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  1. Maruska


    I paid for both kids dental care. I think there is a scheme that allows for free dental care for children but we weren`t eligible, the dental office checked at first visit.
  2. Maruska


    Just to give you a price idea. I went last week, had checkup, 2 X rays and cleaning. My insurance paid 145$, I paid 250 $ out of pocket. Not cheap but fortunately I don`t need to have anything done. We have a pretty basic insurance, you can get a higher level ( higher fee per month) based on what you are expecting you`ll need.
  3. Good luck with that. He already antagonized blacks, Hispanics, women... list goes on. I can`t understand how he possibly ca appeal to anyone at all :no:.
  4. Maruska

    The clues are in the pictures.

    Wow :err:. When I was in primary school, we trained with exactly the same kind ( twice a year as a civil defence drill). I don`t want to think where those masks came from :wacko:
  5. Maruska

    The clues are in the pictures.

    I`m guessing Russia.
  6. Maruska

    Our new baby

    Congratulations :wubclub:. Beautiful baby girl !
  7. Maruska

    The clues are in the pictures.

    This is a WWII ( possibly later) gas mask with filter
  8. Maruska

    Choosing Not To Have Children

    You have plenty of time to decide if not having kids is right for you or not. I had both of mine in my 30`s ( been married since mid 20`s). I did fit in loads of travel/fun before they came along. I don`t think it`s that unusual anymore for people to make a choice not to and it`s not stigmatized either. As for myself, I did want kids and I can`t imagine my life now without them.
  9. Maruska

    Renting in NSW - Sutherland Shire

    Hi there, if you`re about to move in now or during the winter ( June, July, August), it`s a great timing.There are more properties available at this time of year. I don`t think you will need to offer higher amount for rent or 3 months upfront. We moved into the Sutherland shire almost 2 years ago and the only thing required was our bank statement ( as a proof that we could pay the rent) and some form of reference - we had a bank statement of paying our mortgage on time back in the US. The only thing that I would suggest is that once you find a place you really like, sign a lease of 1 year duration. We weren`t sure so we signed up for 6 months every time, after that period our rent was increased. It shouldn`t increase from the initial amount for the duration of the contract ( as the rental agent informed me).
  10. Figure 8 pool isn`t really such a great swimming spot but it`s a great hiking destination. The pool is only accessible at low tide. It`s in RNP, walking from Garrawarra farm to Burning palms beach. My favorite swimming spots are : Wattamola in RNP Darook Park in south Cronulla Shelly beach in Manly Bonnie Vale, Hordens, Jibbon - all in Bundeena nice swimming and kayaing spot is between Bundeena and Maianbar on the walking track Winnifred falls, RNP It`s fairly obvious that I live in the south :wink:
  11. Maruska

    Free health ?

    I think he referred you for a Holter monitor - it`s a 24 hour ECG monitor that they hook up at outpatient cardiology, you go home with it and come back within 24 hours. It records your heart rhythm over 24 hours. A&E doesn`t provide this test. If he wants just a regular ECG, that can surely be done in a GP`s office ( and free). Try not to panic, if your GP had suspicion of anything serious, you would have been admitted. Good luck .
  12. Maruska

    Last Minute Vacation Deals

    We don`t book last minute right now because we have to carefully plan around school holidays plus it`s 4 people in our family and therefore we aren`t that flexible. We used to do it though and it`s a great way to save money, especially if you aren`t fixed on one destination and flexible with dates. The fact that it will be 2 of you traveling makes it easier still. My friend in the US used to go to last minute cruises - usually from Galveston to the Caribbean, 5-7 days, 250 USD ( special offer huntress she was). There are some great deals from Canada and the USA. BIL goes to South America regularly, he`s single so he decides, packs and leaves the next day for a week or so, for just a small amount of money.
  13. Maruska

    Sydney rentals

    You should be able to rent a nice house for less than 1000/week around Sutherland. Can`t comment on other areas but here are some examples: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-caringbah+south-415756875 Caringbah South, a sought after area, very nice, on the river http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-caringbah+south-415584127 or, if you wanted to be on the ocean: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-cronulla-415511339
  14. Maruska

    The Death Penalty?

    It might be possible that not showing any feeling is a cultural thing for him . He didn`t show any emotion as the verdict was read to him, either.
  15. Maruska

    The Death Penalty?

    What he did is undeniably a horrific crime. However, in this case, I feel somehow that he is being made an example of . There is a pretty good chance that he was heavily influenced by his older brother ( who is now dead) . So in this case, I think life in prison would be more appropriate. For the "dad" in the post above, death penalty is the way to go :sad: