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Found 56 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Average Australian Salary

    Wage Facts Full-time earnings in Australia averaged A$78,832 a year in the second quarter of 2016. (Seasonally adjusted wages – Bureau of Statistics.) If overtime and bonuses are included, average Australian earnings were A$81,947 per annum. The average full-time male salary (excluding overtime) in Australia is A$83,902 per annum The average full-time female salary in Australia (excluding overtime) is A$70,392 per annum. Workers in Capital Territory are Australia’s highest paid workers while Tasmania has the lowest average salary. Average Full Time Ordinary Time Earnings Q2 2016 State Average Annual Wage Tasmania $69,477 South Australia $73,757 Victoria $75,634 Queensland $75,936 New South Wales $80,132 Northern Territory $81,624 Western Australia $88,327 Capital Territory $89,846 Average Full Time Ordinary Time Earnings Q2 2016 By Industry Business Sector Average Annual Wage Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants $56,113 Retail Trade $58,640 Other Services $64,704 Administrative and Support Services $67,642 Manufacturing $72,332 Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services $72,394 Arts and Recreation Services $73,148 Wholesale Trade $77,241 Construction $78,957 Transport, Postal, Warehousing $82,805 Health Care and Social Assistance $84,183 Public Administration and Safety $85,202 Education and Training $89,950 Professional, Scientific and Technical Services $92,482 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services $94,396 Information Media and Telecommunications $96,652 Financial and Insurance Services $97,235 Mining $139,303 In the past 12 months Australian ordinary full time wages have increased by 2.0%, around 2 percentage points below its average of the past decade.
  2. Hi guys! My husband and I, along with our 2 year old daughter are considering moving to Sydney. We currently live in a nice cottage in Mumbai, but would really give up everything if it would mean a better education and future for our little girl. and that's the tough decision we have to make right now. Will we have enough money to give her a comfortable life in Australia? My husband is getting offered a yearly salary of AUD 100,000. + super, before taxes. The company is giving my husband a PR visa. Please forgive my naivete, but i needed help understanding a few things: 1 - Is this a good enough wage to live comfortably in Sydney? I will need to be at home with the baby for awhile till she goes to school or we can afford daycare maybe. 2 - Would a Permanent Resident visa for my husband include the family? 3 - How much do utilities cost per month? water, gas, electricity, rent? (approx) We are really thinking very hard about this decision as we will have to use all our savings to go to Australia and make it work. So as you can imagine, we are so stressed out to make the right decision. Your advice and input will definitely help me! Thanks so much! warm regards from Mumbai.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm Matt and new to this site. I'm 28 and at a point in my life where a change is necessary and I've decided to take the plunge and do something I have always wanted to to and emigrate to Australia. I have worked around SE Asia and the be based in a fabulous country like Australia and have the flexibility to holiday in SE Asia seems like heaven to me. I work in a Sales role for a large international Valve and Instrumentation comany that works heavily in the Oil and Gas industry and there is a position avaliable to me in Perth. The company is paying for my Visa and initial travel but thats as far as it goes and this is not a secondment - it is a permenant posisition so no relocation help etc. A guy from my hometown in Liverpool is taking over the business as Director and he would like me to work with him in Sales. I've been offered a 1st year basic of 65k but the OTE with commission should be 110-130k. There is also a car allowance of 20k on my salary to purchase my own vehicle for company use (the company at present own their employees company cars but are keen to get away from this due to fees and taxes involved for the company so are offereing the 20k subsidy). I am looking to move in March 2014 and I'm coming over on my own and I am single guy. My first obvious question is, is this a comfortable wage? I only have around £6k in the bank to assist with rental bonds etc and no other assets. I currently earn around £55k + car (28k salasry + commission) in the UK per year which gives me a nice life with a few holidays a year. I know there is the 2.5 x rule but at present a lot of my money goes on drinking out in the local pub which is something I am keen to stray away from in Aus as there will be a lot more I can spend my time and money on. To me the move is more than money and mainly around lifestyle but obviously money is very important. My next question to get me started is around nice places to live. I do not want to be right in the city but would like to have good access to it including nice resturaunts and some nightlife so I can meet new people. I know this is pretty vague but any suggestions are very welcome which will allow me to embark on my research a little further. I am going to have to rent fully furnished and would like some outside space for bbqs with 2 or more bedrooms. You answers are very much appreciated - I will be back on for a lot more help in the coming months so I will keep this forum ticking along with questions don't worry I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks, Matt
  4. Hi everyone, I am given the opportunity to work in Gladstone as electrical engineer for managing projects in a plant. I have visited the place few days ago and love the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. My plan would be to move with my wife and our 2 children (7 and 9 years old). I have received a job offer based on a 457 Visa which the company would pay. The company would also pay the relocation cost as follow: - Shipment from Europe - Travel for the whole family in economy flight - One time allowance for the settlement, corresponding to one month salary - 1 month hotel accomodation The salary would be: Base salary before tax: 142'200.- Superannuation : 12'800.- Gladstone booming factor : 6850.- Total: 161'850.- No car allowance Medical insurance for one year only, then at our charge. Is that a good offer for a 40 year old engineer? Will I be able to save some money once the monthly paiment done? Thanks a lot for your support
  5. Hi , hoping someone can help. We have a job offer in sydney ..... 2 adults 3 kids and a dog with a package of around $100,000 plus lafha via company. To ensure our money stretches to the max we were looking at the above areas. Does anyone living there think this sounds enough money ???? We will be on a 457 visa so paying schools for 2 . Questions i need help with are..... What do people with knowlege of living and visiting these areas think??? On the net umina looks lovely but everyone sounds very down on it. Hills look gorgeous but really want the beach too.... Husband would commute on motorbike or train to North Sydney 2-3 times week max. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are looking at coming out in jan/feb Thanks in advance Mandy xx
  6. Hi my partner is a boilermaker currently looking for a sponsor has had some interest and just awaiting interviews, he would be going out fairly quickly on sponsorship and I wouldnt be going until July next year so 9-10 alone on one salary and I wondered what kind of wage to expect so we can see if its enough for him alone unti I come out. Ideally during this time apart he'd like to be saving for a bigger place/furniture etc Any info much appreciated Vicky
  7. Guest

    Teachers Wage Scale

    Hi, We are thinking of moving to SA, my wife is a Primary School Teacher with 13 years experience and wants to know where she would be put on the wage scale, can anyone help?? Thanks Stevenw8971
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know how the government monitor wage payments made to 457 employer sponsored visa holders? Is it: A ) By wage slip proof B ) By bank statement transfer proof only It's important we know as soon as poss so any help would be greatly appreciated on this issue. Also, can a 457 visa holder take a months " garden leave " from working when first arriving in Australia and then start the sponsored work? Cheers all! :smile:
  9. Does anyone know what the average wage is for a motor mechanic in Canberra Weekly or Per Annum Salary $$$$$$, after Taxes,etc? Thanks Steve:confused:
  10. Hi Guys, Been offered job in Brisbane, money offered same as i earn now in UK. What's stopping me for going for it. Can anyone tell me of what is deducted from your wages each week, best place for renting, best sites for second hand cars, can i set up a bank account before i go and who is the best bank. Thanks :arghh: :confused:
  11. peggsgreen

    erm .... wage help plz

    Hi all, again ................... number crunching time:cute: We are just working out some figures for cost of living etc but just needed help on take home pay , bricklayer and myself registered nurse ( would like to work part time ). Like i mention take home would be best ........ and also does it cost to send money back to UK ie standing order? many many thanks Lisa
  12. Guest

    Carpenter's wage

    Hi all! Does anybody know how much a Carpenter/Joiner or Cabinet Maker is paid in Oz? :biggrin:
  13. karl5986

    carpenter's wage

    Hi, im lookin to move to oz, i am a fully qualified carpentry (NVQ Level 3) i have a small business in the uk. I cover all aspects of carpentry. I was wondering how much i could expect to earn? also is there much carpentry work in oz at the moment?
  14. Hi All, I have just had an email from my potential employer/sponsor 457. He has stated that the Australian Goverment sets the wage that an employer pays a worker on a 457 visa, if this is true then the figure he has told me is far to low for me to survive & not what I originally thought I would be earning:no:. I thought the goverment only states a minimum wage. Help please
  15. Hello, My wife and I are seriously considering moving to Brisbane as my wife has a large family out there. My main question is what is the average wage for Joiners and Mental health nurses? Thanks!
  16. Hi All WA'ers, I have had a job offer 457 in wembley, but I understand that this is an expensive area to live in or near. Please help! is there anywhere within 1hours commute (public transport) where myself,wife & 3 kids age 10,8 & 4 can afford to live?? my wage offer is $1200 pw before stoppages the wife could work part time during school hours she has nvqs in childcare. We are from stoke-on-trent so don't live in a posh place, but it is no way the worst either. We live a comfortable yet simple life here so I won't move to an area that is not tidy etc. the size of house in WA is not important to us but good schools, area, amminaties are. A short travel time to beach would be a big bonus. Hope you can give me some suburbs I can researh. Many thanks cobbler
  17. Guest

    minimum wage

    looking to move to wa, could you tell me whats minimum wage and then I can work out from there if prices are too high thank you
  18. Guest

    Minimum Wage

    Hi, I'm not sure if this should go in the jobs or money forum so I took a guess and put it here... I'm just wondering what the minimum wage is in Australia (sydney) for bar/shop/office work? Thanks, Karina
  19. Guest

    The minimum wage in oz

    Just wondering what the minimum wage is in Australia. If anyone is care-giving i would be interested in what the hourly rate for that is to. I am planning to be working in perth
  20. I'm was just reading another thread where someone was asking the usual 'can we survive on 50k' question and I just wondered if people thought there were certain places where your money may go further? I presume Sydney won't be one of them. For example, we chose Melbourne over Perth because we though our money may go further there with them having Aldi and Costco. It all helps save the $$ doesn't it? And as a family who will be earning that amount of money (or thereabouts) I'm interested :wacko:
  21. Hi everyone, it is me again :smile: I have been online and I am trying to work out what the national minimum wage is here in Oz but there seems to be a lot of different sites with additional information which changes things site to site as well as it appears state to state! In England it was just simple: You have to get paid at least this amount per hour, through the whole of England, changing only when you got to a certain age when the minimum wage went up...Is it as simple as that here in Oz? I am 22 years old, and living in Western Australia - can anybody let me know what the minimum wage is for me, if possible? And is there another age bracket above my age at which the minimum wage goes up? Thanks guys!! xx
  22. I have been lurking around the forums for a great deal of time and finally decided to join so I could take part in the many discussions posted on the boards. I am pretty confused about what I should be looking at as far as wages go. Here in the US I am the "phone man". I work for AT&T and my job includes installation and repair of phone service as well as high speed internet installation and repair. I work in both residence and business environments. I work out doors climbing telephone poles and working underground etc. Here in the US I am run of the mill middle class. I currently receive $29/hr for work. What I am trying to figure out is what I could expect to make if I was able to find a job like I do now. I know everything is a bit more expensive but I need to figure out what I am looking at. I know this is a very broad statement but I am just looking for a little info to get me moving. Thank you, Brad
  23. baxtoz

    wage stoppages

    hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what the average stoppages are from your salary? I am trying to work out a salary negotiation so would like to know what the stoppages are, the UK is around 25 - 30% of Gross salary. I look forward to any replies. Thanks
  24. Hi Hubby has a job on Sunshine coast as Sous chef, not sure what the salary is round here?? Has been on $18.80 an hour, casual, but been offered $44,000 per annum + 4 weeks hols, permanent (works out the same on a 45 hour week, so not really a pay rise!!). Just more security I spose & a regular wage. Sounds a bit low for sous chef or is that a normal QLD wage?? Any USEFUL advice would be great thanks. Caroline :skeptical:
  25. I have a job offer, a pay package & 457 sponsorship possible, with a company in wembley, Perth (North of the river), But I think the hourly rate is very low. So what would be an acceptable hourly rate of pay for a semi skilled worker in this area? I need some info because the employer is expecting me to reply to his pay offer & I need my facts right before contact is made. Thanks cobbler