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Found 14 results

  1. Hi There, My girlfriend and child are Australian and I am looking to apply for a subclass 820 onshore visa. Can anyone share an update on how long these visa's are taking? (I understand the official processing timeframe is 13 months). My child will be 10 months old when I apply and my girlfriend would like to continue to be a stay at home mum. What are my options to apply for a bridging visa that will allow me to work while i wait for my visa to be approved? I understand that a bridging visa (enabling me to work) may be granted in the case of financial hardship, but i feel this is a catch 22 as I guess we also need to be able to prove that we can support ourselves?? If I were to ask to be able to work to support my family would this be rejected as my partner could work if she needed? Thanks, DC
  2. Just curious if anyone has lodged a 820 partner visa since January 2014 and either been granted, got a case officer or heard something since? (With all documents/checks required put in too) thanks
  3. caitiepie

    417 to 820 Visa questions

    Hi, I'm new to the forums - apologies if this has been asked a million times before. My fiance is from the UK, I'm Australian. I'm currently living in Cambodia on a 12 month placement while he's back in the UK. We have been together for 3 years and previously lived together for 1 year in the UK. I finish up here around September and we've decided that we'd like to move to Australia. Although he could apply for an offshore partner 820 visa now from the UK, looking at processing times I don't think it will be through by September and we're both desperate to live together again (I don't have a visa now to get back into the UK!). He's under 30 so still able to get a 417 Working Holiday visa. Obviously getting sponsored would be ideal, but I don't know how realistic that is. Otherwise, is the best thing just to apply for a 417 to enter Australia and then apply for the 820 onshore asap? Is there any way he could apply for an 820 offshore now and still enter on a 417 in September if the 820 hasn't come through yet? Seems too good to be true, but thought I'd ask anyway. Is there any sort of minimum time he should be in Oz on a 417 before applying for the 820? Thanks so much.
  4. iloveaussie

    820 Visa Safest way to pay

    Hello, can you please tell me the safest and easiest way to pay for my 820 Partner Visa when lodging by mail? As it states no direct debit payments allowed and that is all I have thanks
  5. Hey guys, with the 820 Partner Visa - Can my partner apply to be a sponsor before i lodge the visa? or do i just do it all at the same time Also, i am going around in circles on the immi web page, I believe me and my partner both have to write statutory declarations about our relationship, where is this specific form? \ Thanks :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. iloveaussie

    457 to 820 visa difficulties! HELP

    Hey guys, I have posted something simular to this in the week, but still need advice I am currently on a 457 visa and am being treated unfairly (underpaid, reduced to part time hours, working extra hours for free) I do understand the best way about this is to report them, however it will only leave me 90days to find another sponsor or lodge a visa and in them 90 days I will be unemployed as I know they will not up the hours and pay me back what they owe me, so for the meantime I am just sticking it out until I apply for my 820 partner visa (PR) Now, when I am able to afford and lodge the visa (in the next 10weeks) I wanted to cancel my 457 and apply for a work rights bridging visa as I know the bridging visa I get will not allow me to leave the country or work... SO MY QUESTION IS... What if I report my current employer anonymously when I lodge my visa, and hope they let me go, therefore i have not cancelled the 457, they have.... will this be the better way to get a bridging vsa with work rights and be safe when i lodge the 820 visa, because i am also worried that im on this sticky bridging visa and if i get denied it could back fire so i just want to know the best way to go about this, i am struggling to survive on these part time hours and it wont change (we are client based) and its so quiet, i want out but i don't want to suffer even more! thank you
  7. iloveaussie

    457 to 820 Partner Visa help!!!

    Hey Guys, I will be looking to lodge my 820 partner visa in the next 10 weeks... Once I have lodged my visa I am looking to hand in my notice who I have my 457 with, and cancel my visa.. I have been told If I cancel my 457 working visa, I will not get a work rights bridging visa Can anyone who has done this, tell me more information on how I can get a working rights bridging visa? Sadly I am cancelling my 457 visa because I am being treated unfairly! my current employer is not sticking to the contract, I am loosing money and hours at work. I cannot report this situation to immigration before I lodge my 820 visa, as I need to save money first and apply for the visa, so sadly right now its a los lose situation! any help would be fantastic thank you
  8. iloveaussie

    820 Partner Visa Evidence advice

    Hi Guys, I am looking to lodge my partner 820 visa in the next 10 weeks! I am currently gathering all my paper work and evidence together ready for lodgement, sadly I cannot afford an immigration agent so I would love some advice... When gathering evidence that you are in a commiting and long term relationship, what did you use and how did you put it together? I have birthday, anniversary, Christmas cards to eachother, flight itinery, hotels, family cards send to us, bills, bank statements and details.. with putting it together, how do they like it done? a collage of photos? I don't want to attach loads and loads of A4 and bore them, what counts? I have all our photos on facebook that I can make a collage from with dates? Anyone who has been approved on this visa, what worked for you? Thanks in advance
  9. I have a question regarding the 12 month relationship requirement in a situation where the couple have a relationship registered with the state of NSW. Quick run down of our situation: My details: British Born Migrated to Australia 2008 Citizen of Australia since 2012 My Partners Details: European 457 Visa Lived in Australia since 2005 Pending application for 175 skilled independent visa, pending for 5 years We met in July 2012, and formed an exclusive relationship in August 2012. We have not been apart since that time and stayed at each others homes every night until December. We moved in together at one property in December, and formalised this on the lease once my partners lease had expired (we were subletting in the meantime to avoid termination fees). In the time we have been together, we have met each others families (travelling to Europe to do so), have formed friendships with each others social group and have travelled together to Dubai, London, Warsaw, New Zealand (twice) as well as various domestic trips. We have also planned overseas holidays for next year. We have also registered our relationship under the Relationship Registration Act 2010 (NSW) That leaves us in the following situation: In a mutually exclusive relationship for 13 months Close family and friend ties Lived together (across both homes) for 12 months (hard to evidence though) Shared home lease for 6 months (easy to evidence) Multiple travel together over 8 months Planned future travel together taking us to 21 months Registered Relationship (Currently cooling off for 28 days as per NSW legislation) We can provide the following: Joint bank account statement Joint Lease Superannuation beneficiary given to each other Life Insurance policy naming partner as beneficiary Travel itineraries and forward bookings Photographs (with friends, travelling, with each others family) Christmas and Easter cards Relationship Registration Certificate (NSW) Stat Dec from a friend who was with us the night we met Stat Dec from a friend we stayed with in Dubai Stat Dec from family member Stat Dec from close friend we socialise with regularly Do you think we have covered enough to satisfy immigrations relationship requirement? My only real worry is that we didn't really think to write all of our movements down in the early months (who would?! It's not like immigration is the first thing on your mind). I really wanted to get the application in before 1 Sept as the fees are going up, but we won't have the Relationship Registration Certificate until about 5 Sept. As usual! I appreciate any tips, hints or insights you might have. all I can say is this... visas were a lot easier and cheaper when I migrated here! Nobody can argue that the government aren't trying to make it as hard as possible.
  10. Hi there, My name's Jess - I'm new to forums so hoping I've posted correctly...... I am 26 years old and have been living in Oz for over a year on a working holiday visa (subclass 417 - now on the 2nd year after jumping through the specified regional work hoops). I moved over from the UK after meeting my Australian fiance on a holiday here; we are getting married on 15th June this year so very happy indeed. Problem is - when I started the application for a partner visa the government website said the processing time was up to 6 months for the visa. I have recently discovered that this time-frame has jumped up to an official waiting time of 13-15 months! I understand that I will be granted a bridging visa from the time that my current visa expires (April 14') to whenever I get the partner visa results. Trouble is that my partner and I are planning to go travelling for a year starting next February (8 months away). I am launching my Visa application between 15-30th June so that gives me 7 ish' months before we set off. The visa application will be launched in Australia so I must be in Australia to receive the visa results - causing big problems for our travel plans (We are doing voluntary work in spinal rehab centres and hospitals in Nepal, India and other countries in Central Asia before travelling overland to Europe and then on to Africa). Our plans for travel and volunteering are so big, expensive and set in concrete that my visa issues have really put a spanner in the works. I have been told that if I have to leave Oz before my visa is granted I can get a Bridging Visa B - allowing me to leave the country and return within a set time frame. I have read extensively about Visa conditions, waiting times etc but there are two questions that I can't get an answer for: 1) If I submit a complete, accurate and full application in person is there a chance that my visa will take less than the estimated average time considering that I am from a low risk country? (This is a question more for people with recent experiences and I understand that I can't rely on answers as fact) 2) If worst comes to worst and my visa hasn't been granted before we start our travels - How exactly does a Bridging Visa B work? If they can't tell me when my visa will be decided upon - how do I know when I have to be back in the country by? Do they send me notification that I have to go back to Oz within x amount of days to receive the verdict? Question 2 is the one I really could do with some advice on. If anyone has any experiences or advice it would be so welcome. Apologies for the long post and thanks in advance ​Jess
  11. Hi everyone, Posts on the forum have really been helpful to me in the past and here I have a question and need some advice so I decided to speak up. I'm currently on a 457 visa and applied in January 2013 for a 820 partner visa. While the application is being processed, Immigration granted me a bridging visa A with full working rights (issued after 24 November 2012). However, it will come into only after when my 457 ceases. And here comes my confusion, I'm sure that I'll switch on the bridging visa if my 457 expires but what about if I quit or my employer terminates me? To be honest, I've been on a 457 for over a year now and late changes in the management of my company made the workplace horrible. The sooner I'm able to look for another job, the better for me and my family! If someone is in the same situation or has been through it or have a valuable piece of advice for me, that would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi I just thought it would be a good idea to write myexperience on here as this site helped me so much when I was helping my partnerapply for his partner visa. My OH arrived in OZ on a Working Holiday Visa in October 2010,he was granted the second year WHV in September 2011 for his work in regional Victoria. On September 7th 2012 we submitted his OnshorePartner Visa (820/801), we were sent correspondence straight away and had toget a new police check (I’d done it wrong the first time), and they requestedhis medical which we booked in and he attended on the 14th September2012. On 28th October his WHV ceased and his bridgingvisa started – his work rights remained the same as WHV. On 26th November 2012 he was allocated a caseworker – she requested that we send a stat dec to waived the need for his son (whois not migrating) to complete a medical. We got the impression that once thiswas submitted they would be making the decision on the visa – they rang askingmy OH for it! On 7th December 2012 he was granted Partner(Temp) Visa subclass 820! Exactly 3 months from when the application was submitted! 801 will kick in in 2 years’ time! Overall the application process was lengthy, but not hard.We had plenty of evidence to support his application and I’d put in countlesshours of reading the immigration website and forums such as this. Ultimately,DIAC seem reasonably understanding and work with you to ensure all the ‘hard’evidence is there. Happy to answer any questions you fellow 820/801’s have. Jkc
  13. Hi All I've been a reader of these forums for a while now and the time has come for me to get really serious about our application. I'm an Aussie, but my partner is from the UK. He is currently with me in Oz on a working holiday visa, we have been together for 3 years and prior to us moving here in Oct 2010, lived together in UK for almost a year. We're at the point where we have everything almost ready to go, but I just had a few questions before we go further: Currently we have - form 80, form 40SP, form 47SP, our statements, certified copies of id documents, passport photos supporting docs (bank, lease, photos, invites, emails) and many stat decs (form 888) from friends and family. Do we need to have his police checks and/or medical (form 26 & 160) to send with the initial submission? or will they request these once they have recieved the application? Is there anything else we have missed? Any advice or suggestions will be very helpful!
  14. Hi All, please could anyone help with any advice. i came from Indonesia (holding 457 visa - expiry date: July 2012) currently work in Sydney and my fiance (Australian PR) currently work in Sydney too is planning to marry in Sydney marriage registry office this month. Later after get marriage certificate, we want to apply Partner temporary visa (820). i have a few question about it, perhaps someone can help us with an answer : 1. How long is processing time for onshore 820 - Partner temporary visa, as i came from high risk country? 2. Can i get bridging visa when my working visa getting expired? 3. Should i go out from Australia for a while after get my visa approved if let say my working visa still valid? Thanks and warm regards, new joiner Arief