see the girls today and now Purd has kennel cough for the second time.:cry: I think until they are out of there, it will just keep being passed round the dogs. We collected their crates today and they are hidden in the garage (out of sight of little eyes) in case they think they are going back into them. It feels a bit more real that they will be home very soon. Two more visits and then we are all off to the beach:jiggy:
  10. Candygirl

    Dreading shipping my fur baby

    If you read back over my posts over the last few months, you will see how much of a demented giblet I was about shipping Purd & Cand over here. Honestly, with hand on heart, it is not as bad as we all think. I did not think Purd would be the same dog after the flight, but she is fine. The quarantine is hard I will be honest, but now it has been reduced to 10 days, it will be much easier. We used Pet Air's Gold Service and we cannot find fault with anything they did for us. We received a text when they were checked in at Heathrow, photos in Singapore and then we were told when they had arrived in Perth and I was straight on the phone to the Q station and again, updates were given. If the kennel maids come into the kennels when we are there, the girls run to them for cuddles and kisses. They are very well look after. I know it is hard, I was the same as you, but now having done it, I would do it again if we needed to.
  11. Candygirl

    My first WA camping trip

    Brilliant Pics Fi. Hope you continue to have fun. It was 37 yesterday so no chance of it getting nippy at night for a few months now. We went to the dog's beach that you recommended last evening - beautiful, thanks:notworthy:
  12. Candygirl

    Two Weeks In and Two Weeks Left

    One week today and we cannot wait. We have just bought a new lawn mower so this weekend, we will be getting the garden nicely mowed for a good run about for the girls. Three more prison visits then FREEDOM:jiggy: I don't think 30 days has ever passed so slowly. Both girls are now KC free so hoping that exercising will resume next week so at least they can get out of their kennel. They have been stuck in there for two weeks now.
  13. Candygirl

    Quarantine reduced

    Hi Bob, Purd is being Purd. She is sulking and I am public enemy numero uno at the moment as I thought would happen. Cand is absolutely fine. They are both free of the KC now and we are waiting to see if they can resume exercise. I hope that once Purd gets out into the paddock at Byford, she can let off some steam and de-stress. One more week to go until release date, whoohoo!
  14. Candygirl


    Thanks Ali. I will check them out.
  15. Candygirl


    Many Thanks for all the recommendations and tips, really appreciate it. We are loving it here. Spoken to the neighbours who seem friendly and invited us in for a beer. I Yesterday went to Riverton Stockland to buy a lawn mower as they had petrol ones on special in Big W - bargain! I think I have been to all the shopping centres nearby now. I cannot believe that we are no more than 10 mins to any centre or Spud Shed. Last night we drove into the CBD (mistake!) and went to an old haunt in Northbridge (wanted to reminisce to our backpacking days). This coming week, I am going to do the journey to the CBD during the rush hour to "test the waters". Any recommendations for a vet for the Hooligans? I notice that there is one on the High Road. What are they like? Any good? I don't mind travelling for a good one.