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  1. janlo

    If a disaster happens

    I think I know what the OP means. No job, no neighbours on FB, very young kids not in school. Fresh of the boat as it were.....I also have thought about this and I always think they would find your name somewhere, in your wallet, on your phone details etc then the authorities would contact the passport office where all the details of visa/passport would be...the contact details would be available there I'm pretty sure.
  2. janlo

    Good areas of Manchester

    A mate of mine said Solihull was an absolute s**thole? Is it...I thought it was a nice place to live?
  3. janlo

    Good areas of Manchester

    i think Liverpool was awarded European City of Arts and Culture. All the cities and towns have history, beautiful architecture, fantastic restaurants. I guess it what inspires you! :biglaugh:
  4. janlo

    Good areas of Manchester

    Northern cities are uninspiring? You don't know what you're talking about. Sorry.
  5. Completely agree. Most of my UK friends were not close to their family....lots fell out with close friends and family so missing them was one thing they didn't have to worry about! I wouldn't say dysfunctional though?
  6. No thanks. You can't get on with your every day life, potter in the garden, nip to the corner shop, walk the dog....on the east coast that sort of restriction goes on for too long....months of heat and humidity.
  7. janlo

    Where are you from?

    Sale, Cheshire
  8. You don't need both signatures for UK children's passports, just the mothers. I know it's different for the Oz ones...deffo fathers signature required.
  9. janlo

    Brums extreme weather

    It came to nothing as usual. They just seem to guess the weather forecast in the UK.
  10. janlo

    Enter Australia after 5 years

    Does the RRV replace the original PR visa?
  11. janlo

    Enter Australia after 5 years

    So if you arrived on the last day before the RRV expires you have to be in the country 2 years before applying for another RRV - covering the 2 year residency rule.....is that right? Its to stop folk holding onto a PR but not really living there I think.
  12. Afternoon...are you back home now? Dont see you on here much anymore
  13. You will be fine. uk will stamp 6 months visa...no right to benefits or work. then you renew your uk passports after youve enjoyed your first english cuppa.
  14. Bless her. I think the agent was right.....Australian father, automatic Australian baby. So they wont deport the baby and she has breathing space in which time she will probably be in a better position to see things a bit clearer. I cant see why she is being advised to consult an agent, its an expense they can do without. Is the Immigration Dept that bad!